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Punky! Radio Comments

There are 2481 Comments for this Podcast
Submitted By: schmacme
(549,740 on 5-2014)

punk rock and commentary. targeted toward my 52 year old rich post graduate degree demographic heart
Submitted By: thomas
(549,699 on 5-2014)

Best show ever
Comment title says it all! Best show ever damn it!!!
Submitted By: marvsmooth
(549,661 on 4-2014)

A podcast without equal
Brilliant music you might never find otherwise, and talk what keeps you up to fast scratch and shakes your laughing gear--Punky! is the place. Bar none. Bar NONE.
Submitted By: kennethpfeil
(549,537 on 3-2014)

the best
Submitted By: schuey
(549,503 on 2-2014)

PUNKY! Radio
Submitted By: brian.r.fitzgerald
(549,421 on 1-2014)

Punky! Radio
A superb podcast. Thank you, gentlemen.
Submitted By: kennethpfeil
(547,166 on 1-2014)

Thanks for the Spin. Great Show
Submitted By: komodowagon
(546,912 on 10-2013)

Brilliant podcast entertaining a right laugh and some brilliant tunes,loving hearing some newer bands too. Jane (old punk rocker)
Submitted By: m.janedickie
(546,723 on 8-2013)

its punky
Submitted By: tk750813
(546,477 on 6-2013)

Great music, great chat, all in all a great podcast
Submitted By: niallmurray63
(546,408 on 5-2013)

punky! is brill
Submitted By: nescory
(546,296 on 4-2013)

cracking show
top show this week,great to see you still surrporting the mansfield punk bands.cheers
Submitted By: mart.bow
(546,277 on 4-2013)

Fun and great music
Paul and Tony not only play great music but make Punky a fun show with their banter.
Submitted By: marinqrp
(546,177 on 3-2013)

punky radio
Submitted By: heredeanhere
(546,164 on 3-2013)

Im Voting
Submitted By: kbonfield
(546,024 on 2-2013)

Great Stuff!!!
Submitted By: z3ikki
(545,805 on 12-2012)

Ill get it when Im getting it
Wont I?
Submitted By: davevincentphillips
(545,717 on 12-2012)

Happy new year Paul and Tony
Submitted By: pwpowell
(541,975 on 1-2012)

Greetings from sunny Santa Cruz, California home of "The Chop Tops" who will be playing at "The Underground" in Reno, Nevada Friday January 27th. Doors open at 7:30 PM !
Submitted By: woodyb3
(541,943 on 1-2012)

If you can only do one more thing in life... make it a vote for Punky.
Submitted By: tim_potter
(541,493 on 12-2011)

Christmas Vote
I'm voting for Punky Radio cos thats what Jesus would do, and seeing as its his birthday then who am I to disagree. Lets hope 2012 beings peace on earth, good will to all men and a good twatting to all needy twats.
Submitted By: tony
(541,476 on 12-2011)

Wow! It says I am forbidden!
It says all over this site that I am forbidden - from what? Im terrified, you hear me - terrified. I hope Im not forbidden from voting. That would put me off doing a wee.
Submitted By: paulyb
(541,456 on 12-2011)

Finally got round to voting, keep up the good work!
Submitted By: filbails
(541,291 on 12-2011)

I miss Judge Mental
Making my mouth all FUNNY!
Submitted By: woodyb3
(541,095 on 12-2011)

ho, ho, ho
Thats 3 hos so you can get head, pussy, and a pint at the same time!! Dont say I dont look after you boys. As small Paul would no doubt say, "happy motherfucking Xmas bitches". Fatboy
Submitted By: email
(541,053 on 12-2011)

Heya P&T!
Paul and Tony still play the BEST music and are still scaring the kitten-bloods, keep it up boys!
Submitted By: insanestar
(541,040 on 12-2011)

Excellently entertaining! Music I didnt know I liked until I heard it.
Submitted By: nicolagoold
(540,930 on 12-2011)

Punky Radio Rocks
Here is a vote to say that Punky rocks, anyone who thinks differently is just a cock, some may be surprised that they swear such a lot, but if youre offended then you can just fuck off! From Marv.
Submitted By: marvsmooth
(540,593 on 11-2011)

Thank you for the weekly eargasms, you are ruining me for all other male-hosted podcasts. Your smooth, sensual voices and scintillating song selection have turned me into an avid listener. Well done, gentlemen!
Submitted By: tahquil11
(540,528 on 11-2011)

Huah! Huah! HuuuuuuuuuAH!
Submitted By: woodyb3
(540,446 on 11-2011)

An hour of random chat and quality songs
Love the chance to listen to bands I know and some new gems!
Submitted By: paul_jordan999
(540,344 on 11-2011)

Hmmmm Voting Is Good
Wow I just voted for PunkyRadio and then I won the lottery, im not saying the two are related but what I am saying is that it cant hurt your chances.
Submitted By: tony
(540,185 on 11-2011)

Awackadee Awackadoo!
Wooooooooohooooooo! Im voting on podcastalley because I KNOW how important it is and I want it to be a lesson to everybody. Vote for Punky! Vote for freedom! Vote for Pedro! Vote vote vote for Nigel Barton! Oh all right, dont then. Im now going to leave a review at itunes, send in a poem, send in a joke, submit an izzatwat and hey - whatever happened to Osama of the week? salutations, Paulyb ESPECIALLY!
Submitted By: paulyb
(540,014 on 11-2011)

October Vote
Halloween you say? BOO!!! All the best chaps :) Fatboy
Submitted By: email
(539,793 on 10-2011)

The best podcast ever!
Getting my vote in while Podcast Alley is hopefully working. This is the best podcast "in the world" ever!!! Great music, and chat that would split your sides with laughter. Take it from me, a man who is not known for having a sense of humour. Just listen to the fucking show damn it!!!
Submitted By: marvsmooth
(539,702 on 10-2011)

A hooray for the most rockingest podcast on the waves - a must for everyone whos got a passion for real music and all the blood, sweat and drinking that comes with it - row away me hearties! xoxS
Submitted By: Americruiser1
(539,638 on 10-2011)

Just spent an afternoon catching up on the last 4 shows and thouroughly enjoyed it, great music as always nice work butch tony (everyones favourite bandit) and paulyb (everyones favourite outlaw).
Submitted By: pwpowell
(539,635 on 10-2011)

Congrats on the house Tony, hope it all works out this time. Still loving the show boys!
Submitted By: insanestar
(539,437 on 10-2011)

Rockin, funny that,
Great stuff, love it, Punky Rockin and funny, what more could you ask for, well over the airwaves anyway.
Submitted By: simonnott
(539,412 on 10-2011)

Punky! Radio podcast
i love Punky! Radio podcast ! brilliant !!!
Submitted By: six67promo
(539,354 on 10-2011)

Spank me
Im a naughty listener. I havent voted for a while and am failing to set an example to my fellow Punky! types! Put me over your knee, Tony and give me a good hiding. Ill thank you for it. Yours anticipating a sore botty, Paulybx
Submitted By: paulyb
(539,221 on 10-2011)

Kunt for Prime Minister!
Oh, too late, theres one there already! Heres your September vote, all the way from my recovery bed. Thinking of you manly (well theres fuck all else to do!) Cheers, Fatboy
Submitted By: El.jefe
(539,020 on 9-2011)

Tony Movie Reviews
More movie reviews from Tony! Very nice on his Tony only show.
Submitted By: woodyb3
(538,966 on 9-2011)

Offbeat conversation between a couple of nice guys, but the best part is the music -- so far, always worth a second listen at least. What is the story with the novel words? Such as: "crotchgoblin".
Submitted By: je-engel
(538,830 on 9-2011)

Better beds than Captain Snooooze.
Submitted By: tim_potter
(538,722 on 9-2011)

Hear me now!
When im not viewing houses or being a global podcasting superstar, youll find me happily voting away on Podcast Alley with all the cool people, or leaving messages on the facebook walls of my favourite podcasts. If im feeling really great and cool and that, then ill probably email Tony a twat - because lets face it the world is full of them, and this podcast puts them in their place. Keep up the great show guys, PS. Tony youre hot.
Submitted By: tony
(538,709 on 9-2011)

im up to date
finally up to date with the punky, turns out it was my itouch. Loved the episodes that i missed and caught up. Loved the psychobilly show, Lars is always a great choice. TONY HOW HAVE U NEVER HEARD OF OPERATION IVY, what a disgrace!!!!!! The mansfield episode was really cool to hear and going to get the UK subs music, been meaning to do so. alwaysh listening Mark Berglund
Submitted By: shaggys_music
(538,700 on 9-2011)

punky radio
awesome show
Submitted By: heredeanhere
(538,617 on 9-2011)

Uniting fans and bands, and hair and haircuts, across the lands!!
Submitted By: womblezombie
(538,585 on 9-2011)

Ive not melted in the sun
I think Ive missed a few months of voting, sorry boys! Despite being a goth and wanting to spend the entire Summer estivating, its actually my busiest time of year for work. At least Ive kept my moontan with the help of SPF 60! Loving the Poet in Residence, keep it up JosieHatesJizz!
Submitted By: insanestar
(538,474 on 9-2011)

punky radio
love it
Submitted By: debsontherun
(537,824 on 8-2011)

Punky rocks!
Great fun lots of laughs and best of all crazy music you might not hear anywhere else. Thanks Pauly B. and Tony!
Submitted By: bopnmanthasma
(537,777 on 8-2011)

Punk Radio
Excellent entertainment for men and ladies of all ages as long as they have a great sense of humour and like super music. Thank you.
Submitted By: simonnott
(537,720 on 8-2011)

August Vote
Wahey, summer is here!! What better than Punky Radio to listen to whilst you barbeque the neighbours cat and ogle the MILF over the road sunbathing? Pass me another beer..........
Submitted By:
(537,717 on 8-2011)

Well, is it worth it?
Well, is it? Voting on here is just a waste of everybodys time. Why dont you just grow up and start concentrating on something else. I mean - Podcastalley? REALLY? You might as well put an advert on the moon you damn Limey gitbags. Im going over to Facebook right now because THATS where the real action is. Oh there are loads of single mums on there as well. NICE. Paulybx
Submitted By: paulyb
(537,716 on 8-2011)

The best.
Facebook. ShmaceSmook. Not on there so youll have to put up with a podcast alley vote.
Submitted By: tim_potter
(537,713 on 8-2011)

Thank You
Hi Paul & Tony Thanks for playing Torment last week they will always be one my favourite bands of all time All the best Mart The Patron Saint
Submitted By: martinvranch
(537,582 on 7-2011)

Loving the new back to back song hits!
Submitted By: woodyb3
(537,049 on 7-2011)

July Vote from Jim C.
Goopa Goopa Smacktards.... Yes jac33 is in fact Jim C. Great stuff as always keep up the good work. Need more Zombina as always. Find it real interesting youve been playing Here Come the Mummies, theyve been out for a little bit, there are videos on a nationally sindicated radio shows website. (Bob and Tom) Of course their no where near as good as you two, I dont think theyve ever united any fan and bands across the lands, maybe a coulpe bands to the fans stateside. Keep up the great work. apoog apoog. Jim C.
Submitted By: jac33_2
(536,939 on 7-2011)

A small poem
Vote early or maybe vote late, Just keep that punky on my plate.
Submitted By: tim_potter
(536,820 on 7-2011)

Hi you two we are still listening,laughing and basically becoming immersed in a Punky haze. Continue to do what you do best..Tony great work on the beds..Paul could try harder! Paul looking forward to the tins of beans and beer in Pineada all that said and done we are lovin punky keep up the good work.
Submitted By: helen.dawes
(536,792 on 6-2011)

xcellent 300th show!
Awesome show as always! I never get tired of you Smacktards. & youre still my favorite part of the week. Did you think to record the momentus occasion of live guests on your show onto video/digital camcorder to play on youtube? Cheers! m/ Manny D.
Submitted By: eyno.yaradoophiss
(536,757 on 6-2011)

5 knuckle shuffle
Give them a big hand.
Submitted By: joaniehatesjizz
(536,746 on 6-2011)

Punky is Spunky!
Roses are red Violets are blue Punky needs more twat and I do too!
Submitted By: woodyb3
(536,744 on 6-2011)

Its great
Submitted By: richard_mckeating
(536,742 on 6-2011)

Whoo hoo
Cmon Punky make my day.
Submitted By: sharonkcooper
(536,540 on 6-2011)

Simply the best show on air !!!
Submitted By: s99nt
(536,515 on 6-2011)

This fucking thing is poxed!
Submitted By: el.jefe
(536,327 on 6-2011)

Almost forgot June.
Submitted By: tim_potter
(536,278 on 6-2011)

June WTF Vote
WTF....already June..... Cuntgratulations on 300!!! Was a little jealous though, wanted to hook up with the lovely Amberance in Chi_town that weekend, and of course she was in a better place...that is...with you two smacktards. oh well, maybe I can make arrangements to be there for number 400???? Great job as alwaysh.... WANT MORE ZOMBINA!!! too bab you guys didnt get Joe to visit for 300 that would have been a hoot, I know that the cunt would have been saying cunt the whole time. LOL
Submitted By: jac33_2
(536,208 on 6-2011)

Congrats on 300 shows!
Loving Here Come The Mummies, couldnt get Carnal Carnival out of my head so Im buying the album!
Submitted By: insanestar
(536,163 on 6-2011)

Leading by example...
Just thought Id drop a vote in for my second favourite podcast after Its A Frogs Life. Now THERES a show - you could learn a lot from them, Paulyb. oh well - youre all right though, Paulybx
Submitted By: paulyb
(536,106 on 6-2011)

5 Stars for the Gits
Punky is by far and away the best podcast out there. Been a fan and a follower from the first episode where Tony was shy and Paulie was a right wanker on the mic when they still worked at the radio station. My how things have changed. Now Tony is shy and Paulie is a right thick cunt on the microphone. Oh and if you call me or mine a septic again I am going to come to Sherwood forest and take you out drinking until you admit thick, bald Americans are going to rule world one day.
Submitted By: travis.baessler
(535,978 on 6-2011)

Men of Sparta rejoice!
Imagine my surprise when, on 2nd June, I received the email from JANUARY asking me to confirm my vote on Podcast Alley. I know the sites been fooked for a long time, but does this mean that theyre actually properly fixing it? And could it be at least partially due to pressure from Punky! Radio listeners, or even a positive side effect of Punkys 300th show? Who knows? Who cares? Who even uses Podcast Alley anyway? Better off sticking to the next 300 Punkys! Graham Holland, Liverpool, UK
Submitted By: podcast
(535,791 on 6-2011)

See here now! What the Deuce?!
Anyone who would punch Paul B. Edwards in the back (or front) of the head is a twat because he and Tony Hearn produce the best podcast out there. If the F.O.T.s had been there those Philistine hooligans would have felt the full fury of the Tongs!
Submitted By: frenzyoftongs
(535,526 on 5-2011)

Show 2-99 was a fantastic episode, and I really need to listen again to find out who that band where that Ton described as thrash ska, because I thought it was amazing. Heres to show 300, which sounds like its going to be a show to remember. It will obviously feature great songs and chat. Looking forward to show 600 Marv
Submitted By: marvsmooth
(535,363 on 5-2011)

Punky is still the best
Submitted By: marduk1301
(535,104 on 5-2011)

Great show, great music and great beds (thanks Tony!) Is this thing on?
Submitted By: daftyman
(535,092 on 5-2011)

das punky!
Wonderful shows as always, lovely comedy from Paul B. Edwards and Tony Hearns undying wonderful beds and chilaxing style, nothing can be better than punky! well... maybe if it where a video podcast of half naked girls, but then it still wouldnt be punky. Alwaysh lookin, and listening, Keep up the good work Mark Berglund
Submitted By: shaggys_music
(535,054 on 5-2011)

Like a well known fence covering; it does what is says on the tin.
Submitted By: paul_jordan999
(534,901 on 5-2011)

Love your junk.
Submitted By: tim_potter
(534,860 on 5-2011)

Works for me.
Contrary to Mr Edwards message to the Facebook group, podcastalley works for non-registered users as well. Failing to think of another good word to screw up for Tony here, so Ill just say: Keep up the excellent work. Timo/theGrinch
Submitted By: Podcastalley
(534,845 on 5-2011)

Is this thing on?
Well its always worth a vote for my favourite podcast, even if I do say so myself. I also give myself a round of applause every time Ive remembered to clean my teeth, but not until Ive dried my hands, Im not an idiot.
Submitted By: paulyb
(534,783 on 5-2011)

Almost to 300 Episodes and I have been listening nearly the entire time. It would be great if you could play Goldblade on your 300th show since they were on the first Punky that I heard and I have been listening to them ever since. -Bill New York
Submitted By: bill
(534,751 on 5-2011)

Hopefully Podcast Alley will actually let me vote and comment this month. For some reason this piece of sh** hasnt let me vote for Punky! in quite some time. Heres to Punky! Peace, Markus - XYRocks!
Submitted By: xyrocks
(534,620 on 4-2011)

300 Episodes!
Almost to 300 Episodes and I have been listening nearly the entire time. It would be great if you could play Goldblade on your 300th show since they were on the first Punky that I heard and I have been listening to them ever since. -Bill New York
Submitted By: bill
(534,619 on 4-2011)

Lets see if this works...
Here are some of my favourite tunes from Punky! over the years: Razorblade Kisses - Teddy Girugamesh - Border Zombina & The Skeletones ? Puke It Up Inkubus Sukkubus - Corn King But theres so many great songs that I could probably fill a whole podcase myself!!
Submitted By: insanestar
(534,612 on 4-2011)

Thank god (whichever deity that might be for you) that you invested in proper microphones. Just listened to an old episode before any of you had them and it was terrible. Timo / theGrinch
Submitted By: Podcastalley2
(534,566 on 4-2011)

Testing voting works...... IT DOES - VOTE NOW!
Submitted By: tony
(534,542 on 4-2011)

Vote Now!
Hmmm is this working? YES IT IS - Get voting!
Submitted By: tony
(534,541 on 4-2011)

Vote Now!
Dont forget everyone to vote for us and we need your feedback, tune in to the show to find out how you can help out!
Submitted By: tony
(534,339 on 4-2011)

You guys never fail to deliver the goods!
Submitted By: woodyb3
(534,202 on 4-2011)

Well its about time I got round to voting. I think it would be nice if everyone else did as well - and told us their favourite songs for the 300th show. Personally I really like that Plastron one... Paulybx
Submitted By: paulyb
(534,036 on 4-2011)

Rocks, Punky! style!
Happy April! Im finally caught up with Punky! episodes. I fried my Brians doing it. I hope you are happy... Cheers guys!
Submitted By: scott.jakubik
(533,996 on 4-2011)

April Vote
April comes but once a year And finally its come Time for sun and lots of drinking And doing the mrs up the bum
Submitted By: honda.hybrid.hearn
(533,819 on 4-2011)

Gay pirates eating fish egg sushi
Milky pants. Awesome choice of music, as always. Timo / theGrinch
Submitted By: PODCASTAlley
(533,693 on 4-2011)

well well well...
lets see if this one works shall we? Punky is great! Punky is the girl from high school that all the preppy girls said was a slut (and maybe even a witch), but that was only because she was so gorgeous and wore such short skirts AND got such good grades. And youd take her yearbook picture and glue her head to the naked body of some model from Swank and do as high school boys used to do in those days... Thats how great a show Punky is!
Submitted By: frenzyoftongs
(533,560 on 4-2011)

Best podcast ever!
Top Banter, top music! Get that fat twat moyles off of Radio 1 and put these guys on instead.
Submitted By: joe_brigham
(533,414 on 3-2011)

Still loving the show, and enjoying the great music. Especially enjoyed UK Subs last week, and am glad that theyre still coming out with such awesome songs. Keep up the good work, 10 out of 10 from me as always. Marv
Submitted By: marvsmooth
(533,401 on 3-2011)

long time no vote
It been a few months since i last voted but here you go have a vote you shit scabs, but on the plus side im loving the phenomenauts and stand out riot tracks of late. APOOG APOOG Murphy-the-yeti
Submitted By: Dr_Spoon
(533,390 on 3-2011)

Punky! is the best podcast in the world!
I wanted to be sure I wasnt exaggerating by making that statement, so I listened to every other podcast available on Podcast Alley just to make sure. I was right the first time. Punky! is the best podcast in the world. Period.
Submitted By: amberance
(533,256 on 3-2011)

Gooper gooper. How about a special to celebrate the very potential arrival of Godzilla from the nuked Pacific Ocean? All the best, Timo / theGrinch
Submitted By: Podcastalley
(533,092 on 3-2011)

Hey, great show,enjoy the talk and music,like to hear the local bands and news eg resistance 77,Mansfield etc,keep it up love to you both xx
Submitted By: carolinej40
(533,017 on 3-2011)

Punky is still the best
Submitted By: marduk1301
(532,796 on 3-2011)

Goopa Goopa!Hey
Hi guys. Chantel from Canadanadanadana here. Im catching up slowly. Working through May of 2010 right now. Just finished the month of label specials, and fell in love with Cartoon Violence (bought their CD, you should play more!). Id love to hear more Long Tall Texans & Zombina too!. Is there somewhere I buy/download Pauls Silent Farter song? PS: Punkys Great!
Submitted By: goopa_goopa
(532,793 on 3-2011)

Missed De Hoelle Heja (sp?) when they came to Australia as I was to far behind in this podcast.... Keep up to date or you may miss out too !
Submitted By: tim_potter
(532,742 on 3-2011)

Punky! Vote
Second voting attempt... definitely one of my favorite Punky! songs of all time: The Phenomenauts - Particle Accelerator -Bill New York
Submitted By: bill
(532,725 on 3-2011)

I was a bit behind with Punky! due to moving house; my theme tune for the move was Fucksticks by Kunt & the Gang because I just couldnt get it out of my head and it was very appropriate when I dropped a box on my foot! Favourite recent bands on the show: Tom Mansi & the Icebreakers (I wish I knew Jenni from Richmond so I could steal the album from her!), The Dark Shadows and Codebreaker.
Submitted By: insanestar
(532,690 on 3-2011)

March Vote - Yeaaaaaaaa
Goopa Goopa Smacktards, Here a vote for March. Had a bit of inspiration, hope you enjoyed my feeble attempt at a poem, and the twatage. I did ask if I could joint you at that last Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons gig, the Mrs. wasnt too keen on that idea. Just need to wait for a better time. As always really enjoy the shows, keep up the good work. Apoog Apoog, Jim C.
Submitted By: jac33_2
(532,642 on 3-2011)

Mad March vote....
My March vote for the best collection of independent music from around the world "presented" by Paul and Tony like no-one else could. If Podcast Alley had a rating system to go with votes it would have to go up to eleven stars for this.
Submitted By: canveyrobert001
(532,625 on 3-2011)

Always Good
Favorite song from any Punky so far this year... The Phenomenauts - Particle Accelerator... bought it and have had it playing non stop. My 1 year old son likes dancing to it too. -Bill New York
Submitted By: bill
(532,583 on 3-2011)

Punky radio ROCKS!! it is my favorite podcast!
Submitted By: lisaschroeder1
(532,579 on 3-2011)

Oh glory be! Its anew month and Ive managed it on the first! (And a vote!) Paulybx
Submitted By: paulyb
(532,431 on 3-2011)

Punky, el rockos mis sockos!
Greetings, and happy March. Im way behind on episodes, but working to fix that soon. ?Just wanted to say I am enjoying the crap out of the Highliners tune you played around the Christmas episodes. Not sure what it is about it, but the fan to band ratio is on the rise again thanks you you guys. Scott J.
Submitted By: Scott.Jakubik
(532,407 on 3-2011)

long time no speak...
and thats because stupid podcast alley went on strike for no apparent reason a bit like the French really... just to let the delectable Tony Hearn and the ever so slightly deranged PoorlyB know we are still alive and enjoying the truly life changing experience that is Punky radio, we have tried to blot out the world with a selection of local firewaters but the need to hear more excellent music,and Kunt and the gang(what a legend!) has kept us going. Oh and the thought of Pineda of course. Would really love to hear F*** You by P.Paul Fenech as this we believe is worthy of a Punky airing....Oh and Paul you are buying the first round this year at Pineda..there will be six of us! Make sure the wallet is full bisous from Helen and Ady in the far reaches of a third world counrty!
Submitted By: helen.dawes
(532,180 on 2-2011)

Vote For Punky!
Favorite song from last weeks show: Rochee & The Sarnos ? Madam Ruth?s Parlour That was mental, but fantastic. -Bill New York
Submitted By: bill
(532,074 on 2-2011)

Punkys Great!
Learn from your parents mistakes. Use Birth Control!
Submitted By: davefitz
(531,940 on 2-2011)

Punky rocks!
Hey guys! Just letting you know Im alwaysh listening!
Submitted By: scott.jakubik
(531,701 on 2-2011)

Goopa Goopa Paul & Tony No smart arse comments from me this time, keep up the good work, Punky Radio is still the best Alwaysh Voting Mart The Patron Saint
Submitted By: martinvranch
(531,659 on 2-2011)

February already?!
Paul, no-one gets my undies for free! :p
Submitted By: insanestar
(531,588 on 2-2011)

Giving February vote a shot. Hopefully podcastalley has their shit together and I can actually post a comment. I swear, I dont know why we still support this fucking site! Peace, Markus - XYRocks!
Submitted By: xyrocks
(531,490 on 2-2011)

***** [5 stars]
Submitted By: canveyrobert001
(531,478 on 2-2011)

Punky Radio! More fun than your ears have a right to.
Submitted By: woodyb3
(531,466 on 2-2011)

it works!
Finally podcast alley works, and we can start leaving our pointless comments again, this reminded me to start catching back up with the new shows, keep em coming and ill eventually get caught up. Mark Berglund
Submitted By: shaggys_music
(531,381 on 2-2011)

Ooh! How exciting!
Im so excited - Its my birthday this week and Im going to spend it with all the punky listeners (in spirit at least) by looking at girls in their pants and laughing at funny fellas - at least - I hope its that way round. All the worst, Paulybx
Submitted By: paulyb
(531,357 on 2-2011)

Yep, voting works!
Thats right, voting is working again now - so please get voting! Tony
Submitted By: tony
(531,329 on 2-2011)

Comedy Suburbs
It looks like Punky! has ended up back in the Podcast Alley comedy category again. What are they playing at? So theyve fixed the voting system but not the categories or the show updates. Come on Podcast Alley, pull your finger out! Graham, Liverpool
Submitted By: contact
(531,257 on 1-2011)

Goopa Goopa!
Chantel the favourite Canadanadanadanan here. Just wanted to say, Im about 53 shows behind, but Im catching up! and Im loving the "Kunt and the Gang" stuff!. Just bought "Perverts on the Internet" :)
Submitted By: goopa_goopa
(531,091 on 1-2011)

January Vote
Well hopefully this does work.... Goopa Goopa smacktards. Been a while. The last couple shows were great as alwaysh. Keep up the great work. Jim C.
Submitted By: jac33_2
(531,027 on 1-2011)

Like a bad smell, it never really goes away!
So Podcast Alley is back, hooray! It means the regular Punky! fans can once again write random comments to Paul & Tony once a month. Ok, so my comment isnt really random this time but I dont care!
Submitted By: insanestar
(530,708 on 1-2011)

Fucking hell... works! --Arstus
Submitted By: rastus
(530,429 on 1-2011)

PUNKY never disapoints! Great job again!
Arrrrgh, I Never get tired of the banter & great music. PUNKY is my weekly fix of laugh out loud uncontrolably with a big ear to ear smile on my face. Thanks guys & Keep it up! Manny D
Submitted By: eyno.yaradoophiss
(530,414 on 1-2011)

crinkle cut cock
I suppose this means Ill have to start sending emails out about voting Punky! again... Excellent. I can threaten on Tonys behalf and make sexual suggestions to our listeners. COWABUNGA! All the best, Paulybx
Submitted By: paulyb
(530,411 on 1-2011)

Voting works!
Voting seems to be working now, get voting everyone!
Submitted By: tony
(530,336 on 1-2011)

Happy New Year Punky! I wish you the best in 2011. Thanks for doing your thing. Peace, Markus - XYRocks!
Submitted By: xyrocks
(530,252 on 1-2011)

Submitted By: carolinej40
(529,914 on 12-2010)

Excellent show, as always. BTW, the link to Mustang Lightning ( is buggered. Amusingly, the Google cache of the website contains the single words, "It works!" DOH!
Submitted By: EclecticMix
(529,853 on 12-2010)

just want to
see if this thing works.
Submitted By: frenzyoftongs
(529,582 on 12-2010)

Great work on the beds this week Tony Green Dave
Submitted By: readysteadyfook
(528,986 on 11-2010)

Punkys Great!
I made you say "Cunt"!
Submitted By: davefitz
(528,750 on 11-2010)

The penis
mightier than the sword.
Submitted By: paulyb
(528,669 on 11-2010)

Comments Work!
Hi everyone, voting is indeed still broken but the comments still work so please leave your comments for us and we'll read them out on the show! Tony
Submitted By: tony
(528,663 on 11-2010)

Punky! Punky! Punky!
Been a while since I voted, but I was on vacation. Favorite song from the Halloween special... Dragster ? Slasher Movie. Always a great show. -Bill New York
Submitted By: bill
(528,591 on 11-2010)

Got the dragSTER CD after hearing it on this podcast - brilliant. Think I am more of a drunk than a punk.
Submitted By: tim_potter
(528,392 on 11-2010)

Grrrrr voting is still broken, please get your votes in when you can - hopefully this will all be working soon. Tony
Submitted By: tony
(528,121 on 11-2010)

Terrible Timing
Goopa Goopa Great Show as always Sorry to hear Paul still hasnt received any knickers! And that he is now asking for any ladies underwear not just Insane Stars, Sorry but I recently threw out a large bag of my wifes used underwear which I would have been more than happy to donate to Pauls "Blue Peter" type Used Knicker Appeal. Still my wife now lives in Hitchin so if Paul hasnt seen her knickers yet he probbly will do soon! Not Bitter Just Twisted Mart The Patron Saint p.s. Alwaysh Voting
Submitted By: martinvranch
(528,021 on 10-2010)

October Vote
Better never than late...or something like that.
Submitted By: scott.jakubik
(527,970 on 10-2010)

Its nearly the end of October, so sneaking in a quick end of month vote for my favourite podcast! Tony
Submitted By: tony
(527,906 on 10-2010)

Coo fuck. Its punky Radio!
Submitted By: phnuff
(527,862 on 10-2010)

Now that's scary!!!
'Vote for Punky or Tony will tickle yer innards' I know we've got Halloween coming up, but that's just too darned scary. 'R' Graham
Submitted By: podcast
(527,632 on 10-2010)

Me likey Punky!
Submitted By: woodyb3
(527,271 on 10-2010)

My iphone decided to hack last weeks show into little chunks, i.e. It would jump back and forth in the episode every 1 to 4 minutes... quite surreal combined with Pauly being there and not at the same time. I also heard him saying he mightve mentioned the location of the secret festival before I heard him mentioning Sardinia (what a tw@t by the way...). All the best from Germany, Timo / theGrinch
Submitted By: podcastalley
(527,257 on 10-2010)

At last! Another month!
if Punky was a cute little puppy that we saw on the beach, wed dognap it and raise it as our own. And then 10 or so years later wed be wrecked when we had to put it to sleep (but we had to to because it was only suffering and its kidneys were failing and it was crapping all over the house. Plus it had arthritis in its haunches (as often happens with the breed) so wed always have to be carrying up and down the stairs just to go outside to poo. So, the bottom line here seems that it is a good thing that Punky is only the greatest podcast out there and not actually a dog of any kind.
Submitted By: frenzyoftongs
(527,231 on 10-2010)

Im only voting for this shit because otherwise I get told off. paulybx
Submitted By: paulyb
(527,121 on 10-2010)

Submitted By: supersheepcomics
(527,065 on 10-2010)

heres you vote for this month you pair of shit hoppers.
Submitted By: Dr_Spoon
(527,003 on 10-2010)

No knickers here!
Poor Paul! When you were up in Newcastle I happened to be down in London!!
Submitted By: insanestar
(526,934 on 10-2010)

October! Holy shit the year is almost over. Keep doin your thing. Peace, Markus - XYRocks!
Submitted By: xyrocks
(526,729 on 10-2010)

Punkys Great!
Im getting my vote in on the first of ROCKtober! I cant wait for OI!vember and ROCKABILLYecember! I cant say Im too excited for JAMuary, or as I like to call it: PRESERVEuary.
Submitted By: davefitz
(526,701 on 10-2010)

milky pants & kitten blood
Greats shows again this month!!! Lots of PUNKY energy from my fav smacktards. Thanks for taking me back , every week, to the best part of 1977( the punk-iness) & keeping it alive. PUNKY RULES! You guys are without a doubt in the top 5, of my favorite things about the UK, right next to Dr. Who, 2-Tone records, Monty Python & scalextric slot cars!!! Im Still laughing out loud EVERY week, for 5 years now. Thats gotta be some kind of record! Cheers, Manny D.
Submitted By: ema.sk8r
(526,525 on 9-2010)

Did I or didnt I
Did I place my September vote? Lets push the Vote Now! button and see what happens...
Submitted By: scott.jakubik
(526,443 on 9-2010)

Semi Naked Tribute
Pauly B & Tony In tribute to your last show where Pauly B was naked from the waist up I am voting for you naked from the waist down, better go now as I think Im about to be thrown out of the internet cafe. Alwaysh voting Mart The Patron Saint
Submitted By: martinvranch
(526,320 on 9-2010)

Me Likey
Its Punky! And its alot better than hopping on the Brown line and going the wrong way around the Antwerp ring road. Thanks for the great tunes and laughs. Hellrat from Seattle
Submitted By: aubs1976
(526,285 on 9-2010)

Punky Rocks!!!
Stayed sober long enough to vote this month. Loving your work guys- keep up the Chaos. Respect- Lord Reilloc. PS One day soon KittenBlood!!!
Submitted By: lordreilloc
(526,274 on 9-2010)

September Vote
Well hello from Springfield, IL.... Thoroughly...I mean thoroughly enjoyed the September 7th show...Zombina and Kitty in one show...Its an old geezers girl band fans dream....MILKY PANTS!!!... The September 12th show just as fabulous...really liking PUSSYcat and the DIRTY johnsons.....Black Manalishi sounding really good too... Keep up the great work...Jim C.
Submitted By: jac33_2
(526,225 on 9-2010)

I love Punky, but then, I am completely hat-stand! ( comma's added for pauses Tony!)
Submitted By: Superstunt2004
(526,185 on 9-2010)

Half-eaten Snickers!
Having spent the last few hours standing in the pissing rain watching crazy pillocks doing the Great North Run, I can safely say Punky is more entertaining, marginally less sweaty and probably better for your health than running a half marathon. (...although you're gonna end up wet, with sore nipples and severely chafed thighs either way, so don't forget the vaseline!) --Arstus
Submitted By: rastus
(526,138 on 9-2010)

Submitted By: tim_potter
(525,579 on 9-2010)

Punky makes you go for the nuts!
Ive just eaten half a packet of ginger nuts (the biscuits you perves!!) while listening to Punky! Radio (although I probably wouldve eaten half the packet while listening to anything really!!).
Submitted By: insanestar
(525,541 on 9-2010)

about time too
goopa goopa voting for the first time...i think. not sure, which is worrying or not. its only right as i have listened to the best podcast around, for quite a few years now. better late than never hey. peace
Submitted By: dottymcspotty1
(525,408 on 9-2010)

Punkys Great!
Punkys Great!
Submitted By: davefitz
(525,399 on 9-2010)

I Love Tony
He drinks spiced Rum, does em up the bum, used to be a roady!
Submitted By: tonys.manpop
(525,332 on 9-2010)

Punky! Radio
Its the one Digital Radio Show (Podcast if you want to sound like a wanker) that I always take time to support. Pauly B and Tony Hearn always have my back and I have theirs. Peace, Markus - XYRocks!
Submitted By: xyrocks
(525,227 on 9-2010)

Show is still awesome after 5 years!
Submitted By: woodyb3
(525,041 on 9-2010)

again, aaaarrrgghhhh boats are expensive. Soon to be retired Inspector Pauly B
Submitted By: paulb
(525,039 on 9-2010)

i got yer rolling pin right here, pilgrim
Submitted By: shorts
(525,032 on 9-2010)

Punkys Great!
Doing my duty and voting for Punky! Graham Holland, Its A Frogs Life Acoustic Podcast
Submitted By: zaba
(525,011 on 9-2010)

There are crevices and then there are...
Submitted By: frenzyoftongs
(524,995 on 9-2010)

The Best Punky Podcast
Submitted By: simonhoulihan
(524,958 on 9-2010)

First to vote for once!
Aha! I am only the first to vote because everyone else has forgotten! Now I can truly claim my crown as The Punky! King! Bow before me, fartknockers!
Submitted By: paulyb
(524,949 on 9-2010)

5 bloody years ! Any chance of parole?
Submitted By: phnuff
(524,773 on 8-2010)

Goden web site Good luck from
Submitted By: biancarelo
(524,766 on 8-2010)

Tony flies solo (well nearly)
Mr Tony Congratulations on your solo show last week without that other bloke and at least we now know that the lovely Steph is real! Alwaysh Voting Mart The Patron Saint
Submitted By: martinvranch
(524,754 on 8-2010)

Suck it!
Im voting while listening to Tony and Stephs episode. I missed Paul, but its a valiant effort, and Stephs voice is sexier than both Paul and Tonys voices combined. Oh.. and please NEVER play Taken By the Tide again. Or very infrequently. Please.
Submitted By: marc
(524,624 on 8-2010)

punky rules
punky is by far the best pob cast uniting fans and band and generally make a little wee come out wen thier chatting, rock on lads. Ruzz or the bar room heroes CRO!
Submitted By: zombiesomething
(524,606 on 8-2010)

Still the best dog walking podcast available keep it up tony and paul.
Submitted By: pwpowell
(524,587 on 8-2010)

August Vote
GOOPA GOOPA Guys first off apologies for not getting the vote in the past couple of times. Its been a whirlwind summer. Congratulations on your 5th anniversary, too funny, July 27th was the wife and my 25th wedding anniversary. Now had she listened to any of the Punky shows with me, probably wouldnt have made Anyway, really diggin the new Zombina stuff, Ill be making a purchase from their website soon. Really liked Kitty in a Casket too. Hmmm...Jim likes the gurl bands...go figure. Saw an awesome show here in Springfield, Illinois 9 bands headlined by Avenged Sevenfold, I really liked My Darkest Days, check out there hit Porn Star Dancing on their website. Also really enjoyed Halestorm (lead singer Lzzy) and Sick Puppies (bassist Emma). Saw Chevelle and Shinedown Sunday night at the Illinois State Fair, another great show. Im finally all caucht up again with my Punky podcasts WOO HOO, plan on keeping up to date, now that Ive figured out how to download them directly to my phone, itll become a Tuesday morning commute ritual. Just need to keep from laughing too hard, or boppin myself off the highway. The new Dragster tune played in the last show would be my favorite for that week. Although you guys never play anything bad. looking forward to the next show...or i should say ALLLLWAYSHH LOOKING APOOG APOOG Jim C.
Submitted By: jac33_2
(524,392 on 8-2010)

great show last week (as usual) it made my birthday which happened to be a boring rainy tuesday just that little bit better. Murphy-The-Yeti APOOG APOOG
Submitted By: Dr_Spoon
(524,229 on 8-2010)

a vote for Punky! is a vote for... well Punky!
Submitted By: Dr_Spoon
(524,228 on 8-2010)

Hey scrotum lickers! Its strange to think its been 4 years of me listening to you wankers and I still love the podcast. Yes, I still listen to you...just been lurking in the shadows of none commenting. Anyhow, keep it up and tony...stop being so damn quiet these days! Much love! -FGM(the former gaymaker)
Submitted By: melancholyrosesforboi
(524,216 on 8-2010)

Congrats on 5 years! Us faithful fans are always listening!
Submitted By: insanestar
(524,190 on 8-2010)

My brain hurts!
Hi guys, at the end of last month I was away on holiday to two weeks and Ive spent the time since then trying to catch up on all the podcasts I listen to on a regular basis. This means that Ive just listened to four episodes of Punky! back-to-back and am wondering why my brain hurts... Congratulations on five years of podcasting - five whole years of random fuckwittery, with fantastic music all the way. It never ceases to amaze me how much exciting punky music there is out there and its a real crime that none of it ever gets a look in with the mainstream TV or radio stations. So thank the Lord (Reilloc or Bishop, you decide) for Punky! Thanks also for your support of me and my show over the years - Ill be giving you a big mention on the next one. All the very best, Graham Holland - Its A Frogs Life Acoustic Podcast, Liverpool, UK - (get the web address right this time, you smacktard, Paul, and thanks for doing such a great job on the beds every week Tony)
Submitted By: podcast
(524,020 on 8-2010)

From the trenches...
A-hoy! Have failed in my duty to Punky! for the last few months by not voting so time to make up for it. Blame PaulyB's favourite oily cat-wank, Mr Cameron for my lapse, I've been busy dodging bullets in the public sector massacre. Tally-ho, looks like I'll be in India by Christmas along with all your "personal data"... -- Arstus
Submitted By: rastus
(523,977 on 8-2010)

Tonys Dodgey Accents
A Poem About Punky Radio... Ones a punk, Ones a skunk, Both with a touch of geek, My favourite part, Straight from the heart, Is when Tony tries to speak! Love and kisses, Fatboy (A Go-Daddy free zone!)
Submitted By: vote.punky
(523,972 on 8-2010)

Punky is good for my blood pressure
Seem to have fallen 6 months behind on the shows again so only just heard Heather Mills by Kunt and the Gang. (with a K so its not rude). Been playing it in my office to anyone that will listen. Freakin brilliant.
Submitted By: paulb
(523,852 on 8-2010)

Five years of kick ass shows!
Thanks for the mention. I loved the "She's a dirty..." part from Tony! haha Love the show as always!
Submitted By: twilightandthebes
(523,709 on 8-2010)

Submitted By: fi_dragster
(523,607 on 8-2010)

5 Years, Wow
Congrats on 5 years! You guys are awesome! Favorite song from last show: Kitty In A Casket ? My Cannibal Paradise -Bill New York
Submitted By: bill
(523,523 on 8-2010)

great stuff
Lovely done!
Submitted By: lee.morrissey
(523,498 on 8-2010)

C U Next Time
Submitted By: heat4u
(523,492 on 8-2010)

Better beds than Captain Snooze.
Submitted By: tim_potter
(523,451 on 8-2010)

I dont know, late again...
Ill be late to my own funeral, most likely. When they call me "The late Paul B. Edwards, thats exactly what theyll mean - LATE. oh crivens, Paulybx
Submitted By: paulyb
(523,418 on 8-2010)

Thanks for the plug!!!
Buttons and The Whore are ALWAYSH listening to PUNKY!
Submitted By: shorts
(523,412 on 8-2010)

Sweet, first vote in August!
Happy 5th Anniversary my friends. I wish you the best of success in the years to come. Cheers, Markus - XYRocks!
Submitted By: xyrocks
(523,231 on 8-2010)

July vote
I hope this counts for July. stivovits
Submitted By: stivovits
(523,182 on 7-2010)

years, years- again, again, again?!?!- Remember kids- dont try to comment when your really pissed.
Submitted By: lordreilloc
(523,165 on 7-2010)

Hey Guys
Out again on parole again, in time to congratulate your five fabulous years of madness years. Respect- Lord Reilloc. PS- we have some catching up to do KittenBlood.
Submitted By: lordreilloc
(523,163 on 7-2010)

punky! punky! PUNKY!
just listen to Punky! already!
Submitted By: marc
(523,103 on 7-2010)

Nearly Forgot Again!
Nearly forgot to vote again so heres my vote just in time for the end of July, long live Punky. Kind Regards Mart The Patron Saint
Submitted By: martinvranch
(522,976 on 7-2010)

Happy 5th Birthday!
Congrats on reaching your 5th year! Seems like only yesterday I started doing terrible things to societies duvets, but it only went up from there. Thanks for all the great shows to date, and heres to another five (years, not shows)!
Submitted By: scott.jakubik
(522,947 on 7-2010)

happy birthday
Happy 5th birthday guys ive now been listening for just over two years. Fave song from last week has to be Drunked Balordi seeing as im a huge gogol bordello fan.
Submitted By: Dr_spoon
(522,748 on 7-2010)

iiiiiits punky!
all fear and love the punky!! Paul B. Edwards for president! been on vacation, how do u guys feel about le tour de france? play something celtic and ill b happy, cant wait for the next episode. mark
Submitted By: shaggys_music
(522,718 on 7-2010)

I drink therefore I am
It I, cyberkrime, pulling it together to cast my July vote for the only podcast anyone will ever need: Punky! Id have voted sooner but Im still trying to recover fromthe occasion of my thirty-seventeenth birthday on the 10th! In honor of such, and because Punky is doing better in the podcast alley rankings, Ive declared a Jubilee, and so there will be no horrible reprisals to non-voting Punky listeners this month. Instead, an appeal to reason: Punky updates weekly, like clockword, and every show is consistent and truly professional quality (Thanks Pauly B and Tony!) You should make sure you vote because theres a fuckwit in the top 10 who hasnt updated in a month and a fucking half! And his podcast is patently stupid! Are embarrassed? You should be! Vote for Punky - July will not last forever....
Submitted By: cyberkrime
(522,677 on 7-2010)

Been A While...
Goopa Goopa Smacktards, apologies for not voting the past couple of months, fell behind on my punkyness, and am catching up. hoping that theres more zombina in my future, just something about that cartoonish vampire babe that makes my.....well lets just say i like her. jumping on a plane to Mexico to celebrate 25 years waking up next to the same woman, still wonder why she screams her head off every morning. you would think that after sneaking into the neighbors bedroom in the middle of the night every day for 25 years shed get used to it. lol...jk.... no me and the proper mrs. c have been together now for 25 years. a rollercoaster to say the least. anyway, going to be listening more and of course voting more. keep up the GREAT work, and hope to see the both of you in the near future. Apoog Apoog Jim C.
Submitted By: jac33_2
(522,513 on 7-2010)

Its been a while and am catching up on some old shows, but Ive been so impressed with Tonys work on the beds that I had to remember to vote. Thanks for playing Miho Wada - see, even when Im wrong, Im right. With the demise of Eclectic Mix, Ill have to keep any Ambient Punk that comes my way in mind to send to you. Cheers - george (Sounds Of Ambience)
Submitted By: SoundsOfAmbience
(522,332 on 7-2010)

Getting wrecked in the tunnels under Goat Island...
...hows that for a euphemism? Punky is so great I had to from another band (consisting of me) just sos I could vote twice! -him from the Frenzy of Tongs
Submitted By: losmuchados
(522,188 on 7-2010)

Voting for Miho Wada, shes bloody amazing:)!!!! Miho Miho Miho!!
Submitted By: Pascalnz
(522,104 on 7-2010)

Call Girl
Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!
Submitted By: mihowada
(521,978 on 7-2010)

Have I voted for July?
Obviously not if this is accepted.
Submitted By: tim_potter
(521,972 on 7-2010)

Not my undercarriage!
Hello Paul and Tony, keep up the beasty work. Matt B
Submitted By: drummerm
(521,850 on 7-2010)

Submitted By: vivian_cen
(521,844 on 7-2010)

Punky is the creamy white filling in the Twinkie of live.
Submitted By: woodyb3
(521,832 on 7-2010)

Loving all the Zombina Tracks!
What would we all do without Punky!? (Probably listen to a shitty music podcast instead!)
Submitted By: insanestar
(521,798 on 7-2010)

best show period
Punky is the best show anywhere, so anyone not listening is a twat - PERIOD!!!!!!!!!! Marv
Submitted By: marvsmooth
(521,765 on 7-2010)

the fots support
the fots love pauly b and everything he stands for exept he prefers briefs we like boxer-briefs
Submitted By: frenzyoftongs
(521,690 on 7-2010)

Punkys Great!
Punkys Great!
Submitted By: davefitz
(521,675 on 7-2010)

Vote for change
Although I am voting for Punky could I not also vote for somebody else with an Alternative Vote system or maybe Proportionally vote for Punky but a little bit for Its a Frogs Life or TTN
Submitted By: paulb
(521,626 on 7-2010)

Vuvuzela Praise
Been a while - always listening! Thanks for especially the DEAD BROTHERS - Awesome unexpected stuff! Best Podcast! - Regards, Werner Puchert (Wearing a Pooshirt)
Submitted By: werner
(521,617 on 7-2010)

I dont want no bum strimming thank you very much.
Submitted By: dr_Spoon
(521,616 on 7-2010)

Oh well, only five days late voting for my own podcast. Ive made a right Chavs wedding of this month...
Submitted By: paulyb
(521,607 on 7-2010)

Chalk one up for July! Keep up the great work. Peace, Markus - XYRocks!
Submitted By: xyrocks
(521,234 on 7-2010)

Submitted By: shorts
(521,232 on 7-2010)

GREAT show Smacktards! More ska, punk & oi ! pleaze?
Great show lads! More Punk please & throw in some ska & oi as well. I bought Revenge of the psychotronic mans make pigs smoke & am LOVING IT!!!! nice job on the beds Tony... any chance well be hearing some instrumental ska by the Dendrites (from Denver, USA) in the beds? I was getting worried when your shows were getting shorter & shorter, but it turns out I was just fast forwarding thru the unusually large quantities of rockabilly/60s type shit. Perhaps PAul should lay off the kitten blood.
Submitted By: eyno.yaradoophiss
(521,107 on 6-2010)

Punky! will change your life!
...unless your life involves a great deal of hanging about with drunken Englishmen while listening to great music and complaining about twats - in which case your life will remain basically the same.
Submitted By: amberance
(521,098 on 6-2010)

Hey Guys
Sorry, been away for a bit, but Im back with a vengeance. Well...not so much vengeance, more like a vote for Punky! Now that were both out of the World Cup, who do you want to see go on to the finals?
Submitted By: scott.jakubik
(520,995 on 6-2010)

its a phychobilly freakout
Great show this week guys im kinda just getting into the whole phychobilly thing and ive just brought king kurt's big cock and the meteors wrecking crew. Punky! alwaysh uniting fans and bands across the lands Murphy-The-Yeti fave song was the screaming abdabs .btw
Submitted By: DR_spoon
(520,889 on 6-2010)

Submitted By: Dr_spoon
(520,888 on 6-2010)

As always Punky gets our vote....anyone who doesnt listen is probably supporting France in the world cup!! ie losers!!! Anyway thier loss keep up the good work,great music and your very individual type of broadcasting oh and dont forget us people who reside a third world country. see you in Pineda Helen n Ady (France)
Submitted By: helen.dawes
(520,775 on 6-2010)

Im Remembered
Sorry have been a total smacktard and have forgotten to vote lately please dont set Cyber Crime on me! Still loving the show Kind Regards Mart The Patron Saint
Submitted By: martinvranch
(520,768 on 6-2010)

Punky is still rather spiffing
It always feels good to return to punky, sorry for the recent abscence but I was havin sex Lots of love Tom Baldy! xxx
Submitted By: t.balderstone
(520,747 on 6-2010)

The Always Superb Punky Radio
Consistently the best music show on the internet... Favorite song from the last episode... Zombina and the Skeletones - Dracula Blood. -Bill New York
Submitted By: bill
(520,648 on 6-2010)

Still Listening
Regards Graham
Submitted By: gwbeech
(520,642 on 6-2010)

Best beds in the business.
Submitted By: tim_potter
(520,493 on 6-2010)

Mmmm Punky!
Tastes even better than it sounds!
Submitted By: Superstunt2004
(520,462 on 6-2010)

better than any fish taco! and we love fish tacos!
Submitted By: frenzyoftongs
(520,428 on 6-2010)

LOVED the label specials last month. You guys rock!
Submitted By: woodyb3
(520,344 on 6-2010)

Voting Punky! I have not been in touch for ages, been insanely busy with the end of the semester and everything. Punky has helped out a with the exam frustration. Loving the label specials, I just cant believe there are so many quality labels out there. I wont have the time nor the the money to listen to and buy it all! Two weeks ago I had my final oral exam so now I am officially a real nurse, lets hope Paul will finally accknowledge my existance now. Eirik Arlov
Submitted By: eirikarlov
(520,178 on 6-2010)

Nil Kitten Blood Est...
It is I, cyberkrime, Johnny-on-the-spot with my vote for June! Thanks for reading out my last comment, Im going to wear my MILKYPANTS to work for the next week as a tribute! Thanks as always for a great show, the Japan Files show was one of the best in a long time. So far Ive received no pathetic excuses in my E-mail box but beware! Cyberkrime ALWAYSH LOOKING! And Im ALWAYSH concocting new methods to torment the unworthy. Im thinking Ill borrow from the Boondocks and load up my super soaker with piss and hot sauce AFTER a huge plate of steamed asparaghus. My Wrath is Horrible.... Thanks again and keep up the great work!
Submitted By: cyberkrime
(520,133 on 6-2010)

As am I - Alwaysh voting. Thanks for making me laugh! Peace, Markus - XYRocks!
Submitted By: xyrocks
(519,953 on 6-2010)

get voting
come on, this is a no-brainer. its the best fucking show going so why vote for anything else? marv
Submitted By: marvsmooth
(519,949 on 6-2010)

I really dig it. M
Submitted By: michaelbehm25
(519,896 on 6-2010)

I never realized how much I missed the leathered Paul B. Edwards, loved the specials, cant wait for the Judgmental coming up. Tonys style is great also. Am excited about the world cup, not a huge fan but... USA ALL THE WAY!!!
Submitted By: shaggys_music
(519,770 on 6-2010)

Been a while but they wont let me vote for all the episodes Im catching up on, vote robbery.
Submitted By: womblezombie
(519,736 on 6-2010)

Punkys Great!
Q: If well-endowed women work at Hooters, where do one-legged women work? A: Ihop.
Submitted By: davefitz
(519,687 on 6-2010)

Hey guys love the show, but I miss Izzatwat - I do wish more people would send you them in as they are far and away my favourite feature!!! Pauls still my favourite though, no offence! Loves and cuddles, Tony
Submitted By: tony
(519,602 on 6-2010)

I remembered!
Aha! I have remembered to vote Punky! So should you, or you may get a little bit of ass friendship. All the best, Paulybx
Submitted By: paulyb
(519,601 on 6-2010)

First vote for June!
Im such a dedicated listener that Ive voted without you even reminding me!
Submitted By: insanestar
(519,560 on 6-2010)

May Madness
Hi Tony and Pauly B, what a great month May has been with the label specials. The TNS one was particularly good. By the time Tony reads this out it will be June so hopefully your back in the business of taking requests again. Anything by Leagues Apart (my latest purchase following hearing them on the greatest podcast in the galaxy) would be good, and a blast down memory lane with an Alien Sex Fiend classic like Smells Like Shit wouldnt go a miss Pauly B. Always listening...Fat Mike
Submitted By: m.hendry1
(519,491 on 5-2010)

Pulling it out at the last moment
It is I, Cyberkrime, saving the day at the last moment with a daring, death-defying and self-inflicted cranio-rectotomy (accompanied by a horrendous popping sound) as I manage to pull my head out of my ass and get my vote in for May! Oh, the humanity! Sorry for the late vote, Ill do betting in June. Its been a killer month, but Ive been enjoying the label specials! Now, the rest of you wankstains on the duvets of society are beginning to piss me off. Get off your asses and vote for Punky! Theres no reason for Punkey to ever be below number 10 on Podcast alley! EVER! Were fans of Punky! and weve got to band together! If youre too much of a crotch-gobblin to vote, E-mail me and give a proper accounting of yourself, maybe Ill be merciful - but dont count on it. - come on, give me your pathetic excuses. Those I judge worthy will be spared. Those unworthy will be nominated for Twats! THERES YOUR GAUNTLET, HERES AN UNFLATTERING VIEW OF MY ASS! Now pick it up, I dare ya!
Submitted By: cyberkrime
(519,467 on 5-2010)

Sorry been a bit of a twat and behind on the punky! Lot of the US fans have been studying for finals. Follow up: any new music from rattelin bone? Love the specials. Keep it up! MILKY PANTS!!!!
Submitted By: shaggys_music
(518,941 on 5-2010)

great show
great show this week im loving TNS records especially mainstream music is shit and beat the red light. MILKY PANTS Murphy-The-Yeti
Submitted By: Dr_Spoon
(518,922 on 5-2010)

I have to confess
I have been cheating on you with another podcast. BUT Punky has my heart like no other. I would never vote for anyone else. Cheers, Ann K
Submitted By: annkin
(518,553 on 5-2010)

Punkys Great!
Punkys Great!
Submitted By: davefitz
(518,478 on 5-2010)

RIP Tess. I would suggest the Grim Reaper for Izzatwat for taking my friend away but I guess he was only doing his job.
Submitted By: insanestar
(518,475 on 5-2010)

The Baddest
Hey hey! Just want to let everybody who doesnt know know that Punky is Radio Supremo!
Submitted By: losmuchados
(518,452 on 5-2010)

Well Hung
I like my podcasts like my parliament........
Submitted By: Superstunt2004
(518,440 on 5-2010)

so today is election day and ive just made my first ever trip to the polling stations and aided in choosing the next fool that will no doubtedly bring this country to its knees (by the method of an angry pirate) and skull fuck us all. BUT im also going to do some good on this day and vote PUNKY! Murphy-the-yeti
Submitted By: Dr_Spoon
(518,199 on 5-2010)

I dont hyave anything interesting to say, I just love it when you read my name out Tom baldy tom baldy tom baldy tom baldy tom baldy tom baldy tom baldy Lots of love - Tom Baldy x
Submitted By: t.balderstone
(518,111 on 5-2010)

Even Im late this month - what a smacktard.
Submitted By: paulyb
(518,064 on 5-2010)

1st up in May
Sweet, first vote for Punky! in May. Do your thing my friends. Peace, Markus - XYRocks!
Submitted By: xyrocks
(517,882 on 5-2010)

Gupa gupa!
Listening to Punky lets me hear bands that I wouldnt have discovered otherwise. Milkypants!
Submitted By: twilightandthebes
(517,727 on 4-2010)

cool song
Submitted By: ma_jak
(517,708 on 4-2010)

Submitted By: Dr_Spoon
(517,657 on 4-2010)

GOOD GOD! You guys are awsome. keep punkin
Submitted By: drummerm
(517,655 on 4-2010)

Punky! Winning here
No election debate can change that! ;) Punky-ay-yey! x
Submitted By: Americruiser1
(517,617 on 4-2010)

When Paul B Edwards calls you a "dirty little perv" you know youve got a problem! Probably perfectly correct. Thanks a million for the tunes. Tell Zombina and her Skeletones to hurry up with the new album. Punky needs it. Top show, yet again. Will have to think of some more acts to request. One question Ive got is: the other week I sat through that 100 Greatest Stand Up Comedians show on Channel 4. Who would you put in your top 3 (Punky presenters excluded of course)? Apoog Apoog. Anders
Submitted By: andrew.larkin
(517,444 on 4-2010)

Taking the mic...
By microphone problems did you mean the wire wasn't long enough to reach the bathroom? Sounded like Pauly was recording that episode while sitting on the crapper, pants round his ankles, laptop on his knee and... dongle in hand. Still, the show must go on and all that... Arstus.
Submitted By: rastus
(517,026 on 4-2010)

woooooooo punky
love the lovely conversations of semi foul language, bagging on each other, laughing about stupid twats each week and the wonder of how much time im actually going to be laughing rather than listening in this psychotic world. oh i almost forgot about the music, it punk-tastic. love it guys, by the way whats up with rattlin bone?
Submitted By: shaggys_music
(516,878 on 4-2010)

Were not holding on to anything, including our cocks! Let the other Podcasts do that!
Attention all Pissmops, Crotch Gobblins, Midget Munchers, Panheads, Punkchkins and any other assorted fans of Punky! Its time to march Punky! right to the top of Podcast Alley. Too long have lesser podcasts dominated. Therefore we are going to vote and we are going to advance! Were going to grab those Wank-stain on the duvet of society podcasts by the nose, and were going to kick them in the crotch! Were going to kick the hell out of them all the time and were going to go through them like crap through a goose! So get off your asses and vote for Punky! Do it now, Panheads!
Submitted By: cyberkrime
(516,797 on 4-2010)

Punkys Great!
Punkys Great!
Submitted By: davefitz
(516,515 on 4-2010)

Punky! is guaranteed to make even the most miserable git smile, unless youre a kittenbloooood!
Submitted By: insanestar
(516,485 on 4-2010)

Just incredible
This show is nearly as amazing as my recipe for red cabbage. Paulybx
Submitted By: paulyb
(516,314 on 4-2010)

punkys still got it
if i here one more emo kid play blik182 on he sixth form stereo im gonna go quenin tarantino on them soon to be a news headline - Tom Baldy xxx
Submitted By: t.balderstone
(516,298 on 4-2010)

Sweet, I have my Punky! vote in for April. NO SMACKTARD HERE! Peace, Markus - XYRocks!
Submitted By: xyrocks
(515,922 on 4-2010)

The DeRellas
Viva The DeRellas!!!
Submitted By: lucacomencini
(515,291 on 3-2010)

March Vote
Missing a few weeks of Punky means 3 hours worth of great music to catch up on! Favorite Bands: 08-03-2010 Show - Cock Sparer (not a surprise) 15-03-2010 Show - Sport Doen 22-03-2010 Show - TV Eye -Bill New York
Submitted By: bill
(515,124 on 3-2010)

GOOPA GOOPA Smacktards! Have a vote from me. High time I voted and left a comment. Have got every show since late 2005. Apologies for tardiness but like many a Punkyophile Im a lazy sod. Promise to vote every month from now on. Keep up the good work. Absolutely brilliant podcast. Pisses on everything else on tinternet. Really appreciate the effort you guys put into making this every week. You spoil us. More Duel/Zombina/Scourge, less brass (sorry) please, thank you ta. Anders St Albans
Submitted By: andrew.larkin
(514,937 on 3-2010)

Not listened for a while
Back now and good to hear you are both well. Graham B
Submitted By: GWbeech
(514,886 on 3-2010)

March already?!
Who stole January & February? Maybe I need to lay off the Absolut! Fab show as always!!
Submitted By: insanestar
(514,594 on 3-2010)

The dark shadows
Submitted By: gobuckowens
(514,283 on 3-2010)

Catching up after christmas break - but still remembering to put in my vote.
Submitted By: tim_potter
(514,188 on 3-2010)

Punky! Ergo Sum!
Thats right! I listen to Punky! therefore I am... Laughing my ass off and expanding my musical horizons! The chat is hilarious and I get introduced to lots of great music. Id love to hear some Devilish Presley if you can swing it. And you cant go wrong with Riot Squad! Thanks for a great show, Smacktards!
Submitted By: cyberkrime
(514,084 on 3-2010)

Always Listening
Goopa Goopa, Its March already, time for those mad hares Tony and Pauly B to go bouncing about in their little bunny outfits (what a sick picture that conjours up!). Loved the Strait Laces the other week, more money spent on iTunes! Keep up the great work of uniting fans and bands. Fat Mike.
Submitted By: m.hendry1
(513,844 on 3-2010)

Just back from Portland, OR. First up on the agenda - VOTE FOR PUNKY! No problem with the shout outs. Thanks for supporting me and being cool to the Yank all these years. Peace, Markus
Submitted By: xyrocks
(513,644 on 3-2010)

You come anywhere near my dog and ill..........
Despite being long standing fans of the totally fab Punky we do draw the line at the proposed buggery of the canine race. You two must be really hard up to even consider this,oh but you are,arent you Paul ??? Perhaps Paul you should relocate to Derby where you can do that sort of thing in peace lol Keep on playing the good stuff , from your third world residents! Helen n Ady PS our dog would eat you alive! (hes french so hell eat anything!)
Submitted By: helen.dawes
(513,399 on 3-2010)

Punkys Great!
Punkys Great!
Submitted By: davefitz
(513,370 on 3-2010)

Submitted By: ste_cotty
(513,360 on 3-2010)

its gonna be all good
Hello! Love the show. When is the next DollyreMixture? It sounds like a really good reason to get bladdered and have a good time. But as I go out on friday and saturday nights and get druk both nights by sunday im a bit light in the pocket. But for you Paul ill try my best. So gve it your all and drink the sleeping juice ever made (booze)!
Submitted By: drummerm
(513,356 on 3-2010)

Great podcast for new music
Submitted By: annaarmor
(513,302 on 3-2010)

Submitted By: Dr_Spoon
(513,228 on 3-2010)

Punnky Rocks
For once, Im voting at the start of the month... Keep up the great work guys!
Submitted By: scott.jakubik
(513,223 on 3-2010)

More old skool punk please.
Submitted By: woodyb3
(513,211 on 3-2010)

reaching out for you...
across the waves, across the water.... PB+tWW / AoMS
Submitted By: shorts
(513,207 on 3-2010)

Submitted By: paulyb
(513,198 on 3-2010)

Last Minute Vote
Hi Paul & Tony Love the show, Sorry I nearly forgot to vote this month, but luckily I was reminded by the dessert menu at my local Indian restaurant which contained a "Punky" which is a plastic penguin filled with Ice Cream which strangely looks like the bastard offspring of a drunken night of passion between a certain Punky Radio Host and a Penguin which begs the question when did you last visit Whipenade zoo? Cheers Mart The Patron Saint
Submitted By: martinvranch
(512,992 on 2-2010)

Its a Chavs Wedding!!!
Goopa Goopa, Dont know about you guys but this year has been a real chavs wedding. First the wife (The Stanky Little Chuff) manages to crash both cars in the snow, writing 1 off and then the replacements been in the garage for the last 2 weeks. At least Ive got Punky to keep me going. Now youve been re-uniting bands and fans across the lands as I now recall from my youth the screaming blue messiahs (Im thirty twelve PaulyB, you think youve got problems!) and have had to go and buy their album. Also the Limozines are bloody brilliant. Cant remember if youve played them but "Berlin" and "goin to a party" are stupendous. Off to drink some Kitten Blood from the few remaining emos in this neck of the woods. apoog apoog...Fat Mike
Submitted By: m.hendry1
(512,919 on 2-2010)

Preaching the Punky
I bumped into a friend at a local coffee shop. He introduced me to a friend of his and said "hes in a punk band". Naturally I told him all about Punky! So if you get a CD from a band from Hippytown thats why.
Submitted By: twilly23
(512,841 on 2-2010)

The Lord High Priests of Milky Pants look like they are defeating the kitten blood loving hords of emo worriers!!
Submitted By: phnuff
(512,785 on 2-2010)

happy birthday Tony
Happy late birthday milky-pants! why dont you let us play some of your music on KURU radio? send me an mp3 ya twat!! -Jeff JUglyshoes
Submitted By: uglyshoes
(512,691 on 2-2010)

Punnky Rocks
All the fun, half the calories! Keep up the great shows!
Submitted By: scott.jakubik
(512,568 on 2-2010)

I think the locals are starting to think Im off my rocker because I keep listening to Punky! on the bus and I cant help but chuckle! Ive been told theres nothing quite as disconcerting as a random happy-looking goth! By the way, LOVE Razor Blade Kisses! Ive been trying to get people to listen to them for AGES!
Submitted By: insanestar
(512,186 on 2-2010)

monkey island!
excellent album, great track, great show!
Submitted By: clklubar
(511,982 on 2-2010)

Its a new year and I havent voted yet - how shocking!! And although not quite out of hibernation yet, I simply had to get my little claws out for you before I stick my head back under the furry duvet again until March ;) Rock on guys & Happy B-day PaulyB! kisskisskisshughughug
Submitted By: Americruiser1
(511,786 on 2-2010)

third world vote!
As serious supporters of all things PUNKY, we we would like to to point out that PUNKY still rocks and and should be made compulsary listening to anyone with more than one brain cell..... We do however have one concern and that is perhaps Mr. Paul B.Edwards is maybe now a tad too old to be presenting a show full of music so full of energy....when his own is fading fast! Perhaps the youthful Mr. Tony Hearn should take over.....??????
Submitted By: helen.dawes
(511,591 on 2-2010)

Feb vote
Hey Smacktarts, To get comments read, it helps to mention the underlying attraction between Pauley B and Tony; it must be why you use Skype so you are not in the same room. Great Job on the beds, milky pants. Stiv Ovits
Submitted By: stivovits
(511,588 on 2-2010)

Here's my monthly vote in return. Keep on spreading that punkiness happiness, uniting fans, bands and podcast listeners around the world. Graham Holland
Submitted By: podcast
(511,572 on 2-2010)

goopa apoog
Listen to it! Unless you are some mainstream smacktard then fuck off!!!
Submitted By: vomsteeg
(511,564 on 2-2010)

Punky Vote!
Happy 30Ten Birthday Paulyb! -Bill New York
Submitted By: bill
(511,541 on 2-2010)

heres you vote you pair of lady boys. keep it up.
Submitted By: Dr_Spoon
(511,536 on 2-2010)

Goopa! Goopa!
Here you go you bunch of smacktards heres your obligatory vote for the month so you can quit hasseling me now or I will come round to the highway mans lodge and skullfuck the pair of you. Apoog! Apoog! Christopher The Ninth Ramone Till
Submitted By: christopher.till
(511,532 on 2-2010)

Punkius Maximus!
Punky Rocks! Punky Rolls! Punky (still) Rules! Learn it, Live it, Love it Smacktards!
Submitted By: cyberkrime
(511,509 on 2-2010)

A monthly vote from the land of the ice and snow where the midnight sun and the hot springs blow. The hammer of the gods will drive our ships to new lands and unite fans and bands across the lands. Eirik Trondheim, Norway
Submitted By: eirikarlov
(511,506 on 2-2010)

If I can get my lazy ass to the computer to vote for Punky, anybody can.
Submitted By: woodyb3
(511,424 on 2-2010)

Ow Ow Ow Ow
The sound of tony chomping fingers..... Goopa Goopa Ello Smacktards, Its a new month, so heres a new vote. Apoog Apoog, Jim Cannamela
Submitted By: jac33_2
(511,362 on 2-2010)

Theyre not getting any worse.
Submitted By: tim_potter
(511,246 on 2-2010)

i will vote this mouth as you guy are good at what you do. and i also know some twats. win win for you. all my college are twats as they never involve me in anying thay do anymore, so fuck them there twats. one more thing my name is Ginge and i am male as last time i voted you guy throught i was a woman. good job on the podcasting.
Submitted By: lis-enjoy-it
(511,214 on 2-2010)

Punky! Rooolz
Yabba Yabba
Submitted By: rattlinbone
(511,209 on 2-2010)

much love from the canardanan twats
Submitted By: shorts
(511,158 on 2-2010)

Punkys Great!
Punkys Great!
Submitted By: davefitz
(511,142 on 2-2010)

Well here we are again.
I was looking at the pictures of DOLLYreMIXTURE, and I must say Paul your red suit was outstanding. May it all be success and I hope to come to the next one (i live in norfolk so its a bit hard to get to). Keep up the good work or as the Vulcans say "Live long and prosper."
Submitted By: drummerm
(511,116 on 2-2010)

you guys rock my socks
hahaaaa, love the shows they continue to be entertainment at its finest, love hearing the random banter and jokes that are cracked by both. great music love it all. they truely unite fans and bands across the lands. Mark B
Submitted By: shaggys_music
(511,046 on 2-2010)

Oh my grief! By the time this is read out Ill be two score years and a bit. Lumme! Paulybx
Submitted By: paulyb
(511,030 on 2-2010)

Chalk one up for February my friends. I hope all is well across the pond. Peace, Markus - XYRocks!
Submitted By: xyrocks
(510,992 on 2-2010)

do you still do you guys still do a word of the week? if so where i come from we use the word athletic to describe gayness, eg. pauls new beard makes him look very athletic or, i know he has a girlfriend but i think tony is an athetics fan.
Submitted By: t.balderstone
(510,886 on 2-2010)

Save the extremities!
Almost forgot the January vote...ahhh...I dont want my extremities gnawed by Tony.
Submitted By: scott.jakubik
(510,766 on 1-2010)

Submitted By: heredeanhere
(510,573 on 1-2010)

love the show guys, its been a great hour every time. finally caught up to current shows last month. Love the Aggrolites and the new limozine songs. Would love to hear more from the bands on Punk-O-Rama. Love em all, also would love to hear more of Mad Sin.
Submitted By: shaggys_music
(510,552 on 1-2010)

PUNKY! keeps me going and helps me complete an entire project (10 weeks work) in about 36 hours keep it up guys my education depends it. (which is quite sad really)
Submitted By: Dr_Spoon
(510,218 on 1-2010)

KUNT! (and the gang)
...and the mighty Wonk Unit. Its almost enough to induce milkypants... and its only a few weeks into the year! Fookin legends the pair of ya! arstus/rastus
Submitted By: rastus
(510,203 on 1-2010)

What a blast
Goopa Goopa, just listened to the shows with Razor Blade Kisses and they rock, had to go and buy the album so your uniting fans and bands across the land you smacktards. The pictures on their website gave me milkypants too. Keep up the great show Apoog Apoog...Fat Mike
Submitted By: m.hendry1
(510,150 on 1-2010)

My (late) New Years resolution is to get some new Punky! on my fucking mp3 player! Cheers, Steve
Submitted By: steve
(510,055 on 1-2010)

January hmmmmm already?
Hello Smacktards, wanted to get my vote in for January. Cant believe its 2010, what would HAL think it he was alive and computing all started with those monkeys in 2001...then those damned apes Charlton Heston complained about....what next. I know its those crazed loonies in the Punky Bunker....theyll ruin society as we know it....wait....theyll probably make it better, punkier. Emos everywhere 2010 and Punky will rule the more kitten blood for you..muahhahahaha......(best attempt at evil laugh in print) Anyway, always enjoy listening, always greate music selections, and fun banter. Until next time.....APOOG APOOG Jim Cannamela P.S. Need more Zombina and the Skeletones
Submitted By: jac33_2
(509,984 on 1-2010)

Punky Radio - its what the internet was invented for
Submitted By: phnuff
(509,814 on 1-2010)

its that time of the month again
you whores! i love it! vote for punky! or pauly b will sick his gimp tony upon you to wreak havoc of all sorts.
Submitted By: johnson.martin
(509,643 on 1-2010)

Happy New Year
Dear Pauly B and Tony H Happy New Year to you, I was disgusted to see that yet again you have both been left off the New Years Honours list (not even a lousy CBE) I think Punky listeners should mount a campaign (just like the bloke who got Rage against the machine to number one) to get you at least a Queens award for Enterprise promotion (whatever that is). Much Respect Mart The Patron Saint
Submitted By: martinvranch
(509,636 on 1-2010)

When your Sh!t dont stink.
Submitted By: tim_potter
(509,207 on 1-2010)

Goopa! Goopa!
EEyup smacktards, quality podcast. Paul, if you think Home Bargains is good you should try B&M Bargains. You would have Milky Pants just stepping through the door. Play more 4Get Me Nots and is their anyway i can download a copy of the Punky theme tune cause I wanna make it my ring tone, which means a nice big middle finger too all the chavs when my phone goes off. Keep rocking guys! Christopher The Ninth Ramone Till
Submitted By: christopher.till
(509,185 on 1-2010)

PASTIS !!! Tony you numpty!
PASTIES come from Cornwall, a la cornish pasty....PASTIS comes form Marseille and its potent and no it isnt Cassis you plonkers. There we were thinking you two knew your booze, how very disappointing. We may live in a third world country but hey the hangovers are a small price to pay for the sunshine....Anyways as always Punky rocks and yes it is our small piece of England as you wont belive how crap french radio is! Cordialement and NO that isnt a drink! Helen n Ady who are currently demolishing a cubey of local plonk ie a large box with wine in it. Keep up the good work and dont forget we are sending you a bill for all the music purchased because we heard it on Punky!
Submitted By: helen.dawes
(509,165 on 1-2010)

Happy New Year!
I started 2010 with flu and my boiler dying on me, joy :o/ I hope yours is better!
Submitted By: insanestar
(509,158 on 1-2010)

rattlin bones rain on my footsteps
Rattling bone are brill. trombone is the dogs bollocks.
Submitted By: mt.bristow
(509,148 on 1-2010)

Pity they dont play enough Snuff
Submitted By: hardrocknsoul
(509,102 on 1-2010)

The Best!!!
Great show, great energy, great music and banter?long may it run!!!! All the hard work that must go into producing the show is very much appreciated - great to hear the music you guys play - always something special!!!!
Submitted By: rattlinbone
(509,099 on 1-2010)

PunkY Rules - play our stuff Mispelt
Submitted By: mispelt
(509,097 on 1-2010)

!hat a pair of Wacka Spackas!!
From Tonys drying twat to Pauls non-weekly podcast reviews. Every week is full of entertaining segments that are not done. Still got to love these fuck wits though and their fantastic tunes Green Dave
Submitted By: readysteadyfook
(509,078 on 1-2010)

Rain on my footsteps
More from Rattlin Bone please! Brilliant!
Submitted By: chrisandkarenkelly
(509,075 on 1-2010)

Just wing it.
To the legends of Podcasting, I salute you with full respect and honour.
Submitted By: drummerm
(509,073 on 1-2010)

Proper lovely as usual. Cotty, who looks like Phil Collins and Phil Mitchell
Submitted By: ste_cotty
(509,072 on 1-2010)

Listen to Punky or Im sending the trained attack cheese-weazels!
Submitted By: woodyb3
(509,070 on 1-2010)

dear tony, she sells sea shells sitting on the seashore pronounce that bitch.
Submitted By: t.balderstone
(509,069 on 1-2010)

January Vote
Ayup Gents All the best for 2010, the official year of the Punky Spunky Munky (Tony). Hope the snow has cleared by the time you get this. Love and kisses, Fatboy
Submitted By: 2muchsnow
(509,021 on 1-2010)

Punkys Great!
Punkys Greet: Goopa! Goopa!
Submitted By: davefitz
(508,937 on 1-2010)

heres a lump of coal
shove it up your fleshy harrises, you big boxheads.
Submitted By: paulyb
(508,865 on 1-2010)

HAppy New Years SMACKTARDS!!!
Keep it up!!! The great music & banter, that is. Hope this new year finds you up to your eyeballs in TWAT! Also, I am enjoying the alcohol podcasts ! Cheers! from an old pogo-meister. sidenote: Do you have any insider info as to when perhaps the DeRellas Hollywood Monster will become available on vinyl?
Submitted By: ediamantopoulos
(508,823 on 1-2010)

Happy New Year my friends. I hope 2010 treats you well. Peace, Markus - XYRocks!
Submitted By: xyrocks
(508,419 on 1-2010)

Merry Christmas
Great Christmas episode!!! Favorite song from this weeks show: The Vermon - Santa was a Cross-Dressing Nazi Disappointed I didnt win the competition, but it was a good show all the same.
Submitted By: bill
(507,933 on 12-2009)

Xmas Vote
Dear Sir Paul of B and Lord Tony of Hearn, Seasons Bleatings here is my December vote, Thank you for the warning me about Driving, Listening to Punky and Wanking at the sametime this would explain why I crash my car each week! Kind Regards Mart The Patron Saint p.s. Paul sorry to here about your problems with your Hot Male hopefully Santa will empty his bulging sack into your stockings and give you a sticky white Christmas!
Submitted By: martinvranch
(507,767 on 12-2009)

Vote early and vote often!
Have a very merry and Punky! Christmas, and a happy nude year!
Submitted By: scott.jakubik
(507,689 on 12-2009)

Punky Podcast
vote punky
Submitted By: heredeanhere
(507,688 on 12-2009)

sorry to hear about the situation youre having with the facebook. i personally would try to find that twat and kill the bastard. anyways you guys are the shit. keep on rocking out -rufflez
Submitted By: ruffles2133
(507,592 on 12-2009)

Proper Boshty
Pyoor Deece show as usual guys, proper boshty like Cotty from out of The Emos
Submitted By: ste_cotty
(507,459 on 12-2009)

mature listeners?
In Reference to your comments where you said mature listeners are the ones who leave comments. We dont like being referred to as mature. To be politically correct, Please call us Geezers, Old Farts , or,Dustfuckers. Thank you and still alwaysh listening.. even if ya dont know it, Jeff Uglyshoes
Submitted By: uglyshoes
(507,318 on 12-2009)

Raisen d'etre
I've just bought the B side to Dirty Rabbit because I love Sweatmaster and I was missing this song . This is the beauty of Punky - I would know nothing of these bands if it wasn't for the hard work of PaulyB and Tony. Keep it up boys and Merry Christmas! Black Cat
Submitted By: Superstunt2004
(507,156 on 12-2009)

Merry Crimbo & all that crap!
What more can I say? Have a good one!
Submitted By: insanestar
(507,146 on 12-2009)

a vote for punky is a vote for punky!
Submitted By: boodash7002
(506,864 on 12-2009)

punky is just too cool
greetings punky! from the recentley flooded wasteland that is the north of england! i never get tired of jokes about cockermouth, although up here its pronounced cock-a-muff! lots of love - tom baldy!
Submitted By: t.balderstone
(506,713 on 12-2009)

Another monthly vote for Pauly and Tony. Whenever Punky! can get a vote from someone who does the Sounds Of Ambience podcast, you know that you must be doing something right.
Submitted By: EclecticMix
(506,485 on 12-2009)

Good Taste
A nice mix of lively chat and good new songs
Submitted By: theconcretegods
(506,449 on 12-2009)

kitten blood
kitten blood ... brain fart... m/
Submitted By: ediamantopoulos
(506,406 on 12-2009)

Heres a vote for Punky coming from Santa Cruz California. Home of The Chop Tops!
Submitted By: woodyb3
(506,387 on 12-2009)

Punky Radio*****
The dogs bollox!
Submitted By: rick.hulse
(506,348 on 12-2009)

Quite capital!
Punky! Radio is a veritable cornucopia of cock and bollocks. Marvellous, simply marvellous. Pip pip cheerio, The Creator.
Submitted By: paulyb
(506,305 on 12-2009)

After all this time Punky is still showing everyone how podcasts should be. Not jumped the frigging shark yet then thank fuck.
Submitted By: marvsmooth
(506,267 on 12-2009)

Hello from Springfield
Goopa Goopa Smacktards..... Wanted to get a vote in as quick as possible in December before I forgot. Had a lot of fun with the lovely Amberance, and Pauly P. in Springfield, wanted to let Pauly know that I ran into the Hooters Girl formerly known as Emily, and she wanted me to send you her best. Unfortunately they really are not detachable, so youll just have to enjoy the photo, and memories. (or is that mammories).... Apoog apoog - Jim C. P.S. How about doing the woodpecket thing for ole times sake...
Submitted By: jac33_2
(506,221 on 12-2009)

Happy Christmas peeps! Markus - XYRocks!
Submitted By: xyrocks
(506,138 on 12-2009)

Balls to you too
Hey, ho, tis the Christmas season, and whos that with their balls on the Christmas tree? Its Paul and Tony! Thanks for a great year of Punky! :-) Graham Holland, Its A Frogs Life Acoustic Podcast
Submitted By: podcast
(506,103 on 12-2009)

Submitted By: Dan-newns
(506,088 on 12-2009)

Salut les conard anglaise! We have a COMPLAINT .Punky is costin us a fortune cos we keep hearing all this great music so we have to keep buying CDS..are you two on commision? Seriously Punky is the best thing to hit cyber space...just a shame about the hosts though! keep on costin us loads..well send you the bill cos we need to stock up on Pastis!!! ciao Helen & Ady (FRANCE)
Submitted By: helen.dawes
(506,062 on 12-2009)

For the beast!
Sorry Paul for missing out the B. Any way Tony good evening, and I hope that this vote goes towarnds making you chaps kings! Peace out smacktards.
Submitted By: drummerm
(506,042 on 12-2009)

If ever there was a reason for me to vote Punky, then it has to be that December 2009 is my first years anniversary of listening to this fine show and of meeting Paul. Thanks for all your help over the last twelve months with your great IGG and I look forward to hearing another years worth of great shows and spectacular music! Russ
Submitted By: russ.seeley
(505,975 on 12-2009)

The best thing youll ever do while driving, or wanking! Or both!!!
Submitted By: ascottnet
(505,966 on 11-2009)

Punky Radio is better than a holiday in Cambodia. Keep up the good work Eirik
Submitted By: eirikarlov
(505,962 on 11-2009)

Ho Ho Ho
Cant wait to empty my sack down Tony chimney. Love, Santa
Submitted By: santa.claus
(505,960 on 11-2009)

Bloody awful. Maybe thats why I keep coming back. Gareth Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Submitted By: gruff007
(505,945 on 11-2009)

Sticky floor!
Punky! All the music and fun without the sticky carpets, puke, piss and wankers... well, ok, maybe it has the wankers... and Pauly B. probably has sticky carpets... and a bit of yellow friendship for Tony. So... um, all the music and fun... without the puke? Hmm... Arstus/Rastus (still listening)
Submitted By: rastus
(505,944 on 11-2009)

vote for PUNKY! or the flesh eating demon bed babies will get you as you sleep.
Submitted By: slipnot150
(505,943 on 11-2009)

Love it.
I think I beat Paul to put the first vote down!
Submitted By: tim_potter
(505,927 on 11-2009)

Love u Punky
Since my wife left me Punky is one of my only sources of sexual gratification and now counts towards one of my five a day. Regards Mart The Patron Saint
Submitted By: martinvranch
(505,002 on 11-2009)

Keep it up lads! (I know Paul will!) ps. Well done Tony for reading out that place name, but I think you cheated by practising!
Submitted By: insanestar
(504,732 on 11-2009)

Punky Podcast
Submitted By: heredeanhere
(504,643 on 11-2009)

Punky rocks!
Punky is the gunpowder in the firework of life. The TNS Special was so good I went out and bought the CD!
Submitted By: graham.holland
(503,921 on 11-2009)

It just feels Good
When I am in a good mood, punk music makes me happy. When I am in a bad mood, punk music makes it better. This is why I love Punky. Thanks for Limozine and The Shadowcops. They are fine additions to the Punky Playlist. Purrs, Ann k
Submitted By: annkin
(503,843 on 11-2009)

Eclectic Mixs Vote For Punky (not anonymous)
I thought that the place with the longest name was Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogog och in Wales. Hmmm. Cheers - george
Submitted By: EclecticMix
(503,815 on 11-2009)

Remember remember..........err???
Punky, the full on pocket rocket - never a damp squib!
Submitted By: superstunt2004
(503,814 on 11-2009)

Tonys grrrrrrrrrreat!
I really do love this show and its all because of Tony. Tony, Tony, Tony - oh I love that man. I love him so much. More than life. More than hand jobs. keep up the great work, Tony! You rock! You can do a great job on MY bed any time. Hugs, Pauylbx
Submitted By: paulyb
(503,288 on 11-2009)

buttons & the whore ........still lovin ya!
Submitted By: shorts
(503,154 on 11-2009)

Hell yeah, first vote this month! Hope all is well. Peace, Markus - XYRocks!
Submitted By: xyrocks
(502,976 on 11-2009)

Happy Halloween
Heres my haunted vote for Punky, on the eve of the dread day when evil walks the earth...if anything can scare the ghouls away, its you two!! Cheers, Ann K
Submitted By: annkin
(502,756 on 10-2009)

Submitted By: plastron8
(502,675 on 10-2009)

Closer to Me by OceanCats! 333
Submitted By: tabatha333
(501,930 on 10-2009)

Loving Oceancats
Submitted By: santaleja
(501,926 on 10-2009)

Punnky Rocks
Nothing but quality from these two guys in a cabin, down by a canyon...
Submitted By: scott.jakubik
(501,673 on 10-2009)

heres your vote you pair of spaff catchers
Submitted By: Dr_Spoon
(500,924 on 10-2009)

Cheers, Punky!
Submitted By: comedy4cast
(500,885 on 10-2009)

I can't be bothered to come up with something Paul-centric this month. Vote Punky, it'll piss your husband off
Submitted By: Superstunt2004
(500,348 on 10-2009)

Yay Punky Radio persons. Just remember, if it looks like a beer and smells like a beer, then its probably a hangover waiting to happen
Submitted By: phnuff
(500,266 on 10-2009)

If you dont vote for, you vote against...........?
Submitted By: first_time_riot
(500,121 on 10-2009)

Punky Radio
Submitted By: heredeanhere
(499,989 on 10-2009)

its cool!
Submitted By: thederellas
(499,984 on 10-2009)

What is Punk?
Listen to this podcast and you might find out.
Submitted By: tim_potter
(499,922 on 10-2009)

That's worth it just to make Tony read it out.
Submitted By: paulyb
(499,737 on 10-2009)

Id like to see Tony try to read this out!!
Did you know the place with the longest name is Taumatawhakatangiha ngaoauauotametea turi-Pukakpikima ungahoronukupoka iwhe nuakitanatahu and its a hill in New Zealand!!
Submitted By: insanestar
(499,655 on 10-2009)

gubber gubber top mutherfucking show
Submitted By: lil_beer_monster
(499,275 on 10-2009)

Punkys Great...
... for a pair of crotch-gobbling knob-stompers.
Submitted By: fitz
(499,231 on 10-2009)

I dont really like your show, but will vote out of respect for it. Rather than vote for some of your competitors (who will remain unnamed) who choose to inflate their rankings by begging for votes.
Submitted By:
(499,225 on 10-2009)

Chalk one up for October! Keep it up my friends, you rock! Peace, Markus - XYRocks!
Submitted By: xyrocks
(499,191 on 10-2009)

Punky radio. Its like kissing your sister.
Submitted By: woodyb3
(499,071 on 10-2009)

Paul and Tony molested my ears, and I liked it! -Martin
Submitted By: johnson.martin
(499,052 on 10-2009)

Vote for PUNKY!
A vote for PUNKY! is better then world peace. so vote all ready god dammit!
Submitted By: slipnot150
(499,029 on 10-2009)

Hell yeah!
"It is time for the gods of podcasting to rule this realm. I give you Paul Edwards and Tony Hearn" said the Pope You guys are the sex!
Submitted By: drummerm
(498,953 on 10-2009)

Vote of the month from your favourite male nurse. Keep making amazing shows. Nitro boy. Nitro boy. Eirik
Submitted By: eirikarlov
(498,942 on 10-2009)

Rickys tits are much bigger than mine anyway!
Submitted By: studio
(498,929 on 10-2009)

October Vote
October vote for you 2 tuppies.
Submitted By: tonyisgod
(498,922 on 10-2009)

I have remembered to vote for my own podcast! Its a veritable miracle. Now all I have to do is remember to host it from time to time. Paulybx
Submitted By: paulyb
(498,905 on 10-2009)

Punky! Rocks!!
Rock on!!
Submitted By: chuckransom
(498,822 on 9-2009)

Amazing! I had forgotten all about Punky! until a few weeks ago when my friend mentioned a band I had first heard on Punky! I immediately went home and downloaded every episode I could get my hands on. You should ALL do the same! -Chelsey Nicole
Submitted By: CSelheimer
(498,544 on 9-2009)

Punky rocks!
From the first goopa, to the last apoog, Punky always entertains!
Submitted By: scott.jakubik
(498,199 on 9-2009)

fucking great!!!!
Submitted By: dudetif
(498,097 on 9-2009)

Fan Bloody Tastic
Oi Smacktards!!! i been out the loop for a while. Specifically after I totally messed up and sent Pauly B into Londons dirty heart on the Sunday, when I thought it was a Saturday hook up...i felt really really bad. Really bad....specially since it costs like 8million Rand to catch a train in the UK. Anyways I banished myself to the furtherest regions of the kalahari desert when I returned to South Africa. I have since returned to civilization, after my punky penance, and I am back online. I immeditialy checked out Punky! to see what you blokes been up to and the show still cooking. Milkypants. Jay Bones
Submitted By: jp.digitalbone
(497,591 on 9-2009)

Spunky Punky!
Heres Spetmebers vote you pair of tuppies. Cheers, Fatboy
Submitted By: tonyisgod
(497,421 on 9-2009)

Vote Punky
Punky Punky So Good Ive soiled my monkey, can I send the vet/dry cleaning bill? Mart The Patron Saint
Submitted By: martinvranch
(497,363 on 9-2009)

Really love the new format with more songs! You guys make the morning drive to work bearable. Without Punky Id be opening my wrists and filling the car with, KITTEN BLOOD!
Submitted By: woodyb3
(496,988 on 9-2009)

I like to wake up with Paulyb!
Punky! - Hits you like 2 pro-plus washed down with a bottle of diamond white with a vodka and lime chaser x
Submitted By: superstunt2004
(496,936 on 9-2009)

Just the best
Bravo Paulie B. what a fantastic show. Keep it up.
Submitted By: phil
(496,870 on 9-2009)

Hell yeah!
You guys are the greatest! the best music/comedy podcast i know. and my front garden has a pond in it, i dont want Tony killing the fish! Apoog Apoog!
Submitted By: drummerm
(496,785 on 9-2009)

I love this show.
Submitted By: dmwelc
(496,755 on 9-2009)

vote Punky! when i listen to you guys on my ipod, i make it loud enough so all the wankers that dont like the music have to hear it., it could be why some of them give me dirty looks, so i threaten to wee on them! Chris Hoilund
Submitted By: slipnot150
(496,727 on 9-2009)

i was listening to punky in the sixth form common room, some girls said tony had a sexy voice! they also siad paul sounded like an old perv, so what would they no. lots of love - tom baldy!
Submitted By: t.balderstone
(496,710 on 9-2009)

Punkys Great!
Punkys Great!
Submitted By: fitz
(496,704 on 9-2009)

Listen to Punky or Tony will be round for you to suck his balls
Come on its a no-brainer, Punky just fucking rocks. Get into it, or become a twat. Anyone not listening IS A TWAT!!! from Marv
Submitted By: marvsmooth
(496,698 on 9-2009)

heres your vote you pair of soggy SLAAAGS
Submitted By: DR_Spoon
(496,696 on 9-2009)

when I vote for Punky!, my momma cries. But I do it anyway.
Submitted By: marc
(496,692 on 9-2009)

Im just glad to be alive this month. Paulybx
Submitted By: paulyb
(496,610 on 9-2009)

Oi Oi!!
Its the Whitby Goth Festival coming up soon, I cant wait to start shouting "KITTEN BLOOD!" at all the silly lil emos!
Submitted By: insanestar
(496,270 on 9-2009)

goober goober you smacktarts, liking the 8 song format. I am stuck in the Santa Ynez Valley, California where every other place was featured in Sideways and nothing has happened since then, five years ago. Stivovits
Submitted By: stivovits
(496,264 on 9-2009)

I found Punky last week; since then Ive listened to 30 of them. They must be good because video games dont even keep me occupied five and a half hours a day.
Submitted By: Findaloophole
(496,200 on 9-2009)

Not much to say really.
If you havent listened to this podcast, you should.
Submitted By: tim_potter
(495,865 on 9-2009)

Punky in yer Kor-ear
Did you know that Punky is Kim Jong-ils favourite show? What do you think keeps him looking so youthful and sprightly? Hed vote but he doesnt want the rest of the country to know hes got Internet access.
Submitted By: graham.holland
(495,620 on 9-2009)

Holy shit, its already September. 2009 is flying by!
Submitted By: xyrocks
(495,444 on 9-2009)

Even if the world of Russ is quiet, theres never a dull moment on Punky Radio. Totally brilliant in all the wrong places!
Submitted By: russ.seeley
(494,684 on 8-2009)

Finally Pulled my finger out
Have been listening to Punky for sometime, finally pulled my finger out, sniffed it, washed it, then used it to vote for Punky. Mart The Patron Saint
Submitted By: martinvranch
(494,429 on 8-2009)

I just listened 2 punky 4 the first time in 8 months. Good 2 be back. 8 tracks now!!!!!!!!!
Submitted By: Mick1050
(494,364 on 8-2009)

Punky for the win!
Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Listen to Punky! for an hour, and it seems like a minute. THATS relativity. -- Albert Einstein (sort of).
Submitted By: scott.jakubik
(494,106 on 8-2009)

rock n roll
hi chaps cheers for playing shes a pistol . the show is cool. timmy DeRella
Submitted By: thederellas
(494,085 on 8-2009)

You guys Rock
U all kick ass, ima big fan on vulgar (: and are hardcore punk, well try to be, just got arrested at school for sum mischief but its all in the cause for revolution... Keep doing wat u do. U all deserve rank #1 for sure no lie, and uhm.... Yea love the music and a big shout out to my cuzin George hes a rebel in the making. Im out c ya
Submitted By: j.mejorado_101
(494,067 on 8-2009)

Punky! Radio
They play great music and support hard working bands like Stellar Corpses!
Submitted By: dustygrave
(494,040 on 8-2009)

Hi guys, here's my automatic vote for Punky! I've trained a monkey to do this for me, and pay him with an endless supply of bananas and Punky on his iPod. Graham Holland - It's A Frog's Life Acoustic Podcast
Submitted By: podcast
(493,517 on 8-2009)

just fucking listen.
Submitted By: graveyardree
(493,374 on 8-2009)

PUNKY rules!
Submitted By: drummerm
(493,311 on 8-2009)

Punky! Improves You Sex Life
Recent studies have shown that Punky! Radio induces milkypants more often than any other podcast. The new 8 song format is even more impressive and will leave you breathless - I know first hand.
Submitted By: amberance
(493,247 on 8-2009)

great show
been listening for just over a year now and do i have any regrets yes i do but punky isnt one of them it the best podcast out there if your in to rocking tunes crazy talk and swearing. Murphy-the-yeti
Submitted By: Dr_Spoon
(493,137 on 8-2009)

An hour or so of your life youll never see again, but what a way to spend it
Submitted By: flapjackbint
(492,892 on 8-2009)

Goopa Goopa
The boys keeps bringing it on. Only problem is that I have caught up with the podcasts... any chance of getting two shows a week to keep feeding my addiction?
Submitted By: tim_potter
(492,851 on 8-2009)

Paulie and Tony make the morning trek to work awesome!
Submitted By: woodyb3
(492,825 on 8-2009)

Happy 1/2 birthday
According to a friend of mine, 1/2 birthdays are a really big deal. So heres wishing you a great one.
Submitted By: susan
(492,803 on 8-2009)

Punky - It fills a hole!!
Submitted By: insanestar
(492,766 on 8-2009)

It has to be the firstgay porn pod ever! Paul and Tony have a great time making sexual advances upon each other while distracting me with great new music every few minutes so they can take up each others offers. I have just recentlt found them and have 97 past episodes to catch up on whilst I drive most the day at work. Im averaging about 3 a day, but Im not sure if thats wanks or podcasts, but Ill finger it out eventually> P.S.- Steph sounds like one ofthe hotest militant lesbos Iv ever laid my ears on. Does she have a website?
Submitted By: johnson.martin
(492,751 on 8-2009)

i love punky with their dick slaping bitch stabbing bands and talk. (it means i like you) hehehe
Submitted By: lis-enjoy-it
(492,680 on 8-2009)

Vote Punky - I would rather put my head in a bucket of cold sick and breath in Keeps it up chaps
Submitted By: phnuff
(492,674 on 8-2009)

..............LOVES PUNKY!!!! Yes, we do!
Submitted By: shorts
(492,667 on 8-2009)

August Vote
Nah than twats I have had to fake my own death just to catch up on my backlog of Punky! podcasts but I did get time to vote for you. My favourite track of last month was of course "Im a Pom (that doesnt like Oz" by the tlaented Mr Paul B Edwards (Paul Bs Last CD!, side one, track 2). Right, must dash, have some boys coming over for a pyjama party. Now where did I put me Vaseline... Shamon, Michael Jackson (Deceased, you aint seen me, right?!)
Submitted By: michael.jackson
(492,666 on 8-2009)

Vote for Punky!
Allwaysh listening
Submitted By: Mark
(492,664 on 8-2009)

Punky is STILL the funniest part of my week
Thanks for another week of laughs & bands. Keep it up smacktards! As tempting as it sounds...Ill have to pass on Tony nibblin on my bits. But I wouldnt like a sound byte of Tony cranking up his new amp...does it go to 11? Thanks in advance, Manny the Greek.
Submitted By: ediamantopoulos
(492,663 on 8-2009)

This is THE best podcast that I have ever found. They are both ridiculously funny and they play fantastic music. This isnt just any podcast, this is The podcast!
Submitted By: christopher.till
(492,658 on 8-2009)

Punky! for Victory!
A vote for Punky is a vote for life!
Submitted By: marc
(492,641 on 8-2009)

A Vote...
A Vote for Punky. Should really do this more often... But as Im off work till September like the little Sods I teach... Plenty of free time! Punky - A dose of (in)sanity in an (in)sane world
Submitted By: adrianinnottingham
(492,640 on 8-2009)

Oh for crying oput fucking loud - Im lote! Im lote! For a very imprtant vote! Aye Caramba! Paulybx
Submitted By: paulyb
(492,636 on 8-2009)

I just started using podcasts thursday july 30, therefore i just started listening to Punky then too and the show fucking rocks, it is my absolute favorite fucking show, it makes me want to destroy little children in a good way. Chris H.
Submitted By: slipnot150
(492,351 on 8-2009)

Keep up the great work my friends. Peace, Markus - XYRocks!
Submitted By: xyrocks
(492,017 on 8-2009)

the second funniest thing of my week, the first obviously being a pair of trousers from india made for a giraffe with rickets.
Submitted By: womblezombie
(491,767 on 7-2009)

Im a new listener and I love those rude gits!
Submitted By: alexcraving
(491,503 on 7-2009)

Still The Best
Still the best podcast out there... I owe them a picture. -Bill New York
Submitted By: bill
(491,420 on 7-2009)

Punky rocks
Heres my better late than never vote for the only podcast that makes me talka fuhnny. Scott Jakubik Clearwater, FL
Submitted By: scott.jakubik
(491,354 on 7-2009)

Punky is funky!
Submitted By: insanestar
(491,189 on 7-2009)

Blindin (and deafenin)
Best thing Ive heard for ages.... will def (pardon pu) be back for more! Thanks
Submitted By: studio
(491,099 on 7-2009)

punky is awesome, so good i yellow friendshipped myself and voted twice! lots of love, the binge drinking northern teenager tom baldy xxxxxxxxxx
Submitted By: tombaldy
(491,050 on 7-2009)

Better late than never. A vote for the greatest invention since sliced cheese: Punky. What is the status on the Sean Connery purple burglar alarm by the way? It needs to happen! Three cheers from your favorite Norwegian nursing student Eirik PS: Today I had a patient who is 100 years old. He has seen two world wars and the beginning and the end of the cold war. What does he do on his free time? Solves math puzzles. Rather amazing I think.
Submitted By: eirikarlov
(491,047 on 7-2009)

Two months in a row!
Can you believe it? I am managing to vote for Punky!Radio for two consecutive months. Thats how good you are. Theers, Ann K
Submitted By: annkin
(490,939 on 7-2009)

A vote for Punky...
is like when your bowels have a week long clearance sale. Then when you think the shop has closed up you find another crate out the back.
Submitted By: tim_potter
(490,477 on 7-2009)

Holy shit, its July and I have had my head stuffed up my freakin ars! Ive just about forgotten to vote for my friends Pauly B. and Tony. Oh well, at least I didnt skip the month of July. Punky rules! Keep up the great work. Peace out, Markus - XYRocks!
Submitted By: xyrocks
(489,862 on 7-2009)

Angry Pirate
The podcast that far exceeds the sum of its parts, ALWAYSH LOOKING you crotchgoblins.
Submitted By: flapjackbint
(489,818 on 7-2009)

Uuuaaaauuuu !
Submitted By: todorovnenad
(489,744 on 7-2009)

Cheers for playing our stuff
It is much appreciated! ROTPM
Submitted By: revengeofthepsychotronicman
(489,588 on 7-2009)

They rock!
Submitted By: ada
(489,587 on 7-2009)

we still love you
yes, we do
Submitted By: shorts
(489,080 on 7-2009)

Every day above ground listening to Punky is a good one!
Submitted By: woodyb3
(488,908 on 7-2009)

R.I.P. Punky!
Id vote for Punky! if it actually EXISTED anymore :(
Submitted By: superstunt2004
(488,907 on 7-2009)

What's next?
So you've done 200 show? Congratulations! So is this when you change the format to try to become more hip and trendy? Hell, no! We want more of the same. And when do we want it? Every Tuesday! Graham Holland, It's A Frog's Life Acoustic Podcast
Submitted By: graham.holland
(488,905 on 7-2009)

Ill still vote, even though you cant get the link right, TOSSERS!!!! Love and kisses, Fatboy
Submitted By:
(488,898 on 7-2009)

punky is ace
dear tony, i had a dream that i was you, so i decided to vote for punky does this make me your stalker? lots of love, tom baldy
Submitted By: t.balderstone
(488,874 on 7-2009)

a vote for PUNKY is a vote for FREEDOM!!! way to go smack tards!
Submitted By: drummerm
(488,865 on 7-2009)

Submitted By: Dan-newns
(488,862 on 7-2009)

This show fucking rocks - what more do I need to say?
Submitted By: marvsmooth
(488,857 on 7-2009)

where the fuck have you been, ive missed you! hopefully youll be back soon with more classic tunes and crappy chat... Paulybx
Submitted By: paulyb
(488,850 on 7-2009)

Happy 200th!
Finally catching up on Punky. Happy 200th show! Ahh, you mentioned us. Id say something sentimental here but dont want to sound like a kittenblood.
Submitted By: twilly23
(487,586 on 6-2009)

What next??
Is the question that constantly has a new answer, when it comes to Paul & Tony and the greatest podcast you can listen to. From Argy Bargy to the Japan Files to The Setting Son (and much. much more), each show is a delight. Hugs, Ann K
Submitted By: annkin
(487,035 on 6-2009)

Turn them fuckin beds down...I cant here what the fuck your on about...sort it out...otherwise good effort...
Submitted By: stevied007
(486,728 on 6-2009)

Punky Vote!
Great 200th Show... looking forward to the 300th special now and I will certainly buy the lost first episodes when they are available. All the bands for the 200th were great, but favorite band from last week would have to be the Ruskins. -Bill New York
Submitted By: bill
(486,426 on 6-2009)

Rocas que mis calcetines
Me gusta mucho! Viva Punky! Scott J.
Submitted By: scott.jakubik
(486,221 on 6-2009)

June Already ??!!
Here is your June vote, you lovely fellas. Cheers, Fatboy
Submitted By: votepunky
(485,660 on 6-2009)

Oh snap, I damn near forgot to vote for Punky! I guess I almost won a "Smacktard Award." Peace, Markus - XYRocks!
Submitted By: xyrocks
(485,579 on 6-2009)

Punky tastes like Gods naughty bits!
Submitted By: nryates
(485,408 on 6-2009)

Vote Punky - Better than any owl sanctuary youve ever been to! Russ !
Submitted By:
(485,358 on 6-2009)

Flaming June
Another month and all of a sudden summer is here. So light up the Barbie, throw it on the barbie, and watch the kittenbloods cry. Then throw the kittenbloods on the barbie, crack open the beers, crank up Punky on the sound system, and annoy the hell out of the neighbours! Graham Holland - Its A Frogs Life Acoustic Podcast
Submitted By: podcast
(485,327 on 6-2009)

Punky rox!
Submitted By: dmwelc
(485,303 on 6-2009)

punky rules!!!
more SKA, pleeeezzzz!. & since youre in the biz, in the know & all that sort of rot- when are the Canardanan ska-meisters known as The Planet Smashers coming out w/ a new album? Thanks, m/
Submitted By: ediamantopoulos
(485,281 on 6-2009)

good luck tony
Arse licking bean flicking bum fucking cock sucking shitter fisting cool listerning punkie.
Submitted By: heat4u
(485,177 on 6-2009)

200 Punky!s
Congratulations on 200 episodes of Punk Rock goodness! Favorite song from the last Show: Revenge of the Psychotronic Man - Felch Death F**kstorm -Bill New York
Submitted By: bill
(485,163 on 6-2009)

if you like things that are awesome then you will like punky. its the best podcast around. keep up the good work, lots of love. tom baldy
Submitted By: t.balderstone
(485,139 on 6-2009)

Submitted By: dan-newns
(485,096 on 6-2009)

Watch Out Europe
This is one of my most favourite shows and im on it, and even though Im just about to leave to go to Europe for a month by the time Tony reads this out I would have probably already got back - come on Tony, catch up!
Submitted By: tony
(484,935 on 6-2009)

Dont know how they do it.
The Punky crew keep ripping out bzanger episodes every week. I am continuously 3 months behind but thanks to the wonders of podcasts I dont miss a a second of these smacktards. Always Looking.
Submitted By: tim_potter
(484,610 on 6-2009)

The first vote of the month and its from the shows creator! How the mighty fall! ALl the best, Paulybx
Submitted By: paulyb
(484,264 on 6-2009)

Im all for good music.-whatever the costs.See ya
Submitted By: alanklrogerson
(484,073 on 5-2009)

Sweet sounds
Submitted By: carew1984
(483,057 on 5-2009)

punky rocks
go punky! im listening from the deepest darkest ditch that is the north-west of england! punky is the best thing to do up here! lots of love - tom baldy
Submitted By: t.balderstone
(482,928 on 5-2009)

Still the best...
...better than all the rest! Really, it is the best podcast, but update the fucking website! Its a long time since the podcast was half an hour! Cheers, Steve
Submitted By: steve
(482,336 on 5-2009)

Punky! Vote
Another vote for Punky! They deserve all of them. Favorite Song from the last show: Ska-Shippe -> Fu Fu Fu Ska is not usually my thing, but Japanese Ska that is just fantastic fun. -Bill New York
Submitted By: bill
(481,299 on 5-2009)

we love you, PB and T[ww], we really REALLY do!!!!!!
Submitted By: shorts
(480,702 on 5-2009)

Punky gives good punk
Submitted By: dmwelc
(480,513 on 5-2009)

Love this show.
Listened for years and hope to have a few more years yet.
Submitted By: tim_potter
(480,494 on 5-2009)

Fuck fuckity fuck fuck, fuck fuck
Submitted By: votepunky
(480,440 on 5-2009)

Punky is the dogs not-nuts! (& Yes Paul, I am legal!!)
Submitted By: insanestar
(480,430 on 5-2009)

Punkys good for what ails you
Submitted By: woodyb3
(480,417 on 5-2009)

punky rules!!!
Submitted By: ediamantopoulos
(480,375 on 5-2009)

A Vote for Justice!
Truth, Liberty, and the Punky way!
Submitted By: scott.jakubik
(480,373 on 5-2009)

I love punky its my fave!!
Submitted By: dmyeadon
(480,370 on 5-2009)

oooh! hello!
well,, would you credit it! Im late with my vote this month, everard! I knoooooowwww... its enough to make your mascara run! ooh! Cheeky!
Submitted By: paulyb
(480,356 on 5-2009)

May Vote
Goopa Goopa, Hello smacktards, been enjoying the latest shows, almost caught up again. Missed the vote in April, sorry bout that, heres Mays vote. Well not the gal May the month May, however May is a real nice gal. I mean last time I saw her, she couldnt see me cuz after the angry pirate I gave her, I poked her in her good eye for good measure. Keep up the good work. Always a load of fun. Allwaysh laughing. Apoog, apoog Jim
Submitted By: jac33_2
(480,069 on 5-2009)

Happy Star Wars Day
May the 4th Be With You. Give yourself over to the dark side of the 4th and vote for Punky. Graham, Its A Frogs Life Acoustic Podcast
Submitted By: podcast
(479,997 on 5-2009)

Holy shit mate! Cant believe its already May. Hell yeah concert season is about to begin. I wish you well my friends. Peace, Markus - XYRocks!
Submitted By: xyrocks
(479,597 on 5-2009)

Dear Taul and Pony. I mean Paul and Tony. I regret to admit that I am about 5 shows behind. I made a promise to myself to get all caught up now that University here in Canadanadana is done. It has a tendency to take over your entire life. Cheers guys, Allen
Submitted By: catherine_rutledge
(479,291 on 5-2009)

Top dollar!
If Punky! isnt the best podcast in the known universe then Im not a twat!
Submitted By: dappyhat
(479,101 on 5-2009)

"shoop shoop"!
"dont you make a sound when the sugar devil comes around"
Submitted By: HOOKERE783
(478,914 on 4-2009)

Punky RULES!!!
STILL laughuing out loud after 3 years of listening. It never gets old. keep it up smacktards...m/
Submitted By: ediamantopoulos
(477,332 on 4-2009)

Reeeeesoect to the Punky! fluffers, keep it up, guysh! Alwaysh fluffing... Arstus PS - It is indeed Arstus, not Rastus misspelt... although my email addy is rastus@... Rastus is my old online moniker, but I was dubbed Arstus on account of being a total arse and it kinda stuck. Punky feels like Arstus terrain... Rastus is too nerdy for these parts. Online schizophrenia, fuck yea!
Submitted By: rastus
(476,877 on 4-2009)

Punky rox!
Im listening to your podcast from the middle of Siberia and I enjoy it every time. Great music and funny humor. Thank you for the great work! From Russia with love, Alexey.
Submitted By: shishkinals
(476,799 on 4-2009)

merry easter time guys apoog apoog
Submitted By: Dr_Spoon
(476,615 on 4-2009)

wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnn nnnnnnnnnnnnnkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrssssssssssssssssssssssss
Submitted By: heat4u
(476,490 on 4-2009)

we like this show...... its rather common !
Submitted By: theconcretegods
(475,976 on 4-2009)

punky radio!
great station lots of good tunes and great chat give it a listen you know it makes sense
Submitted By: rednekpoolparty
(475,375 on 4-2009)

Youre going to die anyway. Do it without regrets. Listen to Punky!
Submitted By: marc
(475,193 on 4-2009)

Punkys great for all seasons
If you want a podcast thatll put a spring in your step then listen to Punky! Radio. Graham Holland, Its A Frogs Life Acoustic Podcast
Submitted By: podcast
(474,844 on 4-2009)

Another Vote For Punky
Hey Smacktards, I must say the music and show just keep getting better and better. Heres your vote for April. - Jim
Submitted By: jac33_2
(474,285 on 4-2009)

Another month, another vote
Punky! is like a fine wine - wait, did I say fine wine? I meant cheap wine - Punky! is like a really cheap wine that tastes a bit like cleaning liquid, burns the back of the throat and causes dizziness and nausea when consumed in excess. Keep up the great shows - my ears get drunk every week! Kenny Lars
Submitted By: kennylars
(474,225 on 4-2009)

Pauly B. and Tony, thanks for the April vote Its cool we still support each other after two years. You dudes rock! Keep on keeping on my friends. Peace, Markus - XYRocks!
Submitted By: xyrocks
(474,199 on 4-2009)

Hello Paul & Tony, Tony & Paul! Keep it up!!
Submitted By: insanestar
(474,166 on 4-2009)

Punky is as Punky does.
Submitted By: scott.jakubik
(474,131 on 4-2009)

you guyz rock x
Submitted By: juliakk1
(473,909 on 4-2009)

Punky Poem
Kitten blood is red, Paulie Bs balls are blue, All the bands rock, And Punky does too!
Submitted By: woodyb3
(473,843 on 4-2009)

punky rocks
there i said it. can you release my balls now paul. actually its quite nice really.
Submitted By: big_mcg
(473,841 on 4-2009)

Cheap peanut butter on your knob? Could be worse, could be cooking oil and cat litter.... Cooking oil and cat litter Is what your gonna get up your shitter You know that you like it rough Bend over, take it like a puff Love, Fatboy
Submitted By:
(473,799 on 4-2009)

punky is ace
punky is ace. enough said love tom baldy
Submitted By: t.balderstone
(473,718 on 4-2009)

There is nothing better than listening to these two guys talk whilst sitting naked in your one bedroom flat eating peanuts. I know, Ive tried.
Submitted By: darkcompass
(473,669 on 4-2009)

This podcast is rubbish. No its not! APRIL FOOL! damn - its after midday and now IM the fool ohhhhhhh dearrrrrr. Paulybx
Submitted By: paulyb
(473,621 on 4-2009)

vote for the vote hungry tuppy tagteam
been listing for nearly a year now VIVA LA PUNKY! keep it up Murphy-the-yeti glad you enjoyed my hinden turd
Submitted By: Dr_Spoon
(473,597 on 4-2009)

From Russia with love!
Hello there Punky Radio! Voting for you from the middle of Syberia. Paul and Tony, your podcast is awsome! My favorite one, actually. )) Keep up the good work! Alexey.
Submitted By: shishkinals
(473,252 on 3-2009)

Place your vote for this months punky Podcast or DJ Nephilimbabe will come and get you with his 18" cock!
Submitted By:
(471,382 on 3-2009)

March Vote
goopa goopa ive finally made it to the January shows, the bouts of uncontrolable laughter at work has taken its toll. ive resigned to sneaking off to the loo to secretly listen during the work day. unfortunately a few bloke take offense at the constant laughter coming from the stall on the end while theyre wankin away. Oh well, guess that means hiding in a closet to listen to the remaining shows. to bad about the whiskey, feel free to send any leftovers my way. apoog-apoog Jim C
Submitted By: jac33_2
(471,317 on 3-2009)

Belated Birthday Vote for Tony
Sorry for the lateness, Tony, but I used up my February vote on Pauls birthday, so yours had to wait for March. I know its no Death Star cake, but at least its something.
Submitted By: amberance
(471,211 on 3-2009)

great show
great show guys keep up the good work
Submitted By: marktutton1961
(471,175 on 3-2009)

Im a real band, I like real bands. Nuff said
Submitted By: theconcretegods
(471,041 on 3-2009)

March Vote
Favorite Band from last weeks show... Wonk Unit - Kathy, Got me listening to them... they are great! -Bill New York
Submitted By: bill
(470,026 on 3-2009)

Sending birthday wishes to Tony from the Dirty Mountain.
Submitted By: twilly23
(469,770 on 3-2009)

Punky Rocks
After over two years of listening, they are still my favorite podcast. Paul and Tony make my week! Ann K
Submitted By: silvergrrl2
(469,631 on 3-2009)

punky rocks
wether your clubbing seals, trying on ladies pants or swearing at nuns punky is great for any ocassion! this show rocks love tom baldy!
Submitted By: t.balderstone
(469,597 on 3-2009)

Why does the Pope wear his pants in the bath?
Coz he hates looking at the unemployed! Great podcast!!
Submitted By: insanestar
(469,563 on 3-2009)

Ding! Another vote for Punky! and another vote for freedom. Keener
Submitted By: bellah
(469,410 on 3-2009)

Cheers again guys
ta again for playing us Cotty from The Emos
Submitted By: ste_cotty
(468,877 on 3-2009)

Punky rules
Submitted By: nryates
(468,871 on 3-2009)

fuckin wicked
Punky Radio is a fuckin wicked podcast made up of wicked tunes by top quality bands and it is extremely funny as well! good work!
Submitted By: boothy86
(468,783 on 3-2009)

Why is it that punky gets listed twice when I search for "punky"?
Submitted By: tim_potter
(468,517 on 3-2009)

Punkys Great!
Punkys Great!
Submitted By: fitz
(468,484 on 3-2009)

Keep up the great work Punky! Cheers, Markus - XYRocks!
Submitted By: xyrocks
(468,454 on 3-2009)

Punky Rocks!
It really does.
Submitted By: scott.jakubik
(468,299 on 3-2009)

Submitted By: noxandroll
(468,259 on 3-2009)

Hang on a Minute...
I thought i was voting for a hairloss podcast...oh well, heres my vote anyway.... Cheers! Gareth - Calgary.
Submitted By: gruff007
(468,222 on 3-2009)

goopa gooptastico! the bossest show there is!
Submitted By: losmuchados
(468,182 on 3-2009)

Punky Good
Me likey Punky
Submitted By: woodyb3
(468,032 on 3-2009)

Punky! is spunkerrific.
Submitted By: jp.digitalbone
(467,966 on 3-2009)

goopa goopa
Punky rocks, The only podcast id listen to keep it up loving the yellow friendship. James McGregor
Submitted By: big_mcg
(467,947 on 3-2009)

voting for punky!
Punky! Radio: the cure for the modern hangover.
Submitted By: marc
(467,929 on 3-2009)

PUNKY! makes my life complete!
Well, it makes one hour of my life per week complete, anyway. Punky! is the best podcast Ive found. Keep up the great work, PaulyB and Tony!
Submitted By: kennylars
(467,908 on 3-2009)

Punkeh! PaulyB and Tony spurt lashings of thick Punky! love-snot into your meaty earfolds, gently stroking your hair as they wipe off on your cheek. Mmm, punky... Arstus.
Submitted By: rastus
(467,902 on 3-2009)

Submitted By: dan-newns
(467,894 on 3-2009)

Tomorrow Im having my nursing exam (on the subject of diseases) Today I am voting Punky! And then on Friday I am leaving for the United States Eirik from Norway
Submitted By: eirikarlov
(467,893 on 3-2009)

Smoke my cuban...
Heres your March vote you pair of felatio feasting fairies....
Submitted By: mail
(467,891 on 3-2009)

I am a hard nosed businessman
As proved by the fact I can shatter reinforced glass with my hooter.
Submitted By: paulyb
(467,889 on 3-2009)

Awesome show
Cheers for playing us guys, ill be listening from now on Cotty The Emos
Submitted By: ste_cotty
(467,269 on 2-2009)

button moon dr_spoon
Gooopa goopa heres my vote for this month you vote hungry ballsacks.
Submitted By: Dr_Spoon
(467,180 on 2-2009)

Punky makes me feel warmer and wetter than Yellow Friendship!
Submitted By: insanestar
(466,881 on 2-2009)

Alright guys, the podcast is still sounding great. We have decided to start up our own podcast up here in Manchester, check us out - TNSradio - hope you enjoy. We are going to have different presenters each episode bring their individual view of punk and ska. Also there should be some new CDs heading your way next week from The Shadowcops, Stand Out Riot and The Emos. Thanks Bev
Submitted By: tnsrecordsuk
(466,599 on 2-2009)

Second Month in a Row???
Pretty sure I didnt miss one....heres your stinkin vote!!! Oh yeah you guys ROCK!!!! Jim
Submitted By: jac33_2
(466,047 on 2-2009)

Corrupting our Youth, Eroding our Moral Values and Undermining the Very Foundations of our Society!!! Keep up the good work lads.
Submitted By: lordreilloc
(465,670 on 2-2009)

punky rox sox
i like it when you beg paulieb
Submitted By: docbuzzard
(465,641 on 2-2009)

Its February so I thought Id give you one :)
Submitted By: superstunt2004
(465,117 on 2-2009)

punky is ace
punky is better than milk and cookies, its the freakin bizzness. -tom baldy
Submitted By: t.balderstone
(464,592 on 2-2009)

February Vote
Lick a toad - your country needs toad lickers. Love Fatboy
Submitted By: mail
(464,582 on 2-2009)

Submitted By: earthdog80
(464,202 on 2-2009)

A Birthday vote for Punky!
Catching up on shows. Happy Birthday Pauly B.!
Submitted By: twilly23
(464,043 on 2-2009)

Submitted By: dan-newns
(463,788 on 2-2009)

Me Likey Punky
Im voting for Punky cause they rock and I want to hear Paul and Tony say...kittenblood.
Submitted By: woodyb3
(463,703 on 2-2009)

Punky! February Vote
A new month, a new vote. Great music on the last show, and "yellow friendship" that was hilarious. -Bill New York
Submitted By: bill
(463,656 on 2-2009)

Happy Birthday Paul!
As I am in the business of granting birthday wishes, here is my Podcast Alley vote as requested by Paul on Facebook. Pity he didnt ask for piles of money or nude photos of me though...
Submitted By: amberance
(463,651 on 2-2009)

Punky forever
The best podcast for miles - click that button people!
Submitted By: thursday.fury
(463,507 on 2-2009)

Punky is the Best
Whoo hoo, brilliant cast!
Submitted By: sharonkcooper
(463,502 on 2-2009)

Blacl pudding made from kitten blood - mmmmmm
Submitted By: johnb
(463,479 on 2-2009)

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Just wanted to hear you say it. Dick covered in Honey
Submitted By: producer
(463,476 on 2-2009)

Punky is the only podcast I ever listen to, Tony and Paul your guys know what real music is! Keep it coming! From, Greg Rusert
Submitted By: gmrww
(463,453 on 2-2009)

Punky Is Spunky and never Junky
The Punky! lads continue to amaze, amuse and abuse me every week. I should contact the authorities, but instead I will vote for them every month without fail. Cheers!
Submitted By: kennylars
(463,406 on 2-2009)

Submitted By: mcdonaldljames
(463,401 on 2-2009)

Punky Rocks!
When you are at your emo address in Fishtown, dont be a sad kittenblood and rock out to Punky! Scott J, Clearwater, FL.
Submitted By: scott.jakubik
(463,396 on 2-2009)

Ive only just remembered to vote, sorry - keep up the good work! I must be getting old! Paulybx (Punky! Radio)
Submitted By: paulyb
(463,378 on 2-2009)

John Valby
There once was a young man from Rangoon. He was born 9 months to soon. He didnt have the luck to be born by a fuck, HE WAS SCRAPED OFF THE SHEETS WITH A SPOON! That my friends is John Valby. I wish you well in February. Peace, Markus - XYRocks!
Submitted By: xyrocks
(462,533 on 2-2009)

punky rocks!!!!!!!!!! ive just been listning for a whole year now. check out these bands http://ww clear that last one have split up now. play the 4th 0ne on there myspace
Submitted By: mick1050
(462,234 on 1-2009)

Punky's great (obviosly)
Goopa goopa turd burglers just listened to this weeks show and it was ace as always hope for many more years of punky because a vote for puny is a vote for FREEDOM!
Submitted By: Dr_Spoon
(461,783 on 1-2009)

a Bazanga show
punkys great as we all know keep it up you cock jockys and keep giving us punky junkies our weekly fix.
Submitted By: Dr_Spoon
(461,780 on 1-2009)

Punky Vote
I know it is the end of the month, but that just means I can vote again next week... Favorite song from last weeks show: Red Flag 77 - Black & White -Bill New York
Submitted By: bill
(461,467 on 1-2009)

I vote for Goal (Radio Vud?)
...great hit !!!
Submitted By: roberto.sironi
(461,402 on 1-2009)

Daahlings! Ive been a very bad girl!! - Not voted in a gazillion of months and even lagging behind on me Punky!. Quite clearly, I have seriously neglected my duties. But after receiving a good spanking off Santa at Christmas (ooh! who would have thought ;)) I recently resolved to be much better this year. I shall be lishtening and voting religiously; also, I shall see friends more often and pay more attention to people around me instead of just my (although admittedly gorgeous) self. (Now that WILL be hard - ) But damnit, with me being out of fishtown ;), Im sure its going to be a marvellous year! See yous soon x Steph
Submitted By: Americruiser1
(461,112 on 1-2009)

You NEED Punky!
Oh yes you do!!
Submitted By: insanestar
(460,716 on 1-2009)

New Leaf
goopa goopa smacktards, Long time listener....sorry havent voted much, turning over a new leaf and going to vote each and every month. Still waiting to here more from know you want to hear more about her as much as youd like to here about vomiting on a white sofa. Anyway, I listen to you blokes at work, however, I almost always have to stop because Im laughing to hard. apoog apoog, jac (
Submitted By: jac33_2
(459,958 on 1-2009)

Paul and Tony I am a newbie to punky; You guys are fanfuckintastic!!! Thanks for the great time. Dawn, Big Bear City, California
Submitted By: bopnmanthasma
(459,179 on 1-2009)

Entertainment at its punky best.
Submitted By: jez.arnold
(459,130 on 1-2009)

punky is the greatest thing to grace my ears since before the war...but which war, i wont reveal.
Submitted By: dmccracken123
(458,986 on 1-2009)

As its a new year its time to vote again for these two smacktards. Keep up the good work boys. Keener
Submitted By: bellah
(458,108 on 1-2009)

Not only is Punky the dogs bollocks but its the cats arse crack and the golfishs nipples too. PS if you dont add me as a friend on myspace i will stamp my feet and sulk a little bit.
Submitted By: bradleysprog
(458,099 on 1-2009)

Punkys great!
Combining the verbal wit of William Shakespeare and the foul stench really stinky, Punky is a unique experience in sensory overload.
Submitted By: marc
(457,807 on 1-2009)

say hi to yer mum for me. -Jeff Uglyshoes
Submitted By: uglyshoes
(457,775 on 1-2009)

Punky! is funky like a monkey
Punky! Radio is one of my favorite hours of the week. Ive yet to hear a bad or boring episode of Punky!, and Im easily bored so thats an accomplishment! Keep up the good work, lads!
Submitted By: kenz3709
(457,570 on 1-2009)

Oi oi From S.Africa
Submitted By: jp.digitalbone
(457,457 on 1-2009)

Punky - Yeah
Submitted By: sharonkcooper
(457,320 on 1-2009)

All the Punk you need
When it comes to punk and punky things, be sure to check out these two great guys.
Submitted By: darkcompass
(457,200 on 1-2009)

New Year - same old Punky!
But who cares, when the same old Punky is bloody brilliant! Graham Holland
Submitted By: podcast
(457,042 on 1-2009)

Submitted By: dan-newns
(457,033 on 1-2009)

this is the best podcast
and I have the best shoes
Submitted By: paulyb
(457,031 on 1-2009)

Even we swear sometimes. Fuck
Submitted By: producer
(456,885 on 1-2009)

la penisola dei famosi
Great Radio Vudu!!
Submitted By: polpf
(456,606 on 1-2009)

Radio Vud?
I love "La penisola dei famosi" !!!
Submitted By: donatella.mandelli
(456,508 on 1-2009)

Radio Vudu song 3
La penisola dei famosi
Submitted By: moreno.pasquino
(456,499 on 1-2009)

Punky (still) rules!
As I sit here nursing a New Years hangover, what better way to spend my time than with a vote for my favorite podcasters at Punky! Really enjoyed the last year, and Im looking forward to more. -Naptown Chris
Submitted By: naptownchris
(456,465 on 1-2009)

Happy New Year!
I hope 2009 treats you well my friends. Peace, Markus. XYRocks!
Submitted By: xyrocks
(456,449 on 1-2009)

Love your show...
Greetings from South Africa & complaints of the season!! Man, I loved your New Years show. Where can I listen to your podcasts regulary as I would love to hear more... Apart from that I know loads of South African bands and I could ask them to send in their tracks. Do you preer that they send in cds as opposed to mp3s? Anyway, congrats on a great show. Ernie Pap/Presley/Rotten
Submitted By: erniepap
(456,268 on 12-2008)

Punky Rocks!
Even though they need to have loose teeth yanked they are the best in internet radio. One day I will fly there and pull that loose tooth out myself but until then I will continue to listen every week!
Submitted By: valenty
(456,165 on 12-2008)

Festive leer
Punky! - the only thing I want in my stockings on Christmas morning....
Submitted By: superstunt2004
(453,546 on 12-2008)

Punky Radio - The Best export currently coming out of England -Bill New York PS: I have noticed there has not been so much chat about how mighty the Pound is these days.
Submitted By: bill
(453,007 on 12-2008)

Merry Crimbo Punky fans!!
Submitted By: insanestar
(452,797 on 12-2008)

The fun just keeps on coming
Merry Christmas, you two! Heres a holiday toast in your honor! Ann K
Submitted By: annkin
(452,576 on 12-2008)

Punky Radio
Tony and Paul a right pair of podcasting pranksters playing palatable punk prose to the planet xxx Bradleysprog
Submitted By: bradleysprog
(452,497 on 12-2008)

Smacktards Ahoy
These two idiots are legends... Apoog Apoog
Submitted By: tez.craddock
(452,401 on 12-2008)

That time again!
Submitted By: darkcompass
(452,304 on 12-2008)

My First Time!
Goopa Goopa..This is my first time voting in 3yrs or so ive been listening to Punky! Radio. HA. Gotta love this podcast, always listening.
Submitted By: rock_chick_690
(452,235 on 12-2008)

Must do Better...
I like bananas. Do you?
Submitted By: gruff007
(452,194 on 12-2008)

I like punk and I like punky.
Submitted By: wkistler
(452,180 on 12-2008)

Punkys still the best
Short & sweet this month fellows since Im voting via cell phone to make sure it gets done. Love the show, keep up the good work! -Naptown Chris
Submitted By: naptownchris
(452,171 on 12-2008)

Punkys Great!
Punkys Great!
Submitted By: davefitz
(452,098 on 12-2008)

A vote for Punky is a vote for truth, justice and dry bumming
Here we go chaps. All the best, Fatboy
Submitted By: mail
(452,084 on 12-2008)

Submitted By: js535
(452,067 on 12-2008)

Awesome Show!
I recently discovered Punky! Radio and it the funniest show with great music!! Love it!
Submitted By: sugarkitty8
(452,065 on 12-2008)

Punky! will set you free.
please listen to punky....its the only think that silences the voices in my head!
Submitted By: marc
(452,034 on 12-2008)

See, I wasnt going to vote. But I dont want to end up X-to-X with Tony for X = any body part. So here, have my coerced vote!! Punky RULES!!!!! fucktards...
Submitted By: vanaltj
(452,031 on 12-2008)

Punky is the bossest!
Submitted By: losmuchados
(452,017 on 12-2008)

Great Show
....and Great hosts. This show makes my ears shrill with pleasure... it also makes my nipples hard but I dont like admitting that in public.
Submitted By: tony
(451,792 on 12-2008)

this is the best
...and i should know...
Submitted By: paulyb
(451,588 on 12-2008)

Punky! Punky! YEAH!
Punky! Radio makes me happy. Medical studies have shown that happy people live longer. So....Punky! is SAVING MY LIFE!!! True miracle workers through the magic of the Internet! YAY PUNKY!
Submitted By: kenz3709
(451,465 on 12-2008)

Just a little December love. Good luck my friends. Peace, Markus - XYRocks!
Submitted By: xyrocks
(451,439 on 12-2008)

Anti Twato Vote
Dearest Punkophiles, Here is the December vote from two robots from the future who are clearly not real. Whilst we are not real, our vote is - unlike most of the votes we see for PoopyTwato. Keep on punking all over the world. Robot love Honey and Dick Jukebox Review
Submitted By: producer
(451,346 on 12-2008)

Just because the month is almost up doesnt mean you cant vote. I cant believe I almost forgot to The Punk and Disorderly special was killer. Fantastic show. -Bill New York
Submitted By: bill
(450,584 on 11-2008)

Its Insane Star here, Ive hacked my ex-boyfriends e-mail account *evil chuckle* to give u an extra vote this month!!
Submitted By: james.borders
(449,966 on 11-2008)

A show of support, innit?
A vote of support from Graham W Holland and The It's A Frog's Life Acoustic Podcast
Submitted By: contact
(449,754 on 11-2008)

Ahhh Punky!
Punky! eases out my morning constitutional better than three cigaretts and a large mug of uber strong coffee!
Submitted By: uncle.hugs.too.much
(449,170 on 11-2008)

radio blows
I am a 51 year old office dweller spending my mid life crisis immersing myself in punk music since my boring midwest upbringing robbed me of it first time round. I just found Punky, downloaded all the episodes, and have been listening non stop since. My wife has left me, my kids are embarrassed by me, my office mates are starting a petition to have me sacked.FUCKEM. Thanks lads, keep it up. We need more Punky in California.
Submitted By: rock.hodapp
(449,099 on 11-2008)

Yay for Punky!
Just as good as the day I started listening.
Submitted By: twilly23
(448,433 on 11-2008)

Dont be a twat!
Anyone who doesnt listen to Punky izzatwat!!
Submitted By: insanestar
(448,323 on 11-2008)

punkey radio is the best podcast there is on the internet
Submitted By: mick1050
(446,928 on 11-2008)

Submitted By: dan-newns
(446,693 on 11-2008)

Goopa! Goopa! You guys are awesome even if you are a pair of Smacktards but I never can blame my listening on beer muffs. Now fuck off because I have alot of episodes to listen to so that I am caught up. Keener
Submitted By: bellah
(446,546 on 11-2008)

Punkys Great!
I huve un uccent where I pronounce the letter a like u, so cunt you read this comment in my uccent? HuHuHu!
Submitted By: davefitz
(446,398 on 11-2008)

Punky! Is Good Stuff!
Every episode is a fun listen and has great music! Paul and Tony are great, and neither of them is a twat!
Submitted By: kenz3709
(446,251 on 11-2008)

My vote!
Here is my my vote for Punky! this month. Music, as always, is fantastic on this podcast and never disappoints. Tony and Paul are the perfect hosts for this hour of randomness (albeit undeniably brilliant randomness), they make Punky! the highlight of my Tuesday night.....although, lets face it, its Tuesday, what else is going on!? Only joking...alwaysh listening. H. x
Submitted By: i_dont_do_ict
(445,390 on 11-2008)

i was so impressed by punky radio i signed up for a new email address cos podcast alley said my usual email address was invalid or obsolete or some other random noncense. so keep up the good work paul and tony i larfed till i barfed ....Bradleysprog
Submitted By: bradleysprog
(445,179 on 11-2008)

Punking hot
You chaps are really very good at this podcasting thingy. Robot love Honey and Dick
Submitted By: producer
(445,134 on 11-2008)

yay punky!
i love punky!
Submitted By: mi-mi
(444,998 on 11-2008)

Punkys great!
Punkys still the highlight of my listening week! Keep up the great work Paul and Tony, from Graham Holland Its A Frogs Life Acoustic Podcast
Submitted By: podcast
(444,915 on 11-2008)

Piss off Soupy!
Heres my monthly vote of support for my friends in the UK. I hear you about Soupy Twato, I got sucked into his bullshit -- "just showing some support vote" -- and I shot him a vote back. I say -- PISS OFF SOUPY! Trust me, I wont get sucked in again. Anyway, heres to the podcast thats "ACTUALLY #1" - PUNKY! RADIO. Thanks for all your support. Peace out, Markus, XYRocks!
Submitted By: xyrocks
(444,911 on 11-2008)

Sorry I missed last month, I dont know where the time goes. Punky is the highlight of my week.
Submitted By: annkin
(444,905 on 11-2008)

November Vote
Hope you burn your balls on the bonfire. Cheers, Fatboy
Submitted By: mail
(444,857 on 11-2008)

Must be that time of the month...
Punky still rules, if just because you sing a song about me every time I comment... Naptown Chris
Submitted By: naptownchris
(444,848 on 11-2008)

Punky! Radio is the best podcast in the cosmos although there is a good one comes out of Alpha Centauri with some classic space rock but its not every week like ours because the planet its on rotates so slowly that their "day" takes about three and a half of ours so none of them know what time it is. My favourite thing about Punky? Paulyb. He is fantastic - and I should know - I AM him. Paulybx
Submitted By: paulyb
(444,826 on 11-2008)

Your Charlatan
Another vote from your favorite Charlatan and Cheater..... Last month I was only 5 days late, not 30 so be it, It was nice to hear your little rant about me too, But to be honest, I think you guys do have a good program. I dislike all the godaddy plugs, but it;s your show and if thats what you want it on sweat to me. Its just a little funny to be Punk and always selling, don;t you think? As for the cheating, we only started that 2-3 months ago. Supporting pod casters is all that much for cheating. And its gotten our name out a lot, even you are taking about us, so all the other times was straight up fans, it just was an idea and it seems to work well, plus weve gotten to know many other people on and their shows, We really want to see pod cast do well, thats the goal mate, So if you still feel the need to to call me a Charlatan and a Cheater so be it, but I can honest say I have listen to you a couple times and really do think you have a good things rolling, I don;t like Godaddy though, they caused us some problems, but thats life, Best Wishes From Your Charlatan, danielj The SoupyGato Show
Submitted By: soupygato
(444,803 on 11-2008)

Mmmm Punky.......
Once in a while lads you get it just right. The halloween special was fantastic, my favourite band was definately The Guana Batz.
Submitted By: superstunt2004
(444,782 on 11-2008)

More of the Same!
Terrific radio show, more of the same please... this is what Music use to be, loud, banging and full of attitude.....more more mroe...
Submitted By: djrla.smith
(443,962 on 10-2008)

Punky Kicks Ass..
..but whats your strange new obsession with prison sex Kittenblood?? As for my feminine side- Ill show it to you one day, then Ill bend you over and fuck you with it. Give you something to smile about!! PS Keep up the good work lads.
Submitted By: lordreilloc
(443,396 on 10-2008)

If you wanna do a tns special... can
Submitted By: thatsnotskanking
(442,457 on 10-2008)

Best Show on the Internet
A load of nonsensical chat that will make you laugh your ass off and music that you have probably never heard before, but will want to hear much much more of. -Bill New York
Submitted By: bill
(441,006 on 10-2008)

I just came across Punky! for the first time, and I love it! The guys are funny and interesting and the music is great! Very cool show!
Submitted By: kzlars37
(440,517 on 10-2008)

Punky Rules
Thought id give you one this month (a vote that is!) thee best podcast on the net! as for fave band this month Rochee and the sarnos! dug out the first album and bought the new one, its excellent Psychobillystu
Submitted By: psychobillystu
(440,413 on 10-2008)

Punkys Great!
Im digging the Japanese punk thats been coming in as of late. Punkys Great!
Submitted By: davefitz
(440,027 on 10-2008)

Haha! Man Im just brain dead is all... Rock Out With Your .... Out! djh the soupygato show
Submitted By: soupygato
(438,817 on 10-2008)

Punky... Its like total talk nonsense with a sense of humor (and without the fat).. oh and some really cool tunes. -Jeff Uglyshoes
Submitted By: uglyshoes
(438,536 on 10-2008)

Favourite song from last week
Thanks to the magnificence (easy for you to say Tony) of Punky Radio I am now the proud owner of 3, yes 3, Sweatmaster albums. Oh and the hosts not bad too.....
Submitted By: superstunt2004
(438,275 on 10-2008)

Bada Bing
Keep it up, you now have a fan in BFE, Salt lake City, Utah US
Submitted By: technoflamehero
(438,199 on 10-2008)

The least I could do! These guys give me hours of entertainment each month and all they ask in return is 2 seconds to enter in your e-mail address? Everyone should be doing this!!!! Thanks guys, love yous Amananadnandnandna from Cnadnandnanda, I love the music for Tonys international gig guide. (*tarzan sounding ahhhuhuhahhhh*) :D
Submitted By: yipee_29876
(438,113 on 10-2008)

punky ruuuules
Submitted By: big_mcg
(437,135 on 10-2008)

Your podcast reminds me of getting a blowjob while drinking a beer.
Submitted By: tehl_b
(436,697 on 10-2008)

Voted Punky. Happy now PaulyB? HAPPY?! Damn you nag worse than an emo at the eyeliner shop! Gad man! Hahaha Seriously Punky is about the best thing since bread (both sliced and otherwise) and only second to alcohol (the sacred drink NOT the band. No offence manly Tony of course) APOOG! APOOG!
Submitted By: satanicgoatmonkey
(436,367 on 10-2008)

voting 4 punky ;) X
Submitted By: tara
(436,204 on 10-2008)

Spunky Punky!!!
Heres your October vote you lovely people. Cheers, Fatboy
Submitted By: mail
(435,735 on 10-2008)

Oi from down not Clapham...South AFrica. Now that we are approaching summer and every day is 30 degrees, i find myself lounging around the pool, cocktail inhand, listening to punky radio and thinking of how cold the UK starts to get around now. Well at least there is PUNKY RADIO! Paulie B apologies once again for the mix-up. When you are on holiday sometimes you get your days mixed up. Here is a vote! Jay Bones
Submitted By: jp.digitalbone
(435,574 on 10-2008)

Punky Radio rocks
Submitted By: prof.obollox
(435,567 on 10-2008)

Heres my vote!
Punkys GREAT! -Trevor from Wisconsin
Submitted By: tmagswb50
(435,231 on 10-2008)

Sosij says YES
Submitted By: sharonkcooper
(435,223 on 10-2008)

punky! rocks.
Submitted By: mariafordon
(435,173 on 10-2008)

Just showing a bit of monthly love to Punky! Peace, Markus
Submitted By: xyrocks
(435,139 on 10-2008)

I still love Punky!
Simply the best podcast Ive found so far. Ive discovered some of my favorite bands because of this show, and the hosts bring plenty of comedy into the mix as well. All hail Punky! Naptown Chris
Submitted By: naptownchris
(435,048 on 10-2008)

Lovin' it!
Hi guys, lovin' the music, as always. Listened to The Antix on the way to work this morning. Brilliant! And what about some more Leather Zoo? Graham - It's A Frog's Life Acoustic Podcast
Submitted By: podcast
(434,989 on 10-2008)

I Just Dont Know!
Submitted By: biff_saunders
(434,982 on 10-2008)

Punky punts The Popes torpoodo!
Submitted By: woodyb3
(434,968 on 10-2008)

I love paul and his sex monkey tony, they are brilliant. Keep up the great work guys!
Submitted By: dan-newns
(434,938 on 10-2008)

Punky Is The Best
Punky is the Best
Submitted By: mcdonaldljames
(434,921 on 10-2008)

Why listen to Punky?
Listen to Punky, because the music is funky, the hosts are spunky, and listening to Tony and Paul will make you one happy monkey! Punky rules, plain and simple.
Submitted By: thomascgambino
(434,872 on 10-2008)

Punky! or die!
Listening to Punky! will increase the size of your mighty berzerker, so listen now!!!!
Submitted By: marc
(434,862 on 10-2008)

Paul B. Edwards is God!
...And I should know - I AM him! Thanks to everyone who votes for us every month - really appreciate it... Paulybx
Submitted By: paulyb
(434,839 on 10-2008)

Our new best friends. We love you Punky and were alwaysh listening. Honey and Dick, Jukebox Review
Submitted By: producer
(434,733 on 10-2008)

Punky radio is by far the best podcast and i think it will always be around no matter what happens
Submitted By: shaq22me
(433,930 on 9-2008)

hello ^^
hi this is tatoo from algeria ^^ , i love punky ,punky loves me and its all good XD
Submitted By: xxpartyanimalxx
(433,240 on 9-2008)

Punky Rocks
I got a portable mp3 player this week. I found it on a busy stret... next to a dead skater. It is now dedicated totally to punky, so I have no excuse to miss an episode. -Jeff Uglyshoes
Submitted By: uglyshoes
(432,795 on 9-2008)

Better late...
than never! Even though September is almost over Im voting for Punky, because they are the best. Ann K
Submitted By: annkin
(432,183 on 9-2008)

more than Punk
the music covers a much broader area of alternaive music than the title implies, also half of the show is pure comedy and all is very well produced - this show is highly recommended for the punk in all of us
Submitted By: wfischli
(431,855 on 9-2008)

Dead cool ol mate!
Submitted By: rockat
(430,030 on 9-2008)

You are a Bad Man,,,,,,,,
Submitted By: soupygato
(429,592 on 9-2008)

Punky! is so Rubber Ducky! - Reasa
Submitted By: jimmysdeathgirl
(429,402 on 9-2008)

Christ in a coffin!
Im behind on listening to Punky! The Skype episode was funny. Im just starting the reunited one and figured Id vote. -Twilight
Submitted By: twilly23
(428,571 on 9-2008)

Go! Go! Punky!!!
Submitted By: comedy4cast
(428,487 on 9-2008)

Punky earned my vote this month by playing King Kurt. Im sorry tony, Paul is my favourite this week by supplementing my music collection with greatness. Allen xx
Submitted By: catherine_rutledge
(428,356 on 9-2008)

effin amazing
kudos one the effin amazing radio. thanks for making not doing homework all that much more enjoyable
Submitted By: benmightbehere
(428,225 on 9-2008)

Goopa! Goopa! Punky is the tits!
Im always trying to get my bud to listen to your podcast as he is a huge fan of the type of music you guys play. Each time I hear an episode I want to run back to me house and record my podcast!
Submitted By: flatulentmonkeys
(428,156 on 9-2008)

Fuck me, this is predictable. Same thing every month. Heres your fackin vote. Now piss off & leave me alone you miserable bastards. Love; Gareth (one of them bloody expats in Canada)
Submitted By: gruff007
(427,299 on 9-2008)

No shit-sprinkling here!
Still loving it guys!
Submitted By: insanestar
(427,057 on 9-2008)

Punky rocks!
Im subscribed to more than a dozen podcasts, but Punky! is the only one I listen to as soon as its available every week. Its truly a great way to learn about new bands and have a laugh. naptown chris
Submitted By: naptownchris
(426,880 on 9-2008)

Heres a vote for this month. Great to hear Tony talking like a pirate well before "International Talk Like A Pirate Day" on September 19th ( My drink almost went through my nose listening to you guys. Keep up the great work. George (Eclectic Mix)
Submitted By: eclecticmix
(426,760 on 9-2008)

Punkys Great!
Q: How many farts does it take to stink up a room? A: Toot! (Paul and Tony)
Submitted By: fitz
(426,728 on 9-2008)

hot diggity dog
Submitted By: thebonnevilles
(426,666 on 9-2008)

Go Punky
Punky is the show I "Alwaych lichen to". Love punky
Submitted By: bossmanthe
(426,585 on 9-2008)

Punky! Radio kicks ass and thats all there is to it! Peace, Markus
Submitted By: xyrocks
(426,310 on 9-2008)

Heres my vote Paul and Tony
Submitted By: vomsteeg
(426,064 on 9-2008)

A cheeky vote
This show is so good I started a new email address just so I could vote for punky one more time each month. Please play more First Wave, Juke Joint Pimps and any good Rockabilly you have sitting around. James from Toronto, Canada.
Submitted By: mcdonaldljames
(426,012 on 9-2008)

Supporting Punky Radio
finally, a cool way to conform!
Submitted By: ehjay23
(425,840 on 9-2008)

Thankyou Punky
Gggg ooooo ppp aa, gggg ooooo ppp aaa! (sorry but thats the best a robot can do) Thanks for the shout out and the vote. Robot love Honey and Dick
Submitted By: producer
(425,814 on 9-2008)

Punkys great for the new term
Have you got everything you need for the new term? Text books? Pens? Calculator? Laptop? Punky on your iPod? Great! Then youre all set! And dont forget, boys and girls, Punkys educational too :-) Graham -
Submitted By: podcast
(425,739 on 9-2008)

Punky Rules!
Submitted By: mariafordon
(425,697 on 9-2008)

Pure awesomeness
Submitted By: tmagswb50
(425,696 on 9-2008)

no comment
Submitted By: vanaltj
(425,675 on 9-2008)

Dangerously good!
Not only dangerously good but theyre so modest with it!
Submitted By: mark.spooner
(425,254 on 8-2008)

The Best Ever
THis show is amazing!
Submitted By: gazleaver
(424,993 on 8-2008)

Bloody Great!
Much Respect! I truly understand how much work you do Pauly, keep it up mate! Cheers, daniel j harris the soupygato show
Submitted By: soupygato
(424,292 on 8-2008)

Haddock Pate
Submitted By: phnuff
(423,429 on 8-2008)

keep up the good works dudes and slap tony round the face with a wet cod kev
Submitted By: kjmh67
(423,276 on 8-2008)

Im voting
Im voting for you fellas to be leaders, so you have my permission to drive down to Downing Street, kick Gordon in the stones and trash the place, yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhh
Submitted By: thebonnevilles
(421,380 on 8-2008)

I love Punky! Radio not just for the great music and to hear Tony & Paul, but because of their unparalleled attention to their production values (ha, ha!).
Submitted By: annkin
(420,914 on 8-2008)

Dear Paul and Tony, Here I am. Once again, voting because I was threatened. Ive been told, the soups gone cold, so will you please just vote? Except there was no soup and certainly no please involved. Allen
Submitted By: catwoman200161
(420,172 on 8-2008)

Time for my monthly........ so thats why Ive been in such a foul mood!
Submitted By: superstunt2004
(419,489 on 8-2008)

Better every week
Well done Chaps. Your show just gets better and better. regards and best wishes Graham Beech
Submitted By: gwbeech
(419,059 on 8-2008)

just about the amount of time it takes to hopefully fix a broken washing machine. perfect! made it much less unpleasant sitting in soapy water trying to get a grip on soapy bolts. brilliant show!
Submitted By: frenzyoftongs
(418,990 on 8-2008)

Vote Whores
Another month, another facebook message trawling for votes. Heres your fucking vote, now fuck off! PS keep up the good work, smacktards. the Dirty Hua
Submitted By: dirty.hua
(417,814 on 8-2008)

knob jockies
you are knob jockies
Submitted By: heat4u
(417,182 on 8-2008)

Great Show
Just listened to this weeks show, some great music. It would be hard to say which was the best song, but I would have to say Resistance 77 - Im On The Wagon was my favorite. -Bill New York
Submitted By: bill
(416,591 on 8-2008)

My saviours!! I spent a whole week with a group of Girl Guides and if I didnt have Punky on my iPod I wouldve gone mipping flental!!
Submitted By: insanestar
(416,521 on 8-2008)

Goooooo Punky!
Submitted By: comedy4cast
(416,434 on 8-2008)

Punky! Radio kicks frickin ass! Dont be a smacktard, vote for Punky! Peace, Markus
Submitted By: xyrocks
(416,336 on 8-2008)

Funky Punky
Another month, another vote. Id still like manly to come and fettle me undercarriage though. Cheers, Fatboy
Submitted By: mail
(416,040 on 8-2008)

Tora Tora Torpoodoe
Punky is the best thing you can do to your iPod in public.
Submitted By: woodyb3
(415,045 on 8-2008)

Punky rocks my summer
Theres nothing better than driving to work on a summers day with the windows wound down and Punky turned up loud! Graham Its A Frogs Life Acoustic Podcast
Submitted By: podcast
(414,926 on 8-2008)

Your show inspired us to do our own show. So, if youre going to ask us to vote for you, then vote for us too, you smacktards. Honey and Dick Jukebox Review ?pod_id=59457
Submitted By: producer
(414,866 on 8-2008)

Goopa! Goopa!
Punky is the best thing iTunes has to offer. Great music, great comedy and two LOVERLY hosts (see boys, Im learning!).
Submitted By: naptownchris
(414,855 on 8-2008)

Submitted By: nathanftw
(414,721 on 8-2008)

Fucking awesome podcast!
Submitted By: sjames
(414,634 on 8-2008)

Damn good show
Havent voted in a while.... Sorry I suck. You guys rock each and every week.
Submitted By: michael.dalrymple
(414,597 on 8-2008)

amanda from canannandnanandana :)
Submitted By: amandamoir
(414,592 on 8-2008)

Found your website on one drunken all your podcasts now. Keep up the fuckin work.
Submitted By: vomsteeg
(414,350 on 7-2008)

Punky! The Kings of Podcasting
As usual, on time, on the ball and on top! Well done lads... apoog apoog!!
Submitted By: mark.spooner
(414,135 on 7-2008)

Im Back
GOOPA! GOOPA! hey guys im back and drooling over some punky after spending a year and a half in bumfuck county ahhhhhhh looing forward to catching up on all the shit iv missed Yours Truly Padders
Submitted By: davidsnots
(413,527 on 7-2008)

Congradulations on 3 years.
Keep up the Great work guys. Regards- "Lucky" Lord Reilloc. PS- looking forward to getting your address Tony, I will be in touch soon.
Submitted By: lordreilloc
(412,624 on 7-2008)

punk me till i fart
Love it guys!!! Keep spinning them tunes x x x
Submitted By: gelblikeskoalas
(412,121 on 7-2008)

play the 4ge tme nots or il kill you great show!!!!
Submitted By: mick1050
(409,349 on 7-2008)

What a bunch of smacktards...
Lovely music, great humor... And the hosts are simply amazing (see, Ive learned since last time). As long as these smacktards keep putting out new shows, Ill keep listening (and voting)!
Submitted By: naptownchris
(408,727 on 7-2008)

From the Favourite Canardanan
Ello Paul & Tony, Chantel here. Doing my monthly duty (but with me its more like annual as my computer hates podcast alley). My band choice is The Dares, Hillbilly Hellcats and Guitar Gangsters. You could almost do a Canadanan request special:P
Submitted By: goopa_goopa
(408,716 on 7-2008)

Vote For Punky!
If you havent been listening for the past 3 years, then you have a lot of catching up to do... get to work! Happy Birthday Punky! Favorite band from the show: The Go-Sheilas -Bill New York
Submitted By: bill
(408,615 on 7-2008)

Submitted By: conejunkie
(408,254 on 7-2008)

Right on!
Thanks for the laughs and great music, it's quite fun. Trevor- West Bend, Wisconsin
Submitted By: tmagswb50
(407,948 on 7-2008)

Punky! Rocks!
Ive been listening to you fellas for quite a while now, and I feel that my coworkers think Ive gone mad! I always thought that people who laugh to themselves needed an asylum, and I bet thats what they think of me. Keep up the great show and music (I cant stop listening to the Guana Batz). Thanks, Trevor- West Bend, Wisconsin
Submitted By: tmagswb50
(407,945 on 7-2008)

Greetings from Canadia
By far the ONLY 100% decent podcast in the world hosted by (i believe its "award winning") Paul B. Edwards and Tony Hearn. This podcast delivers a weekly dose of fantastic music, interviews, comedy, twats from around the world, smacktarts, and Pauls soothing bedtime-story voice. Overall an excellent pastime when on the buss, in school, chilling out or occasionally even while shagging. (its been done) -Anthony from Canada
Submitted By: red_maverick_13
(407,407 on 7-2008)

Stunning as usual
Still listening. Great music recently. Love the show more and more. Best wishes and regards. Graham Beech
Submitted By: gwbeech
(407,091 on 7-2008)

You Rock
Best Wishes From The SoupyGato Show, you really do a fine job mate. djh
Submitted By: soupygato
(405,755 on 7-2008)

We are starting up our show and have, quite rightly, pointed out how excellent your show is. Have you ever heard such grovelling crap before?
Submitted By: producer
(405,168 on 7-2008)

Bad Punky!
Half way through this weeks show my ipod died, such is the power of punk rock...............
Submitted By: superstunt2004
(405,137 on 7-2008)

Turkey Sandwiches
Submitted By: johnb
(404,244 on 7-2008)

bishops finger
keep up the great work lads. Sometimes Im glad I live in the u.s.(not often), I loved the term "bishops finger" but I am an avid beer drinker. The shepherd- neame brewery has a beer of the same name...... Iam worried CALL CAMRA. mike d.colorado go villa/ good luck to forest .
Submitted By: mdavfc
(404,172 on 7-2008)

Not an abumination!
Keep it up lads! I mean the show! Im still listening and still loving it! Play more Komety & History of Guns!!
Submitted By: insanestar
(403,891 on 7-2008)

lovin it!
Submitted By: chlkin
(403,626 on 7-2008)

Punkys Great!
Cant think of anything clever right now, but I was thinking about you.
Submitted By: davefitz
(403,534 on 7-2008)

Punky!?! Fuck Yeah!!!
Carry on pissmops the Dirty Hua
Submitted By: dirty.hua
(403,508 on 7-2008)

Eh up!
Submitted By:
(403,377 on 7-2008)

Still the best
I love listening to Punky! Radio as I swan about on my veranda. They keep on delivering great music and twisted humor. What more could you ask for?
Submitted By: annkin
(403,344 on 7-2008)

Punky rocks Summer 08!
Submitted By: comedy4cast
(403,343 on 7-2008)

Oi! Smacktards! Just wanted to drop off a vote so you can be #1 because being #2 stinks!
Submitted By: kwestonc
(403,289 on 7-2008)

Amanananandnandna says:
vote punky! theyre amazing.
Submitted By: amandamoir
(403,125 on 7-2008)

Punky! is the soundtrack on the party bus to Hell. Listen or Tony will shop up on your doorstep at 2 in the morning. Kayla
Submitted By: kthornton2
(403,111 on 7-2008)

Master of the (punk) Universe!
Keep on kickin ass! Your temporal shift show fucking rocked!
Submitted By: TKHHHH
(403,109 on 7-2008)

did u miss me? to be honest i wont find out even if you did, as il be without internet for the next month on my oh so lovely tour of the malaysian jungle. pong off. goopa. apoog. pyrgie
Submitted By:
(403,092 on 7-2008)

Keep up the amazing show. Also, everyone should watch Guitar Hero Marathon, Thursday July 17th thru Saturday July 19th. Its a nonstop Guitar Hero marathon where we will be raising money for Childs Play, an organization that donates video games and toys to children in hospitals all over the world. Punky Rules!
Submitted By: ben
(403,072 on 7-2008)

Punky rules!
Punky rules the pod-waves! R Graham
Submitted By: podcast
(403,062 on 7-2008)

I voted
The fear of what Tony might do to me has driven me to vote again, that and how flange-tastic Punky is.
Submitted By: mcdonaldljames
(403,048 on 7-2008)

Submitted By: bossmanthe
(402,991 on 7-2008)

Spanky Spanky
Punky Radio - much better than a comedy night in Castleford :)
Submitted By: mail
(402,972 on 7-2008)

Christ In A Coffin
If youre not listening to Punky what are you waiting for, the Second Coming?
Submitted By: woodyb3
(402,955 on 7-2008)

we love you long time
still listening......... still loving it! Best from Buttons and The Whore
Submitted By: shorts
(402,946 on 7-2008)

Punky! Radio
Heres my obligatory vote. Punky! Radio makes sliced bread look like, well, errr, sliced bread. Tony - you want my particulars? Ill give you my particulars. Drop me a line. Gareth (Calgary, Kanadja)
Submitted By: gruff007
(402,944 on 7-2008)

Funky Punky, these dudes aren’t monkeys! Don’t be a smacktard, vote for Punky! Radio. Peace, Markus
Submitted By: xyrocks
(402,205 on 7-2008)

You guys just keep on uniting me with bands from across the lands, making me laugh my ass off while doing it, year after year. Keep up the good work you twats! ps. I dont really think youre twats, but the podcast-alley-comment-etiquette requires for me to call you names at the end. My apologies.
Submitted By: tommy.ashburn
(401,685 on 6-2008)

Punky! the Power Podcast!
Theres only one reason not to listen to Punky! Thats if your deaf and theres nobody to sign for you! Spoony.
Submitted By: mark.spooner
(401,683 on 6-2008)

Goopa goopa smacktards and so on
I would like to thank Punky! for uniting a fan and a band from across the lands. Im finnish, but even though its a small and boring country, before listening to Punky! I hadnt even heard of Sweatmaster, which is now one of my favourite bands. Im currently listening to some episodes from late 2007, having seriously fallen behind, but Im catching up!
Submitted By: joose.90
(401,577 on 6-2008)

Catching up on shows
Im a show behind and just finished listening to The Sheik Said Shake. That was a groovy song!
Submitted By: twilly23
(401,323 on 6-2008)

I found out about Punky! Radio in a strange way i suppose. Pauly & I pulled this hot bird and were roasting her in the cab of my truck, when as we were swaping ends Paulyb said PUNKY! every time our eyes met which was odd. Still not half as odd as this guy i spotted stroking one off whilst watching Paulybs ass. All in all a good night and i discovered the best pod cast there is, well equal to TTN.
Submitted By: dinkle007
(399,469 on 6-2008)

Punky rules!
Submitted By: danzona
(399,305 on 6-2008)

Go ahead punk, make my day
Submitted By: crustofcrust
(399,174 on 6-2008)

Still voting
Ive still not managed to get my computer sorted since my flat got flooded in January, so Im waaaay behind! But Im still voting! Well, sometimes! Hopefully Ill finally get sorted today and I can start catching up! Those shows better be worth the wait! Cheers, Steve
Submitted By: steve
(398,837 on 6-2008)

Madness and Music
Following in the footsteps of the late, great Tornado Smith, "Punky" escalates insanity to an into artform- and you get to hear great Punk songs as a bonus!!! Keep up the great work!!!
Submitted By: lordreilloc
(398,791 on 6-2008)

Submitted By: rcarter
(397,212 on 6-2008)

Goober Goober
Another brilliant show!
Submitted By: paraglide1944
(396,711 on 6-2008)

Just found this podcast randomly and love it. Good shit dudes.
Submitted By: raisedunderreagan
(396,417 on 6-2008)

Really enjoyed the manila pr show this week chaps! Expecting the next one to make my ears bleed.... Keep up the good work! Toodle pip x
Submitted By: superstunt2004
(395,786 on 6-2008)

Vorsprung durch Punky-
Although Im still lagging behind a couple of shows. But alwaysh religioushly lishening! Kisskisskisskisskiss P.S.Entschuldigung, könnte ich Ihr Streichholzschächtelchen ausleihen? :D
Submitted By: Americruiser1
(395,384 on 6-2008)

Punky will destroy you!
Punky will destroy you and your children if youre a smacktard! And give you babies! 400 babies!
Submitted By: dmccracken123
(395,348 on 6-2008)

just pure good, proper good, like WELL GOOD kind of good. Punky! is No.1!
Submitted By: fuuuck
(395,249 on 6-2008)

Whats a title?
Submitted By: RSGUy4
(394,863 on 6-2008)

Vote For Punky!
If you arent listening, you are a pissmop. Favorite from a couple episodes ago: The Lurkers - Go Forward -Bill New York
Submitted By: bill
(394,605 on 6-2008)

Punkys Great!
Punky! makes my panties wet.... now give them back!
Submitted By: davefitz
(394,552 on 6-2008)

Punky! is the best use for lots of wires (using wires to suspend vodka drunk mermaids above your bath might be just a little better) Lombutroup
Submitted By: lombutroup
(394,534 on 6-2008)

Punky's Great
Funnier than watching 2 spastics wrestling in a paddling pool of KY jelly!!
Submitted By: dinkle007
(394,071 on 6-2008)

Punky is the best
Just download it man, you wont be disapointed. Pauly B is mans man & just keeps knocking back his homosexual co host who is in love with him. Listen closely and you will notice Tony stroking his wang to the sound of Pauly Bs voice. Also check out TTN (Total Talk Nonsense) Punkys favorite podcast!
Submitted By: dinkle007
(394,063 on 6-2008)

The Punky man Rocks!!
Stay Cool Mi Amigo!!! All The Best! djh the soupygato show
Submitted By: soupygato
(393,277 on 6-2008)

Oh Yessss!
Gimme P, P! Gimme U, U! Gimme...I cant be bothered so just YAY PUNKY! Instead of watching crap on telly when I get home from work I listen to Punky and forget the shitty day Ive just had, thanks guys!
Submitted By: insanestar
(393,006 on 6-2008)

Paul B Edwards is a comedy genius and a real gentleman.
Submitted By: prof.obollox
(392,701 on 6-2008)

Basically, Punky! Radio rocks!
Submitted By: comedy4cast
(392,556 on 6-2008)

Punky Rules! Its the kittens galoshes!
Submitted By: woodyb3
(392,241 on 6-2008)

Punky č bella!
Submitted By: noxandroll
(392,220 on 6-2008)

Punky Inspires!
TTN may think they are sellouts, but I used the Punky code on GoDaddy to start my podcast, which Tony so graciously plugged last week for 10 minutes. Thanks Tony! Oh and tell Paul: our lack of romantic relationship has nothing to do with our relative ages, but rather with his relative proximity to Chicago.
Submitted By: amberance
(392,195 on 6-2008)

Punky RULE!
Goompa Goompa - Punky all the way Smacktards!
Submitted By: BASSED77
(392,133 on 6-2008)

Love this show!
Submitted By: bossmanthe
(392,094 on 6-2008)

5 star Punk!
Submitted By: rob
(392,084 on 6-2008)

Yay Punky!
Submitted By: Peticallerium
(392,015 on 6-2008)

voting for punky!
Submitted By: marc
(391,991 on 6-2008)

you mean this isnt a vote for TTN?? Puice!!
Submitted By: vanaltj
(391,989 on 6-2008)

What can I say??
They are simply the best.
Submitted By: annkin
(391,982 on 6-2008)

Punky is radical! You two could take over other radiostations if ya wanted to with your badassness! and heres a word for ya: Frunt- a frugal cunt; a girl that is being stingy and wont ever help pay for anything and makes the guy pay for every single thing! Cheers and Beers! -Emerson Apathy
Submitted By: dcc2007
(391,812 on 6-2008)

Submitted By: mcdonaldljames
(391,786 on 6-2008)

June Vote for Punky
Last weeks show was short, this weeks show was long, Tony is working on his comedy, and Pauly is working on his wine. Heres a vote to the best show claiming to play Punk, from your oldest fan not planning to kick the bucket within the next couple of weeks. Cheers - george (Eclectic Mix and One Minute How-To podcasts)
Submitted By: george.smyth
(391,719 on 6-2008)

Though Im not asking for votes anymore, I figure I can still drop you guys one. I wish you luck in June my friends. Peace, Markus
Submitted By: xyrocks
(391,369 on 6-2008)

u said on some show u could smoke banana peels, u cant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted By: mick1050
(391,285 on 6-2008)

Punkys dead great!
Punkys dead great! Where else would you hear such great music? Not your local commercial radio station, thats for sure! Graham
Submitted By: podcast
(390,765 on 6-2008)

Gooper fuckin gooper. I know you do two shows at a time and that by the second one, you have drunk all the good grog, and have resorted to scavenging around in your neighbours recycling boxes for left overs, but in your last show (27/5), you guys sounded more fuckin wasted than I have ever heard you. Lets start hoping that you dont start doing three at a time or else you are gonna be hanging around the paint stripper shelf at B&Q looking for a fine vintage. Keep it up!!
Submitted By: phnuff
(390,401 on 6-2008)

Yeaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Love this motherfucking show. --d
Submitted By: sickandwrongpodcast
(389,727 on 5-2008)

Second Time
This Is The Second Time Ive Voted, Fucking Terrible.
Submitted By: biff_saunders
(389,700 on 5-2008)

Punky rocks!
Good music, good comedy. Theres not much else to be said. I love Punky! Love and kisses, Chris from Indiana
Submitted By: naptownchris
(388,788 on 5-2008)

Submitted By: martinchytil
(386,796 on 5-2008)

More El Draco!!!!
They make me moist.
Submitted By: gab_zero
(385,259 on 5-2008)

cracking show keep up the good work dudes
Submitted By: kjmh67
(385,224 on 5-2008)

Punky! Radio.
Sounds like an old granny with a club, stood next to a dying badger bleeding from the ears. Except its a lot more melodic to our ears. Top stuff! Get your grinds listening to it. [Dont forget to vote!] Cheese
Submitted By: rsguy4
(384,587 on 5-2008)

Punky rules!
Punkys still the best by far! R Graham
Submitted By: podcast
(384,309 on 5-2008)

lord bishop dirty riffs guitar gansters king kurt hollywood suiside the 4get me nots
Submitted By: mick1050
(383,511 on 5-2008)

george bush shoud be every show. keep up the good show, thanks
Submitted By: mdavfc
(383,170 on 5-2008)

Great fun
You just to check out this podcast. These guys are a riot. This show is a lot of fun. Check it out!
Submitted By: bartycast
(382,820 on 5-2008)

Five Stars
I love this tribute podcast to James Blunt, the greatest love songs ever to grace the podcast genre NOT. Punky is great, download it and enjoy. Also check out TTN!
Submitted By: dinkle007
(382,811 on 5-2008)

A Vote For Punky
Another month, another vote. Favorite band from the last show: Frenzy Of Tongs - Bait and Switch -Bill New York
Submitted By: bill
(381,996 on 5-2008)

another vote for the sellouts! Theo
Submitted By: theo.collier
(381,945 on 5-2008)

sweet sweet sounds
Holy crap! this show is so much better than any of the other shows. its unbelieveable!
Submitted By: frenzyoftongs
(380,159 on 5-2008)

Punkys Great!
You are abso-fucking posi-shitly correct. "The Chop Tops" is REALLY fun to say in a British-imitating-American accent. But when I say it it comes out as an American-imitating-British-imitating-American, so its not quite as cool as yours, PaulyB. Keep it up... if you know what I mean.
Submitted By: davefitz
(380,073 on 5-2008)

Best of luck in May my friends. Punky Rocks! Peace, Markus
Submitted By: xyrocks
(379,884 on 5-2008)

Cheers for Punky!
Submitted By: comedy4cast
(379,828 on 5-2008)

Wicked Automatic
wicked automatic has a great live show. they are 4 crazy blokes from the boston area usa...
Submitted By: wefixitthere
(379,482 on 4-2008)

Punky is the shit. There Tony, its not involved and you dont have to struggle over my words. Right on for playing King Kurt. Allen
Submitted By: catwoman200161
(379,279 on 4-2008)

sh!t, just noticed my typo, TONG=TONY, sorry. I feel a thick as a brick, as quick as a pubeless virgin tosser and as slow as a citroen 2cv heavily weighed down by a smelly fat girlfriend!
Submitted By: punkpocko
(378,977 on 4-2008)

tweedle dum & Tweedle gay
aye up me ducks, been a while since i tuned in, my psycho Mrs has popped out another sprog, and we have called her butch tong after her daddy iand I thought he was gay), still annoyed at the yanks using an incorrect date format, tell them to sort it out please. nice to catch up anyway you hairly cock stroking ferrit fiddlers, love Pocko
Submitted By: punkpocko
(378,973 on 4-2008)

Submitted By: mark.spooner
(378,961 on 4-2008)

punkey rocks
Submitted By: mick1050
(377,897 on 4-2008)

amazingly good
The best reason to have ears that I can think of! James
Submitted By: mcdonaldljames
(376,515 on 4-2008)

More Dave Grave
Thats all. More Dave Grave.
Submitted By: chrismoonlight
(376,178 on 4-2008)

A vote for April from the Brains Matter podcast! od_id=40939
Submitted By: mail
(375,921 on 4-2008)

Knit 1, Purl 2
Paulyb brought me knitting magazines. Im feeling the love.
Submitted By: twilly23
(375,571 on 4-2008)

All Punky, All The Time.
Submitted By: Americruiser1
(375,506 on 4-2008)

Punky rules!
Goopa goopa! Im late on everything, even on voting, but Im still around!! Keep it up! Cheers from Jungle Land, Marcos RudeBwoy
Submitted By: rudebwoy.podcast
(375,172 on 4-2008)

Punkys Great!
Punkys Great!
Submitted By: mikeeee02
(374,998 on 4-2008)

Punky! rox!
An awesome podcast, one of my favourites! Read my whole review here: html
Submitted By: ben
(374,696 on 4-2008)

Keep on swimming, keep on swimming!
Keep doing what ya doing, its ber-rilliant!
Submitted By: insanestar
(374,675 on 4-2008)

About time.
Hell has frozen over. The end of the world is at hand! Yes... For the first time in near enough two years I have actually remembered to vote for Punky! Ah well... Back to normal service now I hope not... SGM
Submitted By: satanicgoatmonkey
(374,487 on 4-2008)

Punk fucking rock!
Great Show, keep up the good work
Submitted By: deathzone
(373,866 on 4-2008)

Punkyradio rocks!!
Submitted By: thefades
(373,789 on 4-2008)

A Vote For Punky
I look forward to the east coast tour! Favorite Band from the last show... The Altar Boys, Gunshot -Bill New York
Submitted By: bill
(373,531 on 4-2008)

Its the Best
Discovered this by accident and thought it was a piss take to start of with (Vaginal Croutons !!!), but its great. Ive expanded my music collection and get a regular laugh. Nothing like wandering round the super market humming a dirty riffs song and laughing out loud at the great banter. Keep it. From Pushing Density Mike
Submitted By: m.hendry1
(372,942 on 4-2008)

Tis True
You Bloody Rock Mate!!! All The Best From #1 for March! Stay Brilliant My Good Man, djh The SoupyGato Show
Submitted By: soupygato
(372,817 on 4-2008)

how bout that woodchuck dammit? I was serious.
Submitted By: geraldbrooks158
(372,412 on 4-2008)

Milky Pants, another month to vote for the greatest punk podcast to come out of a tree house in Sherwood Forest. A vast improvement over Robins Merry band of men. (11 stars)
Submitted By: hsbcbob
(372,206 on 4-2008)

Yes, yes, vindictive
*To be read in a monotone* Yay! Woo! Punky! I love punky, its great, init. Eliot.
Submitted By: iusefizzylogic
(372,152 on 4-2008)

no comment :P
Submitted By: vanaltj
(372,045 on 4-2008)

Love the show... Dee Simon
Submitted By: rampageradio
(372,001 on 4-2008)

rocking out!
punky kicks ass! you all better vote for this amazing show or Deshi the goat herder will hunt you down and sick the evil goat monkey on you! bollocks to commercial programming PUNKY IS THE SHIT!
Submitted By: wickedradio
(371,961 on 4-2008)

These two pissmops are probably the best podcast you will ever hear. Great Music. Great people. Tune into it. Liam.
Submitted By: liamarnold666
(371,955 on 4-2008)

The Fuckin Tits!
Merry Rightnowaday!! cause every day is a holiday! Punky! Radio is the Fuckin Tits! and thats not just a rumor... Its the energy burst that can get anyone through their week! it could get an Irishman through a potato (or beer, i think they prefer it more) famine and it could get an Egyptian through 10 plagues or more! It better not stop or else all its listeners will pretend to be deaf till it starts up again! and no buddy likes a bunch of punkers to badly pretend to be deaf especially its completely obvious that they arent! Thanks for the awesomenessisms, Emerson Apathy
Submitted By: el73nosreme
(371,909 on 4-2008)

Im voting for the first time in forever because I dont want Tony touching me in private places. xxChantel from Canadanadandana
Submitted By: goopa_goopa
(371,903 on 4-2008)

teh shitz
you guys pwn -ben from CT
Submitted By: ben
(371,888 on 4-2008)

I vote Punky!
Why?............ because it makes me smile :) x
Submitted By: superstunt2004
(371,776 on 4-2008)

Play more Leather Zoo. Nuff said. Graham (again)
Submitted By: podcast
(371,484 on 4-2008)

Fuck Off
You Fucking Cockwankers are Fucking Brilliant. I Love The Show Been Listening for 5 months now and This is the first time voting. sorry... Fuck Cry baby Emo Kids FUCK EM ALL CUNTS!
Submitted By: dan_r_mason
(371,114 on 4-2008)

Punky! Radio kicks ass! Peace, Markus
Submitted By: xyrocks
(370,959 on 4-2008)

Punkys Great - No joke
Punkys crap.... April Fool! Of course it isnt! Punkys great! Its the only show I listen to that can time travel and still play great music. Graham Holland
Submitted By: graham.holland
(370,852 on 4-2008)

Top show, say no more . What a bunch of . . . ..
Submitted By: johnbarnett
(370,803 on 3-2008)

A touch of class!
Yes, a spiffing show from those 2 lovely chaps, splendid banter and ripping fun dont you know! Kind regards from Spoony.
Submitted By: mark.spooner
(370,350 on 3-2008)

punkys great
punkys great
Submitted By: carnott13
(370,302 on 3-2008)

I vote for Juke Joint Pimps - Red Wine Song. That was brilliant, good song choice guys! Allen
Submitted By: catwoman200161
(369,995 on 3-2008)

smack my ass and call me jeffery! love it...
Submitted By: carebear6823
(368,485 on 3-2008)

I would like to vote for punky radio!
Submitted By: sam_walkerdine
(368,060 on 3-2008)

a vote foe punky is a vote for freedom
and its also a vote against teats everywhere
Submitted By: marc.d.chapman
(367,430 on 3-2008)

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if that woodchuck had a serious case of the shits? And possibly crabs.
Submitted By: geraldbrooks158
(366,455 on 3-2008)

Out of all the Podcasts I download (& I download a LOT), Punky! is the only one that I listen to regularly. Im a fairly new listener (started in January) and its so easy to get addicted to it! Great presenters, great music, great podcast!
Submitted By: insanestar
(366,318 on 3-2008)

PUNKY! = Jesus simple as that >_
Submitted By: Mrexhalloween
(365,447 on 3-2008)

A mad March vote for the dynamic duo!
Submitted By: superstunt2004
(365,326 on 3-2008)

A Vote for Punky
Favorite Band: Cock Sparrer - Fucking Legends! -Bill New York
Submitted By: bill
(365,312 on 3-2008)

Punkys Great!
Punkys Great!
Submitted By: mikeeee02
(365,016 on 3-2008)

March vote
A March vote from Brains Matter d=40939
Submitted By: mail
(364,998 on 3-2008)

Punky Sux
As listened to by James Blunt himself, two smacktards talking shit for hours. Punky rules.
Submitted By: dinkle007
(364,926 on 3-2008)

Leather Zoo rocks!
Punkys great! You asked for favourite bands so here goes - play more Leather Zoo! Graham - Its A Frogs Life Acoustic Podcast
Submitted By: podcast
(364,624 on 3-2008)

Hey Punky
Its Mike again, Yet another vote for punky! Thanks for the show
Submitted By: michael.dalrymple
(364,313 on 3-2008)

March Vote
Heres your March vote guys, now go off and find some more Raw Poo tracks to play.
Submitted By: mail
(364,162 on 3-2008)

Hey Punky!
Another month, another vote. Keep making shows and Ill keep listening.
Submitted By: wkistler
(363,752 on 3-2008)

the only reason to drive to work is the chance to listen to punky, loud as I like. Still searching for my badger, I think he was a little frightened.
Submitted By: lombutroup
(363,706 on 3-2008)

Tonys not touching me this month either :D
Submitted By: liamarnold666
(363,626 on 3-2008)

Another month another vote!!!!
Still the best podcast on tnet!!
Submitted By: psychobillystu
(363,611 on 3-2008)

Hell yeah, first vote for March. Funky Punky! is now on the board. Peace, Love, and Punky!. Markus - XYRocks
Submitted By: xyrocks
(363,518 on 3-2008)

From Eliot.
Even though i listen to Punky, i cant quite work out why. I mean, fair enough the laughs are enjoyable, but the music isnt exactly genius. But listen anyway, what the hey? P.s. That song you told me to bare with was the best song on the show, by far. It reminded me of good old Tony Hawk Pro Skater games. Bonzer. From Eliot.
Submitted By: iusefizzylogic
(362,476 on 2-2008)

Punky Rules!
Best in the UK Easy!
Submitted By: biff
(362,452 on 2-2008)

Voting with my mighty berzerker!
Yeah that is right. Eirik
Submitted By: eirikarlov
(361,491 on 2-2008)

Hey I just renewed some domains and saved some cash via your godaddy discount. Thanks!-Twilight
Submitted By: twilly23
(360,818 on 2-2008)

Is Punky! like Mary Poppins?
Yes, practically perfect in every way, just like Mary Poppins!
Submitted By: mark.spooner
(359,650 on 2-2008)

Tard Smacking
Punky!- It's almost as good as Cyberpunk Radio, Bitches!
Submitted By: defwheezer
(358,882 on 2-2008)

Punky! Is an awesome weekly podcast. If you have any interest in Punk Rock, in comedy, modern culture, or if you are an Anglophile, you must give this one a listen!
Submitted By: JDBolton
(357,567 on 2-2008)

Happy Birthday!!!
......from Buttons & The Whore of Air Out My Shorts
Submitted By: shorts
(357,009 on 2-2008)

Get your head out of your twat and vote PUNKY!!
Submitted By: michael.dalrymple
(356,878 on 2-2008)

Great show again smacktards. Thought it was about time i voted (might stop the spam!!) Oh yeah and King Kurt Obviously!!! Stu
Submitted By: psychobillystu
(356,847 on 2-2008)

Vote Punky!
Submitted By: jerpearce03
(356,555 on 2-2008)

Oh Punky, the savior of my life
fixing wrongs, making rights, making the future of punk so bright!
Submitted By: marc.d.chapman
(356,446 on 2-2008)

Punky ROCKS!
Yeah! Punky ROCKS, or is that PUNKS? Whatever. It's February and a leap year so there's an extra day for us all to listen to Punky! Radio. Don't waste the opportunity - you know it makes sense. Our Graham - It's A Frog's Life Acoustic Podcast -
Submitted By: podcast
(356,435 on 2-2008)

Funky Punky!
I love Punky Radio. Been a convert for about two years now. I was a tad plastered when I listened to the last show... wow! It was like I finally understood what Tony was saying... :) Keep up the good work boys! Werner "Pooshirt"
Submitted By: Werner
(356,388 on 2-2008)

Especially for you....
Do I get a prize for voting then? Doesnt matter cos you wouldnt fucking post it out anyway, douchebags!! Lots of love, Fatboy PS - Best band was anything but bloody Duran Duran
Submitted By: mail
(356,373 on 2-2008)

Praise the gods, or the single one, or fewer that we believe in!!!
Punky is not just awe-some, asin in they are not some of awe, They are awe-full! as in full of awe!... ohh wait nevermind im the one in awe! cause that radio show is greta for everyone young and old and even dead or unborn! Keep it goin guys! if you make it we will listen! Thanks! From your supporter, Emerson Apathy
Submitted By: el73nosreme
(356,362 on 2-2008)

I cant find my badger!
Submitted By: lombutroup
(356,361 on 2-2008)

Great show, great music, great people. what more can i say?
Submitted By: Liamarnold666
(356,003 on 2-2008)

Yo Punky! Just showing you a little monthly love. You Rock! Peace, Markus
Submitted By: xyrocks
(355,908 on 2-2008)

The Wrench...
...sends a huge bucket of messy, sticky love to our friends at Punky!.... xx
Submitted By: editor
(355,781 on 2-2008)

........................................wait for it
Submitted By: superstunt2004
(354,988 on 1-2008)

A vote for January! From the Brains Matter podcast id=40939
Submitted By: mail
(353,338 on 1-2008)

Simply the Best
Long time listener, first time voter. Paul and Tony have changed my life for the better.
Submitted By: annkin
(353,281 on 1-2008)

The dogs bollocks!
Punky! are the Pied Pipers of podcasting, so beware in case you find youre alwaysh lishning! Love from Spoony.
Submitted By: mark.spooner
(352,149 on 1-2008)

hey you smack tards you are back on wicked radio! It has taken us way longer then planned to get the station rebuilt after our tragic accident involving a gorilla a donkey and two sluts from sweeden, anyways keep on make shows and ill keep on playing them to the masses. you guys air at 9pm centreal time -6 from you guys. you air 7 days a week with your new episodes every saturday. One mroe thing dont you fucking hate politics! I feel like my tele is flooded with nothing but bullshit politics. Evil Deshi The Goat Hearder
Submitted By: deshi
(352,056 on 1-2008)

Submitted By: blackrockcock
(350,412 on 1-2008)

Submitted By: deborah.nicholas
(349,638 on 1-2008)

As I recall, YOU GUYS were the ones that first deemed me Allen. I vote for Punky! because Paul is worth it. Wait, maybe I should say Tony is worth it because he isnt a flapface. How about I call it a draw because this show is cooler then a popsicle stuck into a sphincter? xx Allenadanan
Submitted By: catwoman200161
(348,221 on 1-2008)

A New Year A New Vote
Heres to yet another year of Punky... Favorite Band from last show: Wau y los Arrrghs!!!!! (As much as I love Anti Nowhere Leauge) -Bill New York
Submitted By: bill
(347,966 on 1-2008)

Another great month of shows, another vote from me. Ive listened on and off to many podcasts and Punky is the best of the lot. Keep up the great work lads. Jeremy
Submitted By: jerpearce03
(347,217 on 1-2008)

Play more Zombina and the Skeletones dagnammit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... oh, and Tonys a div
Submitted By: geraldbrooks158
(346,669 on 1-2008)

I like it.
Submitted By: dirty.hua
(346,529 on 1-2008)

The Absolute Best
Punky! is the absolute best. Nothing compares to you. I worship the very ground you spit upon. Life is meaningless without my weekly dose. Oh god, how did I survive without you. Same time next month then gents? And, can you send the cheque this time? Gareth, Calgary, Canada
Submitted By: gruff007
(346,430 on 1-2008)

Punky is best!!!!!!!!!
Submitted By: callum_theta
(346,189 on 1-2008)

Happy New Year!!! You cheeky bastards. --Dee Simon
Submitted By: rampageradio
(346,060 on 1-2008)

Punkys Great!
Punkys Great!
Submitted By: mikeeee02
(345,780 on 1-2008)

You guys are fuckin great! Heres a vote, keep on rockin!
Submitted By: fatman_siple
(345,763 on 1-2008)

Submitted By: ben
(345,724 on 1-2008)

Punky forever
Happy New Year. Heres to 52 great more Punkies!
Submitted By: wkistler
(345,707 on 1-2008)

Aint too proud to beg
Hats off to another new year of Punky!! Chock full of divs, wankers, pissmops, and of course, great music and mediocre banter. Kayla Conspiracy
Submitted By: cause_of_rebellion
(345,633 on 1-2008)

Punky Rocks!
Submitted By: lucretius
(345,632 on 1-2008)

best podcast ever
Submitted By: skid_addle
(345,626 on 1-2008)

Im voting for my myself
...because Im worth it... Paulybx
Submitted By: paulyb
(345,612 on 1-2008)

I hope 2008 treats you well. Punky Rocks! Peace, Markus
Submitted By: xyrocks
(345,560 on 1-2008)

Another Year, Another Vote
Happy New Year ya bunch o cunts!
Submitted By: mail
(345,524 on 1-2008)

EXCELLENT Podcast!!!!!
Oi Oi-- Great show! Thanks
Submitted By: usamike
(345,328 on 1-2008)

and a Punky New Year!
Goopa goopa, smacktards! Here's wishing PaulyB and Tony, and all the listeners in Punkyville and beyond a very Punky New Year. Graham Holland, It's A Frog's Life Acoustic Podcast
Submitted By: podcast
(345,165 on 1-2008)

Looking forward
to another year of Punky!
Submitted By: twilly23
(344,800 on 12-2007)

Fantaaastic show.
Submitted By: frenzyoftongs
(344,794 on 12-2007)

December vote
Seasons greetings from the Brains Matter podcast!
Submitted By: mail
(344,782 on 12-2007)

Submitted By: thetoebbens
(344,658 on 12-2007)

Aloha From 808Talk Hawaii
Aloha and Mele Kalikimaka (Merry Christmas)
Submitted By: 808Talk
(343,268 on 12-2007)

Merry A$$-Mass
Your show is so titillating, it makes me want to poo. Love, from that fat bastard Jon of TTN!
Submitted By: jon
(343,118 on 12-2007)

No.1 show!
Seasons greetings to the two strange blokes of the forest, known for uniting perverts, fans and bands across the lands!
Submitted By: mark.spooner
(342,601 on 12-2007)

Third??? Oh dear, dear....clearly gone off the boil. Have a vote (now wheres my mistletoe....?)
Submitted By: superstunt2004
(342,128 on 12-2007)

Xmas Vote
Ho ho ho. Lets face it a ho is the closest you two Tuppies will get to stuffing owt this Chrimbo! Merry fucking Chrstmas and shit!
Submitted By: mail
(341,742 on 12-2007)

Submitted By: frankie
(340,421 on 12-2007)

(Awesome + Tony) - kittenbloods = Punky!
Submitted By: dmccracken123
(339,847 on 12-2007)

Hell Yeah
I love this motherfucking show!!! --Dee Simon
Submitted By: rampageradio
(339,411 on 12-2007)

Here you go. Merry Christmas. Tony you div...and elf bitch. love alwaysh Kayla
Submitted By: cause_of_rebellion
(339,351 on 12-2007)

Paul-I dont exactly know if this is a plausible explanation but I think your throat issues have spread through the airwaves. I have been voiceless for a whole week! Allen. Oh ya- two more episodes and Ill have been listening for a whole year!
Submitted By: catwoman200161
(339,297 on 12-2007)

Seasons greetings
Goopa goopa! Tis time to deck your balls with boughs of holly, dry-clean your milkypants, spruce up your cum-soaked badger, and crack open your biggest bottle of manpagne. Have a Punky Christmas! Graham Its A Frogs Life Acoustic Podcast
Submitted By: podcast
(339,023 on 12-2007)

Punk is teh W00T!! -bene
Submitted By: ben
(339,017 on 12-2007)

Heres the first vote Ive given you in over a year (yes, Im a smacktard, laptop hates podcast alley!). Now, PLEASE. Quit begging. :) My fav band youve played would be Subb. Play some more of them. kay?. :) You guys rock, but the facebook messages are annoying. And. Tonys a div.
Submitted By: goopa_goopa
(338,967 on 12-2007)

Punkys Great
I dont just vote because Paul and Tonys constant pleas to do so, I really think Punks great!
Submitted By: jerpearce03
(338,958 on 12-2007)

Erg, yeah. Im voting... you know, Im sure if there was like cookies, or juice to be offered everytime people went to vote. They would vote more often. Im not sure how wed get the food over the computer. But maybe we could have actual ballot boxes. The future of podcast voting! Ana
Submitted By: anamilanovic222
(338,938 on 12-2007)

great show as always, keep up the good work.
Submitted By: Doug99208
(338,894 on 12-2007)

Better than anything you Septics come up with.
Submitted By: henningwehn
(338,889 on 12-2007)

fab as usual
Submitted By: joss
(338,878 on 12-2007)

A little something special. A sparkle in the eye of the great mud monster of life. A joy. A present sent from cottages and lodges around the UK.
Submitted By: lombutroup
(338,874 on 12-2007)

Submitted By: geraldbrooks158
(338,668 on 12-2007)

I Dare you to read this out
... Cos nothings here... Well now there is.... Shite Spike. ALWASH LOOKING!
Submitted By: ben_pierson
(338,655 on 12-2007)

Punky! Radio
Pretty damned punky but where are the Married To The Sea plays? They get more awesome by the minute - check out their MySpace. See you Sat, Paul and all power to your pod
Submitted By: randrcoope
(338,166 on 12-2007)

Punky rocks!
Submitted By: debs1nicholas
(338,115 on 12-2007)

Punky! kicks ass. Alright smacktards, its December and time to vote again. Hope you dudes have a great month and beat Soupy! Peace, Markus
Submitted By: xyrocks
(336,973 on 12-2007)

Submitted By: PHNUFF
(335,805 on 11-2007)

The Punky Place
hard and fast.. great bands and shows...
Submitted By: info
(335,230 on 11-2007)

Ive been listening to Punky for well over a year now and its just as good as the day I found it. Keep up the good work guys. See you at the poker table, if I find you there late at night.
Submitted By: jerpearce03
(333,713 on 11-2007)

Great show
Good music and funny as f***
Submitted By: phillpugh
(333,429 on 11-2007)

Allllllllllllllllllllllwaysh lishening
Submitted By: me
(331,765 on 11-2007)

Cheers n Beers!!!!
U guys lick my tit! its wonderful to hear ur show and to hear new bands to find and hear more of! its great beans! Cheers n Beers Guys, Emerson Apathy from Wisconsin
Submitted By: dcc2007
(331,165 on 11-2007)

Sod off ya Wankers
Submitted By: geraldbrooks158
(331,093 on 11-2007)

punky! rocks ok!
The voice is back - the boys are kicking - the shows on track - with Tonys licking! P.S. the backs of stamps are feeling left out!
Submitted By: mark.spooner
(330,940 on 11-2007)

Awesome! What more can be said?!?!?!
Submitted By: leehawk13
(330,061 on 11-2007)

Great show
Keep up the great work! From the Brains Matter podcast id=40939
Submitted By: mail
(328,895 on 11-2007)

Ive decided, as a dedicated Punky defender, that if I ever hear any emo kids crying about the show, Ill cut their wrists for them. Allen.
Submitted By: catwoman200161
(328,616 on 11-2007)

Well, it turns out that rocking out to Punky! isnt the only benefit, it seems that Pauly B. and manly Tony have Phat accents. To wit, Im playing back a show from some time ago, namely the news article about Fucking, Germany (hee, hee!) for my wife, and she says she cant understand a single word you gents (ha! Gents...) are saying. BUT!! Apparently she finds it DEAD SEXY. So... play punky for yer gal = get some!! Thats my kinda math! Keep up the English, cuz its keeping up the Americans (if you get my drift...). --thebURNT1
Submitted By: onehundredpercentpureburnt
(327,798 on 11-2007)

They left a flyer in my union bar when I was in first year, ive been obsessed ever since!!! Listen to them, how can you not be. Helped me through so many nights of having to do last minute assignments!!!
Submitted By: poisoned_angel2003
(326,478 on 11-2007)

Aloha From 808Talk Hawaii
Aloha from the Hawaiian Islands. ( /
Submitted By: 808Talk
(326,359 on 11-2007)

Holy Smacktards!
This is Gary from Grimsby here to give you my vote as the best podcast on internet radio. We here at Agito Radio have decided we are going to step on your shoes afterall by playing unsigned bands but well always give Punky! a mention in our shows because, frankly, there are no shows better than yours. PS. Hope Paulys throat gets better, he currently sounds like a hedgehog on heat.
Submitted By: agitomedia1
(325,784 on 11-2007)

a vote for punky, means youre not a twat. unless, like me you have been izzatwat b4 ::D then you are a twat... like me... :D woo! punky! i love you...
Submitted By: supertommy
(325,652 on 11-2007)

Punkys great, Keep it up, Jason
Submitted By: jason_selkirk
(325,322 on 11-2007)

Awesome! as always G x
Submitted By: brunettesbest
(325,254 on 11-2007)

Thank you for being there for me Punky! You are my candle in the wind. Without you, life would not be worth living. Peace, Mercy, Pity are on earth thanks to you two... or whatever. I mean, I lied above about all that crap. But youre still like a good fuck; rough, loud and long lasting. Cheers, Ana
Submitted By: anamilanovic222
(325,003 on 11-2007)

Goopa!!! It sort of says it all really!
Submitted By: Nicqui
(324,948 on 11-2007)

Zombina in acoustic podcast shock!
Whod have thunk it? If it wasnt weird enough having Punky Radio playing proper poetry, the Its A Frogs Life Acoustic Podcast just played Zombina and the Skeletones! Show 38 was a Halloween special and, coming from the Pool, I just had to play a track from everybodys favourite punky gothic horror band. After all, it was Punky that first introduced me to ZATS, which just goes to show that Punky really is uniting fans and bands across the lands! Thanks for your support, and keep up the great show. Alwayshh looking (for shameless self-promotion) Graham
Submitted By: podcast
(324,847 on 11-2007)

No Paul B. Edwards! I do NOT want Tony licking the backs of my knees with his rough tongue! No!
Submitted By: cause_of_rebellion
(324,750 on 11-2007)

Alwaysh voting!
Just casting THE VOTE OF JUSTICE! Always voting here in Holland! Cheers, Waal.
Submitted By: walewijn_den_boer
(324,703 on 11-2007)

punky roooolz
didnt ya hear me the first, git yo ears fixed boy
Submitted By: andymcgibbon
(324,702 on 11-2007)

awesome work
Submitted By: annuhl7
(324,581 on 11-2007)

Punkus Muchus
Guys, you know i love you, i dont know why i need to do the podcast alley thing to show it. And dont think im doing it out of choice, i was messaged on facebook about it so i thought i may aswell. Anyway yeah, cliché sayings hmm... Punkys Great! And if you smacktards havent listened to them yet then you surely are a wank stain on the duvet of sociaty. That better? :) p.s. i used that last line on some fella who was irritating, it right pissed him off xD
Submitted By: iusefizzylogic
(324,546 on 11-2007)

Punky! Radio
This show kicks ass man! Listen, Love it, and Vote! Peace, Markus
Submitted By: xyrocks
(324,542 on 11-2007)

Bollox to ya then Tony!
Ill get me own duty frees then! Unfortunately with Paul now sending like Professor Yaffel fulltime I fell asleep listening to Punky on the flight back from Madrid. Ill be listening to the Alcaholcast this weekend too so god help me!!!
Submitted By: mail
(324,494 on 11-2007)

Punky! Rocks
Submitted By: bossmanthe
(324,432 on 11-2007)

Number One!
Easily the best podcast on the WWW. The hatchet wounds should be truly proud of their amazing show!
Submitted By: radio
(324,414 on 10-2007)

Hey smacktards, been listening a while now, finnally got off my ass and voted.
Submitted By: geraldbrooks158
(321,939 on 10-2007)

Im way too tired to come up with an interesting comment, but I GOTTA have my Punky Radio! Thanks for being so funny, so weird, and so damn PUNK! (Now go play me some wrekkids!)
Submitted By: onehundredpercentpureburnt
(321,736 on 10-2007)

punky is the sex
Submitted By: supertommy
(321,487 on 10-2007)

Russell who....?
Submitted By: superstunt2004
(320,545 on 10-2007)

Heres a vote for you. Climb, Punky! Climb!
Submitted By: paulsaurini
(320,273 on 10-2007)

Welcome Home
Hi guys welcome back to Blighty. Just listened to the show and laughed the whole way through. You guys are even funnier than Jonathon Woss. Take care. Graham Beech
Submitted By: gwbeech
(319,993 on 10-2007)

Oi Oi Oi
Cheerz, what a bargain!!!!!
Submitted By: krishackett
(319,936 on 10-2007)

Dangers Close rock
Submitted By: paul.spencer87
(319,903 on 10-2007)

RED FLAG 77 ARE THE GREATEST BAND IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVER!!!!!! !!!!
Submitted By: supertommy
(319,286 on 10-2007)

First class service to listeners, even from the other side of the atlantic, which is more than we can say for other nameless WEBCASTS. You guys deserve a gold medal - apoog! apoog!
Submitted By: mark.spooner
(319,013 on 10-2007)

Vote, damn you! Get on your knees and bow to the one true PUNKY!! Great show guys You rock (in a punk kinda way) Mike Dalrymple
Submitted By: michael.dalrymple
(318,714 on 10-2007)

Punky raido
punky radio rules love, devil baby freakshow
Submitted By: licebot
(318,017 on 10-2007)

Crashed Out!
Support Crashed Out, theyre as good as it gets.
Submitted By: jeffpenner
(317,752 on 10-2007)

I love you guys
I am now making any potential dates listen to at least one episode of your show before Ill agree to go out with them. Thanks for helping me weed out the smacktards.
Submitted By: rspannuth
(317,520 on 10-2007)

Punky! is spunky!
Submitted By: troysroom
(317,292 on 10-2007)

Hallelujah. Its punky!
Submitted By: erraticast
(316,235 on 10-2007)

October vote
Keep up the great show! From the folks at the Brains Matter podcast id=40939
Submitted By: mail
(316,142 on 10-2007)

Punkys Great
Submitted By: jerpearce03
(315,409 on 10-2007)

I love Punky. Hope you guys enjoyed America but I must impress that Canadana is where the key to life lives. Did you ever make tony eat a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup? Hope you like the new yellow forms of yourselves too! Allen
Submitted By: catwoman200161
(315,086 on 10-2007)

Stellar Show
If youre looking for a show that consistently rocks out and makes you laugh then Punky! is the podcast for you.
Submitted By: twilly23
(314,408 on 10-2007)

Homo-erotic fun and games for everyone....Punky we love you!
Submitted By: dean.brookes
(314,264 on 10-2007)

Punkys great
Submitted By: selkirkj
(313,691 on 10-2007)

Submitted By: kev_eddy
(313,617 on 10-2007)

punky is the best :D
Submitted By: tommy
(313,596 on 10-2007)

Love from Bones
Oi oi. Spanks from SA. J.Bones
Submitted By: jeanpierred
(313,569 on 10-2007)

Welcome back to Blighty
Wheres me duty frees Tony!!!
Submitted By: mail
(313,560 on 10-2007)

Ive been listening for too long, and I seriously am starting to think its affecting me. Yesterday I ran into my coffee table and told it "Wotcher Twat". Yes, Punky! has me insulting my furniture. But it makes life more fun!!! So listen to em.
Submitted By: anamilanovic222
(313,432 on 10-2007)

Great Show!
I love Punky! Great hosts and great music. I would have their babies if it didnt hurt so much.
Submitted By: chairman.sean
(313,395 on 10-2007)

You only write me when you want something. I feel so cheap and used. Same again next month???? Gareth Williams
Submitted By: gareth13
(313,369 on 10-2007)

blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah vblah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah vblah blah blah blah blah blah blah vblah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah !!!!
Submitted By: chrisbkent
(313,266 on 10-2007)

I was commanded by the almighty twatgods of Punky to vote. I wish not to invoke the wrath of my gods who deliver me from bad music, so heres my vote. Kayla Conspiracy
Submitted By: cause_of_rebellion
(313,217 on 10-2007)

Punky. Fuck yeah!
Submitted By: dirty.hua
(313,206 on 10-2007)

a vote for punky
a vote for punky is a vote for unity..uniting fans and bands across the lands
Submitted By: Doug99208
(313,190 on 10-2007)

Great effing show
If you like punk music, listen to this show. If you like great comedy, listen to this show. If you hate both, then you just dont know how to spell the word purple.
Submitted By: abstruse
(313,165 on 10-2007)

v o t i n g
Submitted By: shorts
(313,145 on 10-2007)

Punky rocks my socks
Right now Im working 70 hours a week. Thank the lord that I can spend at least one of those hours listening to Punky. Keep rocking. Will K
Submitted By: wkistler
(313,111 on 10-2007)

Uniting fans and bands across the lands (including the USA!)
Yee haw! Its Punky! And PaulyB and Tony have been to the USA to inflict their own brand of British weirdness on the unsuspecting American public. Will Tony form yet another band? Will Paul get twatted by that guy in De Kalb? Did the flakes melt on the plane? Tune in to find out the answers to these and maybe a couple more questions. Milkypants!!!!
Submitted By: podcast
(313,108 on 10-2007)

Punky Radio
its the kits tita!
Submitted By: theposhtiger
(313,106 on 10-2007)

And another stone is laid on the way to Punky Greatness..
Submitted By: walewijn_den_boer
(313,016 on 10-2007)

I vote for Punky. It is totally brilliant
Submitted By: sharonkcooper
(312,962 on 10-2007)

Punky Rocks!
Next time you boys come stateside, youll have to swing by Boston and Ill show you how to party it up proper!
Submitted By: thejittershow
(312,637 on 10-2007)

Recently discovered your podcast, Its fuckin money!!!!!! Dingleberry Crapwell
Submitted By: thetoebbens
(312,163 on 10-2007)

Punky kicks @ss!
Keep up the great work Pauly B. and Tony. You guys ROCK!!! Markus
Submitted By: xyrocks
(312,095 on 10-2007)

Aloha From 808Talk Hawaii
Aloha from the Hawaiian Islands. ( /
Submitted By: 808Talk
(312,058 on 10-2007)

Aaaah - look who's voting! :) Thank god full moon is over and I've finally managed to escape my wolverine's den, creeping along the alleys of ghost town in search for the last bottle of whiskey, left in the old mill by El Draco and the Pieces of Hate... Now I am lying here, filing my claws and panting in anticipation of the newest Punky! episode, and all I can say is: HOWL!!! (harrumph) I mean: Goopa!Goopa! xs
Submitted By: Americruiser1
(311,398 on 9-2007)

Punky Rocks!
Down with Soupy Twatto!
Submitted By: marc.d.chapman
(311,056 on 9-2007)

Punky! rules OK!
Deep in the heart of sherwood forest theres a throb, throb throbbing. Is it a throbbing hood? More likely its a throbbing bazooka! Wil it still throb from over the ocean? We wait with expectation, apoog! apoog!
Submitted By: mark.spooner
(309,473 on 9-2007)

Punky radio. Love it. SMACKTARD!
Submitted By: jdw1970
(307,519 on 9-2007)

Great Fuckin Podcast
Any one looking for a great punk rock / comedy podcast. Look no further... This show is so good it wins awards. Stop being a fucktard and get this podcast!!
Submitted By: michael.dalrymple
(307,438 on 9-2007)

Keep it up you punks!!! Lovin some Punky!! Scott x
Submitted By: scott.williams
(307,060 on 9-2007)

Punk as fuck
Great fucking punk show, you should be on radio 1 and fuck all that chart crap off!!
Submitted By: deathzone
(306,742 on 9-2007)

Vote Punky
Vote Punky as much and as often as possible... -Bill
Submitted By: bill
(306,728 on 9-2007)

New Feature?
I think listeners should send in tongue twisters for Tony. Can I start with "She sells sea shells on the sea shore" Loving the show as usual - although I am old enough to know better Black Cat XX
Submitted By: superstunt2004
(306,368 on 9-2007)

Aloha From 808Talk Hawaii
Aloha from the Hawaiian Islands. ( /
Submitted By: 808Talk
(305,796 on 9-2007)

Love the show you smacktards! Keep it up!
Submitted By: thejittershow
(305,602 on 9-2007)

It sounds like two horny chickens fighting in a marshmallow ring....its PUNKY! And its awsome. Theres nothing like a nice swiff of Punky after a long ass hauling day to freshen you up and cause severe stomach cramps. So listen to it!!! Ana
Submitted By: anamilanovic222
(305,504 on 9-2007)

Punky is my antidote!
Hey guys. My job involves listening to obnoxious audio. (Im an animator for a film which Im not going to name, but I will say that it involves some high-pitched, singing rodents) Its not that bad to hear once, even, but listening to the clips over and over all day can get old. Thank god I have access to the internet, and thus Punky, to help keep me sane. Keep up the good work. Will
Submitted By: wkistler
(305,172 on 9-2007)

WAAAOOOOOOOOO WAAAAAOOOOOOOOOO. King Kurt is my favourite. That song made me love them even more. And Goldblade's Pyscho? La creme da la creme. Thats one of my favourite songs. Oh yeah, I guess you guys made this weeks show so good, so, thank you! This week was definatley one of my favourites! And to celebrate? No abuse from this Canadanan. Love, Allen xx
Submitted By: catherine_rutledge
(304,952 on 9-2007)

WAAAOOOOOOOO WAAAAOOOOOOOOO... Ahhhh. King Kurt to finish off a lousy week and bring me out of fishtown. Not to mention Goldblade.Oh yeah, Paul and Tony, guess you guys helped out too. Just kidding, awesome show, Definately my favourite in a long time. Love, Allen. xx
Submitted By: catwoman200161
(304,948 on 9-2007)

Vote Punky!
A vote for Punky truly is a vote for justice. Down with the cheating proxy voting cunts!
Submitted By: jerpearce03
(303,907 on 9-2007)

wholly crap
you guys are still assking for fucking votes?! fine. here it is. kiss my ass. but in all honesty, i love the show, keep it up.
Submitted By: Doug99208
(303,273 on 9-2007)

Submitted By: widge
(302,990 on 9-2007)

Thumbs up!
You guys fin rock! Greetings from the band Iris, punkrocknroll from the Netherlands!
Submitted By: walewijn_den_boer
(302,962 on 9-2007)

September vote
Keep up the great work! From the folks at the Brains Matter podcast
Submitted By: mail
(302,794 on 9-2007)

brilliant...nuff said
Submitted By: scottywalker_22
(302,625 on 9-2007)

Surprise buttsecks!
Submitted By: frankie
(302,622 on 9-2007)

Punky! Radio Rocks!!! Dont be a freakin smacktard, listen to this show. Peace, Markus
Submitted By: xyrocks
(302,526 on 9-2007)

This show is a real alternative
Submitted By: theconcretegods
(302,504 on 9-2007)

Vote for Punky!
As always heres your vote! Lets blow those other podcast shows out of the water this month and send to Punky to America with that superior smarmy look as if you just did something important this month.
Submitted By: notenuff36
(302,503 on 9-2007)

you guys are the fucking greatest. your show is the only thing i can listen to for more then 10 minutes without wanting to punch someone. society should thank you
Submitted By: Pnkx2cherry
(302,499 on 9-2007)

Punkys great ok! [Wearing a Pooshirt]
Submitted By: werner
(302,434 on 9-2007)

From Nick
I, Tony Hearn, have graphic sexual fantasies about landfowl. Just wanted to make you read that out loud, Tony. Go Punky!
Submitted By: nryates
(302,072 on 9-2007)

So Pauly B. says I listen to more podcasts than anyone he knows, and PUNKY! IS STILL ONE OF MY FAVORITES, WHORES!
Submitted By: erraticast
(302,031 on 9-2007)

for PUNKY!
Submitted By: shorts
(302,016 on 9-2007)

Listen... or your a smacktard!
Excellent podcast for the latest in bands you would love, if only corporate radio wasnt such a TWAT! The hosts do an excellent job of mixing humor, booze, boobies, and bloody-good-music, and thanks to the magic of the "internets" you can enjoy them anywhere, any time. Even if punk is not your thing, give them a listen, otherwise your a smacktard!
Submitted By: Xix36x
(301,971 on 9-2007)

Cause Duhh!
Submitted By: figure08ground
(301,949 on 9-2007)

Listen or else
Submitted By: afireinside102075
(301,946 on 9-2007)

Punkys Great!
Punkys good, Punkys Great, Punky makes me go to school late!
Submitted By: TarahJiggity
(301,928 on 9-2007)

Punky! Its the Dogs Bollocks.
Submitted By: gareth13
(301,908 on 9-2007)

Punky love!
Submitted By: laura221190
(301,906 on 9-2007)

Im a bugle
see above
Submitted By: danwillis
(301,900 on 9-2007)

im setting up a studio to help out local punk/ska bands. ill send you some cds when we get them out.
Submitted By: ben
(301,896 on 9-2007)

Hey wankers, Im from Canada, And you guys are the best podcast that ive heard yet. Come to Canada some time, our beer is better than the Yanks below us. Keep up the great work, Jason
Submitted By: selkirkj
(301,879 on 9-2007)

Punky! Radio ROOOOOOOOOOLS! :)
Submitted By: jooleeawn
(301,872 on 9-2007)

The best in unsigned music!
Ive long been a fan of Punky! Radio. Long may it reign!
Submitted By: radio
(301,862 on 9-2007)

Submitted By: samrose103
(301,858 on 9-2007)

heres a vote tony grow some balls -zach from virginia
Submitted By: ROWDEN3
(301,141 on 8-2007)

Goopa Goopa I love this podcast, couldnt go without my weekly fix of Pauly B and Tony, it makes me happy!!!! Keep up the good work, you smacktards
Submitted By: clairespracklen
(298,896 on 8-2007)

Oi!Oi! from you brazilian fan! I want to congratulate you guys for so many great Punky! shows. Keep it up! PS. I just caught up with the latest show, Ive been busier than a one legged cat trying to bury shit on a frozen pond, but Im still around. Cheers from Brazil, Marcos RudeBwoy
Submitted By: rudebwoy.podcast
(298,280 on 8-2007)

Vote Punky
Submitted By: bill
(298,177 on 8-2007)

tony is my fav guitarist in alchol!!! ever... =]
Submitted By: tommy
(298,090 on 8-2007)

Mighty Fine Podcast
Excellent podcast rammed full of quailty music, and entertainment. Lets just hope that Tony isnt rammed full of Paul - I think that phase is over though! Just finished listening to the back shows from 25/07/2006 and now Im lost with what to listen to until the new show is out. Keep up the good work, Cheers, Steve
Submitted By: steve
(297,519 on 8-2007)

See, when I was talking about peanut butter and chocolate I meant Reeses Peanut Butter cups. But nutrageous actually sounds good too. And guys, every time King Kurt is played I become a bigger and bigger fan! UNITING KING KURT AND CANADANANS! Allen
Submitted By: cathy0194
(296,609 on 8-2007)

I have found the best place to heckle emos:
Submitted By: rspannuth
(296,296 on 8-2007)

Alwaysh Looking!
Thebes and I were walking out of the grocery store when I looked up and was about an inch from walking into a concrete post. Alwaysh Looking! I said and had several people stare.
Submitted By: twilly23
(296,182 on 8-2007)

Punky is the best!!!
Submitted By: jacquivixen
(296,176 on 8-2007)

Punky Radio Vote!
Excellent show, certainly covers the genre!!
Submitted By: djrla.smith
(296,157 on 8-2007)

Hold onto your berzerkers, CHICAGO! Its about to get a WHOLE LOT windy-er-er-errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..... ~ whore
Submitted By: shorts
(296,151 on 8-2007)

lets rock!!!!!!!!
Submitted By: jeanbleu
(296,078 on 8-2007)

Eres your vote ya smelly clam jousters! Adios Gringos and all that shit xx
Submitted By: dean.brookes
(295,735 on 8-2007)

hey dad!
just found out u were my father paul! remember that blonde from the local pub? im 15 now and want all my pocketmoney u owe me....
Submitted By: jackrutherford
(295,701 on 8-2007)

August vote
Best wishes from the Brains Matter podcast id=40939
Submitted By: mail
(295,408 on 8-2007)

I wish my lawn was emo so itd cut itself...kittenblood
Submitted By: thejittershow
(294,939 on 8-2007)

Kick ass show guys! Keep up the great work.
Submitted By: xyrocks
(294,351 on 8-2007)

Vote=blowing smoke
Thanks punky for always being there in this stupid voting crap. Since you vote for the stream, I need to keep this Karma alive.
Submitted By: garyholdsteady
(294,320 on 8-2007)

Listen up
Listen up you smack-tards. You must get this show!! Its chock full of cunts and twats
Submitted By: michael.dalrymple
(294,292 on 8-2007)

A Vote for Punky is a Vote for Excellence in Sedition!
Yay! More Punky, More!!
Submitted By: onehundredpercentpureburnt
(294,183 on 8-2007)

fuckin great show scum pouces, been away for a while, no not locked up! but at university doing woodland management! and tonys got a girl...nice one handsome! whens the next block party? stevieD and mystressx
Submitted By: stevied007
(294,038 on 8-2007)

Aloha From 808Talk Hawaii
Sending some love from Hawaii :
Submitted By: 808Talk
(293,761 on 8-2007)

Off on holiday tomorrow...... bottoms up! Will catch up on the shows when I get back.
Submitted By: superstunt2004
(293,407 on 8-2007)

hey guys, going on holiday soon. ill be able to hear this coming show, but the next weeks show ill have to wait a while to hear. dont really wanna go on holiday but im taking my iPod to cheers my up. thanks love daddy x
Submitted By: tommygladding
(293,246 on 8-2007)

So I have concluded that the relationship between peanut butter and jelly has not been the same sincec peanut butter and chocolate hooked up to make sweet candy. x.Allen.x
Submitted By: catherine_rutledge
(292,901 on 8-2007)

not sure if this is already known or whatnot, but when i searched for Punky Radio to vote, the search came up with two separate Punky pages! It may be why you seem so low on the top 10 right now. I smell conspiracy... and it smells soupy twatto.
Submitted By: daze
(292,582 on 8-2007)

I fucking love these hooligans!
Submitted By: sickandwrongpodcast
(292,283 on 8-2007)

a vote from stockholm,sweden-punky!radio sounds just as delightful from over here....sweet! xxx ida
Submitted By: ida.-07
(292,222 on 8-2007)

Ahoy! Best wishes to Punky from San Francisco.
Submitted By: erraticast
(291,643 on 8-2007)

First time listening gets my vote I am paul aka captainbogies the mad welshman I have featured on the goin deep show so far and am a big brother wannabe for the right reasons i want to show that you dont need to be a cunt to be popular anyways chaps goin to see the toy dollas in september at durham look forward to it so much we old fuckers can still do it you can give my email to whoebver you want i dont give a shyte ill vote again in august as this is july 31st
Submitted By: mrpdwhite
(291,000 on 7-2007)

Flakes ahoy!
Personally, I think September is a great time for the Punkys to be in Chicago. Why? Because of that exchange rate baby! The whole trip will probably cost you the same as a chocolate bar, what, like 50p? (Unlike Jon and Scott, I know about the pounds and pence.)
Submitted By: amberance
(290,985 on 7-2007)

Submitted By: lombutroup
(290,452 on 7-2007)

Nuitritionists agree....
...Punky! has twice the recommended daily intake of musical madness, hilarity and chaos. And the kids will love it too. WARNING This product can cause blindness, brain damage and unplanned pregnancies, use only as directed in a well ventilated area. Best Regerds-Lord "My Queen rules with an Iron Fist" Reilloc
Submitted By: lordreilloc
(290,162 on 7-2007)

Good stuff as usual
Nothing but the best from Punky as usual.
Submitted By: rkbrasse
(289,716 on 7-2007)

ok so now that I have caught up on the past four shows i have one thing to say: "paul, tony IS better at one impersanation than you" He makes a better pirate. x.Allen.x
Submitted By: catherine_rutledge
(289,597 on 7-2007)

Punky Rocks!
Submitted By: danzona
(289,514 on 7-2007)

bloody brilliant!
gives me something to in my boring-as-shite evenings, as all my mates have fucked off on holiday! keep it up guys
Submitted By: joshlemonsquash
(287,562 on 7-2007)

I love punky more than a fat kid loves cake!!!
Submitted By: chris.p.emmott
(287,437 on 7-2007)

great show, the best music, really funny, famous even in El Salvador.
Submitted By: vanegot16
(286,866 on 7-2007)

Submitted By: shakespeare_chiz
(286,023 on 7-2007)

Mp3 players suck.Mind you so do: leeches, vaccum cleaners, ant eaters... as well as crappy headphones that wont let me listen to Punky! x.Allen.x P.S Have to make the time to play catch up in about two weeks so I can listen to four shows..stupid technology....
Submitted By: catwoman200161
(285,071 on 7-2007)

punky! i love you punky! punky!! you rock!! keep up the good work guyssss..... tony, i want a guitar lesson! or maybe from paul.... no tony =]
Submitted By: tommygladding
(284,509 on 7-2007)

Hello twats! Punky is abso-fuckin-lutely the best punk podcast ever!
Submitted By: silvrsharpi514
(284,300 on 7-2007)

Aloha From 808Talk Hawaii
Showing some love for July -
Submitted By: 808Talk
(283,773 on 7-2007)

A vote from Brains Matter
A vote from the Brains Matter podcast for July
Submitted By: mail
(283,713 on 7-2007)

Top of the casts!
There are whispers in the corridors of power that Punky! may be awarded a second exclamation mark, for services to insanity. Its also rumoured that Punky! maybe replaced by six asterisks as a mark of respect to the worlds best kept secret! apoog! apoog!
Submitted By: mark.spooner
(283,551 on 7-2007)

Its the dogs bollucks! -Will Radik
Submitted By: erraticast
(283,405 on 7-2007)

July Votes From A.B.O.V.E
A little late this month !.... heres votes from A.B.O.V.E Podcast :-)
Submitted By: abovepodcast
(282,869 on 7-2007)

Gooper gooper!!
Congrats to your 100+ shows!! Keep up the good work boys! Scott x
Submitted By: nightnurseshow
(282,516 on 7-2007)

Punky! Good clean fun
Im a tidy girl and I love to listen to Paulyb whilst polishing X
Submitted By: superstunt2004
(282,404 on 7-2007)

Well i havent herd it yet!
Submitted By: diablos2004
(282,364 on 7-2007)

Still Here
Hi Guys. Im still here, im still listening and im still voting. Just got nothing interesting to say. Regards. Graham Beech
Submitted By: gwbeech
(282,104 on 7-2007)

Good shit homecheese
Submitted By: kaaotic_alcoholic
(281,977 on 7-2007)

Holy Smacktards Batman!
Like the dynamic duo themselves, our Punky heroes fight off the evil Soupytwatto, wearing their Milkypants outside their tights. Tony plays Robin to Paulys Batman, Bruce Wayne and his sidekick Dick, fighting for Punky listeners everywhere. TWAT! Of the week! THUMP! There goes the microphone again. SOCK! How did that get there? Is this the end for the dynamic duo? Nah, dont be daft, theyll be back next week... All the best from Gaz of Clever Little Pod
Submitted By: garydring
(281,933 on 7-2007)

Its The Real Thing!
Classic, New, Cherry, Vanilla, even Diet............... PUNKY is it! Id like to buy the world a podcast. [friggin sellouts = im so jealous] ~whore x.o.x.o.x.o.
Submitted By: shorts
(281,914 on 7-2007)

the always-brilliant Punky!
I am just now hearing about your US tour. Since i live pretty close to Ontario and Los Angeles, im hoping ive got a good chance of catching a glimpse of the dynamic duo in-person. Who would be Batman, and who would be Robin, in this instance? Hmmmm. Ciao for now. -
Submitted By: ri0t
(281,655 on 7-2007)

Two sexy brits giving you the best of punk erotica sex stories. Whoops! What was the question again?-Twilight
Submitted By: twilly23
(281,576 on 7-2007)

Punky Rocks!
All hail Punky!
Submitted By: lucretius
(281,382 on 7-2007)

Goopa, Goopa!
Goopa, Goopa, well done on making it to your 100th show. Who wouldve known that Tony would survive Paulys beratings, and Pauly would have survived his own beratings. Looking forward to another couple years of getting older. Your pal at the Eclectic Mix podcast - george.
Submitted By: eclecticmix
(281,344 on 7-2007)

!taerg syknuP !stnap ykliM - nekcarCcM .D
Submitted By: dmccracken123
(280,864 on 7-2007)

Super cool show!
Submitted By: Vunox-alien
(280,496 on 7-2007)

last day vote
and that actually in more than one know what i mean... - isatwat! rock on
Submitted By: stephanie
(279,617 on 6-2007)

Punky Rules
The mighty Berserker of the podcast alley.
Submitted By: lucretius
(279,382 on 6-2007)

punky smells pauls father =]
Submitted By: tommygladding
(278,827 on 6-2007)

Just dropping by to leave my favorite British boys a vote, and to say that Ive been listening to Punky for over a year! Its nice to listen back to the year-old shows and hear the corporate-free goodness. But even though Punky has become disgustingly sold out, the shows quality has always remained constantly top-notch. Well done, and keep up the good work, smacktards! (I miss the old Punky dictionary.) Much love, Catherine
Submitted By: spottedcaronfire
(276,938 on 6-2007)

Punky radion Is Amazing!
These guys are doing their damndest to support the local punk and rock scene and their show is not only informative but extremely funny and they have great communication skills with the listeners and readers - theyre awesome and we love them!!! xxxx
Submitted By: info
(276,511 on 6-2007)

Submitted By: drew0202
(276,398 on 6-2007)

Ahhh, I havnt listened to PUNKY! in a looooong time, so to make up for it I thought I would vote for ya guys, cuz , ya know, I heart you. PEACE FOOS!
Submitted By: Monstergummibear
(276,250 on 6-2007)

Happy June from BUCKET!
Submitted By: bucketpodcast
(276,186 on 6-2007)

o yes o yes o yay
Fuckin Love it
Submitted By: Rach102
(275,836 on 6-2007)
Fuckin Sweet!
Submitted By: punkinpunker
(275,697 on 6-2007)

Great show guys.
Was the Queens Birthday holiday here in Australia last Monday- I hear she is a big fan of Punky, so Happy Birthday Liz. Alwaysschlooking- Lord Reilloc PS- I hear she drinks Fucking Coke too.
Submitted By: lordreilloc
(275,134 on 6-2007)

PUNKY RADIO KICS ASS!!! The show has everything, good hosts, and of course, great music. representing Edmonton Alberta Canada let me say, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK BOYS! Brand0
Submitted By: brandofosho
(275,112 on 6-2007)

If someone had told me Punky would be advertising coke I never would have guessed it would be the liquid kind...
Submitted By: twilly23
(274,851 on 6-2007)

Punky! Radio
These guys rock the house, love em to pieces!
Submitted By: leplebood
(274,741 on 6-2007)

Punky Rocks
Punkers Undoing Neglected Kittenblood Youth -Scott J (Clearwater, FL)
Submitted By: scott.jakubik
(274,631 on 6-2007)

Great Show
From the CamaroZ28.COM Podcast
Submitted By: chris
(273,738 on 6-2007)

Lovin the show guys!! Keep it up (literally)! :-) Scott x
Submitted By: nightnurseshow
(273,523 on 6-2007)

vote for punky
spend a hour and a bit been Entertained by Paul’s storeys good music thats Uniting Fans And Bands Across The Lands and Tony for adding more laughter as he try’s to get one over on Paul and usually failing but never gives up
Submitted By: damienjscully
(273,491 on 6-2007)

I figured since im three shows behind i better do my part and vote... And i would like to put it out there that becoming the only jedi with a black lightsabre is a very tiring journey and that the punky show catapolts me farther ahead of my peers in training :) love you guys x.Allen.x
Submitted By: catherine_rutledge
(271,048 on 6-2007)

"NO ocifer, I swear to drunk im not god! Theres no blood in my alcohol stream!" Best line ever. Only to be said around your friends when kidding around. Actually, try saying that to a cop next time you get pulled over and let me know how it goes. :) x.Allen.x
Submitted By: catwoman200161
(270,998 on 6-2007)

Submitted By: ivysitch
(270,934 on 6-2007)

Funky Punky Munky
Just doing my bit for the Punky! community. In a bit. Luke
Submitted By:
(270,685 on 6-2007)

I do wish that Paulyb was a chocolate ninja but Tony as a Rubber Robin Hood is a close second!
Submitted By: mark.spooner
(270,522 on 6-2007)

Kitty Hudson Rock!
A HUGE fan of Kitty Hudson, Wonk Unit and Dead identities. But then I would say that :) Punky radio rocks!!! Huuurrraahhh!
Submitted By: keef
(270,390 on 6-2007)

Punky Wunky
Tossing a vote your way because i dig when anyone beats that Chicago swine. :) I do actually like your stuff. :)
Submitted By: paulsaurini
(270,329 on 6-2007)

More A.B.O.V.E Votes
Submitted By: abovepodcast
(270,303 on 6-2007)

A.B.O.V.E Votes
Hey both, sorry were a bit late this month ! ... heres some votes though :-)
Submitted By: above_podcast
(270,295 on 6-2007)

Areafour Rocks
Submitted By: alan
(270,242 on 6-2007)

great stuff!
Keep up the great work! Best wishes from the Brains Matter podcast d_id=40939
Submitted By: mail
(270,220 on 6-2007)

Punky rulz!
I love punky! Heard about it from a promo on Scotts "Ramdom Thoughts" podcast AGES ago, and my love for punk has been REKINDLED (after years of atrophy through over-exposure to trance and breakbeat). Loved Corrision MIGHTILY! Keep up the good work, it keeps you two loons off the streets (for at least 30 minutes a week...) --thebURNT1 --Kalispell, Montana, USA
Submitted By: onehundredpercentpureburnt
(270,117 on 6-2007)

More Bleach Boys!!
Where would we be with out you!
Submitted By: vunox-alien
(269,905 on 6-2007)

Punkys great.
Submitted By: clairespracklen
(269,826 on 6-2007)

love your podcast!
Have computer fixed now and have lots of punky! to catch up on. You guys are great to listen to-keep it up. - anna
Submitted By: annaarmor
(269,670 on 6-2007)

Good Times
From The Plan Nine Rock Show, Fukkers!!
Submitted By: p9print
(269,658 on 6-2007)

Bots dont leave comments, im 100% legit real human. Go Punky gogogo. Luke.
Submitted By: reelbigfishhatesyou
(269,449 on 6-2007)

Two of the most brilliant smacktards in England.
Submitted By: oregonjeff74
(269,400 on 6-2007)

fuck you -bene :D
Submitted By: ben
(269,391 on 6-2007)

punky good clean upside-downer fun
Submitted By: bjbenjy
(269,388 on 6-2007)

Id sell me granny to hear this.
Submitted By: oonaghpunkbird
(269,376 on 6-2007)

Submitted By: supersheepcomics
(269,372 on 6-2007)

Punky! Long may you live!
Submitted By: ri0t
(268,779 on 6-2007)

Submitted By: danwillis
(268,669 on 6-2007)

Punky! is not only amazingly entertaining and chock full of great tunes, it also improves your vocabulary! ~Lisa
Submitted By: nirvanagirllisa
(268,535 on 6-2007)

Love you guys Steph
Submitted By: neko_37
(268,482 on 6-2007)

I dont know why I bother really.....
Submitted By: superstunt2004
(268,388 on 6-2007)

Submitted By: shorts
(268,338 on 6-2007)

Aloha From 808Talk Hawaii
Aloha from your friends in Honolulu, Hawaii!
Submitted By: 808Talk
(268,301 on 6-2007)

Punkys Great!
Punkys Great!
Submitted By: mikeeee02
(268,220 on 6-2007)

Tony is lovely, i love the way he talks, i love his trainers but most of all i love his sweet ass. MMMm hmmmmm thats what im talking about.
Submitted By: tony
(268,216 on 6-2007)

Summer madness - Punky! style!
Goopa goopa! June is upon us, and tis summertime once more, so what better way to celebrate than to play Punky! on top volume in the back garden and annoy the neighbours. Of course, I havent got a back garden so Ill have to rig up a speaker system in the back yard and open the door onto the alley. Itll certainly put the bejesus up the jigger rabbits! Graham, Liverpool, England Its A Frogs Life Acoustic Podcast
Submitted By: graham.holland
(268,118 on 6-2007)

Laugh I Did
Submitted By: paulandkate
(267,765 on 5-2007)

Here is a short voting song for you smacktards
(Sung to the melody of Desmond Dekkers "Israelites") Get up in the morning voting for Punky! so that Tony and Paul be content ohhhhhh ohhhh the punky vote Making up this song while I should be writing Should be working on my home exam ohhhhhh ohhhh the home exam PS: It is actually early in the morning over here in Norway (which is more like Snoreway) regards from Eirik
Submitted By: eirikarlov
(267,643 on 5-2007)

Now then now then!
Great show! Thanks for playing the track and the gig mention (as well as the great comments about the album!!) Cant wait to tell the others. Thanks!!
Submitted By:
(267,640 on 5-2007)

Fecking great show fellas!!
Bloody hell... enjoyed that! Just sat and sewed my jacket up, sewn a patch on and eaten my dinner and did it all during the show. Thanks for playing the tracl and for the mention!! Nice work gentlemen.
Submitted By: dukeshitbag
(267,458 on 5-2007)

punkys great
it does what it says on the tin
Submitted By: idedwards
(267,422 on 5-2007)

You guys are fucking amazing. I have a twat of the week for you. One day I was walking down the street with my buddies and we were talking about our one buudy who we call Devin. Devin was walking with us by the way. my other buddy says, " Devin I would fuck your mom!" and the five out of six of us are all like" Ya devin i would totally do your mom". our buddy devin turns around and says" Ditto". And that is why Devin should be your twat of the week. Kyle Daniel all the way from Ingersoll, Onatrio, Canada P.S. I live in a town full of emos and about three or four punx. P.S.S. I fuckin hate emos and they dont even deserve !
Submitted By: cosmos_tom
(267,243 on 5-2007)

Rock on
"Spanking in the desert is a great name for a band" So when are you and Tony doing your US tour?
Submitted By: twilly23
(266,312 on 5-2007)

Aloha For May
Just stopping in to show some love and aloha from Hawaii. Keep up the work with the show! 808Talk Hawaii...
Submitted By: 808Talk
(266,039 on 5-2007)

They fuckin rock!
Submitted By: marm2k
(265,582 on 5-2007)

pUNKY pwns
pUNKY pWNS. Paul and Tony are awesome. And Im not just kissing ass, Im also VOTING!
Submitted By: onehundredpercentpureburnt
(265,322 on 5-2007)

Disgustingly brilliant!
Submitted By: carty
(265,093 on 5-2007)

Submitted By: tavor1mg
(264,951 on 5-2007)

Your May vote from BUCKET. Still lovin ya.
Submitted By: bucketpodcast
(263,347 on 5-2007)

Punky! - the cure
youre in a bad mood ? take a dose of PUNKY! - and the world looks brighter punk on! cheers JohnSteed
Submitted By: wfischli
(263,288 on 5-2007)

Simply the Best
The Best Music. The Best Comedy.The Best Podcast. The Best Hosts. You Guys are Simply the Best. Graham B (Not the Scouser but a Manchester Lad, Ex Pat Living in Germany with a sexy German Frau.) Mein Gott die Deutscher sind Simply the Best. Maybe I was wrong about you two. Only Joking. Keep it up Guys. You make me smile every time I listen to a show.
Submitted By: gwbeech
(263,072 on 5-2007)

Bloody hell of a ball busting podcast bouy! -defwheezer
Submitted By: admin
(262,974 on 5-2007)

carpe diem
fuzigish recommended i do this n since they rock i trust them!hee hee
Submitted By: qfilemarketing_cas
(262,947 on 5-2007)

Hasty vote
Corblimey ;) Has it been a month already? High time for my vote then! You see, I am such a busy cat, that burying shit in a frozen pond seems like one of the easy tasks - and recently THINGS have kept me from doing my duty...;) But you know that you are still my number 1 - always have, always will be... Baybe...
Submitted By: Americruiser1
(262,313 on 5-2007)

Truly brilliant. Best PODCAST ever...
Submitted By: jeanpierred
(262,183 on 5-2007)

Punky is brilliant.
Submitted By: maniac.model
(261,940 on 5-2007)

caught out!
Ha! It looks to me like Pauly has been caught out trying to stitch up another one of his innocent mates. take the shame, loser! barry badmood
Submitted By: barry.edwards19
(261,263 on 5-2007)

Tony Towers
Punkyland has Tony Hearn- with Super Amazing Powers- To draw in everyone he knows- To live in Tony Towers - -- Such a palace on the hill - And people stay quite long- Just outside of Sherwood Forrest- It even has a song- -- Polly B, some German Girl- Another Fucked Up Chick- Oh right, Fucked Up used Tony and Left- That bitch just makes me sick- -- So come, come all, come everyone- To Tonys Bungalow- Updates on Punky, every week- A Podcast that doesnt blow.- -- Zephyr- -- P.S. I dont care if this is or isnt poetry corner, read it you bitches!!
Submitted By: chris_m_hassett
(261,149 on 5-2007)
I love this show and paulyb is dreamy. He even gets on with my dog. Ill have to introduce him to my pussy some time, although I dont think shell like him.
Submitted By: paulyb
(260,895 on 5-2007)

First time voting
How are you doing? Ive been listening since Christmas but this is the first time Ive ever voted for you. The reason why? Could it be the amount of work Ive had on since then? Could it be that I secretly want you to fail? Or could it be that Im just a bit of a tool and I keep forgetting? Either way you guys deserve the votes and should have got my head out of my arse to vote for you. Will you guys be at Rebellion in the summer? See ya, Lee.
Submitted By: leemmccormick
(260,863 on 5-2007)

i love you all... what happened to your blah party stuff tho? tommy x x
Submitted By: tommy
(260,840 on 5-2007)

well hello punky its sexinacan i love you guys (in the manly way of course) i get all kinds of new friends from the show i got me chantel and allen=] they both kick ass u truly are uniting fans and bands across the lands =] u have also affected my mind i went to steak and shake to get a milk shake and this emo guy handed me my foo dand i almso knocked it out of his hands and screamed NOO KITTEN BLOOD COOTIES and drive away dragging him behind me. however i didnt figure my mum would find that very nice. YOU SMACKTARDS ARE THE COOLEST SHIT SINCE POLAR BEARS WITH DIAREA. your avid fan Sesinacan
Submitted By: btimaeus3
(260,426 on 5-2007)

Submitted By: linkin_gurl1987
(259,335 on 5-2007)

goopa apoog
Punky! is number one in music (for now). As for fake votes, those guys are fags. Tony? Do you have a twat? I would like to listen to it. Does it smell? Do you get a new twat every week? Are there some weeks that you do not have a twat?
Submitted By: flemlivet
(259,047 on 5-2007)

Holy Damn. Another month, another vote. Brainwashing works wonders dont it boys? I feel like one of those trained monkeys that jump around with a little can collecting money for their owners. I want one of those little suits. Anyways, randomness aside,
Submitted By: catwoman200161
(258,943 on 5-2007)

Top of the heap so far lads..... still its early days!
Submitted By: superstunt2004
(258,794 on 5-2007)

Punky Radio... Get stuck in! -Bill New York
Submitted By: bill
(258,528 on 5-2007)

Heres your vote. Dont spend it all in one place. ~preston b.
Submitted By: jfsbastn
(258,417 on 5-2007)

well hello my friends havnt talked to you in a long time. how have you been iv been bored i finish all my test in school then sleep for an hour while all the other twats finish. it is really borind and i called my friend a piece of dick food and we just started laughing in class been talking to chantel and allen recently and you know whut those fucking twats are probly the coolest canardinardidans on punky. yall really do unite fans =] your avid fan sexinacan
Submitted By: btimaeus3
(258,208 on 5-2007)

May vote from Brains Matter
Great work, keep it up! - The Brains Matter podcast id=40939
Submitted By: mail
(258,120 on 5-2007)

Goopa Goopa? You two get my vote for the month!
Submitted By: metaflibble
(258,112 on 5-2007)

Vote for Punky!
Goopa Goopa, you rectitudinal smacktards! Tis the local elections here in Liverpool today. Unfortunately nobody from the Punky! Party is standing, and that Captain Sensible guy is nowhere to be seen. Therefore Im fullfilling my civic duty and voting for Punky! on Podcast Alley instead. You know it makes sense! Alwaysh voting for Punky! Milkypants! Graham - Its A Frogs Life Acoustic Podcast
Submitted By: podcast
(258,085 on 5-2007)

No.1 in the whole wide world!
Yes Paulyb I actually may have been in the same room as David Essex but Im bloody well not going to own up to it am I ? P.S. Give one to Tony from me, apoog! apoog!
Submitted By: mark.spooner
(258,068 on 5-2007)

Love this show more than Jesus. Sick and Wtong
Submitted By: rampageradio
(258,044 on 5-2007)
Submitted By: tim_craig
(257,957 on 5-2007)

Paul B rocks x
Submitted By: versacechick69er
(257,941 on 5-2007)

More Votes for you from A.B.O.V.E !
Submitted By: above
(257,797 on 5-2007)

May Votes for you from A.B.O.V.E !
Submitted By: above_podcast
(257,787 on 5-2007)

O NOES - TEH LINE BRA-EcKS Did not do te werkin thang. MANY SADNESSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111111111
Submitted By: frankie.robertson
(257,532 on 5-2007)

BROADCAST OF LIGHTNESS BRING ENJOYMENT, NO KILLING THERE IS A CAPS LOCK (so now is the time to turn it off) In this fantastic phonograph quarterly of the moon Paul and Tony bring much enjoyment to the masses with their general crudeness and funny almost tuneful sounds resulting in many LULZ (see: your face). Although Tony is frequently in some bizarre world where it is acceptable to co-host a show called "punky" without having listened to The Ramones* (see: the famous Ben Weasel quote) and network television is bearable you have to let him away with it cause of the look on his face (aww... okay, I cant see his face but I can imagine it - sort of like pedo-bears - HES AN HERO). Point is: 1. Listen. 2. MILKYPANTS 3. Attempt to clean up. 4. Reminise 5. Try and smoke various biological matter in an attempt to revive the feeling. 6. Resort to giving handjobs in exchange for money because it reminds you of Tony, even though he is a suddenly a super-pimp (hes all like HEY BITCH YOU ILL FORCE THAT STUPID GAG REFLEX RIGHT OUT OF YOU *slap* *backhand* *slap* *backhand* *slap* *backhand*, etc.) the image to beating off another man just reminds you of him and you DONT KNOW WHY *SOB*. 7. Realise that its Tuesday and you have amassed about Ł3 from handjobs ($2682.47). 8. Repeat. *although that has possibly been rectified at least 100 years ago
Submitted By: frankie
(257,529 on 5-2007)

Hooray for Punky!
What do you call a lazy Golden Delicious? Applethetic
Submitted By: mikeeee02
(257,446 on 5-2007)

~ your chafing dish
Submitted By: shorts
(257,428 on 5-2007)

Submitted By: vanaltj
(257,376 on 5-2007)

More BleachBoys!
Submitted By: Vunox-alien
(257,309 on 5-2007)

Punkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunky punkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunky punkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunky punkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunky punkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunky punkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunky punkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunky punkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunky punkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunky punkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunky punkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunky punkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunky punkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunky punkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunky punkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunky punkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunky punkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunky punkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunky punkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunky punkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunky punkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunky punkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunky punkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunky punkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunky punkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunky punkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunky punkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunky punkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunky punkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunky punkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunky punkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunky punkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunky punkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunky punkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunky punkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunky punkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunkypunky punkypunkypunkypunkypunky
Submitted By: boavspython
(257,302 on 5-2007)

Best Podcast Ever
I was thinking of sending Paul $20 for a CD. That way I can help to fund the trip to the U.S. and get my Flakes delivered. Everyone wins! And by "everyone" I mean me.
Submitted By: amberance
(257,207 on 5-2007)

Take your votes bitches!
Yeah take it!!!!!!!!
Submitted By: mittaka
(257,121 on 5-2007)

you rock
you Punky chappies!
Submitted By: sharp_gareth
(257,120 on 5-2007)

Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: info
(257,110 on 5-2007)

Punkys great!
anyone who doesnt vote for punky! is a smacktard. Its true. They told me so. And they seem like reliable and honest blokes. So be like for Punky! Oh...and listen, will change your life and cure that rash on your inner thigh, and possibly staunch the bleeding from that embarrassing place.
Submitted By: marc
(257,087 on 5-2007)

so much better
So much better than what those Septics come up with. Still not quite as good as a German podcast.
Submitted By: henningwehn
(257,078 on 5-2007)

Tony needs Twats....
...couple of months ago that would have been the understatement of the fucking century- but the bastard seems to be doing well for himself latley. JAH, JAH, DAS IST GUT HERR TONYMEISTER!! Regards, Lord Reilloc
Submitted By: lordreilloc
(256,457 on 4-2007)

Not sure I get the gist.
Punky is one of the most consistantly good podcasts being produced today. It has an almost unbeleivably effective mix o humor and high quality music and lately even a little politics. We recently heard apologist Polly Bs analysis of the African Slave trade and how colonized puppet governments (the African ones) are more to blame then powerfull, post Enlightenment democracies (specifically England). Im sure next week we will hear how that whore shouldnt have been out late, dressed like that in the first place. At least Tony has a soul. Zephyr -
Submitted By: chris_m_hassett
(255,554 on 4-2007)

propper! radio!
Submitted By: tonightmathew
(255,498 on 4-2007)

punky Rocks
Punky is the show thats wildly funny and slightly educational. THIS SHOW IS THE SHIT!
Submitted By: notenuff36
(255,465 on 4-2007)

for justice!
this is a vote for justice! :)
Submitted By: wfischli
(255,355 on 4-2007)

I love you guys!
Submitted By: yipee_29876
(255,252 on 4-2007)

Great Show!
Your show is consistently outstanding! Im living in Kentucky so its hard to get ahold of new and interesting music, and you all are a breath of fresh air every week. Keep rocking! WillK
Submitted By: wkistler
(254,332 on 4-2007)

Punky is great!
Submitted By: karel.vervaeke
(254,222 on 4-2007)

Radio at its best!!
Submitted By: antflavour
(254,110 on 4-2007)

SickandWrong loves Punky!
Submitted By: rampageradio
(253,687 on 4-2007)

Word of the week from Willster
I sent a word of the week 4 u and I emailed it to about a week and a half ago, next thing u no, this week, theres no word of the week... idk what happened, im posting it here if it works. Okay, so the word is "chode". A chode is a penis thats wider than it is long (7in. long 9in. wide) for example. Its also a really fat person that looks wider than tall. I think its a fucking funny word and I really want chode to be in the PUNKY! dictionary! --Willster
Submitted By: the_willsternator
(253,398 on 4-2007)

You Rock
You guys rock. I have to lisen to Radio one all day at work .Wich is ok but they play the same cheesy tunes over and over all day. So i couldnt belive my luck when i found your podcast you two crack me up. So thank alot xx
Submitted By: Raina_Wild
(253,365 on 4-2007)

Things to do: 1. Smack the Monkey 2; Kick the Flunky 3. Listen to Punky!
Submitted By: mark.spooner
(252,696 on 4-2007)

Ive been busier than a three legged dog trying to bury shit in the frozen desert land so Im a little late voting. (changing a Punky saying to fit my locale)
Submitted By: twilly23
(252,421 on 4-2007)

Punkys Great
Best Podcast Ever!!! Thanks, Paul and Tony. Jeremy
Submitted By: jerpearce03
(251,261 on 4-2007)

Keep up the good work!
Where did you get the name Soupy Gato? ~preston
Submitted By: jfsbastn
(251,228 on 4-2007)

Punky is the bomb
Loves me some punky
Submitted By: facemelter81
(251,050 on 4-2007)

I hope Paul doesnt die in Bahrain--then Tony would take over the show, and it would turn into Cry Baby Emo Kids, only a lot more emo! Just kidding--the show would actually turn into a very strange, slightly German version of Kinky Sex Radio. Much love, Catherine
Submitted By: spottedcaronfire
(250,972 on 4-2007)

This is Deshi from fuckin Wicked Radio the best commercial free rock station in the universe! Punky Radio kicks ass so much we got them on 7 days a week for you blokes!
Submitted By: wickedradio
(250,525 on 4-2007)

WELL MY FAVORIT PISSMOPS HOW ARE U?im doing great i recently made friends with anouther punky fans (allen and chantel) u to cuntbusters are truly uniting fans across the lands i woudl submit to youthat tehre be a decree that any fairyduster who doesnt lvoe punky be boiled in his own pudding with a stake of holly through his heart MWAHAHAHA your avid fan sexinacan
Submitted By: btimaeus3
(250,102 on 4-2007)

Punky! Radio! Rocks! Like! A! Psychotic! Geologist!
Submitted By: mikeeee02
(249,967 on 4-2007)

love ya
never never stop
Submitted By: shorts
(249,701 on 4-2007)

Nice show you old tarts
Submitted By: phnuff
(249,615 on 4-2007)

Who cares if the show is late. That just means you took a bit longer to make it better for us listeners. That is the case eh boys? Graham B
Submitted By: gwbeech
(248,867 on 4-2007)

Heres your vote - you pair of April fools....
Submitted By: superstunt2004
(248,799 on 4-2007)

Submitted By: adam.waters
(248,770 on 4-2007)

Thanks for supporting punks!
Submitted By: only1smally
(248,736 on 4-2007)

punky rocks like nofx on speed keep up the gd work sext tony and ..... paul biff XOX
Submitted By: biff_saunders
(248,422 on 4-2007)

Best Podcast
Great Music, Great Banter!!! Punkys the Best!!
Submitted By: abotka
(248,288 on 4-2007)

Submitted By: Jakelewisyoung
(248,228 on 4-2007)

Punky rules!!
Submitted By: blindassassins
(248,088 on 4-2007)

Yet another vote for the show that justifies my purchase of headphones to wear while at work. From your pal at the Eclectic Mix podcast.
Submitted By: EclecticMix
(247,808 on 4-2007)

This is no April Fool. BUCKET loves you!
Submitted By: bucketpodcast
(247,795 on 4-2007)

I love you guys. Your the best. I listened to you for ages on my 24 hour coach journey 2 Spain. You made me =] on my trip =] thanks tommy
Submitted By: Tommy
(247,769 on 4-2007)

Punky What?
You dont know what Punky is? Well listen and find out! Its smarter than your average bear : )
Submitted By: eltrainthe3rd
(247,523 on 4-2007)

yea go go punky u weirdos who refuse to act like normal adults long live the trouserless shoe scampi / pedro the illegal spanish immigrant
Submitted By: scampi-p
(247,417 on 4-2007)

wow. Tony you were right. I just listened up to past shows and i realised, i do sound extremely angry. im not, honestly, im a very happy person. what makes me mad is people that act like smacktards... GRRRRRR they both me. heres your vote. love you guys. allen
Submitted By: catwoman200161
(247,313 on 4-2007)

Most awesome podcast ever. Milky, milky, milky pants. Word of the week suggestion: CUNT EYES. It really is self explanatory. Mr Bones.
Submitted By: jeanpierred
(247,146 on 4-2007)

tis punky!
ye olde punky thou art a podcast. good for you? >Doug
Submitted By: Doug.Lunsford
(247,145 on 4-2007)

April vote
A vote for April from the Brains Matter podcast! od_id=40939
Submitted By: mail
(246,923 on 4-2007)

Ive voted. Happy now??
Hi there debbie radio - long time listener, first time caller. So, anyway, I work for an incredibly dull and Conservative (big C) trade body. Its that conservative, when i turned up without A TIE (shock horror) it was talked about for days. Not to mention the fact i dont play golf (except after a bottle of tequila and only if i get to drive the buggy)... i dont really fit in. Still, it pays the bills... Anyway, I was having lunch the other day (houmous and pitta - no, im not a fucking hippy, its nice) and, while looking for a plate uoon which to place my mediterranean smorgasbord (its nice!), i found a engraved one. Plate, that is. Engraved with my dull, Conservative employers coat of arms. Yes, its that pompous and jumped-up, it ACTUALLY HAS ITS OWN COAT OF ARMS. I sighed, prepared to get on with my chick-pea based repast (ITS NICE!), when i noticed the motto inscribed on said pompous-arse coat of arms. It said: SEMPER VIGILANS. Which, as im sure you know from your immense knowledge of Latin, roughly translates as: ALWAYSH LOOKING! And brought a little Punky smile to my terminally dull day. say a little Shemper Vigilansh for me, will ya? cheers Patchy
Submitted By: kev_eddy
(246,694 on 4-2007)

voting again?NO WAY! yes way!:).
Submitted By: goopa_goopa
(246,524 on 4-2007)

Aloha From 808Talk Hawaii / ( =4373)
Submitted By: 808Talk
(245,930 on 4-2007)

A.B.O.V.E :-)
Submitted By: abitofvirtuallyeverything
(245,794 on 4-2007)

alwaysh laughin me arse off
goopa goopa hey you wankin smacktards, ive been alwaysh listening for some time now. and have been enjoying all of your antics and features. checked out the items on cafe press, not sure which one is getting the most votes, im liking the larger image. wouldnt mind seeing a few of these wrapped around a young ladies bottom. still listening to some of the older shows, I think joe needs to be given another chance. me scottish work mate has been tryinf to say purple burglar alarm for sometime, in a scotch accent he sounds just like that last recording you had all garbled as if with marbles in his cheeks. no not the cheeks in his pants you wankers, the ones on his face. like that tune by the scurge, bunch of cunts, alwaysh put a smile on me face. too bad i couldnt put a bunch of cunts on me face, hmmm.... anyway you guysh rock, keep up the good work, apoog apoog!
Submitted By: jac33_2
(245,778 on 4-2007)

More Votes From A.B.O.V.E
Submitted By: abovepodcast
(245,763 on 4-2007)

Good Skills
The absolute bollocks - top quality banter, top quality music. Bit concerned with the undertone of violent homo-eroticism, but Tony seems more than happy with it so who am I to comment. Good skills. PJ, age 34 and a half.
Submitted By: pendleburyjones
(245,722 on 4-2007)

Votes From A.B.O.V.E
Heres some April votes from :-)
Submitted By: above_podcast
(245,717 on 4-2007)

first vote for april
fuckin brilliant Slapface Harry
Submitted By: harry
(245,676 on 4-2007)

Goopah goopah! heres my vote, sorry for not voting lately, my job sucks ass! Cheers from Rio de Janeiro, Marcos Linberg
Submitted By: rudebwoy.podcast
(245,381 on 3-2007)

Punk Rulz the Foolz!
Goopa fucking Goopa, crotch goblins! Okay! I voted! I know its nearly the end of fucking March, but I finally voted! Quit your damned Emo-kitten-blood snivelling already! By the way, thanks to you pissmops, Im now extremely sensitive to the presense of Emo kids in my home town of Denver, Colorado. Theres a fucking lot of them walking around downtown. Ive also noticed that when youre a middle aged accountant, walking down the street and start screaming KITTEN BLOOD at passing Emo kids, suddenly you look a hell of a lot stranger than the Emo kids. But its fun! Hey Tony! Going back for seconds on the German girl, eh! Well done! Lay a little Blitzkrieg Bop on her for me! Well, off to the salt mines... Apoog Gnikcuf Apoog cyberkrime: The Man, The Concept, The Criminal Offense...
Submitted By: cyberkrime
(244,634 on 3-2007)

so bad...
that it passes as good. Great show, chums. Lets do this. --steelmick Denver, Co
Submitted By: steelmtn
(244,425 on 3-2007)

Punky is the one think that makes my week a little less monotonous. I love hearing songs from so many bands I would otherwise never be aware of. Thanks for the laughs and great music! Punky is the best podcast ever. Jeremy
Submitted By: jerpearce03
(244,352 on 3-2007)

PUNKY! you are my favorite podcast (hence the vote!). thats not saying much because i listen to 3 podcasts, and one is mine...hmmm...yea. you still fucking rule. -bene
Submitted By: ben
(244,177 on 3-2007)

Submitted By: andrew.larkin
(243,906 on 3-2007)

Punkys Great!
Punkys Great!
Submitted By: mikeeee02
(243,654 on 3-2007)

Love it
Allwaays listening, allwaays enjoying! New Mexico Loves Punky!!!!
Submitted By: mic_babe
(243,490 on 3-2007)

well hllo my favorit piss mops how are you im shit personaly grounded till the end of the school year cuz this cop in texas caught me shoving a sign into the trunk of my cousins car (and it wasnt ours) and that sux als my smacktardian friend andy told me a word he and his swamp cow sister came up with its nut munch it is used to refer to some one who sucks cock often and very furiously for example andys sister was being a nut muncher last night when her parents got drunk and the dog slept in the house. well tahts all for now your avid fan, sexinacan
Submitted By: btimaeus3
(243,291 on 3-2007)

punky rock better than a trouserless shoe
Submitted By: scampi-p
(243,271 on 3-2007)

Im gunna cheat for you guys
Youll see
Submitted By: jakelewisyoung
(243,014 on 3-2007)

Too drunk to vote
No, Im not! Watch me - I am voting! Huah!! Finally. I know I shouldve done this ages ago already, but Ive been frantically busy shagging floozers... Even had to leave the country in search for more, so guess where I went :) Anyway: since I forgot to vote in January (sorry, the Hangover..!), and managed to corrupt my own vote in February (yes, I am a bit daft, but I know you like that), I thought that March definitely deserves a comment! And a praise; cause you are the ones, who never let me down when I am in need of a good rock-out, alwaysh! make me smile, and even manage to make swearing sound sexy (must be those accents). Milkypants! I should know ;) So who needs drugs? Its sex, jokes, and rocknroll! Keep going, guys - Yeahh!! Thats it! :)
Submitted By: Americruiser1
(242,997 on 3-2007)

Revelation 3:16
..and I heard a voice, as of thunder, sayeth "Behold!!" And I beheld, and there were four horsemen, and thoust were Death, Pestilence, Plague...and Punky!!...and all Hell followed behind them... Bring on the Appocalypse lads, and keep up the good work.
Submitted By: lordreilloc
(242,893 on 3-2007)

Fuck the cheaters! Wait... dont fuck the cheaters, thatll show them. Get all Lysistrata on their collective smacktard asses.
Submitted By: lucretius
(242,637 on 3-2007)

ooh... how funny!
I say - this show is rather spiffing, what? Im a right posho, me - I drive a volvo and I like it in the wrongun. My friends say Im a "game bird" but what they mean is Im a slag. Ta Ta For Now... x
Submitted By: bentlaugh
(242,608 on 3-2007)

goopa goopa smacktards
All caught up to date listening your shows. Started listening to the older ones this week, about fell off my chair listening to you two cunts chatting with Jo. Based on her voice, you know what? I WOOD. Keep up the great work, Allshways Loooking, Jim C. Springfield, IL (possible home of The Simpsons)
Submitted By: jac33_2
(242,145 on 3-2007)

punky is probably the best 1/2 hour of my life
Submitted By: phoenix_devolution
(242,080 on 3-2007)

Soo. I was bored one day in tech class. So I decided to check out only to find out. ITS BLOCKED. under the category TASTELESS. What shitiots.
Submitted By: homefries102
(242,029 on 3-2007)

i like the show even though i dont know what they are saying but it doesnt matter cuz im drunk anyway!
Submitted By: mikk16
(241,832 on 3-2007)

A vote for punky & Fuck my Space!
Good to find a local podcast thats not complete toss. Fuck my space & keep up the cockknockery guys orochi
Submitted By: orochi_Batou
(240,902 on 3-2007)

punky Is great
Submitted By: philard
(240,872 on 3-2007)

Cheating Bastards
Glad to see the proxy smactards are gone. First time Ive voted since September... Podcast Alley+My computer=Nightmare... they dont get along. Paul + Tony are the smack in the worlds tard:). PURPLE BURGER ALARM!
Submitted By: goopa_goopa
(240,672 on 3-2007)

Why am I voting? WHY AM I VOTING? Oh right, this is for Punky! I remember now. Heres another vote so those stupid robots from you are here can go hump a stump. your number one to us and the rest of the world should know it. Stupid poxy voters... GO HUMP A STUMP!!! Good work guys, alwaysh making fun of cheaters. Allen(Seeing as the other Catherine got upset ill sign off as allen)
Submitted By: catherine_rutledge
(240,651 on 3-2007)

Punky! its the show everyone is dye-ing to listen to! Kep it up loonies, Hamboy x PS. One day I want to live in a hat.
Submitted By: felixthelittledrummerboy
(240,558 on 3-2007)

March vote
Great show! From the Brains Matter podcast id=40939
Submitted By: mail
(240,011 on 3-2007)

Submitted By: tim_potter
(239,719 on 3-2007)

Punky Rocks!
Submitted By: danzona
(238,626 on 3-2007)

Thanks, the most regular podcast of them all, you guys must eat all-bran!! Piss on the proxies, youre the best.
Submitted By: mark.spooner
(238,406 on 3-2007)

GOOPA GOOPA here is your vote!
Submitted By: deshi
(238,367 on 3-2007)

you guys are fuckin awsome keep doin what you do, rock on
Submitted By: alex051591
(237,809 on 3-2007)

Heres your fucking comment ya cunts!!
Submitted By: bewaretherhino
(237,414 on 3-2007)

Punky if Fookin brilliant!
Submitted By: kissesballooning
(237,181 on 3-2007)

Punky!! Excellent!!
Submitted By: Richardclarke2
(236,873 on 3-2007)

Submitted By: xix36x
(236,780 on 3-2007)

Punky! is the best pocast ever. paul and tony are possibly the funniest two people ive ever heard. lots of good music, funny stories, and not to mention a great disliking of emo kittenbloods and that twat james blunt! peace--corey
Submitted By: scottywalker_22
(236,634 on 3-2007)

It seems like theres a million fucking Catherines writing in comments and things to your show, so Id just like to distinguish myself from the pack as the one who always signs off with "much love". Please dont call me Ronald, you gummitwats. Much love, Catherine
Submitted By: spottedcaronfire
(236,497 on 3-2007)

Only kittenbloods dont vote for Punky! george (Eclectic Mix)
Submitted By: eclecticmix
(236,391 on 3-2007)

Great Show
Submitted By: rkbrasse
(236,284 on 3-2007)

this podacst is the shit. listen to iiiitttt!!! Slapface Harry
Submitted By: harry
(235,937 on 3-2007)

May the luck of the Irish be with you this month! --BUCKET
Submitted By: bucketpodcast
(235,878 on 3-2007)

And the votes are as follows...
And the votes from the Scouse jury are. Punky Radio - 12 points All the other shoit podcasts - null points. Milkypants!!!!
Submitted By: podcast
(234,914 on 3-2007)

Rock on boys! ~TheDiva/The-Broad-Cast
Submitted By: TheDivaRockin
(234,829 on 3-2007)

Graeme from ITRadio
thanks for the vote. i just checked out the latest show. love the tunes
Submitted By: jthmdevi
(234,751 on 3-2007)

Ping pong ball sized wades of phlem.
There once was a podcast named Punky - With hosts, one old and one hunky - With poems and song - It oft goes quite long - Tony rocks, Paul E B smells funky - Where is the proper Mrs. Edwards. I want more proper Mrs. Edwards. (You know I love you Paul.) Zephyr
Submitted By: chris_m_hassett
(234,490 on 3-2007)

PUNKY !!!!!!!!!!
YOU ROCK MY WORLD ^_^ Keep it up Puck-Wah
Submitted By: Puckey_
(234,292 on 3-2007)

YAY Punky!
Goodness its good to finally see you boys on the top spot ^^ only took forever and five years. XOXO Evie
Submitted By: bellefaenoir
(234,253 on 3-2007)

Just want you to stay on top where you belong. Cheers, The Word Whore
Submitted By: shorts
(234,221 on 3-2007)

Dig your stuff...
This is Paul, the biggest podcaster ever(shyeah, reeeeet). Thats a joke, but I do like your podcast, so heres a vote. :)
Submitted By: paulsaurini
(234,198 on 3-2007)

Great fun
Submitted By: alan
(234,064 on 3-2007)

Punkys great
Punkys awesome
Submitted By: kieranmakennedy
(233,830 on 3-2007)

Punkys great
It truly is!
Submitted By: lngjhnlzrdsgrpgrg
(233,829 on 3-2007)

Punkys great
It truly is!
Submitted By: kieranmakennedy
(233,817 on 3-2007)

A.B.O.V.E ! Votes
More votes from ABOVE Podcast at
Submitted By: abovepodcastdotcom
(233,560 on 3-2007)

March votes from A.B.O.V.E Podcast :-)
Submitted By: above_podcast
(233,439 on 3-2007)

Happy March - I Beg To Differ -
Submitted By: kburnage
(233,251 on 3-2007)

Happy March from Public Nuisance Radio
Sending out some warm nuggets of love during a good old Nebraska blizzard..... snow sucks.
Submitted By: risingstaraikido
(233,093 on 3-2007)

Aloha From 808Talk Hawaii /
Submitted By: 808Talk
(232,902 on 3-2007)

Ahar, I spring my vote upon you at a ridiculously early time in the morning, just because insomnia says I can! This podcast is far better than mine, and I am not ashamed to say so! Theres no shame in being beaten by the best. I shall fall silent now, and let them rock on..
Submitted By: thealmightybobbu
(232,755 on 2-2007)

magnificiant Show
Incredible show boys.
Submitted By: rkbrasse
(232,571 on 2-2007)

I love this podcast!!
I could listen to Paul and Tonys sexy accents all day long! Great music and commentary. Keep up the good work boys! -artsygirl
Submitted By: artsygirl64
(230,976 on 2-2007)

TheyWereHere...and now their gone. Good to see Punky at Number 1, A victory for the forces of Crime and Chaos!! Podcast Alley must have banished those cheating bastards. Let us be noble in victory comrades, and exercise mercy...nah fuck that- lets kick them while their down!! While were at it- lets kick those Cry Baby KittenBloods too. AlwayschhLooking- Lord Reilloc PS- I got remanded, go to court again next month!!
Submitted By: lordreilloc
(230,837 on 2-2007)

Punkys Great!
Punkys Great!
Submitted By: mikeeee02
(230,739 on 2-2007)

There, you got your vote...
...Now quit hassling me, you pair of rabid trouser weasels. And next time youre in Canadana, I expect an update in advance. Or else youll feel the wrath of my MIGHTY BERSERKER. Well, Paul will, Tony might like it too much.
Submitted By: nryates
(230,664 on 2-2007)

Im a big bald gayboy
And my name is Simon. I live in Eton. Pleas come to find me. We can do a homo pub quiz and then you can bum me if you like.
Submitted By: houli
(230,185 on 2-2007)

Goopa Fucking Goopa, you cock-knocking crotch gobblins! Punkys Great! Punky Rulz! If it werent for Punky Id be a sex starved, middle aged accountant with a gun in my mouth! Keep it up, for the love of God! Apoog gnikcuf Apoog!
Submitted By: cyberkrime
(228,905 on 2-2007)

Fat Boy
Fat Boys a twat. Hes going to get a dry bumming with added Tate & Lyles golden syrup and kitty litter, says Patelvis
Submitted By: cableties
(228,517 on 2-2007)

Man Fat
Add this to your swearsperanto. Man fat: Gizzum, Spunk, Sperm, Baby Batter, 2 wheeled cannon porridge, Cock Cream.. Keat
Submitted By: offers
(228,511 on 2-2007)

punky fucking rocks!
i love it!
Submitted By: harry
(228,510 on 2-2007)

Straight from The Heart of Sherwood Forest, comes Punky!, a show so fantastic it will bring you forth from the depths of Fishtown faster than a good spearmint tingler, Paulyb and Tony will have you screaming "Goopa! Goopa!" at random passers-by, especially if those passers-by happen to be KITTENBLOODS! Quit reading, start downloading, you shitiot! cheers from pennsylvania, -the professional (a.k.a. random gimp)
Submitted By: theprofessional
(228,485 on 2-2007)

Heres an honest vote.... if I could just figure out how to cheat like those other fucks, then I could send you 259 more. AlwayscchLooking to scam the system- LordReilloc. PS- I go to court again Thursday. If you dont hear from me for a while then youll know Im enjoying Her Majesties Hospitality again.
Submitted By: lordreilloc
(228,075 on 2-2007)

Hear me now!!
Punky is the best, alwaysh the besht! Cheers from your loyal fan, Marcos RudeBwoy (coming out from the undergrounds)
Submitted By: rudebwoy.podcast
(227,701 on 2-2007)

Cause its PUNKY!
Heard about this podcast from Kinkysexradio and TTN. Great shows guys, I love the music you all play! I also share a birthday with Paul B.
Submitted By: esclave_noir_erotique
(227,609 on 2-2007)

alwaysh lishning!!!
Submitted By: mark.spooner
(227,353 on 2-2007)

punkys great
it really is and im not really german, i just ripped off a song title caled "Feuer Frei"
Submitted By: kieranmakennedy
(227,027 on 2-2007)

get a haircut!
off me! Next week! Listen to Punky! for details... Hamboy!
Submitted By: felixthelittledrummerboy
(226,949 on 2-2007)

Best Podcast
Submitted By: abotka
(226,766 on 2-2007)

Heres another vote for you butt-plug loving podcast sperm slurpers. Yea you heard. Keep it up (ooerr missus), Eddie Hitler III (not reich)
Submitted By: dean.brookes
(226,459 on 2-2007)

Okay.. willy!
Submitted By: tommy
(226,401 on 2-2007)

Rocking show
To bastardize a Peaches lyric- This podcast will make your panties go ping!
Submitted By: twilly23
(226,266 on 2-2007)

Hey Guys
Wisconsin still loves PUNKY radio you guys kick fuckin ass. Nobody in the states has the balls to play the fresh shit that you guys spin. Keep on playing the punk that rocks. Deshi from Madison Wisconsin and the rest of the wicked radio staff
Submitted By: Deshi
(225,891 on 2-2007)

Hey guys
Hey, Great show heard you for the first time on Wicked Radio. Keep up the great work on the show. :)
Submitted By: cody.christian
(225,813 on 2-2007)

You bastards rock keep it up, MILKYPANTS!!
Submitted By: Fiorano599gtb
(225,805 on 2-2007)

Feb vote
Great show! Please vote for the Brains Matter podcast.
Submitted By: mail
(225,558 on 2-2007)

They really should cuss more.
How I love the Punky Podcast Let me list each way Everyone lives with Tony And Paul E acts real gay Whenever U feel down And wanna help an Emo die Just put on these two piss mops Youll laugh until you cry Zephyr
Submitted By: chris_m_hassett
(225,354 on 2-2007)

Submitted By: nmccallion
(225,259 on 2-2007)

Nothing to say, so Ill just shut up and listen. XOXO Evie
Submitted By: bellefaenoir
(225,239 on 2-2007)

I dont really have much to say, except...
...that my iPod is now a million times cooler than it ever was before I started listening to Punky, because its now full of all the great bands that Paul and Tony play every week! Whenever I listen, I try to ignore the chat, though. Only joking! Much love, Catherine
Submitted By: spottedcaronfire
(223,941 on 2-2007)

punkys great
it really is
Submitted By: feuerfreisechs
(223,847 on 2-2007)

punkys great
it really is
Submitted By: zufflemonster
(223,845 on 2-2007)

punkys great
it really is
Submitted By: feuerfreisieben
(223,843 on 2-2007)

Heylooooo Punky!! Im listening righteth now and voting! And i shall vote 4 times because i have 4 different email adresses! HA! Suck on that septic cunts!! *giggles* xxnayxx
Submitted By: x-FallenAngelx
(223,711 on 2-2007)

Aloha From 808Talk Hawaii
Hawaii Podcast - /
Submitted By: 808Talk
(223,636 on 2-2007)

Even more votes from A.B.O.V.E Comedy podcast :-)
Submitted By: above.podcast
(222,981 on 2-2007)

Happy Birthday!
With lots of love (and spanks by tiny hands) from... ~ Buttons & The Whore
Submitted By: shorts
(222,772 on 2-2007)

Some votes for a podshow sellout!
LOL Just kidding! Happy Valentine month from How-To!
Submitted By: ewyeth
(222,097 on 2-2007)

More A.B.O.V.E Votes !
Submitted By: above_podcast
(222,072 on 2-2007)

Feb Votes From ABOVE !
Submitted By: paul
(221,991 on 2-2007)

A vote from Washington Travelcast. Keep it up!
Submitted By: washingtontravelcast
(221,484 on 2-2007)

Its me yet again
I am also a PIL fan Graham B
Submitted By: Wahjobble
(221,442 on 2-2007)

Me yet again
Are you number one yet? Graham B
Submitted By: gwbeech
(221,441 on 2-2007)

Me again
Thought you needed the votes Graham B
Submitted By: grahamwilliambeech
(221,439 on 2-2007)

Great Show as usual
Glad you got the Grahams sorted. I am not the other Podcaster merely an aging Pistols fan who stumbled across your show by mistake but am Alwaysh spreading the Punky word. Never have so many laughs been created by so few. Graham B
Submitted By: gwbeech
(221,438 on 2-2007)

Punkys great!
Submitted By: philard
(220,509 on 2-2007)

Great show!! Dan from the Mondo Movie podcast
Submitted By: daniel.auty
(219,735 on 2-2007)

Febuary lovin from Public Nuisance Radio
A vote from Public Nuisance Radio is better than getting shot in the ass by Cupids arrow .... and its much less expensive.
Submitted By: risingstaraikido
(219,343 on 2-2007)

Punkys great!
Goopa! Goopa! Punkys great! Just a shame that February has fewer days in it for people to vote. So dont be an inflatable blue poodle... Vote now. You know its the right thing to do. Graham Its A Frogs Life Acoustic Podcast
Submitted By: podcast
(219,305 on 2-2007)

cheeky monkey
hey gents,first off..GOOPA GOOPA punky is great im working my way through a years worth of punky but thought i ought do my duty and vote so ill have more to listen to when i get caught up cheers, Rice
Submitted By: ninjaspit
(219,254 on 2-2007)

So Punky is headed to the States
You must stop in Chicago and Phil McCracken Whitcomb.
Submitted By: flemlivet
(219,155 on 2-2007)

A vote from I Beg To Differ (
Submitted By: kburnage
(219,047 on 2-2007)

IM VOTING!! yay!! i love punky.. listening to it now... the 22/01 show.. goodies hahaha yeh, Jade Goody sucks!! just a note to say go slap you fish!! love you both.... now go cum on your crumpets!... like a bitch! xxxx naomi xxxx
Submitted By: x-FallenAngelx
(215,471 on 1-2007)

you guys fucking rock keep the punk alive, your my favorite sellouts well got to go panheads so try not to drink any cockolate shakes shitiots!
Submitted By: Fiorano599gtb
(214,995 on 1-2007)

Yes a lady
Japanifornia, love it, sounds better than the bang-your-sister/mom/aunt-town this place actually is, all we get is hick rock. Remind me why I left the San Francisco punk scene for this? BTW Arcata goes "R K Ta" XOXO Evie
Submitted By: Nuovo_lux
(214,906 on 1-2007)

Hey you..guyzzzzzzzz who eat cum...mmmmm......dutch guys!!!
Submitted By: houli
(214,583 on 1-2007)

and Tunky gives us...
...DETOX?!? Whats the fucking point- no-one gets out of life alive. My motto is bones heal, skin grows back, and theres plenty of time to sleep when you die!! Keep up the great work lads. PS- Hey Tony- GET FUCKED YOU TWAT!!!
Submitted By: lordreilloc
(213,219 on 1-2007)

Uniting fans & bands
fuckin A podcast
Submitted By: joeresort
(212,987 on 1-2007)

i equal one sad smacktard...
smacktard smacktard smacktard. Dont think Ive forsaken you boys, even though eveyone else calls you sell outs. Its still great music and fun chat, both are needed sorely here in Arcata CA. XOXO Evie
Submitted By: nuovo_lux
(212,862 on 1-2007)

Happy New Year!
Another year, another happy vote from How-To!
Submitted By: ewyeth
(212,852 on 1-2007)

Punky is the greatest podcast ever :o)
Submitted By: mysstress
(212,734 on 1-2007)

Punky Rulz!
Punky Rocks! Punky Rolls! Punky Rulz! Tonys an inflatable blue poodle! Pauly B.s an inflatable blue poodle molester!
Submitted By: cyberkrime
(212,665 on 1-2007)

punky your rock wish i could listen to you more hooroo smacktards yours truly Padders
Submitted By: davidsnots
(212,202 on 1-2007)

Rock on!
With Tony in a dress and Paul dancing the slomo pogo how could I not vote?
Submitted By: twilly23
(211,749 on 1-2007)

Sebrook Sellouts
Who ate all the crisps Who ate all the crisps You fat b*stards You fat b*stards You ate all the crisps
Submitted By: mail
(210,729 on 1-2007)

well hello punky im glad you read my poem even if it is shit lol and sorry i was expecting it to be read well jsut dropped by to say punkys owns punkys owns punkys owns punkys owns punkys owns punkys owns punkys owns punkys owns punkys owns punkys owns sexinacan
Submitted By: btimaeu3
(210,405 on 1-2007)

Punkys great!
New year, new comment! Punkys great! Im alwaysh looking forward to the next Punky to brighten my journey to work on these dark winter mornings. Graham H Its A Frogs Life Acoustic Podcast
Submitted By: podcast
(210,044 on 1-2007)

I am voting for you today because it is my birthday. Wait a minute, that doesnt make sense. Its MY birthday, you guys should be getting ME presents. Please send candy. And assless-chaps.
Submitted By: amberance
(209,722 on 1-2007)

punkys great
punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great punkys great
Submitted By: zufflemonster
(209,377 on 1-2007)

Still my favourite podcast.
Submitted By: tim_potter
(209,345 on 1-2007)

Punky Radio
This show is without the best out there.
Submitted By: acornsigns
(209,191 on 1-2007)

Punky Rocks!
Goppa Goppa!! Love the show!! Keep rockin smacktards!
Submitted By: amyiris
(209,050 on 1-2007)

punkylicious ~bren
Submitted By: shorts
(208,878 on 1-2007)

Happy New Year from Spartacus
Submitted By: spartacus
(208,620 on 1-2007)

this is the one - nothing else needed
Submitted By: Trefusia
(208,290 on 1-2007)

hello my royal emperors of X-rated Punky. How are you? im shit. my wallet got stolen and so did my cell phone. pisses me off. well i guess its a good thing i got it back with my license in it now i dont have to go down to the DMV and get a new one american DMVs are hell!! those bumsniffing cockrockers take so damn long. well i msut be off then i hope you got taht poem i sent you and you liked it. ALL HAIL EMPEROR PAULY AND HIS MAN MAIDEN TONY!!!! Adam A.K.A sexinacan
Submitted By: btimaeu3
(208,129 on 1-2007)

the only one worth listening to!!
Submitted By: Americruiser1
(207,993 on 1-2007)

Good TImes
Keep up the fine work, Gentlemen
Submitted By: p9print
(207,974 on 1-2007)

a better 2007
That awesome Punky! Radio show will be one of the better things of 2007 - right after booze, intercourse and bowel movements. Bless them!
Submitted By: wfischli
(207,339 on 1-2007)

haha.. i caN FINNALY vote again... :P the emoslayer.. tommy
Submitted By: tommy.obsessiveyouth
(207,313 on 1-2007)

Oi Oi Oi! Ska of Iran!
Punkys Great! Pauly and tony you two are alwaysh playing great music! Tonys been sounding so manly lately! he should get pissed before every show. hey and heres a word of the week for ya: cock slot another term for tuna town. it aint great but its better than hearing about the state of Tonys twat! anyway keep rocking you two tycoons of the podcast world -angry cheetah
Submitted By: ds_pianoman
(206,811 on 1-2007)

Bleach Boys were great!
Submitted By: vunox-alien
(206,479 on 1-2007)

Happy 07 from Public Nuisance Radio
Another year has come and gone... and ya know what... I dont remember half of it....... Heres to a great 07.
Submitted By: risingstaraikido
(206,103 on 1-2007)

The New Year brings new mysteries! World of Skell Podcast
Submitted By: dndgameupdate1
(206,061 on 1-2007)

Tony, you got a purdy mouth. dya think you can squeal like a pig?
Submitted By: uglyshoes
(206,023 on 1-2007)

This podcast is most definitely the biggest load of shit Ive ever had the misfortune to assault my ears with. Now that Ive heard it, I have an incredibly compelling urge to go write in my diary in kittenblood about what big imbeciles these two hosts are. ...Just kidding. If I really thought all that, I wouldnt have voted, would I? Much love, Catherine
Submitted By: spottedcaronfire
(206,020 on 1-2007)

punky rocks
This is one of the best podcasts Ive heard.. These guys are funny as hell.
Submitted By: lvnvbiker
(205,909 on 1-2007)

listening to PUNKY! and laughing my ass off. you guys rock. LOVE YA TONY!!! ..and paul.....I guess you can have some love too...
Submitted By: monstergummibear
(205,493 on 1-2007)

Punky in the Carribean. The Search for the Next Beer
Popped over to the Carribean for a quick holiday made all the merrier by listening to your show whilst sitting on the Pool Deck of a Cruise Ship quaffing free ale and food. Those around me thought i was mad as i laughed out loud spilling my ale all over my shorts. And yes maties i am an English Whippersnapper and very proud of it. Keep it up. Graham B
Submitted By: gwbeech
(205,368 on 1-2007)

Here I am, voting for the best podcast in the world. Oh no, wait, this is Punky Radio... ok, so the most absurd, smacktardian, mental and hilarious podcast. Fuckit, it rawks!
Submitted By: thealmightybobbu
(205,254 on 1-2007)

january vote
A vote from Brains Matter for January! 40939
Submitted By: ppatnaikuni
(205,090 on 1-2007)

Even better now
Beleive it or not, pissmops. Punkys gotten even better. Were you creeped out by Tonys acting like a pussy whipped dog every time Polly B tried to bugger him? Me to, smacktards. Well Tony seems to have found his Engligh Plums. Enough talk of riding the pigskin bus, either whip out the Mighty Bezerker or PLAY MORE MUSIC!!. Its so much fun listening to Tony treat Polly B like the wank stain on the duvet of society that he is. Of course, Polly B loves it and cant get enough. So all you fans, get off your turdcutters and listen to PUNKY! Root for Tony, Rah rah rah. Zephyr
Submitted By: chris_m_hassett
(205,021 on 1-2007)

In case youre a world class BOXHEAD, Punky is the best podcast ever. Seriously. It makes kittenbloods cry. Jesus listens to Punky. You should too.
Submitted By: cause_of_rebellion
(204,817 on 1-2007)

Happy new year! BUCKET is looking forward to hearing what 2007 will bring. :)
Submitted By: bucketpodcast
(204,745 on 1-2007)

Keep up the good work mars bar lovers!! Punky tastes grrrrrrreat! Eddie Shitler (with a silent S)
Submitted By: dean.brookes
(204,635 on 1-2007)

hello my wonderful friends at punky i start a new school on the 4th becasue of that trouble i told you about at school (i guess somethings that happen ina dressing room dont stay there)but i will surely spread the word of punnky as ai did at my old school taht is if the gangs here dont shoot me but thats ok ill call on SUPER TONY and POWERFUL PAULY to defend me well must be off and have fun saying the title and hope you like my poem i sent yall, sexinacan
Submitted By: btimaeu3
(204,378 on 1-2007)

Happy Fucking New Year!
Submitted By: sickandwrongpodcast
(204,328 on 1-2007)

Hey Happy New Year! I Beg To Differ
Submitted By: kburnage
(204,187 on 1-2007)

Will be sending you CDs soon. I know it has been nealry a year since I said this, but it is true cause a new Fuzigish album is due in Feb, so it makes sense to send it all then. (it was supposed to come out in July hence the wait!) Here is some South African slang for you: Babalaas (Bub-ba-lars) The hangover from hell, fondly called a "Barbie". The Babalas is no mythical beast. But look at yourself in the mirror and youll wonder as you examine that furry tongue slithering in a mumbling, parched mouth, puffy eyelids scraping bloodshot eyeballs. Comes from the Zulu word ibhabhalazi. Poepol (Poo-pawl) (Afrikaans.) Idiot, twit, "poop hole") Enough said. "Dont be a poepol". oi oi oi Great show, cock smacks and all the best in 2007 from Jay Bones in South Africa.
Submitted By: jeanpierred
(203,844 on 1-2007)

Submitted By: above_vote
(203,087 on 1-2007)

Aloha From 808Talk Hawaii
Aloha And Happy New Year From 808Talk Hawaii! V.Brown (808Talk Pod/VodCast) 4373
Submitted By: 808Talk
(203,041 on 1-2007)

More A.B.O.V.E! Votes
Submitted By: abovepodcast
(203,020 on 1-2007)

Happy New Year From A.B.O.V.E Podcast !
Submitted By: above_podcast
(202,901 on 1-2007)

Punkys Great
Punkys Great
Submitted By: woodyb3
(202,642 on 12-2006)

shit hot piss mops
misstress and I really enjoyed block party 7,com on block party 8...did tony pull that migdet women? from...stevied 6ft4 tattoed and from derbyshire...xx
Submitted By: stevied007
(202,319 on 12-2006)

bend tony over and spank his ass
wow tony made me stand too attention wearing that dress of his!!! was mightly impressed by the chavs, boogie children were great, but i missed devilish presley as i had too make a mad dash back too hucknall to get to the off license before it shut! thanx for a great night dudes
Submitted By: punkpocko
(202,182 on 12-2006)

Punky Owns
You guys are the best thing since bread, not just sliced bread, but bread in general. Bringing the punk from within a tree, its kittenblood Tony and Pauly B. By the way, what has happened to Purple Burglar Alarm? Keep on skanking (alwaysh skanking)!
Submitted By: eric.parker.bass
(201,587 on 12-2006)

You cheeky monkeys are so lucky I found and then voted for you. Lets march up the chart and maybe youll get hunger and try harder or just punch someone in the nose. You non-conformist posers!
Submitted By: rthomure
(201,444 on 12-2006)

Holiday Greetings
Wishing you and yours a joyful holiday and profitable new year. May you make some real money in 2007, and may Tony finally get a pair. And thats the news. di vos incolumes custodiant - Phil McCracken Whitcomb
Submitted By: phil
(200,511 on 12-2006)

hey, sorry
hey sorry about the last comment i thought it cut off so i re did it lol. i just heard you guys on my ipod read my comment and it made my day iv been thinking about sending in some of my poetry to poetry corner and whut ever happened to judge mental?!?!?! been having some trobuel at school adn you guys just made my day lol and im not redneck im from new jersey lol well i am strange lol you have no idea well i must be off now got exams tomarrow ill see you later you bumsniffing sell out brits lol , long live punky!!!, sexinacan
Submitted By: btimaeu3
(199,112 on 12-2006)

Are you starting to stand up for yourself and finally growing a set of balls Tony?? I Might have to reconsider what I think about you....hmmm...Nahh, its still the same- so GET FUCKED YOU TWAT!!! Keep up the good work and Merry Christmas lads.
Submitted By: lordreilloc
(198,143 on 12-2006)

Happy Holidays to Punky!
Pauly, why you have to give Tony such a hard time? Its the holidays! Everybody needs some love! Even Tony! Merry ChrismaKwanzucha from How-To!
Submitted By: ewyeth
(197,279 on 12-2006)

Pauly the Bee and Tony The Kitten.
This podcast kicks ass and i sugest you tell all cus...err..whats that coming over the hill? a monster? fuck of its PUNKY coming to rock all emos (kittenbloods) to hell and back! kick some and enjoy!
Submitted By: eltrainthe3rd
(196,886 on 12-2006)

GOOPA GOOPA!!! (cont)
its so dull here and a little punk spices it up a little it fun yelling kitten blodd at a bunch of emos and confusing my friends when they have no idea whut im saying MWAHAHA (tony must say taht part). good by my bumsniffing wankgloves your fan sexinacan
Submitted By: btimaeu3
(196,662 on 12-2006)

Hey you piss mopps whut kinda cockknockering bum sniffing tony wouldnt love you guys i heard you guys months ago and i fell in love with it lol kepe up the good work tormenting tony pauly B. i listen to you guys all the time i live in tennessee in the united states and its so dull and punky spices it up a little i keep my friends guess ing when i ue punky lingo around them and yell kitten blood at all the emos i see hahaha well i must be off now you rank wankgloves, always looking, sexinacan
Submitted By: btimaeu3
(196,654 on 12-2006)

Milky Pants!
Goopa Goopa! Man, I love this fucking show, even though you are a coupla fucking sellouts now. Cat, rat, mat, hat, pat, shat, vat. Go fuck a pig. Shit! Are there such things as elderly kittenbloods? Thatd be odd, wouldnt it? Especially if they were elderly Scottish kittenbloods. Tony should do an elderly Scottish kittenblood accent while saying the following: "I like to cut my wrists, and write in my diary, and cry, and be a fucking wank-stain on society that everyone with sense wants to fucking kill. Wheres my Hawthorne Heights album? I need to jack off in the dark, and i cant do it without my emo music." Tee hee. Im laughing already. And im also mad as fuck thinking about kittenbloods. Well, Id better head off... bread off... Ned off... wed off... red off... fuck.
Submitted By: dmccracken123
(196,646 on 12-2006)

You two smacktards are top notch, best Podcast ever. Pauly be nice to Tony you big poof. Tony Grow a pair. Cheers Ajax
Submitted By: Ajax1for1
(196,062 on 12-2006)

Must.... Vote..... An Angry Pirate made me do it! Respect to the Canadanadanans, you fucking wankers. OK There I Finally Did it, after a year you finally got me to vote.
Submitted By: vanaltj
(195,901 on 12-2006)

Punky Rulz!
Punky Rocks! Punky Rolls! Punky Rulz!
Submitted By: cyberkrime
(195,476 on 12-2006)

Punkys Funky
Always looking for a good show? Then listen to P unky because they cause more milkypants than your average tuppy.-Twilight
Submitted By: twilly23
(194,795 on 12-2006)

Gooper motherfucking Gooper boys! Love the show! Scott -
Submitted By: scott.williams
(194,417 on 12-2006)

Submitted By: m.stafford23
(194,390 on 12-2006)

Sorry P. I totally dont understand the comment you left me. Help.
Submitted By: p9print
(194,275 on 12-2006)

Punky rules!
Punky rules! Punky rules! Punky rules! Punky rules! Punky rules! Punky rules! Punky rules! Punky rules! Punky rules! Punky rules! Punky rules! Punky rules! From yours truly, Marcos RudeBwoy
Submitted By: rudebwoy.podcast
(194,209 on 12-2006)

Happy holidays from BUCKET!
Submitted By: bucketpodcast
(193,917 on 12-2006)

Aloha from the Digital Slob!
Youre podcast is doing great, but if you want a little more free publicity, come promote it on "Digitalslobpods ENDLESS EGO CAVALCADE," my live call-in show featuring great podcasts like yours on Fridays at, beginning Dec. 15! We can talk about your show all night long (or at least for 30 minutes). Go to for more info!
Submitted By: digitalslob
(193,791 on 12-2006)

these guys; make my week just that little bit better. :)thankyouss!!! Amanda from Canada
Submitted By: amandamoir
(193,709 on 12-2006)

Blah, blah, blah!
Heres a vote for my favorite, un-punk, suck-up, sell-out, septic wannabe podcast!!!
Submitted By: jon
(193,701 on 12-2006)

w00t fuckin w00t
Looking for a great Punk/Idiot cast? Look no further. This show has everything, Humor, good music, and PaulyB and Tony jacking off in the background. You guys deserve to win. - Jake
Submitted By: ZOMGZSKA
(193,630 on 12-2006)

The Best
Submitted By: mike
(193,485 on 12-2006)

Yet another vote for this month. Ive got bad news for Cyber. My birthday was the day before yesterday, which puts me at 55 years old. I fully expect to be alive well into the future, so Ill make the claim to be the oldest Punky fan whos likely to still be alive and listening next week. Keep it coming!
Submitted By: EclecticMix
(193,403 on 12-2006)

HELP im spraying me bowl
off work, got the squits! so listening to punky, playing catch up, im still way back in october, still nice to know you are still the best two twats goin, love Pocko
Submitted By: punkpocko
(193,378 on 12-2006)

Another month, and another vote! I Beg To Differ
Submitted By: kburnage
(192,972 on 12-2006)

pure bliss
had a bad day ? your mood needs some uplifting ? tune in !
Submitted By: wfischli
(192,766 on 12-2006)

Great show lads. Keeps me laughing for hours. Thought i was the oldest listener, apart from the granny, but at 42 i am a mere whippersnapper. Keep it up. Graham B
Submitted By: gwbeech
(192,246 on 12-2006)

What is more pagan than bringing a tree in your house and eating ritually sacrificed animals as a clan? Happy Solstice and whatever holiday you celebrate from the Spartacus Roosevelt Hour!
Submitted By: spartacus
(192,216 on 12-2006)

Vote for the Capitalistas!
Everytime you vote an Emo Kitten gets killed and turned into dollars for Tony and Paulyb to fill their matresses with!
Submitted By: poet666d
(192,032 on 12-2006)

Ho ho ho, watch out for fat guys in chimneys named Barely. Happy Holidays. -Barely from Barely Podcasting
Submitted By: Barely
(191,776 on 12-2006)

ROCK ON!!!!!!!!
Submitted By: Ramones586
(191,617 on 12-2006)

the shit
oh, oh yes they are the shit much better than the average music/ talkcast which suck hairy monkey balls
Submitted By: roguish_gnome
(191,227 on 12-2006)

Happy Holidays from Public Nuisance Radio
Its that time of year for gift giving.... and Im giving you a vote. Theres only one gift that I want this year... thats a lever action red rider BB gun with a compass in the stock....... yeah yeah yeah... i know.. ill shoot my eye out..... Tis the season to be jolly.. .fa ra ra ra ra... ra ra ra ra
Submitted By: risingstaraikido
(190,940 on 12-2006)

Aloha From 808Talk Hawaii
Aloha, another month, another vote and once again showing some love from beautiful Hawaii. - V.Brown (808Talk Pod/VodCast) 4373
Submitted By: 808Talk
(190,869 on 12-2006)

why are you guys in comedy now. you unfunny bints. of course i am kidding, you guys are the funniest brits i have ever heard. /eric tomorrow
Submitted By: eric
(190,764 on 12-2006)

Have a great Holiday over there in the Sherwood Forest! ~from Nobodies
Submitted By: nobodies37
(190,648 on 12-2006)

Punkys great!
Another month and another chance to vote for Punky! Hope you have a Smacktardian Christmas. Graham (Its A Frogs Life Acoustic Podcast)
Submitted By: podcast
(190,434 on 12-2006)

A.B.O.V.E Vote III ... this time its personal
Submitted By: paulsaunders22
(190,269 on 12-2006)

Submitted By: abitofvirtuallyeverything
(190,218 on 12-2006)

More A.B.O.V.Ery
More from A Bit Of Virtually Everything for December
Submitted By: abovepodcast
(190,165 on 12-2006)

Gooper Gooper
There is this band in my city called Fall of Troy, Honestly you guys gotta play them on Punky!
Submitted By: snarflevy123
(189,040 on 11-2006)

punkys great!
Submitted By: alaskawolf333
(188,979 on 11-2006)

The Plan Nine Rock Show
Submitted By: p9print
(188,054 on 11-2006)

You guys are the best. Thanks for making my weeks full of gut-busting laughter. You all rock. Much love to you!
Submitted By: monstergummibear
(186,949 on 11-2006)

its ok, we still think you guys are the dogs danglies. //eric tomorrow // the mediocre show.
Submitted By: eric
(185,293 on 11-2006)

im kulas!!!
A long time listener from the Philippines!!!! Uniting fans and Bands Across the land!!!
Submitted By: maputiks_b5
(185,177 on 11-2006)

Hey guys!! Im voting!! Just to say HEYA!! i havnt commented in aaagggeeessss lol.. oh yeh i must send u a pic of me in this wkd shirt, it says -I HATE JAMES BLUNT- on it!! - legend!!! xxx naomi xxx
Submitted By: x-FallenAngelx
(184,954 on 11-2006)

Punky! radio. Now with twice as much music, but no increase in overall smacktards! Just like it always was, only more so.
Submitted By: amberance
(184,912 on 11-2006)

punky rocks my socks!!!
GoOpA! gOoPa!!!!! This is the coolest and most kick ass-est podcast on the market. The Pauly B. and Tony duo is hot as sh*t. Rock on Punky!, and keep on Uniting Fans and Bands Across the Land. P.S. -- Tony is gay. Just kidding. But seriously........ Love u guys.
Submitted By: no41reason
(184,385 on 11-2006)

Theres nothing better than a fresh episode of Punky to enjoy with some peanut butter crackers and a cup of your favorite tea. I sort of miss the tractor references, though. Much love, Catherine.
Submitted By: spottedcaronfire
(184,194 on 11-2006)

What do you get when you cross an antelope with a wallaby?
An antelopallaby of course! But now that Ive got your attention, what do you get if you cross great punk rock with the mindless banter of two panheads from the Heart of Sherwood Forest? Punky! Quit reading, go listen!
Submitted By: someguysomewhere12357
(183,335 on 11-2006)

Fuckin hell.
Submitted By: amandamoir
(182,755 on 11-2006)

A must listen... great way to start the week.
Submitted By: bill
(182,130 on 11-2006)

Brilliant show-keep it UP!!
Goopa, Goopa, your podcast is Absolutely The BEST part of my day.!! Thanks for all the ew punk bands you e turned me on to. Before that , the newest band I was listening to was Rancid/ Op Ivy cause they sound like all the old bands I used to listen & pogo to, back in the day( late 70s, early 80s) . Do you guys consider Joe Jackson still punk since he put the old band back together from his first 3 albums. The first 2 albums were definitely considered punk here in the USA. He still sounds great Live , to an old motherfuckin shit like me that is!! I saw him Live in 81 & the Ramones back in 78 @ CBGBs & the Jam when they were spittin on people & wearing the suits w/ little skinny ties. The US audience didn get it & booed them off the stage. Anyway, punk on you wank stains on the duvet of society. Apoog, apoog. Manny D. from Chicago, USA
Submitted By: ediamantopoulos
(182,129 on 11-2006)

sweet like candys
love punky yes I do. So I show my loves.
Submitted By: daisy_flower102
(181,199 on 11-2006)

hey fucktards...hideho from Kansas USA, You 2 fuckin' rock keep it up. BTW i love the music. smooches and well placed licks Bondagekitty ^_^
Submitted By: bondagekitty
(181,120 on 11-2006)

Feck yer Haikus
Haikus makes me angry Outside the summer bird sings I kick a small child
Submitted By: poet666d
(181,084 on 11-2006)

he punky - still listening to your fucking great fuck-cast! ; and no wonder i think its still fucking great!! loved the last fucking show - even that i dont like halloween...okay i like halloween - but not in austria ... fuck it - what ever! so fuck the rest - punky is the the fuck-cast... cheers the ape alias andy!! PS: and yeah - U FUCKING FUCK HEADS!
Submitted By: orangutanklaus
(180,993 on 11-2006)

Ima voting for you cogglemonkeys!
Submitted By: smacktarded_pissmop
(180,987 on 11-2006)

best podcast ever
Best podcast ever
Submitted By: facemelter81
(180,378 on 11-2006)

Still the Greatest
You guys Rock, Keep up the good work. Hey Hamboy, get well soon mate. Hey Tony, get fucked you twat
Submitted By: lordreilloc
(180,362 on 11-2006)

Oi Oi Oi!
What´s up Crotch Goblins, when is the ska show coming up? ROOTS! RESPECT! You know, ´cus I be the RudeBwoy (This is supposed to be read in Jamaican accent! ;)) Apuc! Apuc!
Submitted By: rudebwoy.podcast
(180,167 on 11-2006)

I agree-
Pauly B.s German is damn sexy.
Submitted By: twilly23
(179,837 on 11-2006)

Another month, another vote!
Punkys great! In fact, its so great that it gets another vote from the Its A Frogs Life Acoustic Podcast which is the official antithesis of Punky in every single aspect! Graham
Submitted By: podcast
(179,656 on 11-2006)

November lovin from Mikey
A vote from Public Nuisance Radio is like a big hug from your fat Aunt Gertie after the Thanksgiving Turkey. Happy November everyone.
Submitted By: risingstaraikido
(179,643 on 11-2006)

Great shows
Submitted By: hsbcbob
(179,619 on 11-2006)

Here is a vote as well and we just changed formats is what happened.
Submitted By: wickedradio
(179,572 on 11-2006)

Submitted By: zufflemonster
(179,503 on 11-2006)

Damn fine boys.
Submitted By: lining-doll-parts
(179,398 on 11-2006)

What a geni-arse!
Ive only started listening to this show recently, but it rocks! Not just in the quality of punk music, but it particularly rocks in entertainment value as well. Although there is a structure to every show, there is a great deal of spontaneous wit and laughter to it. The listeners comments are truly valued too. What a pure and interactive geni-arse! Love it! Ali, Cardiff
Submitted By: AliElder
(179,384 on 11-2006)

Ill wear a bra...
...When the MAN gives me equality! Until then, its all about freedom for the boys! :) Ok, Happy November, Punky! Eric from How-To
Submitted By: ewyeth
(179,351 on 11-2006)

Even More From A.B.O.V.E
More votes from A Bit Of Virtually Everything Podcast ;-)
Submitted By: paul
(179,302 on 11-2006)

smacktardian ass wiping cum guzzling shit sucking crotch rubbing pissmopping clamjousting fucktards. tony could be gay. and pauly is an egotistical satan worshipper.
Submitted By: pyrgie
(179,189 on 11-2006)

Youve got my vote you hairy couple of Tuppys!! Arlesey Punk-with-a-skinhead, Ed Hitler xx
Submitted By: dean.brookes
(179,175 on 11-2006)

I was in the bookstore the other day, and I saw (being that Im always looking) a book called "Podcasting Hacks." I immediatly thought of Paul and Tony. Enjoy the vote smacktards. -Drew
Submitted By: icapthowdy
(179,047 on 11-2006)

Aloha From 808Talk Hawaii
Aloha, another month, another vote and once again showing some love from beautiful Hawaii. - V.Brown (808Talk Pod/VodCast) 4373
Submitted By: 808Talk
(179,021 on 11-2006)

Spartacus loves you.
Submitted By: spartacus
(178,875 on 11-2006)

Is it November already? Time for another vote!
Submitted By: kburnage
(178,778 on 11-2006)

Heres a vote for ya!
Hey PB, you owe $100! I finally got my sink fixed.
Submitted By: jon
(178,669 on 11-2006)

Great Show
ChrisFrez - CamaroZ28.COM
Submitted By: chris
(178,636 on 11-2006)

November brings another vote from Eclectic Mix!
Submitted By: EclecticMix
(178,488 on 11-2006)

More Votes From A.B.O.V.E
Submitted By: above_uk
(178,441 on 11-2006)

More from A.B.O.V.E
A Bit Of Virtually Everything :-)
Submitted By: above_podcast
(178,199 on 11-2006)

Why is this show not in #1. Its PUNKY! Cmon! You people know better than this.~~~~~love Nobodies
Submitted By: nobodies37
(178,193 on 11-2006)

A.B.O.V.E November !
Submitted By: abovepodcast
(178,059 on 11-2006)

Yo! from AK!
Hey its Scott from Alaska Podshow... man its been a while since Ive touched base with you at all. We should really do something together down the road for our shows. Keep up the great work! Peace, Scott from
Submitted By: alaskapodshow
(177,874 on 11-2006)

Goopa Goopa, Fishtowns finest!!!!
This is the best podcast ever! Done from The James Ackerley Podcast
Submitted By: jamesackerleypodcast
(177,433 on 10-2006)

Great Show
Even a crusty old punk like myself, 42 years young, finds much on the show to bring a smile to my face. And the music is awesome.
Submitted By: gwbeech
(177,371 on 10-2006)

Fucking Mansfield
ha! not your mine in ohio! Milkbone
Submitted By: clow
(176,924 on 10-2006)

u guys kick assssssssssss
Submitted By: j
(176,378 on 10-2006)

If you take every vein and artery in a normal adult human male and lay them all out end to end.... that person would die. I imagine thats what missing an episode of punky would feel like. so fuck off you smacktards and keep picking on the canadanans. Jeff (just a septic) Uglyshoes
Submitted By: uglyshoes
(176,256 on 10-2006)

Important question
Do you know if consulates are considered foreign soil just like embassies? James, Ottawa, Ontario p.s. Great show. Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: egghead
(175,968 on 10-2006)

the best shit ive heard eva
Submitted By: dottymcspotty
(175,845 on 10-2006)

Punkys Great
Submitted By: richardsmail
(174,556 on 10-2006)

This is the best fucking podcast in the whole world. Period.
Submitted By: dmccracken123
(174,462 on 10-2006)

punk - y (n.)
1. Any of various minute, biting flies of the family Ceratopogonidae. 2. An excellent punk rock podcast released weekly by Paul B. Edwards (see smacktard (n.)) and Tony Hearn (see jitbag (n.)) direct from The Punky Bunker, located in The Heart of Sherwood Forest. See also: cockknockery (n.) and shiznitz (n.)
Submitted By: arandomgimp
(174,397 on 10-2006)

Hey Paul, I just wanted to say first that you guys fucken rock!!! I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Another Canadian listening to your show. Ive been tuning in to your crap show now for almost 6 months now, and its FUCKEN AMAZING!!! Keep up the great work you Smacktards. Later Jason the Canadian
Submitted By: selkirkj
(174,251 on 10-2006)

Abso-freakin-lutely XLent!
Im absolutely TOO f***n old to DAnce! GREAT podcast!! I laugh out loud @ work all the time now that I found your podcasts & have the biggest grin on my face. People are definitely wondering whats going on now & i tell em KOOPA, KOOPA, KOOPA! Keeep up the good word you motherfucking twats!! Oi oi oi from Chi-town, USA.
Submitted By: ediamantopoulos
(174,044 on 10-2006)

Surgeon Generals Warning
Crack Cocaine it rots your brain- and so does PUNKY! Go hard or Go home you pack of pissmops. Keep up the good work. PS-Hey Tony, your still a twat!!
Submitted By: lordreilloc
(174,005 on 10-2006)

Holy shit thats good punky!
Whats up cunt-rags. Just discovered the magical world of punky and im hooked! Keep that underground punk comming and don let those annoying emo fucks get to you, they e all gonna slit their skinny fucking malnourished wrists anyway. -Brooklyn Geoff
Submitted By: brooklynbroiler
(173,898 on 10-2006)

yeah punky
smacktards and pissmops and turdcutters, oh my!
Submitted By: youllhavesomeoneseyeout
(173,834 on 10-2006)

Pauly B Edwards and Tony Hearn Fock my world! VOTE FOR PUNKY RADIO or die!
Submitted By: cheap_roses
(173,820 on 10-2006)

I love youuuu -[kittenblood] Beane
Submitted By: homefries102
(173,342 on 10-2006)

Fiese Wichser
Ihr verfickten Ficker, wieso versaut ihr mir immer meinen Weg zur Arbeit? Stefan PS. Keep on the good work and Tony: please speak more clearly, I don understand a single word when you are talking :)
Submitted By: dunkleskind
(173,273 on 10-2006)

hello fellas, thanks for reading my comment on your show that was really kickass. i love your show it kept me entertained the other night when i slept in a pirate ship in the park with my pirate crew and now they e hooked your show to... anyway keep it up .:Captain Steve:.
Submitted By: mixmasterttt2008
(172,741 on 10-2006)

Fan-bloody-tastic. Love the podcast. Im an expat living in Cananadadadadadada....Best part of the show? Listening while on the train thinking if half the people on the train were listening aswell theyd be shocked and disgusted, spewing up their Starbucks coffee. Bunch of caffeine fuelled wanktards (LOVE that word). Anyway, Im probably bringing up the average age of the listener by about 20 years..Happy birthday to me on the 24th - you can read my horoscope out. My word of the week? LocoLotion: the stain left on your clothes after rubbing up to too many people on an overcrowded train. Later. Gareth13
Submitted By: gareth13
(172,632 on 10-2006)

eric tomorrow coming in with the late vote to hopefully throw you over the top. at least those emo kids are way down.
Submitted By: eric
(172,535 on 10-2006)

crazy tribal people....
Gooper Gooper!!!! Greeting from the land of the 98% Circumcisize people!!! 2% black nail kitten bloods slowmo pogoing while wanking and crying mult itasking bastards!!!... Longtime listener from the philippine island!!!
Submitted By: maputiks_b5
(172,458 on 10-2006)

Subscribe Now!
If you haven subscribed to this podcast by now, you e most decidedly not the smartest peanut in the turd.
Submitted By: someguysomewhere12357
(172,350 on 10-2006)

you twot
heres your vote, twots.
Submitted By: burritobouska
(172,307 on 10-2006)

You e welcome.
Here. I voted. Better make this one count, smacktards! -Much love, Catherine P.S.–love the show! You flapfaces make my week.
Submitted By: spottedcaronfire
(172,230 on 10-2006)

Best PodCast ever!
Submitted By: mlanzi1
(172,223 on 10-2006)

Tony, Id just like to say that you ROCK!
Submitted By: superstunt2004
(172,110 on 10-2006)

Forgetful wankers
You forgot to play my promo but thats ok. Usually people that are busy and act important are the ones that forget the normal folking class. Still, I promote Punky! and hope that someday it will be number one in the music podcasting category. Alcohol Rules and Last Minute Comedy will prevail!!! -Gary Holdsteady Independent Stream
Submitted By: garyholdsteady
(172,021 on 10-2006)

thanks fot the punk and Oi! you guys are fucking GREAT!
Submitted By: bloodwashedboots
(171,692 on 10-2006)

This podcast rocks!
I checked out this podcast just out of curiosity what did I find? A couple of weird guys having fun and even being entertaining at times. Oh, and the music is great too! Paul and Tony really know what they e doing, and their thousands of listeners can be wrong. Well, actually, they can be wrong, but its not very likely, is it? Graham - Its A Frogs Life Acoustic Podcast p.s. thanks for the support :-)
Submitted By: podcast
(171,671 on 10-2006)

Punkys Great. .bombshell
Submitted By: verpissen
(171,587 on 10-2006)

my favorite music podcast
Hell yeah you should listen!
Submitted By: kschab
(171,384 on 10-2006)

Whys this show not constantly number one? Why, why why, why, WHY??? Probably those f***ers who cheat with the voting I bet!!! Keep up the awesome work with pissing all over the opposition...
Submitted By: marvsmooth
(171,331 on 10-2006)

Goopa fucking Goopa! I was deprived of Punky for a week!! My server caught fire and destroyed itself and my computer! Thankfully I have a new one now...Well I’ve been given lots of doggy looks while doing my job and listing to Punky! As I grin and laugh manically! Well, keep up the amazing show and keep attacking those Emos with your MIGHTY Berzerkers! (Also if possible could you read this out in the show with a Bristolian accent?) Alwaysh Looking, Darkness Falls...
Submitted By: antipro
(170,783 on 10-2006)

Vote time.
If you e reading this your wasting your time. Dont listen to what I have to say, Im a letch and a weirdo, though I am trying to save the Lepers from the Evil Frotteurists. Listen to Punky NOW.
Submitted By: poet666d
(170,733 on 10-2006)

It is a friday.
Submitted By: frankie.robertson
(170,717 on 10-2006)

Cool Radio
Brigitte rocks!
Submitted By: paul.holland
(170,681 on 10-2006)

Vote cause you e Kewl...
Howdy Dude, tossing a vote your way because you e one of the few podcasts I appreciate. No need to return the favor because asking for votes is TOTALLY satanic. Just kidding, but still, no need to return the favor.
Submitted By: paulsaurini
(170,660 on 10-2006)

Another Vote
Hey there Punky! I left you a comment back in June about listening to your podcast in my math class and guess what I failed! but thats ok Im taking it again this year. Keep up the good work. Brett Lessard, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Submitted By: brett.lessard
(170,573 on 10-2006)

Punky is the best!
I love their show so much I wear "always looking" on my breasts. (on a tshirt you perverts!)
Submitted By: twilly23
(170,567 on 10-2006)

nice one...
you boys are MOST deserving of this vote, as are AOMS and TTN.
Submitted By: barry.edwards19
(170,379 on 10-2006)

PUNKY!s Great!
Submitted By: gmansfeildradio
(170,150 on 10-2006)

Nobodies Loves You!
Submitted By: nobodies37
(169,927 on 10-2006)

October Lovin from Public Nuisance Radio
Submitted By: risingstaraikido
(169,784 on 10-2006)

These guys freaken rock!
Submitted By: werner
(169,715 on 10-2006)

Here´s my Brazilian Berzerker vote for mighty Punky! Goopa Goopa!! Cheers Guys!
Submitted By: rudebwoy.podcast
(169,556 on 10-2006)

We don beg to differ on this podcast! I Beg To Differ
Submitted By: kburnage
(169,214 on 10-2006)

Boo! Happy October to one of BUCKETs bestest friends. ;)
Submitted By: bucketpodcast
(169,015 on 10-2006)

October brings a fell breeze! The World of Skell
Submitted By: dndgameupdate1
(168,963 on 10-2006)

Who said quality didnt involve swearing your ass off? This podcast is the best one out there amd everybody needs to listen!!! Or You Surely are a Kittensub!
Submitted By: eltrainthe3rd
(168,921 on 10-2006)

Punky Radio rocks!
Submitted By: alan
(168,746 on 10-2006)

A warning about the hair...
Well work on the hair thing, Paulyb! Just remember that if the Word Whore offers you conditioner, check to be sure that Buttons trousers are zipped! Happy Halloween from How-To!
Submitted By: ewyeth
(168,593 on 10-2006)

ABOVE October
Submitted By: Barely
(168,545 on 10-2006)

Happy October from Spartacus R.
Submitted By: spartacus
(168,149 on 10-2006)

Aloha From 808Talk Hawaii
Aloha, another month, another vote and once again showing some love from beautiful Hawaii. - V.Brown (808Talk Pod/VodCast) 4373
Submitted By: 808Talk
(167,891 on 10-2006)

Submitted By: above_podcast
(167,731 on 10-2006)

Submitted By: vote_1
(167,685 on 10-2006)

A.B.O.V.E Votes !
October Votes and greetings from A Bit Of Virtually Everything Podcast !
Submitted By: abitofvirtuallyeverything
(167,660 on 10-2006)

Someday soon you'all will be in the top 10 - scoobers to you! Arrr- Pierce my nipple, Punky and crew rule the punk podcast roost.
Submitted By: admin
(167,611 on 10-2006)

oi oi oi
Submitted By: apostle_77
(167,590 on 10-2006)

lovin you... alwaysh
Submitted By: shorts
(167,419 on 10-2006)

another month
another vote
Submitted By: scott
(167,418 on 10-2006)

First vote of the month!
Goopa Goopa, I got my vote in before they started beging for votes in the show.
Submitted By: hsbcbob
(167,302 on 10-2006)

punky rocks!
I think your shit, Paul B stop abusing Tony and Tony get fucking laid u fuckstart. Keep up the good work u smacktards from Padders in OZ
Submitted By: davidsnots
(167,223 on 9-2006)

Lov U guys
Submitted By: patrick
(167,091 on 9-2006)

Punky Rules
Submitted By: sjakubik1
(166,810 on 9-2006)

You guys rock. keep it up
Submitted By: selkirkj
(166,801 on 9-2006)

ooooh yesh i love you guys.... if my podcast is ever even near the quality of our podcast then i will be a happy chappy.. you guys are the shizzling shizzlecocks hahah woop!
Submitted By: samrose103
(166,760 on 9-2006)

Just discovered this crazy duo and will continue listening because of their originality and awesome music!
Submitted By: bobbyt132
(166,616 on 9-2006)

Smack Tards
Submitted By: burmeisj
(166,538 on 9-2006)

You guys are the fucking shit. ive been hooked ever since i stumbled across your show on itunes... anyway keep it up. .: Captain Steve:.
Submitted By: mixmasterttt2008
(166,494 on 9-2006)

Once in a lifetime, a podcast comes along that changes your life. This is not that podcast, but it is the podcast uniting fans and bands across the land. Paul and Tony rock the tree trunk!
Submitted By: amberance
(166,337 on 9-2006)

your podcast is cool!!!
Submitted By: bonehead_d
(166,161 on 9-2006)

***** 5 star show, escape from Fishtown
Goopa Goopa, Paul and Tony try to get to the top of the Podcast Alley charts without cheating, try to improve the english language, unite fans and bands accross the lands, and eventually get Tony laid. More entertaing than a cat being sick over next doors prize winning begonias. More informative than George (Dubyah) Bush giving a press conference (just remember Clinton got a blow job).
Submitted By: hsbcbob
(165,654 on 9-2006)

Stick of butter
As delicious for your ears as a stick of butter is for your mouth - and just about as good for you. Rock on you smacktard bastards from your American Ultra Left wing WAY SO HOMO fan. Zephyr
Submitted By: chris_m_hassett
(165,398 on 9-2006)

Punky bunker? in a tree? more like on mars in a cave spooning with space monkies, thats the punky i know. keep me wanting more like a genetically engerniered hotdog. Adz
Submitted By: adz12
(164,972 on 9-2006)

Ill take the 4 votes, please!
Submitted By: email
(164,958 on 9-2006)

From India
(In your perfect emo voice of course) Guys, you really shouldn make fun of people like me who like to express their emotions. You think all I do is sit in the dark and wank. Well I do many things that are gd. I listen to good kitten blood bands, I cut myself and my email adress is (forward slash, backwards slash) Just kidding i love punky and emos suck cya, sid siging off from India
Submitted By: lals
(164,759 on 9-2006)

Vote Punky
Submitted By: charles.limb
(164,742 on 9-2006)

The greatest show on eart... or at list from inside a tree. -JeffUglyshoes
Submitted By: uglyshoes
(164,451 on 9-2006)

Hey guys, hope you make it up to the top soon! Punky! radio for Podcast Alley Number One Music cast 2006! Damn those macroing pricks! We don need them! Punkys just THAT good, I mean, who wouldn wanna listen to an hour of shitiot blabber? PUNKY FOR #! -The Laughing Man
Submitted By: gmansfeildradio
(164,276 on 9-2006)

The new sound
The last two shows have been great; the levels are fine and you both sound so relaxed that you actually seem to enjoy roughing it! Much better than in the studio when you sounded like you had a couple of pencils stuffed up yer arses. Keep it up -StefanC
Submitted By: sderfel
(163,903 on 9-2006)

I want a copy of their dictionary
Submitted By: mcmisterj
(163,756 on 9-2006)

I have to vote for you or Jeff Uglyshoes said he would kick my ass.
Submitted By: kyjelly
(163,724 on 9-2006)

luck for you cocks, podcast ally just cut off the end of my comment, so im voteing again so i can finish. so here we go Any one reading this desearves to get poked in the eye with a bezerker
Submitted By: dane_wilson1410
(163,505 on 9-2006)

your shows the quim on my cock
you guys are 22? that makes no fucking sence. The podcast infront of you are just a bunch of shit that doesnt really matter. But you guys, you have a cause. And thats uniting fans and bands across the land, Anyone that is reading this and hasnt voted is a wanker and desearves to get poked in the eye with a bezerker
Submitted By: baserunner98
(163,504 on 9-2006)

fuck yeah
Wisconsin Pwns PUNKY RADIO!
Submitted By: wickedradio
(163,455 on 9-2006)

clam jousters
Submitted By: pyrgie
(163,379 on 9-2006)

Submitted By: kardaman5
(163,132 on 9-2006)

Simply the best music podcast out there!
Submitted By: laurentka
(163,116 on 9-2006)

Autumn greetings from A Bit Of Virtually Everything Podcast
Submitted By: above_podcast_uk
(162,814 on 9-2006)

These smacktards kick ass!
You want the truth? The truth is that punk continues to live thanks in part to this show! GREAT fin cast! ~Dani
Submitted By: tsdiva
(162,741 on 9-2006)

had to vote
You two preserve my sanity while doing my shitty manufacturing job.
Submitted By: annaarmor
(162,474 on 9-2006)

Submitted By: spottedcaronfire
(162,401 on 9-2006)

you deserve so much more...
Submitted By: barry.edwards19
(161,996 on 9-2006)

Loyal Fan
Ive been voting and lsitening for montsh now. Hope you fucktards make it to first place soon.
Submitted By: kieranpoconnell
(161,826 on 9-2006)

Goopa! Goopa! Eclectic Mix and One Minute How-To podcasts give a big Thumbs Up!
Submitted By: EclecticMix
(161,647 on 9-2006)

Hello Angry Pirates! Keep it up! Cheers from Brazil!
Submitted By: rudebwoy.podcast
(161,388 on 9-2006)

oi u shitfaces we are not copying you. i have to say i did hear the skagz from your podcast but isnt that the point of your podcast. also i made a point of not using the same song you did. also i am not american im just nto good on a heyboard XD..... wankers
Submitted By: samrose103
(161,359 on 9-2006)

Goopa goopa!
I love punky! punky, punky, punky! It makes my week, listening to two complete crotchrockets on a podcast. Wow I lead a sad life! George The Girl
Submitted By: g.ellerby
(161,336 on 9-2006)

Fuck yeah Punky
Gupa fucking gupa
Submitted By: facemelter81
(160,838 on 9-2006)

Punky Rules!!!
Punky is the best podcast ever!
Submitted By: jerpearce03
(160,799 on 9-2006)

hey punkies - first time listener and now subscriber keep on keeping on -misspeter
Submitted By: peter
(160,791 on 9-2006)

votes from .. A Bit Of Virtually Everything
Submitted By: a_bit_of_virtually_everything
(160,699 on 9-2006)

September from Spartacus
Submitted By: spartacus
(160,394 on 9-2006)

Your podcast rocks!
I descoverd it accsidentally but it f**king rocks, i now have a decent radio to listen to on the commute to school!
Submitted By: antipro
(160,179 on 9-2006)

freeking awesome!!
Submitted By: jessicaw
(160,165 on 9-2006)

Rock Alaska!
Doooode! Thanks for all you do and hope one day to get a chance to meet you... Cheers, Scott
Submitted By: alaskapodshow
(159,992 on 9-2006)

Punk is Back...yipee
Don just sit there and listen...DO Something (or you e a smacktard) :)
Submitted By: sheri
(159,710 on 9-2006)

Alwaysh Looking!
Hey there, pissmops! I started listening after the TTN Adhoc with the most wonderful Paulyb, and have been hooked since. Ive been using the medium of shouting Kitten blood! at my friends to spread the Punky! word - they ask what the crapola I am shouting, and I explain where I first heard it. Doing well? Maybe. Love the show, love you guys. Much love! Spenny xx
Submitted By: gloriouslyrandom
(159,690 on 9-2006)

Tossing you a vote just because I think you e cool. This is Paul from BF.
Submitted By: paulsaurini
(159,579 on 9-2006)

download this! its funny! and good music aswell
Submitted By: eltrainthe3rd
(159,533 on 9-2006)

Sending my love with a haiku
Pauly B/Tony Punky hosts always looking For zuffle bell end
Submitted By: twilly23
(159,506 on 9-2006)

World of Skell continues its support!
Submitted By: dndgameupdate1
(158,871 on 9-2006)

Been punks again!
Howdy from WI and How-To with Madeline Merced 20829
Submitted By: ewyeth
(158,759 on 9-2006)

Keith & Heather don beg to differ about this podcast - check it out
Submitted By: kburnage
(158,588 on 9-2006)

September lovin from Mikey
Happy September.... heres a little drop of love from Public Nuisance Radio
Submitted By: risingstaraikido
(158,541 on 9-2006)

Aloha From 808Talk Hawaii
Aloha, another month, another vote and once again showing some love from beautiful Hawaii. - V.Brown (808Talk Pod/VodCast)
Submitted By: 808Talk
(158,403 on 9-2006)

Funky Punky Ill sing you a song. *ohhh how I love Punky. Listen and vote or Bear will make you eat Marmite"
Submitted By: afireinside102075
(158,296 on 9-2006)

Open Invitation
I heard the slaughter you made of poor Jon and Scott. Despite that, you have an open invitation from the Nobodies!
Submitted By: nobodies37
(158,241 on 9-2006)

you guys rock!
You guys are awesome! Of course i will vote for you!!!!
Submitted By: tartfr2
(158,240 on 9-2006)

Happy back to school month, from BUCKET!
Submitted By: bucketpodcast
(158,219 on 9-2006)

slapfaces from outerspace
u fucking fuck heads - i love your fucking sucking podcaste show - FUCKERS keep on fucking around in my ipod, see you in wanker heaven u fuckers! cheers and fuck!
Submitted By: orangutanklaus
(158,191 on 9-2006)

Submitted By: shorts
(158,112 on 9-2006)

Hi guys! Wicked podcast, especially liked the TV Licence song! Keep it up! Gruff xxx
Submitted By: sharp_gareth
(157,981 on 9-2006)

yeah, im not sure why he is going back. but he is. scared of fishtown is my bet. id like to see taylor and tony hearn in a pit fight. think we could set that up? //eric tomorrow
Submitted By: eric
(157,956 on 9-2006)

Turd Cutter?
You mean a girls behind? As in - she has a lovely turd cutter; have you seen her turd cutter?
Submitted By: flemlivet
(157,901 on 9-2006)

goopa goopa
and all those other words and key phrases Punky! has added to my vocabulary. How about this one - turd cutter?
Submitted By: scott
(157,894 on 9-2006)

punky rocks ya fuckers
Submitted By: kjmh67
(157,858 on 9-2006)

What the Flying Donkey Poo?
Why is it when I search Podcast Alley for Punky, the number 1 hit is Scuba Chat? WTF is that all about? How punk is goddamned Scuba Diving for Gods sake?
Submitted By: poet666d
(157,800 on 9-2006)

Tony's My Favourite
He's great - i love me. Tony
Submitted By: tony
(157,782 on 9-2006)

i like the Planet Smashers
1) MySpace sucks 2) So do cheaters 3) so does hate Have you played any Alcohol on the show? I have a band; or, I had a band, but we recently disbanded. we have some music online if you wanna listen, but I have to warn you that some of the songs were written in kitten blood. my former bandmates weren as opposed to myspace as I am, and you seem to like it quite a bit, so Ill give you the option. Well, thanks for entertaining me. You guys are great! So heres your vote.
Submitted By: mikeeee02
(157,595 on 8-2006)

Punky is the best
Punky is the best because they have zero proxy voters and have real fans!!!
Submitted By: conjur3d
(157,586 on 8-2006)

Love your podcast. Ive suggested it to a few of my friends and they e loving it as well. Keep it up.
Submitted By:
(157,427 on 8-2006)

hello punkies:D
first of guys are great... I come from Slovenia (no, its not the lightbulb factory :D) and i loove to listen to your podcast... And my dad does too... Although hes over 40, he still acts like hes 17 and looooves the music you play. kisses to you guys bye roxy
Submitted By: tina.foxyroxy
(157,059 on 8-2006)

Cheese strings
Tony, Tell the story about getting crabs in Prague and what your excuse for the tub of vaseline was when it fell out in nothing to declare :-) Robsta, aged 7 3/4.
Submitted By: wdj.robsta
(157,029 on 8-2006)

mean on your face
Punky, its as funny as gluing meat to your face. -Daisy
Submitted By: daisyflower616
(156,528 on 8-2006)

Aloha from the Digital Slob
Sending a little August love from digitalslobpod in Waikiki.
Submitted By: digitalslob
(155,871 on 8-2006)

so bloody brilliant i want to have sex with paulyb and possibly tony if he ever quit being such a pussy anyways love it. Jordan Redding, California
Submitted By: jordanm2989
(155,865 on 8-2006)

Love your cast!
I love you guys podcast! Its funny and punk-music at the same time! What more can somebody want? (an anti-emo-tool maybe.. but, aside from that.) Hope you get to be first cause you guys deserve it :D
Submitted By: toungy
(155,530 on 8-2006)

Oi Oi wagadoodles! I only started listening to the show recently, but it is in your words fucking goopa! I figured Tony isn a kittenblood cause no ones killed him... yet. Alwayslooking George the girl
Submitted By: g.ellerby
(155,461 on 8-2006)

You Fucking rule!
hey! me again (sam rose). I made a new email to get you pissmops another vote, i know it may be cheating but those stupid fucking twats ahead of you are doing it so why cant i. this email was created for teh soul purpose of voting for you shitfaced pissmops.
Submitted By: punky_shizang
(155,429 on 8-2006)

Goopa Goopa!
Submitted By: alex_prior
(155,414 on 8-2006)

F*ck sh*t up!!! I nearly forgot to vote for you peen-arses this month! Punky Uber Alles....sod the rest!!!! (I expect a Happy Birthday for the 27th on next weeks show n all you douchnozzles!) Take care, Eddie Hitler xx
Submitted By: dean.brookes
(155,411 on 8-2006)

Woo! im voting for you two areonoodles!
Submitted By: smacktarded_pissmop
(155,401 on 8-2006)

I really love to here these a**clowns spew from thier pieholes. oh.. and the music is cool
Submitted By: kardaman5
(155,323 on 8-2006)

God Bless Punky!
Submitted By: barry.lowe73
(155,269 on 8-2006)

I recently started listening to you guys and what else can be said than, pure, unadulterated genius. You guys work in vulgarity and music as picaso worked in blue.
Submitted By: morarster
(155,233 on 8-2006)

Grey as London town
FFS, Pauly B, be a good lad and nip down the CO-OP and buy some Just For Men will ya...
Submitted By: sysdev
(155,202 on 8-2006)

Why leave a fucking enormous message, when all thats needed is to say you e shows awesome. Thats it, now get on with the show jitbags.
Submitted By: marvsmooth
(155,173 on 8-2006)

hey guys me again id just like to say i mentiond you on my podcast and said you my favorite podcast and we have around 63 subscribers which isnt bad considering we have been going for 3 days so just thought id say i hope ive got you guys a few more listeners..
Submitted By: philandsampodcast
(154,830 on 8-2006)

hey guys i completely fucked up my pod on this website and it didnt go up until about 4 weeks after it had been made then i lost it somwere and have been unable to get to my podcast. also i would nver be competition for you guys you are the shizang. do you reckon you could spread the word about our podcast? "the phil and sam podcast" thanks you pissmops --sam--
Submitted By: samrose103
(154,531 on 8-2006)

goopa goopa
Submitted By: stations_of_thecrass
(154,526 on 8-2006)

hey punky! your show kicks punk ass! Punk on people!!!!
Submitted By: mcdeath42
(154,493 on 8-2006)

Submitted By: Exarzun
(154,477 on 8-2006)

always looking
compact, but bijou mostyn
Submitted By: idedwards
(154,284 on 8-2006)

I always look forward to Tuesdays podcast to see if your livers have given out yet. Thanks for the great show you wankers. James from Ottawa, Ontario
Submitted By: egghead
(154,190 on 8-2006)

you guys are fucking great, great to hear you got to kanada pauly. me and the boyz all dl the podcast. keep up the good work. maybe tony will become a emo kid. maybe its better than being brokeback mountain tony. jk.
Submitted By: jfriesen
(153,895 on 8-2006)

you ever notice that when you take a piss late at night after drinking, It sounds a lot like a bunch of squirrels telling you to kill Kenny G.?
Submitted By: uglyshoes
(153,460 on 8-2006)

I got whipped in Torture Garden this weekend, the more amusing thing was it was a tranny with a flogger doing it. It frigging hurt like hell and I ran off squelling (like Tony when someones taking him in the arse). init. Several wanky men where present enjoying a good bit of up and close voyeurism, which reminded me of you guys. Till next month, TARAA, Robsta.
Submitted By: rob
(153,448 on 8-2006)

Great show!
You bastards ave a really entertaining show, with great music. Keep it up!
Submitted By: abotka
(153,246 on 8-2006)

funking go job
keep up the good work
Submitted By: joseguer
(152,992 on 8-2006)

marp marpety fucking MARP! Punky is a bag of stale goat wanksplat, well actually you crotch sniffing twat flangers rock. keep assaulting my ipod you jizz bathed hamster felching cuntfarts, BOLLOCKS!
Submitted By: gary
(152,504 on 8-2006)

Dudes! You gotta get to Madison Wisconsin STAT! Just don't mention to them that you're Emo. It's off the hizzy! Show is great again! Best of luck, you spooge-swallowing, rusty-tromboning, ball-cupping, pinky-sniffing Punky!
Submitted By: bigmike
(152,228 on 8-2006)

Goopa Goopa
Submitted By: thejadeddog
(152,155 on 8-2006)

woo hoo
well not much to say really but, you guys rock more than throwing shit at a monkey party that you wern invited to, keep the show hot, to drunk to write anything smart. Adz
Submitted By: adz12
(151,995 on 8-2006)

hello pissmops!
hey punky, loving the 5 songs. judge mental rocks also. goopa goopa, jacob
Submitted By: coolkid10234
(151,929 on 8-2006)

cant be bothered
cant be boithered to write a comment, jus to prove its not poxy voting
Submitted By: pyrgie
(151,819 on 8-2006)

punky rules
Submitted By: splattypunk
(151,393 on 8-2006)

always looking!
yeah baby thats how i like it rock on douche-nozzels the dirty hua
Submitted By: dirty.hua
(151,116 on 8-2006)

i love this show its so damn funny i was always looking for a podcast and finally found a good one
Submitted By: feuerfreisechs
(150,809 on 8-2006)

you rock
you guys ROCK ASS
Submitted By: broken_chinchilla
(150,717 on 8-2006)

Hi Punky, Paul from BF here. Just wanted to toss a vote your way. I haven even voted for myself this month!!!!!!!! But heres one for you! :) No need to return the favor.
Submitted By: paulsaurini
(150,549 on 8-2006)

lovin it
Love the show! Never change...or only for the better...whatever.
Submitted By: dcquinn73
(150,421 on 8-2006)

Punky radio rocks, Defently the best punk podcast ive ever hear. Keep up the great work. Jason
Submitted By: selkirkj
(150,307 on 8-2006)

World of Skell sends greetings!
Submitted By: dndgameupdate1
(150,125 on 8-2006)

Ok here yah fuckin vote paul.
Submitted By: stabme101
(150,088 on 8-2006)

An August occasion!
Punky gettin punked with the vote! From How-To with Madeline Merced
Submitted By: ewyeth
(150,069 on 8-2006)

A big vote from the Eclectic Mix podcast!
Submitted By: EclecticMix
(150,013 on 8-2006)

You must listen now-
-to Punky if you want to listen to the best podcast out there.
Submitted By: twilly23
(149,913 on 8-2006)

Happy Birthday PUNKY!
You Bastards are Mad, ...keep up the Good Work! Lord Reilloc.
Submitted By: lordreilloc
(149,863 on 8-2006)

Submitted By: vunox-alien
(149,453 on 8-2006)

Judge Mental
I was just wondering if Judge Mental is related to Phil McCracken Whitcomb
Submitted By: gfrichmond
(149,402 on 8-2006)

Submitted By: cmagicone
(149,362 on 8-2006)

Absolutely LOVE you guys!! Hilarious
Submitted By: afireinside102075
(149,339 on 8-2006) 4579
Submitted By: spartacus
(149,221 on 8-2006)

Kicks ass!
Always entertaining, never boring. Full of great punk Ive never heard before.
Submitted By: kelly.brandi
(149,173 on 8-2006)

New Month, Same old Vote.
Proxy (88.106.666.11) - Vote#110
Submitted By: poet666d
(149,054 on 8-2006)

word of thw week from India
I love voting for Punky! as i encourage other lazy ass fuckers that listen to the addicting show to do so. so anyway.this is from sid in india...again. u mentioned my karn on a previous show. thx for that, hes a special case so it meant a lot. but i have wrd of week. its means wahatever u want it to mean.
Submitted By: lals
(148,963 on 8-2006)

PUNKY IS AMAZING, happy birthday a few days ago. love always, Amanda :)
Submitted By: amandamoir
(148,885 on 8-2006)

Punky is the best eva!!!!! you fellows rock my world. Bravo.
Submitted By: Vampbabybat13
(148,853 on 8-2006)

A.B.O.V.E ! Votes
Lots of August Love from all at A.B.O.V.E ! - A Bit Of Virtually Everything ! xxx .. we e gonna contuinue to annoy you with loads of Welsh votes ;-)
Submitted By: abovepodcast
(148,621 on 8-2006)

Mikey sends his love
Heres some August lovin from Public Nuisance Radio, now be sure to wash your hands!
Submitted By: risingstaraikido
(148,532 on 8-2006)

More A.B.O.V.E Votes !
Submitted By: abitofvirtuallyeverything
(148,464 on 8-2006)

Punky really does own!!!
Hey guys - Just wanted to cast my monthly vote on your birthday! Congrats! Now go get drunk.
Submitted By: amberance
(148,173 on 8-2006)

We have to get you into #1 where you belong
Love from the Nobodies. (And no, you can hang from my wifes breast. Im just sayin)
Submitted By: nobodies37
(148,152 on 8-2006)

My favorite podcast...
its even better than the one I deliver the news on.
Submitted By: phil
(148,088 on 8-2006)

do it for the kids
here is one to help the cause to smash cheaters in their fu cking faces. great show guys, next time you are in the states you need to come to fishtown. //eric tomorrow // the mediocre show
Submitted By: eric
(148,021 on 8-2006)

Punk Off!
You guys curl my toes.
Submitted By: blickm
(147,935 on 8-2006)

so much better than what the foreigners come up with
Submitted By: henningwehn
(147,878 on 8-2006)

Oh god. Basically Paul & Tony are the CHILLEST people ever! Fucking pissmops. I love you two! I had never heard of you douchenozzles until about a month ago. & guess what fucktards? Im fucking addicted to you shitwipes! Keep up the chill tunes & dirty language. Hilarious. Yeah well I have to go & write in my journal. Kitten blood! Later assmunchers. P.S. james blunt is a fucking twat.
Submitted By: ideatyoualive
(147,798 on 8-2006)

Great Show.
Submitted By: klombardi
(147,782 on 8-2006)

bonjour punky. truth be told this is only the third time ive voted ever. but hey, im gonna use alll my email addresses to vote MWHAHAHAHA naomi xxxxxx
Submitted By: x-FallenAngelx
(147,764 on 8-2006)

hows it going cheeky little pauly b,and tony..the mysstress and my goodself had fuck all else to do we went to the black(kitten blood youth club)market.not a bad gig tone but the soundman wanted shooting...and sort the fucking bum fluff and the mysstress think you two fuckers are stalking us....your everywhere we go.p.s have a look at and cheak out break it up...fucking good stuff...till next time.
Submitted By: stevied007
(147,761 on 8-2006)

Downloading the new episode and voting at the same time - Who says men can multitask. Seems the video game wankers are still fixing the votes - Grr! Cheers Dan
Submitted By: flugt.daniel
(147,677 on 8-2006)

another vote
Punky! will be number one - no doubt.
Submitted By: swlehr
(147,667 on 8-2006)

Happy Birthday you two giz garglers!
Submitted By: jon
(147,650 on 8-2006)

Let the riot begin...
Submitted By: shorts
(147,644 on 8-2006)

Where are we going kittenblood? To the toppermost of the poppermost.
Submitted By: scott
(147,574 on 8-2006)

Punk you!!
Thanks for the great show dudes and showing some props for mine every month on the Independent Stream. My overnights are filled with punk greatness and two dude Id want to have a beer with.
Submitted By: garyholdsteady
(147,543 on 8-2006)

For the many hours of entertainment!! ~The Diva @ The-Broad-Cast
Submitted By: KliciousKera
(147,542 on 8-2006)

Kitten Blood!
This was not a robot voting for punky!
Submitted By: rkbrasse
(147,515 on 8-2006)

August is here and Bucket is showing you the love. :)
Submitted By: bucketpodcast
(147,490 on 8-2006)

A Toast from the North
Heres a drink to good health and honor! Love the shows as always, Scott
Submitted By: alaskapodshow
(147,379 on 8-2006)

Aloha From 808Talk Hawaii
Aloha, showing some love from beautiful Hawaii. - V.Brown (808Talk Pod/VodCast)
Submitted By: 808Talk
(147,347 on 8-2006)

Excellent podcast!
Submitted By: annaarmor
(147,103 on 7-2006)

maybe next month
Punky! will be number one in music where it should be. Proxy pussies.
Submitted By: prolly
(147,062 on 7-2006)

You two should feel very proud of yourselves for converting one more emo kid into something more socially acceptable, off to change e-mail now, keep up the great fucking show.
Submitted By: bellefaenoir
(146,729 on 7-2006)

gooper gooper
hello smacktards! keep it up!
Submitted By: rudebwoy.podcast
(146,528 on 7-2006)

Heres your vote, Peanut Fuckers.
Submitted By: fuckyouasshole
(146,109 on 7-2006)

Best show there is! Great mix of music and banter - and you can meet the stars of the show from time to time down the pub.
Submitted By: mysstress
(145,994 on 7-2006)

Love your accents and love the music!!
Submitted By: dustdevilchic16
(145,939 on 7-2006)

Class Act
Hey Paul, keep it up squire. Hey Tone... just stop.
Submitted By: tmanthebean
(145,883 on 7-2006)

Love the Surgens
Submitted By: andy.donovan
(145,571 on 7-2006)

Great show mother fuckers!
Submitted By: manafabdulghani
(145,525 on 7-2006)

Slight A.B.O.V.E Error
Soz for lack of comment this month, but you did get all the votes ... Just missed putting a comment in as well so u knew we'd voted.
Submitted By: abovepodcast
(145,421 on 7-2006)

Submitted By:
(145,142 on 7-2006)

Wow the first podcast i listened to and u guys made me cry which is a good thing.
Submitted By: starvader
(144,538 on 7-2006)

Allo, pissmops!
How goes things in the old emo factory? I see that your prototype, Tony, is working out fabulously, as he seems to become even more gay and emo with every episode of Punky Radio. Im only joking, Tony--I actually support you very much, and I don think you e emo or gay. You e just not very socially well-adjusted. You have a lovely speaking voice, though, and I think I like you better than I like Paulyb, and I like Paulyb a hell of a lot. You guys are a fuckin riot, and your music has me up and dancing every episode. I don think Id vote for you if you weren so incredibly awesome. Love love love the show, mates, and please don stop cranking out new episodes anytime soon--if Punky Radio dies, I may just have to turn emo myself, and write all about you in my diary with kitten blood. Anyways, got to go, douche nozzles! Goopa goopa, and always looking--ALWAYS. Lots of love from Cat in Athens, Georgia.
Submitted By: nocturnalmelody
(144,425 on 7-2006)

Voting is good!
Got lost in fishtown this week and damn near couldn find Sherwood Forest again, then I remembered that I have 2 email addresses; voted again and now I practivcally feell good. Sure is better than accidently rubbing Tiger Balm on Uncle Foamy!!!! Keep your timber limber and youll be hard men to beat!
Submitted By: apandolfini
(144,098 on 7-2006)

Rock on!
Gentle Tony and Manly Paul, I would love to look up the correct terms and phrases from the dictionary but I am in too much of a hurry to go listen to the last 2 episodes which escaped during my latest travels... haven been this excited about listening to something since the bad Brains came out with RE-IGNITION... yes I am old. Keep it up. Andrea
Submitted By: andrea.pandolfini
(143,952 on 7-2006)

has no equal - sweet.
Submitted By: grimsby
(143,917 on 7-2006)

A girl
I always new scott was a girl, but Paulyb proved it beyond a reasonable (no) doubt! Septic.
Submitted By: clapton
(143,916 on 7-2006)

Alternative punk radio show with Paul B Edwards and Tony Hearn, featuring songs youd never normally hear on the radio - sweet.
Submitted By: bjm
(143,915 on 7-2006)

Trousers or Pants?
Submitted By: garyfrombehind
(143,914 on 7-2006)

This one is for u
Punky! Soon to be number one in Music - sweet. -ttn
Submitted By: melysa71
(143,912 on 7-2006)

Great to have you in the states
How blessed we are to host a National Treasure of Paulyb caliber here in the Septic States of America. Brilliant.
Submitted By: slowmopogo
(143,874 on 7-2006)

Crotch Gonlins
Submitted By: homefries102
(143,695 on 7-2006)

Jeff Ugly Shoes & The Cemetery Surfers
Thank you for playing our hometown folks a/k/a "Jeff Ugly Shoes & The Cemetery Surfers". Also, Ill be promoting Punky! Podcast in my posts. Mucho love, Nita T Mayfield
Submitted By: nita420
(143,667 on 7-2006)

Got to vote after all! I appear that no one have voted from the local library Cheers Daniel
Submitted By: flugt.daniel
(143,580 on 7-2006)

More Cemetery Surfers!
Love the show! But maybe you aren quite sarcastic enough. Play more Cemetery Surfers!
Submitted By: kyjelly
(143,549 on 7-2006)

Word of the week
Hey guys, this is Karn from India. A guy called Sid told me about the show.. and I cant stop listening to the shit. I heard about ur wrd of the week stuff and i also saw the fuking proxy voting muggle cast sumwer abuv u rockers. So fucking hell, the word is muggkeducker.. i didnt want to use mugglefucker.. so yeah
Submitted By: karn.vij
(143,527 on 7-2006)

a'ight sex pests?
it's summer play something summery, like the spice girls or something, Tony'll have their CDs. looking foward to things getting back to normal, timewise that is. ta, bear.
Submitted By: steve.house86
(143,465 on 7-2006)

U krak me Up
Submitted By: patrick
(143,440 on 7-2006)

Goopa! Goopa!
Hullo there! I love your show! It has greatly expanded my vocabulary and helped me to confuse emo kids even more with my shouting "kittenblood" at every possible chance. You two piss mops are the fucking best, and anyone who disagrees should stay in their darkened room wanking and writing in kittenblood. Always looking (and laughing), SageHitek86
Submitted By: SageHitek86
(143,410 on 7-2006)

Goopa Goopa...
and the slowmo pogo. Brilliant.
Submitted By: clambake
(143,307 on 7-2006)

Thanks for playing some of our music on your cast.. and I did not call Tony an "emo prick".. okay maybe I did. I suppose I should apologise. but I cant as I have run out of room on the comment.
Submitted By: cemeterysurfers
(143,267 on 7-2006)

lizard fuckers
need i say more!?
Submitted By: punkpocko
(143,262 on 7-2006)

I teach summer school and those twats stole my iPod. Now I only get to enjoy you in front of my computer. I hope that those hatchet wounds at least listen to you and are converted to the Punky! way of life. Keep up the great work.
Submitted By: mic_babe
(143,118 on 7-2006)

this podcast is fucking awesome!! im a new listener and just recently discovered this while surfing the internet. like a lot of your listeners im a 14 year old dazed and confused punkette from the US of A (o and by the way i live close to Niagara Falls) so im glad thers some radio show that shares the same music interest as me and twisted sense of humor. keep up the good work, and ill be a faithful listener. -Mia
Submitted By: rockergirl86
(142,713 on 7-2006)

punky radio has made me a new man. actually a new teenager because im only 14.
Submitted By: floatintitanic14
(142,109 on 7-2006)

Another great show!
Heres a word for you... I invented it at school a long long time ago and my proudest moment was hearing a stranger in the early 90s say it whilst pulling his kegs out of his crack in Coventry... (the crack was in his ass... not coventry) Ginking The itchy sensation you have on a warm day after having not wiped your arse well enough before leaving home and as a result finding yourself going for a re-wipe in a macdonalds or other equally convieniently placed toilet. e.g. "I am ginking" or "I have some serious ginkage going on."
Submitted By: podcast
(141,899 on 7-2006)

these guys make u smile like moron!
Submitted By: siilahti
(141,552 on 7-2006)

Im Such A
Fucking Retard. So I listen to Punky all the time and Im always hearing you guys say to go vote.And I finally did. But I go to put a comment, and instead of pushing the "tab" button, I push "enter".And away it goes WITHOUT a comment. Good thing I have 2 email addresses.(i dont know why) SO for my stupidity, you guys get 2 votes from me. YAY.
Submitted By: hey.thatsme
(141,513 on 7-2006)

you guys keep it real
i love you guys unlike those gay cheating twats aka my girlfriend
Submitted By: pimpstick3
(141,249 on 7-2006)

proxy votin emo kids my ass p.s. IF JAMES BLOUNT READS THIS or (hears this)GO DIE YOU FUCKING JITBAG SMACKTARD w
Submitted By: lagester789
(141,093 on 7-2006)

From the World of Skell podcast.
Submitted By: dndgameupdate1
(140,684 on 7-2006)

about time............
Submitted By: rally_22000
(140,643 on 7-2006)

Paul "this is dedicated to guys with receding hairlines who idolize Brian Setzer" The Alley Dukes and Tony where did you get enough kitten blood to die that tie red, anyway been listening to you guys since January and all i can say is gouper gouper!
Submitted By: knuckles79
(140,498 on 7-2006)

Like you REALLY want to listen to the Crybaby Emo Kids
Get a Life you soppy wet kittenblood fannies. Must be that time of the month again.
Submitted By: poet666d
(140,455 on 7-2006)

I hope you get every award you e moniated for - you e brilliant!
Submitted By: barry.edwards19
(140,129 on 7-2006)

I love the show but Im disappointed that you don treat Canadians as equals. Itd be great if you poked fun at us the same way you do the Aussies, Kiwis, Welsh, etc. If you need some ammunition give me a shout. Cheers James Starling
Submitted By: egghead
(140,126 on 7-2006)

Submitted By: scott
(139,991 on 7-2006)

Yank from maine listening in. I spent 3 years in england and it changed me enough so I don agree with my county, but oh well. Don ever have alice rox ro whatever her name is sing live again, she sounded like a raped cat. If anyone gives you any grief, tell them to shut their cockholsters. Great show, keep going...
Submitted By: jafend1303
(139,969 on 7-2006)

Its Bracing
I couldn help but chuckle at the mention of Skeggy on this weeks show, it made me feel all warm and homesick. Now fuck off
Submitted By: bob
(139,653 on 7-2006)

Punky! Whoo!
Submitted By: LordQuincy
(139,643 on 7-2006)

Goopa! Goopa! smacktards!
Goopa! Goopa! U FUCKIN SMACKTARDED TWATCICLE WANKTARDED PISSMOPED FISH-FUCKERS! you two smacktards are fuckin amazing! Jus carry on with what you doing! Youv literally made me cry with laughing! (which gets you quite afew stares while on the tram!)
Submitted By: hermo92
(139,574 on 7-2006)

wow guys... that much fun in one single show!
Submitted By: e.vansevenant
(139,559 on 7-2006)

Mr. Lord???
Hey Tony You TWAT...Mr. lord- what the fuck is that? Its more pussy than Mr. Pink and more Shitty than Mr. Brown.Fuck you! PS- still love the show, keep up the good work guys.
Submitted By: lordreilloc
(139,547 on 7-2006)

im too lazy to write anything else
Submitted By: reddledzeppelin
(139,492 on 7-2006)

voting cause you bloody stanky little chuffs wont stop bitchin about It.
Submitted By: molotovgoboom
(139,456 on 7-2006)

No. 2 with a bullet?
pixietricks and zircon? what sort of nonsense is that? Punky rocks my world, end of. please continue by all means the dirty hua
Submitted By: dirty.hua
(139,178 on 7-2006)

I Beg To Differ podcast says worth checking out!
Submitted By: kburnage
(138,992 on 7-2006)

Vote time.
Vote now? i think i will, Keep it up lads like uncle foamy. Rancho Relaxo.
Submitted By: adz12
(138,868 on 7-2006)

wow ive been listening to your show for about 2 months now and i just cant stop laughing PUNKY RADIO FOR LIFE p.s. slute rope is the funniest word next to wanker
Submitted By: lagester
(138,743 on 7-2006)

the title covers it
Submitted By: crazyguitarist57
(138,631 on 7-2006)

Love that Punky!
Since I don have my own Uncle Foamy...Punky makes my quim stand up and tap dance.
Submitted By: twilly23
(138,624 on 7-2006)

hey u wank stains on the duvet of society! alice rock rocks! although i cant do better, but that poetry corner sucked!!! but anyways, at least that flatface tried. goopa goopa, -->ERIC FROM EMBRUN
Submitted By: punk_in_canada
(138,597 on 7-2006)

Hello again.
This is teh bass player from punknet. i decided to vote cause i thought its a nice thing to do.
Submitted By: disturbed_metal_guy
(138,497 on 7-2006)

hows it going?....tis i stevie D.that misstress....???who the fuck are you..grr.anyway,have you to seen the sex pistols experience..i have a few times know.what a ginger haired fucking ignorant cock sucker the singer is..he made very cross..johny forgotten blood...thats what diarys should be written in....cunt him! great show lads
Submitted By: stevied007
(138,455 on 7-2006)

fab as usual
Submitted By: joss
(138,346 on 7-2006)

Kinky VOTE
Heres a vote for my riot brothers. From: a fan of bands across the lands.
Submitted By: kinky
(138,317 on 7-2006)

Sounds like youve got Tony well trained Pauly....i kept hearing him call you Sir in the last show. Or were things getting kinky with Alice there in the studio?! Anywho, keep up the fantastic podcast & you will always get my vote you veiny mud rockets! Dean x
Submitted By: dean.brookes
(138,298 on 7-2006)

you guys make me laugh :)
Hey fuckmuppets greetings from bumfuckville (or loughborough as us locals call it) just had to comment on your awesome show. got the link from the alice rock website (got that from a mate who knows her), and its the best internet radio show ive heard (hardly high praise i admit). more of a metalhead personally (metallica, trivium, slipknot and the like), but you guys have re-ignited my love of punk n indy (going through a new model army phase atm). the only downside? reminding me what an old sweaty fat fuck i really am. loved the psychobilly show, and lets have more alice!! you guys are a real highlight of the week, funny as fuck. ill see you in the queue to kick the shit out of that cheating portuguese twat and his inbred pillowbiter team mates regards rob
Submitted By: frank_marriott
(138,178 on 7-2006)

The Plan Nine Rock Show Says...
Ready to print shirts as soon as you order, smartass. Jasper
Submitted By: p9print
(137,923 on 7-2006)

How To says Hi in July 20829
Submitted By: ewyeth
(137,773 on 7-2006)

Punk rock goodness
Thanks for the votes every week Pauly B! Im still listening while drinking lots of energy drinkage on my overnights. The recorder session was a blast for the ears. England for the cup mate!!
Submitted By: garyholdsteady
(137,699 on 7-2006)

im still the mayor of fishtown. -eric tomorrow
Submitted By: eric
(137,612 on 7-2006)

Someone at BUCKET likes you!
Submitted By: bucketpodcast
(137,586 on 7-2006)

Aloha ...
From the Digital Slob in Waikiki. hp?pod_id=6491
Submitted By: digitalslob
(137,477 on 7-2006)

Hey... When are you coming to Alaska?! ha ha! Love the podcasts... Cheers, Scott from
Submitted By: alaskapodshow
(137,469 on 7-2006)

Count me in
Heres a vote for you knuckleheads!
Submitted By: jon
(137,333 on 7-2006)

Vote from the Septics
Hello from the Nobodies!
Submitted By: nobodies37
(137,288 on 7-2006)

Great Show
A pint-hoist to Punky!
Submitted By: jvsteel
(137,276 on 7-2006)

Best punk podcast EVER!
great music Ive never heard before
Submitted By: kelly.brandi
(137,214 on 7-2006)

punky! i believe i am a new breed of human. due to some wierd pissmopping gentics shit, i have developed an imunity to hangovers. obviously due to his constant drunkness, being a rugby player an all, i think that my dad has evolved a gene that doesnt work on him but does on me. I spent this whole weekend getting drunk but on sunday morning, i had no problems getting up at 7am to play rugby all day. Please advise. pyrgie
Submitted By: pyrgie
(136,973 on 7-2006)

Punky Monkey
Mental-escher has a mental escher when listening to Punky!, podcastings most exubernant music (and fuk blab) fest. Keep it up bouys!
Submitted By: admin
(136,952 on 7-2006)

Aloha From Hawaii
Aloha, showing some love from beautiful Hawaii. - V.Brown (808Talk Pod/VodCast)
Submitted By: 808Talk
(136,566 on 7-2006)

Great music
Happy July! Mignon, Absolute Science
Submitted By: mignon
(136,503 on 7-2006)

Goopa Goopa!
Submitted By: thejadeddog
(136,496 on 7-2006)

Happy July
heres some july lovin from Mikey of Public Nuisance Radio.
Submitted By: risingstaraikido
(136,412 on 7-2006)

Helpen you fuck the man over
Hey, i saw you only had 4 votes and that is compleat shit. One of thoes votes was mine, but i have 2 emai adresses and so i am giving you another vote, this is going to throw off the whole podcast ally system and Punky will reign supreame and its all because i voted twice. Not really but you guys are the fuckin shit.
Submitted By: dane_wilson1410
(136,288 on 7-2006)

Punk it up!! ~The Diva/The-Broad-Cast
Submitted By: KliciousKera
(136,137 on 7-2006) 4579
Submitted By: spartacus
(136,104 on 7-2006)

Votes cure knob cramp.
Submitted By: shorts
(136,013 on 7-2006)

Best Punk Show ON the net
Best Punk Show ON the net
Submitted By: f.a.t.o.diablo
(135,786 on 6-2006)

good show
well, your show is the shiznite. Thats no lie. I went out and bought an Ipod so i could listed to you guys all over the land. I want to say that Paul is fucking god. And tony is a bloke. But hey what ever works for you guys. And you fuckers better not stop with your show cause then i would have this ipod for nothing
Submitted By: Baserunner98
(135,304 on 6-2006)

you guys kick ass
Submitted By: Fiorano599gtb
(135,242 on 6-2006)

Easy boys.. Just discovered your show and will take some time to get familiar with the shows history. nice one.
Submitted By: podcast
(135,151 on 6-2006)

A Vote for the best fucking piss mops around. Thanks for the great music. GOOPA GOOPA! Donna
Submitted By: vanillapepsi31
(135,049 on 6-2006)

Hello This is sid from the other side of the world. in India. im proudly wearing an england shirt rite now after our amazing game agenst ecuador. well not really i wudnt be surprised if sum english players started listening to james blunt and cutting themselves after such a shameful performance. at least david did the job for us... TTN decided to take the piss out of football cuz of diving. Well thats not in the premiership. only the fuking italians. Australia rule yeah.. cya from sid, india
Submitted By: lals
(135,039 on 6-2006)

Never miss the show.. dont always comment, but I never miss an episode. -Jeff Uglyshoes
Submitted By: uglyshoes
(135,031 on 6-2006)

...... I like making you wait!
Submitted By: superstunt2004
(135,022 on 6-2006)

You well deserve the bunny vote! mwah! xxxx
Submitted By: bunnyboilermail
(134,798 on 6-2006)

Well, Im not a proxy voter thats for sure... But if I leave a long comment I know it will get fucking cut, like a line of columbian. But I did notice that you are below two, TWO, Harry Potter Podcasts. Youve got to be always looking when your in england, all kinds of wizards and magic... always looking. Oh, and keep up the good work.
Submitted By: lelandmiller
(134,747 on 6-2006)

punky, thanku fer everything uv done fer me. i culd almosty cry over it. NOT FUKIN LIKELY! but dont stop, u r my pissmopping gods who smell like sumthing tht bleeds like a shot fox. but tht dusn matter cos its a podcastnot a smellcast. im drunk. 14is the best yr off my life. punk in drublic
Submitted By: pyrgie
(134,344 on 6-2006)

fucking stupid twat
that gobshite that went on about the date and how the month really should come 1st shud shut the fuck up, get in line for a new brain, and kiss my spotty ass! He he really believe his own argument (which is is a bag of bollox) then surely he would say the year would come 1st! The smacktard, is clear to see the way we Britsihes do it is the right way!!!
Submitted By: punkpocko
(134,335 on 6-2006)

Cheating on your wife, Bad... but getting to Splurg on a stripper and her roommate, Good!
Submitted By: burmeisj
(133,890 on 6-2006)

Cheers from Singapore
Shit! i was like hooked the first time i listened to you guys and ive been spreading the word like wildfire, everyone here loves you!! Im getting all of em to vote for you. Jeez even my dad loves PUNK radio :D Cheers from Singapore, Missgepunk
Submitted By: missgepunk69
(133,763 on 6-2006)

Punky! Its new punk rock music with a message - where the message is something funny and vulgar. Paul and Tony have funny things to say as well from time to time. Go listen.
Submitted By: amberance
(133,659 on 6-2006)

i love your show you fucking fuckers. your accents are the shit
Submitted By: silvrsharpi514
(133,358 on 6-2006)

still eat it up every damned week... "STOPPED LOOKING"!
Submitted By: shorts
(133,293 on 6-2006)

you guys kick ass!
Submitted By: live.love13
(133,198 on 6-2006)

I have decided that Tony is not gay it is in fact Pauly B who is gay after the comments on sheep shagging and wearing no pants. I reckon Scott from ttn may also be gay after all his fine looking man references in episode 56 part 1.
Submitted By: richmond.grant
(133,016 on 6-2006)

AH England
Ah England, where a shit smeared retard, and a monkey holding a used tampon, can have a podcast.
Submitted By: LordSnuffykins
(132,766 on 6-2006)

New punk thats better than...
...anything else that is happening anywhere. Better than anything on the radio; better than any bands on those stupid corporate stadium tours; better than any music on a hot topic compilation. Punky bands are really what punk rock is all about.
Submitted By: trasonyoung
(132,735 on 6-2006)

punky rocks
Submitted By: Ramones586
(132,722 on 6-2006)

Submitted By: shelbi.tapper
(132,633 on 6-2006)

the dogs bollocks
This is a real vote! none of that kitten blood proxy nonsense! keep up the good work, smacktards. Now fuck off. the dirty hua
Submitted By: dirty.hua
(132,468 on 6-2006)

Submitted By: crazyguitarist57
(132,422 on 6-2006)

hey guys heres where im supposed to call pauly a pissmop and tony a homo, but im not because you played the quakes & the promise of a psycho show makes me think you guys are some real cool catz!!! i hope the punks dont get too pissed at you. cheers boys great job on the show!!
Submitted By: regis667
(132,379 on 6-2006)

Great stuff.
Submitted By: drewbeta01
(132,196 on 6-2006)

your awesome we love u
Submitted By: sam_lockey
(132,119 on 6-2006)

Submitted By: spawn070
(132,053 on 6-2006)

This show if F(*(*&^ outrageous.
Two of what have to be the biggest losers in the world, and we get it for fucking free!!! Grouper Grouper! More music would be awsome, not becouse the show stinks of long dead fish, or the queen, but because thier choice of tunes is excellent! I have given up my kitten blood ways and am now a true fan.
Submitted By: mick
(131,841 on 6-2006)

I can do podcasts me.
Hey you bunch of Cadbury Surfers. We're a group of Goth DJ's from Durban, South Africa. We play quite a bit of Post-Punk and old Brit-Punk in our sets, so listening to your show not only has us in stitches, but also gets our New-Rocks tapping. We may be Goths but we're shit loads more hardcore than any fucking little kittenblood emo shits out there... and we're just as old as you! Keep us laughing! Son of Sam, Spiderbaby, Dampire and Angel-Grinder
Submitted By: webmaster
(131,755 on 6-2006)

great show cum drips,have you seen the emo cloths shop in to the mill?i entered said premises on my way for a few jugs at the mill,i asked the pastey faced youth behind the counter for a pint of there finest kitten blood...these cunt have no sence of humour!
Submitted By: stevied007
(131,684 on 6-2006)

HI, i live in a little shithole called Embrun, its near ottawa in canada but it looks liike its in the middle of nowhere. Me and my friend think your show is fucking AWESOME!!! Well me made up a word that we like to submit - its FUCKTART -we haven quite figured out what the meaning of it is but for now we consider a person Thats full of cum!!! From Alex (Bubbles) n Joe ( there is none )...
Submitted By: alexandowen
(131,511 on 6-2006)

what can i say?
These Berzerkers Smacktards are the best! Cheers from Brazil!
Submitted By: rudebwoy.podcast
(131,497 on 6-2006)

pinoy shit emo
phllipines: oriental but definitely not asian.... its a country where majority of the kitten blood thinks emo is associated with punk...
Submitted By: maputiks_b5
(131,406 on 6-2006)

Fuckin Arse!
You guys fucking rock! Of course you know that, but why not inflate the ego a little more, you deserve it! You guys provide the schooling in the PunkyVerse... kick ass music, weird ass words, and an occasional funny moment! Seriously, fuck yeah! >*< Savvy
Submitted By: antmusic_sexpeople
(131,371 on 6-2006)

Punk History 101
You guys are funny and I like the music you play, but to be honest- I dont know much about punk. Maybe you could put together an occasional short segment where you cover Punk History, by the year or country or style or whatever, and maybe open it to listener contribution, or contributions from some of the artists in the know (maybe even from you pair). Seems like a reasonable Idea to me, but hey- if you think it really sucks then just call me a twat and send me to fishtown you pair of pissmops. Peace and Respect- Jason C, Brisbane.
Submitted By: lordreilloc
(131,115 on 6-2006)

The fans of the fans of the fans of Harry Potter?!
What are the matter with these people? They're even more pathetic than the wannabe emos! Well, at least the cry babies are going down. 3 is a magic number - Go Punky! Always looking - Daniel
Submitted By: punky_business
(131,078 on 6-2006)

Well worth of a vote
Listened to your last show whilst painting the windows, my 5 yr old son had enquired worryingly wouldn we not be able to see through then !
Submitted By: andrew.harrison
(130,933 on 6-2006)

Hey guys
hey guys. i wanna write about how good u are, but im sure uve heard it all by now. so yeah, thanks for bringing my vocabulary up to date. so yeah, i told some emo kid off, and, like you said, he didnt beat me up! it was great, so yeah im looking forward to the next episode. ERIC ( a 12 year old kid in some crappy ass town)
Submitted By: punk_in_canada
(130,926 on 6-2006)

that England song by that band cooper makes me and other fellow Britishes Proud!!!! what a song, why aint that the official song???
Submitted By: punkpocko
(130,863 on 6-2006)

Submitted By: spvusa
(130,815 on 6-2006)

u guys rock ill give you a mention on my podcast if u mention me u pissmops
Submitted By: philandsampodcast
(130,628 on 6-2006)

Extremely Funny, Extremely Rockin And Absolutely Great! Why listen to music that blows? Listen to Punky instead.
Submitted By: krinklebine237
(130,421 on 6-2006)

BOO! helo punky, emo girl here. ur askin me 2 vote so i am. and WTF is up with the harry potter thing =s very confused!
Submitted By: ring_child-
(130,401 on 6-2006)

Hey guys it turned out to be the devil at work in this episode. keep the show going, and all the best.
Submitted By: adz12
(130,267 on 6-2006)

Alwaysh Looking
Hey you smacktards! Love the podcast!!! It's one of the best fucking things I've ever heard! The other day I was in the car with my mom, and James fucking Blunt came on the radio. In a panic, I tried to change the channel, but my mom said "NO! I like James Blunt" Argh! James Blunt needs to die! Along with all the "kitten blood" fucking emo twats.
Submitted By: Jadenlayneliten
(130,063 on 6-2006)

re: awsome
Nothing you can do will stop me from listening, no Im not an illegal dwarf. I don give a shit what you tell me. Ive been listening since I was nine, and nothings going to stop me now, bye piss mops, Jake Stelman P.s. Im only 11
Submitted By: Jakers95
(129,905 on 6-2006)

Whinging Word Hearn
I changed the Punky quote in the Air Out My Shorts promo from Norm to Tony. And I voted. ~Preston Buttons
Submitted By: brian
(129,594 on 6-2006)

Beat a Kitten Blood
Best Comp of music and hilarity on the web since ever!
Submitted By: dylan.mesinger
(129,520 on 6-2006)

This is Paul from Barefoot Radio and I dig British punks. If there were no British, thered be no punk. If there were no punk, half of us would be miserable.
Submitted By: paulsaurini
(129,085 on 6-2006)

Great Job
Loved the podcast. Give a listen to rff radio at 5864 and give a vote if you like.
Submitted By: mflynn01
(128,704 on 6-2006)

Thanks for the great independent Punx that I enjoy!
Keepin it real.. Great stuff to live for. Its Punky!!!! Fuckers!!!
Submitted By: garyholdsteady
(128,602 on 6-2006)

I love the show even though half the time I don get what your saying, maybe its because Im only 11, Jake Stelman
Submitted By: Jakers95
(128,533 on 6-2006)

Submitted By: gary
(128,271 on 6-2006)

man walks into a bar
ow. nice show fuckwits. bear.
Submitted By: steve.house86
(128,169 on 6-2006)

Best Music Podcast
Pauly B. and Tony. You guys are not only great podcasters but good friends. Heres a mushy vote for you two. Kitten Blood!
Submitted By: aerowolf
(128,083 on 6-2006)

The Best Podcast
How I eagerly wait for the new episode of Punky! Pauly B. and Tony Kittenblood are funny, perverse and brilliant. Whats not to love?
Submitted By: twilly23
(127,825 on 6-2006)

you guys will go down big in the unwritten history of the world. what you put out is top class. And I have now go you infecting the ears of my mates, which has caused alot of emos to have used alot of kittens when writing about us in their diarys. Please think of the kittens.
Submitted By: flameretardantteddy
(127,451 on 6-2006)

beer is better cold. seriously. //eric tomorrow
Submitted By: eric
(127,295 on 6-2006)

Superb Podcast
Submitted By: bill
(127,023 on 6-2006)

Fuckin brilliant
Submitted By: dave.drury
(126,936 on 6-2006)

Goopa fucking Goopa, i am having to type thi son th esly as my Mrs is convinced that if i listen to you show I will turn into a sexiest pig like Paul, or a ponse arse fuckwit like tony!!!!, dont mind her though, she is on the blob!!!
Submitted By: punkpocko
(126,912 on 6-2006)

Aloha From Hawaii
Aloha, showing some love from beautiful Hawaii. - V.Brown (808Talk Pod/VodCast)
Submitted By: 808Talk
(126,871 on 6-2006)

Whats this all about then?... do I get a prize or something? or is it just another cleverly disguised subscription for Save the Wombles Ive been caught out by that twat Orinoko before !
Submitted By: brennan.miles
(126,820 on 6-2006)

Goopa Goopa !! Kittenblood rocks!
Submitted By: thejadeddog
(126,701 on 6-2006)

happy june
heres your june vote from Public Nuisance Radio
Submitted By: senseispike
(126,343 on 6-2006)

A vote for Punky!
Heres a vote for a great show! I don know which I like your more: Your show, or the barbs you trade with The Word Whore! Eric (from How To with Madeline Merced)
Submitted By: ewyeth
(126,248 on 6-2006)

keep the great music coming. these guys are amazing, always makes me smile when listening to their shows. tune in!
Submitted By: amandamoir
(126,232 on 6-2006)

Heres a vote!
I might be one of the biggest cocks on the planet!
Submitted By: jon
(126,208 on 6-2006)

A voting Inspiration
No matter what the final tally, Punky! will always be number #1
Submitted By: ttn
(126,035 on 6-2006)

A Vote
Here is a vote.
Submitted By: poet666d
(125,844 on 6-2006)

Utter Smacktardery. Thats why I like ya.
Submitted By: nobodies37
(125,834 on 6-2006)

Lots of votes from A.B.O.V.E !
Hey Hey ! Its June votes from A.B.O.V.E ! - A BIT OF VIRTUALLY EVERYTHING comedy podcast ... Paul :-)
Submitted By: abitofvirtuallyeverything
(125,812 on 6-2006)

Go Punky! Mignon,Absolute Science
Submitted By: mignonfogarty
(125,780 on 6-2006)

Nob Jockey
Long time listener, first time commentator.......... I was going to write something witty and offensive but then realised Im an unfunny nice-boy. Altijd Kijken!
Submitted By: bob
(125,747 on 6-2006)

Your shows rock! Scott -
Submitted By: alaskapodshow
(125,715 on 6-2006)

love nat xx
keep up the good stuff, i love it
Submitted By: no_fun_in_fundamentalism
(125,707 on 6-2006)

Punky is Fun-ky
Aloha from the digitalslobpod ... enjoying your show ... keep it up!
Submitted By: cuff214
(125,687 on 6-2006)

It from the U Live Once Travelcast
LOVE THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THE SHOW !!!!!!!! LOVE THE SHOW!!!!!!! ... i laugh so much and recomanded your show to others who were asking why i was laughing listening ot my ipod randomly. (looked crazy but was having a good time) It from the U Live Once Travelcast
Submitted By: popoola
(125,634 on 6-2006)

holy crap its bloody punky!!! you saucy tarts!!
Submitted By: unoshato
(125,593 on 6-2006) 4579
Submitted By: spartacus
(125,545 on 6-2006)

A vote for Punky from the Eclectic Mix podcast!
Submitted By: EclecticMix
(125,530 on 6-2006)

Vote for YOU? Why the fuck should i vote for YOU?! Because you told me to???!!! .......yeah fair enough, ere ya go! Keep Punky Radio coming through me ears (so to speak). You minge magnets! Deano xx
Submitted By: dean.brookes
(125,528 on 6-2006)

so much better than what all the septics do - heres a joke: my neighbour is an unorthodox jew. hes a nazi. shame i didn come up with it myself.
Submitted By: henningwehn
(125,400 on 6-2006)

Your slowly converting me
Im slowly coming to see that there is more to life than, heavy metal. I think punky will be the next big religion, and paul b as the messiah, bringing awesome music to all! and tony will be there tacking care of the sheep. Brilliant show guys even when you are hung over!
Submitted By: flameretardantteddy
(124,964 on 5-2006)

Kitten Blood
Punky makes me bleed like a shot fox from my hatchet wound!!! I FUCKING LOVE YOU GUYS!! Keep it up!
Submitted By: afireinside102075
(124,817 on 5-2006)

Number f***ing one!
Thats right bitches, this show is the shiznitz... Don stay in Fishtown with the emo-types, listen to this for your educational and entertainment needs. Pure damn rock, gooper gooper.
Submitted By: marvsmooth
(124,737 on 5-2006)

Sympathy vote!
Submitted By: superstunt2004
(124,694 on 5-2006)

Despite Paul attending an all boys school and Tony writing in his journal in kittenblood, these two still manage to put together a great podcast. Sometimes its even coherent!
Submitted By: amberance
(123,746 on 5-2006)

podcast perfection
i love it. uniting fans and bands across the lands. a quality show minus the pretentious bullshit. thanks
Submitted By: sinnnical
(123,710 on 5-2006)

oh dear.
I'm just getting this in to warn you all that we are currently on 666 votes and it's freaking me out.
Submitted By: lastminutecomedy
(123,625 on 5-2006)

Ha stupid Aussies!
Yes Aussies are stupid! If you haven guessed Im a kiwi and proud of it, although i do like england, well the easy girls mainly, I cant work out how tony cant get a girl.
Submitted By: matthewgentil
(123,620 on 5-2006)

Emo Address
Submitted By: bill
(123,419 on 5-2006)

Best show on the podcast network...
Submitted By: mace85
(123,375 on 5-2006)

Truly truly awesome id never be able to complete my tutorial work without a punky! hit to break the tedium get smart smacktards! vote punky!
Submitted By: stankylittlechuff
(123,215 on 5-2006)

Why aren you piss mops #1 yet?, If other podcasts can proxy vote and mask their ips, why can you? lazy bastards.
Submitted By: gavin_adam
(123,171 on 5-2006)

You fuzzy-assed-wet-midget-crotch-licking-ass hole pumping-cunt-wipes...l love the Ill make this vote count, TWATS!!!
Submitted By: alex.drachmann
(123,155 on 5-2006)

James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt James Blunt v
Submitted By: gfrichmond
(123,067 on 5-2006)

:) I love Punky, what more can I say? ((Tony likes men))
Submitted By: goopa_goopa
(122,830 on 5-2006)

great show!
You blokes never cease to entertain me. I love the show and you have renewed my taste for punk rock once again. If it weren't for you gys, I wouldn't be "always looking."
Submitted By: aerowolf
(122,642 on 5-2006)

hey you fucking pissmops, I live in a shit town caller Embrun in ontario canada. It sux here and basicly your show is the best thing ever. Its funny to call emo kids at my school "kittenblood" because no one knows what it meens. I swear so much now thanks to you smacktards. Keep up the good work you cunts. You kick ass!!! Dan
Submitted By: made_in_canada_29
(121,978 on 5-2006)

You guys are fucking great. Your show helps me get through by boring maths class although I do get funny looks when I start laughing in the middle of class. Keep up the great work, Brett L. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Submitted By: brett.lessard
(121,947 on 5-2006)

Love the Show!
Oralé! I love your Just subsribed keep up the good work! Im typing this while drenched in KITTEN BLOOD! Amos Vela, San Antonio, Texas!
Submitted By: vicious_drunkenmaster
(121,938 on 5-2006)

don listen to that kitten blood bullshit!
tbh if tony wants to get a girl friend we should just send him over 60s speed dating then that problem would be over x to be honest its just an amazin music and a load of conversation between to muppets thats fan(fucking)tastic, ok?
Submitted By: rose_thawns
(121,833 on 5-2006)

You guys kill me........
I just started listening to your podcasts and I haven laughed that hard in a long time. My ebay user id is she_bled_like_a_shot_fox. That was so damn funny. Word of the week: cockfag, phrase of the week: not the brightest peanut in the turd. Have you guys ever played any Bif Naked? I am still trying to catch up on all of the past shows. Great show and keep it up. Sam Maryland, USA
Submitted By: sgold
(120,562 on 5-2006)

Hello Paul and Tony! Im writing to let you know that you have a wonderful podcast. I would like to dedicate this comment to Tony and his lovely speaking voice and kind demenor. Tony is AMAZING!!! You e ok too Paul. I listen every week and cannot get enough of the underrated Tony. If it is ok with you guys, Id like to become Tonys #1 fan! -Jen-
Submitted By: americlashjen
(120,341 on 5-2006)

(4 vote) Love the song choices
Yo, this is (It ) from the U Live Once Travelcast very nice show. i liked the show with Fireflies and teenage bottle Rockets the best.
Submitted By: popoola
(120,228 on 5-2006)

i got nothin
I need to catch up on my Punky! but Im voting non-the-less.
Submitted By: marchej
(119,834 on 5-2006)

hey kacey
just pushin ya to number two - brilliant show by the way
Submitted By: mrsmule
(119,577 on 5-2006)

Maybe they are number one now? Punky! is always number one in my book anyway!
Submitted By: jmorley
(119,574 on 5-2006)

Ha Haaaaaaaaaaaa
Its all even now (cbek - 91). Punky! will be number two this month and top of the pops next month - kick ass.
Submitted By: scott
(119,559 on 5-2006)

My favorite podcast of all time
Regardless of the genre, Punky! is the best podcast PERIOD. And thats the news.
Submitted By: phil
(119,558 on 5-2006)

Best Music Podcast on the WEB
A must listen.
Submitted By: ttn
(119,460 on 5-2006)

Holy mother of Punk Rock!!! Punky Radio is the shiznitz fo real yo.....except no immitations, you won get a better podcast than these bunch of can s host.....even if you are olwaysh looking. Keep it up, Edward Elizabeth Hitler.
Submitted By: dean.brookes
(119,354 on 5-2006)

I can be arsed to right a comment its bloody 7 oclock in the morning but Im voting cos you told me to.
Submitted By: ikilledaclown
(119,323 on 5-2006)

goopa goopa
punky fucking rocks!
Submitted By: rockerwanosering
(119,161 on 5-2006)

Greetings from Mansfield, OH
You skirvy assholes have finally motivated me to stop being a complete douch bag and to vote for you. You should be very proud. Your show is by far my favorite thing to listen to while sitting in school so you should love the fact i randomly laugh in the middle of silent art classes because you have to be such shitheads to eachother. You are very much Enjoied. Suzi
Submitted By: MemoryOrFog
(118,760 on 5-2006)

hows it going you pair of spunk bubbles,great show!!seen u and butch tony down at the town make a lovely fuckin couple.
Submitted By: stevied007
(118,593 on 5-2006)

Sup from the
Thanks to the vote 4 link i found your podcast and im a full time listener very cool!! and nice take on it. keep it up ( It Popoola, host of the U Live Once TravelCast)
Submitted By: popoola
(118,591 on 5-2006)

Punky! for pres
fuckin badger feltching cocktards the pair of them.
Submitted By: vorsuc
(118,505 on 5-2006)

fuck yeh
i fucking love the podcast fuck the poxy voters
Submitted By: captaintwig
(118,430 on 5-2006)

yes, Its true
yes, Its true, I listen to this podcast once a day, and its just as funny every time
Submitted By: aco6655321
(118,262 on 5-2006)

Best Podcast EVER!
Being in the radio industry myself I hear lots of music. But NOTHING! compares to PUNKY! I look forward to listening to every show! If you don at least give them a listen you are Fuckin retarded or fucking Emo! Meat From Sarasota, FL
Submitted By: Meat
(118,204 on 5-2006)

check my bad self i voted for punky podriot and ttn and i can say purple burglar alarm so there. i didnt want to make it too long or i would be cut off (fuckers)
Submitted By: richmond.grant
(118,176 on 5-2006)

Punky! Fuck Yeah! Your weekly dose of podcast profanity is my ticket out of Fishtown. Keep up the good work; you cunts kick arse. Now fuck off!
Submitted By: dirty.hua
(118,123 on 5-2006)

Love ya, love the show
Heres to you two butt pirates. Do they have dentists where you Brits are from? Just wondering.
Submitted By: jon
(118,102 on 5-2006)

goopa goopa at last something to make us Britishes proud to be - PUNKY best of Britishes
Submitted By: punkpocko
(117,518 on 5-2006)

so much better than all the foreign stuff
Submitted By: henningwehn
(117,436 on 5-2006)

The Bomb!!!
I was browsing I-Tunes last week...and I found PUNKY!...I immediately subscribed....I have downloaded and listened to all of the pissmops are awesome!...the ranting and the music are completely outta-hand!!!!!...I love it!...I am spreading the gospel that is PUNKY! everywhere that I can.....PUNKY! IS THE BOMB!!!!!!
Submitted By: goopagoopa
(117,332 on 5-2006)

Punky gets my vote!
PaulyB, are your fingers glued to your hair or what???
Submitted By: SKIOROM
(117,306 on 5-2006)

bollock sauce
Submitted By: spvusa
(117,267 on 5-2006)

Punky! is non-stop laughter
Submitted By: shadzz3
(117,160 on 5-2006)

Damn good!
Look guys... where have you ever been. Love the show! Keep it coming for sure... You now have a new subscriber. Cheers, Scott from
Submitted By: alaskapodshow
(117,147 on 5-2006)

haha I got it continued
EMO AND KEEP ON KILLING 'EM! lmao awww shit i was cut off again! but hey I was Now officially continued lol anyways (yeah I am a yankee but who really gives a fuck!) Now thanks to you i sometimes get a British accent and my co-workers laugh at me about. THANKS ALOT now fuck off!
Submitted By: dontxbotherxaskingxwhy
(116,927 on 5-2006)

Oreos are Funny!
Okay first off i was told that pleasuring yourself was the best way to feel/experience pleasure. Riiiggghhhtttt Tony! And please Paul dont be jealous that Tony can pleasure himself and you cant. rotfl KILL EMO! you should see the t-shirt my friends makes it says KILL EMO AND KEEP ON KILLING 'EM! lmao awww shit i was cut off again!
Submitted By: dontxbotherxaskingxwhy
(116,924 on 5-2006)

pedophile = A personality of Pauly B Edwards when he is Myspace lmao its OKAY Pauly we all know that Tony votes for Cry Baby Emo Kid betraying us all && the fact that he sucked James Blunt cock, we all know. And we are watching. From a Yankee
Submitted By: zebrasareawesome13
(116,913 on 5-2006)

Punky is my Favorite!
Pauly B and Tony are hilariously funny. Brilliant bloody Brits. xoxo Twilight
Submitted By: twilightandthebes
(116,848 on 5-2006)

my predicament is tht wen i come back i cant find any decent, cock faced concert to go to, so i was wandering if u culd give me a hand. i come back on the 10th july, an leave on th 19th august. im only 15 so I need to be allowed in, but i love all the punky music. plse help punky pyrgie
Submitted By: pyrgie
(116,552 on 5-2006)
Keep it punky guys
Submitted By: andrew.harrison
(116,530 on 5-2006)

Everywhere I go I see vote for Punky this, vote for Punky that...sheesh! Heres your vote. Happy now?? Looking forward to this months shows - from StefanC (apparent Septic Wannabe)..
Submitted By: sderfel
(116,521 on 5-2006)

punky rocks!
that is all
Submitted By: bogman_bass
(116,506 on 5-2006)

the best
Submitted By: joss
(116,448 on 5-2006)

Gday piss-mops, hows it going what what. checked out the photos and it looks like you geezers had a brilliant time. keep up the great show and all the best mate. c. ya
Submitted By: adz12
(116,411 on 5-2006)

If your sick of bland local radio presenters and over friendly ooo please listen podcasts and predictable pop c**p, then this is definitely the podcast for you. Funny, well presented and punk music .. ticks all the boxes for me! Paul, A.B.O.V.E podcast
Submitted By: abitofvirtuallyeverything
(115,960 on 5-2006)

Great show.
Your show fucking rocks. I got a shitload of my friends in school into it.
Submitted By: crazydrummer75
(115,945 on 5-2006)

Nice one !
Submitted By: draculas_mother
(115,926 on 5-2006)

GOOPA GOOPA! Yet another brilliant show, flowing like the claret from a shot fox! Keep it up you smacktards!
Submitted By: karl.j.collier
(115,823 on 5-2006)

Wel done mate!
Submitted By: mignon
(115,792 on 5-2006)

vote thingy
Hmm, voting for the boys cause its their turn this month. And if you are reading this and have never heard the show, do so NOW! This is the best podcast out there (and they reference the other greatest podcast all the time as well, so almost a 2 for the price of 1)
Submitted By: poet666d
(115,785 on 5-2006)

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! !!!
U got my vote! Keep up the good work boys :D
Submitted By: hazel.turnock
(115,586 on 5-2006)

More emo please.
I really like your show. Im going to go write about it in my diary in kittens blood. I wish you would play more emo ... not really. I apluade your mastery of modern curse words and my participating would only sulley the activity. -Rich
Submitted By: rkbrasse
(115,513 on 5-2006)

RED BAR likes you!
Submitted By: mike
(115,139 on 5-2006)

Vote PUNKY!!
Submitted By: ml_richards_az
(115,138 on 5-2006)

Wonky Tits
Hey you ass Nuggets - I am original - You will respect my a-Thor-ah-Tay! Lovin the show - I want the woman back - She was fricking awesome!! Peace Out ~Kelli~
Submitted By: i8play_doh
(114,760 on 5-2006)

yay punky rox : )
Submitted By: RIOinthenuthouse
(114,679 on 5-2006)

Think I might have already done this
But spect it won matter ;)
Submitted By: emily
(114,649 on 5-2006)

Aloha, showing some love again from beautiful Hawaii. - V.Brown (808Talk Pod/VodCast)
Submitted By: 808Talk
(114,621 on 5-2006)

smacktards! keep it up!
Submitted By: rudebwoy.podcast
(114,565 on 5-2006)

Submitted By: kurtseifert
(114,523 on 5-2006)

woop woop
fucking brilliant!
Submitted By: jessicaw
(114,454 on 5-2006)

cuz its punky!
alwaysh looking!!!
Submitted By: xhcdanx
(114,445 on 5-2006)

Goopa Goopa
Hells Yeah, Punky Radio is the mad notes! Fuck the Hawaiians, and keep takin the piss outa James Blunt(cunt).
Submitted By: bootboymn
(114,407 on 5-2006)

as the current mayor of fishtown, i would like to invite you to come on down, have a pint, and beat someone with a lead pipe. // eric tomorrow.
Submitted By: eric
(114,402 on 5-2006)

Goopa! Goopa!
two of the funniest pissmops on the planet! cheers lads!
Submitted By: unoshato
(114,332 on 5-2006)

You lot are fucking amazing and taking over my incrediably smackardianly sloanely school with thrillingly (yet terrifying) unstoppabilitly (sorry if the grammer went a bit there) Don stop you wazzocks lots of love Emily
Submitted By: emily
(113,915 on 4-2006)

In the beginning god created heaven and earth (maybe) and then there was PUNKY!!! yay. Just wanted to say that.
Submitted By: xxx6nofx9xxx
(113,861 on 4-2006)

Punky kicks ass. This being a bit late, Im too lazy to think of something witty.
Submitted By: chiliboxers01
(113,696 on 4-2006)

oi! Not sure if I could leave a message youd enjoy as no rules are posted for this so I will send more to the website. Keep up the good work f@#$%^&* A@#$%^&* Munchers.
Submitted By: dylan.mesinger
(113,548 on 4-2006)

You're the best!
Come on! There can't be that many emo, industrial and video game music-listeners out there - Proxy-pissmobs! Ode to the the best and most hornest podcast out there - Goopa-goopa! Always Looking, Daniel
Submitted By: funky_business
(113,331 on 4-2006)

The Best Podcast
Punky is my favorite show! Pauly B and Tony are absolutely hilarious. And the music makes anyones Uncle Foamy stand up and tap dance. -Twilight
Submitted By: twilightandthebes
(113,224 on 4-2006)

hello punky! you might remember me from 2 weeks ago. i left a comment about how much i worshiped your tunnel of love loving show. wel now i find my self with a slight predica-fucking-ment. I live in asia, but am english and coming back in july for a holiday. I am fucking desperate to see some decent live music whilst im back, but because of the crotch goblin sell out music industry, i can find anything other than shitty james cunt and man loving westlife. If u culd help me out i will continue to spread the word about punky all over the continent. all my frens who i force fed it to lov it. anyway, if u help me i will get down on my knees and pray to you groffosed gods. i am 15 and would prefer something in or around London or Dorset. thnx fuck faces. pyrgie pronounced perggggyyyyyyy (hard g)
Submitted By: pyrgie
(113,124 on 4-2006)

Hells yeah
All of you shit fucking pissmops can just suck it if you don like Punky.
Submitted By: skibum728
(113,017 on 4-2006)

the "other" broadcasts (i.e. hawaiian) are nothing but distended rectums. -Jeff Uglyshoes
Submitted By: uglyshoes
(112,968 on 4-2006)

boredom? no fuckin more
You 2 mutherfuckers are the dogs bollock, I think finding Punky and TTL was an act of god to save me from this room of inbred cockhanded Affenschwanzs that pleasure in constantly sticking blue pencils in their bungholes... Im one of the top fuckin cunts that celebrated St Georges Day more than St Patricks, Fuckin A Pauly b, keep suckin on those twatsicles made from jizz juggling troll licking smacktards, tony. JP
Submitted By: nibop7
(112,635 on 4-2006)

you leg ends
I was going to call you legends but didn find it appropriate.
Submitted By: bentlaugh
(112,626 on 4-2006)

Punk Saviors
Punky carries the torch of punk music and culture into the new millennium. Irreverent, knowledgeable silly and ever passionate the hosts of this pod cast never fail to entertain. With a vocabulary that would make a sailor blush, it is raucous but never hurtful. An hour of great fun from the world of punk. Do yourself a favor and check these guys out.
Submitted By: nightskyinc
(112,436 on 4-2006)

It totally smurfs that you can use smurfing colourful language on this smurfing site. Its total smurf, especially when you e commenting on such a smurfing good podcast that these two smurf-heads put out. Punky! is smurfing terrific, even though the hosts are both smurf smurfing smurfers. Now smurf off, you rotten smurfs.
Submitted By: Greywolfe
(112,106 on 4-2006)

i might get yelled at, not sending it in the proper email to the proper place, bah phrase of the week: Crooked Pinkies...Ive got a gay friend (*cough* the gaymaker *cough*) who seems to use them to get girls. Might alude to a person being gay...not that theres anything wrong with that. Oi Tony, have you some crooked Pinkies? naw I love tony, Expect some Tony fan art in the future! ~Nyed
Submitted By: lalalanddancer
(111,846 on 4-2006)

Submitted By: fennel
(111,735 on 4-2006)

'evening cum bubbles...i just want to vocalize what a fine 'cast you dick lickers put out...despite the fact that you're both cock-cupping, scrotum-sniffing, fish fighters, you're doing just about sent me half way to fishtown when you fucked up, you fuck know why...anyshit...keep up the mediocre work, and i'll keep pretending to listen...the love haters play a resteraunt down here once every few months...just so you know/... AAron E. Cetera
Submitted By: boycottbreathing
(111,617 on 4-2006)

punkys my hero
Punky is possibly the funniest radio show ive ever heared, it was like a breath of fresh air after having to put up with "raven rock" for years. That was bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lots of hugs from way up in Iqaluit Nicole
Submitted By: guh_er
(111,555 on 4-2006)

You guys are the best. Why are there so many god dam proxy voters? *cough*emokids*Industrialradio*VGDJ* I love this show, but you are starting to fall towards mainstream, and im not liking rather you play less songs, and more rambling and ranting, its VERY funny. I like listening to you guys bitch at each other for 45 minutes, it rocks. I dont quite remember if crotch goblin was ACTUALLY the word of the week, but i use it all the time. I even made sign that said crotch goblin and taped it to my friends back at school. keep the good shit up, but STAY AWAY from mainstream, your starting to become more regulated, and its VERY VERY BAD. -Nick
Submitted By: woodwindmilitia
(111,531 on 4-2006)

punky is the most volguer, profane, and bitchin podcast ever!
Submitted By: kickthenick00
(111,386 on 4-2006)

My favorite thing about British people is that even when they are saying things like "cunting cunt cunter" it sounds as if they mean it in the politest possible way. For more on this phenomenon, please listen to Punky.
Submitted By: amberance
(110,908 on 4-2006)

is paul a twat? is tony a poof? FInd out more by listening to this genius show, thats so funny you'll shite your shreddies!
Submitted By: Unoshato
(110,886 on 4-2006)

Fucking right on!
So I decided to browse iTunes a week or two ago for some new music podcasts, and I found Punky!. I downloaded the Canadian Ska-punk episode, and after listening to it twice, I downloaded all of the other episodes, and Im loving them. Punky! is great and now Im whoring it out to all of my friends. Punky! really makes uncle foamy stand up and tap dance. BUNCH A CUNTS! -David --Lancaster ---Pennsylvania ----USA (James blunt . . . IS A TWAT!)
Submitted By: aco6655321
(110,694 on 4-2006)

great fuckin it.jos a foul mouth bitch,she great she must stay!!!!!
Submitted By: stevied007
(109,830 on 4-2006)

Punky rocks
Submitted By: poguemahone1313
(108,706 on 4-2006)

crotch goblins!
come on guys, you got passed up by the emo twats. and that VGDJ (whatever the hell that means) show. at least the hawaiians arent ahead of you. im still voting for punky anyway. Go Punky!
Submitted By: coolkid10234
(107,782 on 4-2006)

wotcha gents
wotcha you pair of cunting cock-sockets. it's 'm' again. thanks for repeated great shows which has inspired a couple of friends to start our own podcasts. once we've hit our grove i'll hurl you the url. i'd like to suggest 'fap' as the phrase of the week, as in you were so far away from fishtown that you fapped your self dry. piss up a rope, fuckstick m
Submitted By: m
(107,501 on 4-2006)

best of ALL you fools!
are you kidding me? PUNKY! is the only legitimate (or illegitamate for that matter) music podcast out there! only a pissmop would listen elsewhere for their musical and cultural dietary needs.
Submitted By: oneinchfrommidget
(107,086 on 4-2006)

read me
hey, ur show is awesome, but u shud play some more fukin music!!! just make the show longer!
Submitted By: antonygoater
(106,812 on 4-2006)

Fucking Love yah GUYS!
I Fucking Love Paul && Tony. You guys FUCKING RoCk!!! Anyways here i am to say thanx && to keep on fucking rocking && to say I listen to yah guys everynight....&& you guys give me sweet dreams....(Get your mind out of the fucking gutter- I dont mean those types you bastards!) Anyways sorry 'bout the loss of your bunny Paul, If you want a Shitzu (i think i spelt that wrong) email me then (and when it says Shitzu it does shit you)(fucking dog). Also thanx to you my car now doesnt play just emo and metal. Now I have the stuff from china && like everything else from there that stuff is AWESOME!! like the one song Holyfuck or what ever(I know i know its called Holybulshit just Fuck off && leave me alone!)Anyways I love yah guy and piss mop hawaiians?! I fucking live here in Hawaii and well.... I'm not exactly hawaiian either. But anyways Love yah, dontxbotherxaskingxwhy p.s To little miss Punky: NOBODY LIKES A PODCAST PET!!! JUST LIKE A TEACHERS PET! EVERYONE ONE AT SCHOOL HATES THE TEACHERS PET CAUSE THEY KISS ASS! SO STOP BEING ONE IT IRRITATES ME HEARING YAH LOVING MESSAGES!! EVERYONE NEEDS A CHANCE TO SPREAD THEIR LOVE TO YOU PISS MOP!!
Submitted By: dontxbotherxaskingxwhy
(106,545 on 4-2006)

I Fucking Love Paul && Tony. You guys FUCKING RoCk!!! Anyways here i am to say thanx && to keep on fucking rocking && to say I listen to yah guys everynight....&& you guys give me sweet dreams....(Get your mind out of the fucking gutter- I dont mean those types you bastards!) Anyways sorry out the loss of your bunny Paul, If you want a Shitzu (i think i spelt that wrong) email me then (and when it says Shitzu it does shit you)(fucking dog). Anyways I love yah guy and piss mop hawaiians?! I fucking live here in Hawaii and well.... Im not exactly hawaiian either. But anyways Love yah, dontxbotherxaskingxwhy p.s To little miss Punky: NOBODY LIKES A PODCAST PET!!! JUST LIKE A TEACHERS PET! EVERYONE ONE AT SCHOOL HATES THE TEACHERS PET CAUSE THEY KISS ASS! SO STOP BEING ONE IT IRRITATES ME HEARING YAH LOVING MESSAGES!! EVERYONE NEEDS A CHANCE TO SPREAD THEIR LOVE TO YOU PISS MOP!!
Submitted By: dontxbotherxaskingxwhy
(106,543 on 4-2006)

Submitted By: sam_bailey13
(106,487 on 4-2006)

Hey you cockgobblers, your show is fucking insane. I listen to you wankers every fucking show. I don know what Id do without your sick fucking show. Punky is the mother fucking shit! Keep up the great fucking work!
Submitted By: kieranpoconnell
(106,455 on 4-2006)

This is a REAL vote
This is a real fucking vote, so those cheats can suck my fucking dick... Take that back, I wouldn wanna catch rabies - the dirty bastards. Keep rocking like the mother fuckers you are. Hot damn!!!
Submitted By: marv
(106,187 on 4-2006)

You two are probably the biggest can s in the world..... But you get my vote you bumsnogging SMACKTARDOS! So funny you make me piss, keep it up team Punky! PS. I think your motto should be: "Punky Radio.....the roadblock to fishtown"
Submitted By: dean.brookes
(106,124 on 4-2006)

Hoorah for Punky! May the chaos continue! xxx
Submitted By: carol.baker4
(105,802 on 4-2006)

I love your show!!!! I listen to it all day during school, it gets me through the day....LoL, if only the administration knew. I can never remember all of the words I hear, but they seem to come out on the weekends...A lil alcohol seems to grease the wheels.....that and ive aquired a lovely british accent while Im drunk... Have a fn awesome day.... XoXo, Maggie Mae
Submitted By: maggie_mae2007
(105,733 on 4-2006)

A vote for the weirdest podcast!
Keep up the weird work pals! Im lovin it! (Oh... am I being sued now, for using McDs slogan...? don dare to think of it.... that charge is probably going to smell of cheeseburger.. yukky!)
Submitted By: isazinhamaisclara
(105,709 on 4-2006)

wow awsome as usual You Bastards!
Submitted By: richmond.grant
(105,620 on 4-2006)

exceptionallyrockingoodpu nk
Submitted By: hyphen8me
(105,610 on 4-2006)

cheers from Brazil!
Submitted By: rudebwoy.podcast
(105,329 on 4-2006)

Sweet Uncle Foamy...
Dance for me, dance!!! Self proclaimed Queen of Fishtown, ~Whore
Submitted By: shorts
(105,147 on 4-2006)

Submitted By: weloveyou
(105,068 on 4-2006)

Like a 1 legged cat...
Thanks for another great show, and keep your dick out of the pickle slicer!
Submitted By: bootboymn
(105,036 on 4-2006)

u guys fucking rule
i found u browsing itunes. i am noiw systematicaly downloading every fucking single podcast and playing them over my fucking speakers to piss of my smacktard parents. cheers pyrgie
Submitted By: pyrgie
(104,961 on 4-2006)

Hey somebody already put a set of Wonky tits on here so Ill do the bottome half (y) Doesn t that look like a ladies hips & V spot. I guess it could look like dude tucking it. Goompa Goompa to my Favorite Oompa Lumpa. ~Kelli~
Submitted By: nobodies37
(104,517 on 4-2006)

Punky radio rules!
Submitted By: crazytrainer
(104,430 on 4-2006)

goopa goopa Englishmen, with a song in your hearts and a twinkle in your eye and major league tackle in your M & S Ys, sorry i mean lily-livered yellow-trousered shit-your-pants scared-o girlies, keep it up, you rock.
Submitted By: adz12
(104,343 on 4-2006)

Goopa, Goopa smells like Poopa! Love, One of your favorite Nonces.
Submitted By: jon
(104,255 on 4-2006)

( . )( . )
More refreshing than a naked stroll along Waltons Naze. Pilch
Submitted By: petedean
(104,160 on 4-2006)

So much better than what the Septics come up with.
Submitted By: henningwehn
(104,146 on 4-2006)

I vote punky
Submitted By: danwillis
(103,686 on 4-2006)

i havent dropped a vote in quite a it is
Submitted By: Doug.Lunsford
(103,362 on 4-2006)

Puuuuuunky, I love Puuuuunky. Im one of the only listeners who doesn’t leave mean comments I think. :) Keep it up boys! xoxo Daisy
Submitted By: daisy_flower
(103,205 on 4-2006)

keep it up boyz!
Keep up all of the hard work, and fuck the idiots that fake their voting!
Submitted By: burmeisj
(103,165 on 4-2006)

fishtown is calling you to come home, ya bunch of clam jousters.
Submitted By: eric
(103,118 on 4-2006)

never mind the bullocks
I am ashamed to be associated with septics who question Paulybs sexuality. Paulyb is all man! and thats the news!
Submitted By: phil
(103,014 on 4-2006)

its like bottom meets black adder!
ok not really but its top banter from two pissmops! Its super funny almost as funny as Aunt-Betsys Box! Seriously they don care if you listen but you should anyways because these dudes bring the funny! Septic-Go!
Submitted By: unoshato
(102,834 on 4-2006)

Pauly, we converse, we joke, we argue and yet I still respect you. Love you and Tony. Tony, mmmmmm. Sorry to hear about the bunnies. Heres to the best music podcast out there from your Numero Uno fan with a penis. ME!
Submitted By: aerowolf
(102,665 on 4-2006)

Hell yeah
I must say, despite my immense skepticism, You Wank pots have managed to Mutha this Scad to a level of Unadulterated greatness. Keep up the good work you two, Paul, you rock Fucking socks man, you really do. And Tony, ...well yeah, good work, both of you. Greg from Fort Wayne
Submitted By: geejayt
(102,607 on 3-2006)

Punky is THE ABSOLUTE BEST British Podcast. I love the way they tlak, pick on eachother, the kickass music. I love it all!
Submitted By: kris_w_rules
(102,532 on 3-2006)

reminds me of the banter on my all time fav TV show! Black Adder!!
this show is so funny I often have to pause it so i can stop laughing and hear them again! the people at work look at me funny, but they can all slap my bell-end, because THIS IS PUNKY!! great show you wallies! you two are funnier then Aunt-Betsys BOx!
Submitted By: unoshato
(102,436 on 3-2006)

Punky Bitches Suk
I voted for you, now shut up hershey highway hijackers!
Submitted By: acsaladino
(102,301 on 3-2006)

Your fans
aren only bed-wetting booger-flicking illiterate pre-teens. Your show takes me back to 1982 and driving my friend and his broken arm to the emergency room from a Circle Jerks show. Awesome Dale North Carolina, USA
Submitted By: swanson.dale
(102,260 on 3-2006)

punk rocks
Submitted By: fredylg
(102,116 on 3-2006)

Fucking amazing podcast you wankers
Just a quick hi. love your fucking podcast and want you two cum guzzling shit smokers to keep it up. Go butt fuck a herd of sheep (or again tony) and stick a large mouldy twatsicle up your arse. Now fuck off to fishtown you cunts. chrisw 85
Submitted By: chriswheal
(102,069 on 3-2006)

hey there
hi, i found your podcast a couple of weeks ago, but iv listened to most of them now....i think. loved your canadian ska one. not the swearing type (it just sounds wrong when i swear) so i thought i would write you a nice comment! love you loads... Sophus! :P
Submitted By: slwarner
(102,018 on 3-2006)

Submitted By: ring_child-
(101,824 on 3-2006)

my only wish is that
Punky will move to first place, walking over the dmangled bodies of all those who oppose them. Today Podcast, tomorrow the world.
Submitted By: harr1094
(101,486 on 3-2006)

Keep on with the good stuff! Fuck the Hawiians! And fuck those Total Talk Nonces! Roots!
Submitted By: aaron
(101,366 on 3-2006)

punky is the fuckin shit, anyboby who thinks different is a fucking tosser
Submitted By: Fbcrs1421
(101,019 on 3-2006)

This one is for Fish Town
Crazy damn bastards, its about time someone said all that shit!
Submitted By: pamplemousse_21
(100,885 on 3-2006)

This is a deffinate breakthough in the under-rated, piece of shit, musical word, we fine cussing sailors call PUNK!!!! props to Punky! Radio
Submitted By: mattiastheposerslayer
(100,878 on 3-2006)

Devilish Presley
Good Show...needs publicity !!!!
Submitted By: darren.smith
(100,813 on 3-2006)

go fish
after hearing you guys, i now talk with a british accent, and use the word pissmoped twat on a regular basis! im finally out of fishtown"THATLL MAKE UNCLE FOAMY STAND UP AND TAP DANCE!"
Submitted By: dark_lord_zaki
(100,772 on 3-2006)

F%cking great
Submitted By: john.doak
(100,584 on 3-2006)

Cheaters really shit in my dildo drawer.
Submitted By: lucretius
(100,562 on 3-2006)

we play you at the theater
best show ever. So encouraging to hear someone sharing such wisdom with the youth of today. -Jeff Ugkyshoes
Submitted By: princesstheater
(100,500 on 3-2006)

Fuck yeah!
You fags! you rock elephant balls on steroids..........Ass-munching cocksniffers! Best regards from the home of cheese, grass and crappy talking about switzerland u fuckfaces!
Submitted By: crispyphones
(100,494 on 3-2006)

Punky rocks! If you cum-tarts wenr around, Id probably be one of the 6 dwarves. I left out dopey, because hes a fucker. I love the show, Its funny as hell, and smells like monkey semen. Now fuck off.
Submitted By: izzy_daggix
(100,417 on 3-2006)

vote from over the line
u guys is the shit help me out by voting 4 my podcast(overt the line)
Submitted By: black_label716te
(100,360 on 3-2006)

Wanna to just tell you guys your SO FRICKIN AWESOME IT GIVES ME A HERNIA IN MY SCROTE. Also, a word you might just fall in love with: Callipygous! It means to be possessive of perfectly proportioned buttocks. YOU KNOW YOU LOV IT.
Submitted By: joseph.beaver
(100,291 on 3-2006)

Fucking Awsome
Fucking Awsome. Keep up the insanely-great work.
Submitted By: captjc
(100,149 on 3-2006)

great job smack tards. u make my week
Submitted By: thomascf
(100,086 on 3-2006)

from the kittylitter box
Thanks for the goodtimes. Im stuck in the litter box they call Iraq, its nice to know there is still some sanity(or insanity) out there.
Submitted By: brian.john.marble
(99,916 on 3-2006)

Two words to some up this show: Pointless and immature, have you lot got nothing better to do?
Submitted By: wouldieverlietou
(99,755 on 3-2006)

Congratulations on being the biggest cunting set of sperm-trenches ever.
Submitted By: m
(99,739 on 3-2006)

I hope you win because your e the only ones that aren cunts who fix the fucking votes!
Submitted By: americlashjen
(99,679 on 3-2006)

Punky Rocks!
Submitted By: salad71
(99,622 on 3-2006)

You guys RULE
Yeah its pretty funny, pissmops and whatever else they call a show.
Submitted By: svuong
(99,618 on 3-2006)

fuck you punky
Fuck you Punky Radio you fuckin Suck, Thats why I voted for you fuckin shit ass smellin coxk gobblers
Submitted By: pointman05
(99,403 on 3-2006)

awesome smacktards!
Submitted By: rudebwoy.podcast
(99,297 on 3-2006)

im at a dead end in fish town
greta show
Submitted By: punkpocko
(99,250 on 3-2006)

Serious Izzatwat Nomination
Tony and Fucking Paul, I realize that izzatwat is generally reserved as a funny little banter between pansy punk douchebags - ie "I nominate septic Timmy for izzatwat because he shit on my amp, and fucked my sister" translates to I fucking love Septic Timmy and I wish we were camping together Brokeback style, BUT Ive a legit nomination for you. From Canada... St. John Street in Fredericton NewBrunswick IZZAcollectiveTWAT for shutting down sexfight rock and roll. Ive since read in the bylaws, and any douchebag walking down the fucking street can legally command police to shut anything down - from whistling all the way to superhacked out rock. Love the fucking show, ya bunchacunts! I voted for your little popularity contest, you fucking promqueen jocks, good luck with your homecoming dresses. Play Death From Above 1979 if it fits your happy little format. sexfight dan
Submitted By: dannyjhill
(99,068 on 3-2006)

Nob Jockeys
See above ^
Submitted By: bob
(99,051 on 3-2006)

Yeah baby, yeah
I always listen to you fuckups at work, and my co-workers want to know why the fuck Im having spasms of laughter. You two kick some serious ass, and Ill be sure to raise a pint to ya both on St. Paddys Day and St. Georges Day. Wheres a link to the band that does "Bunch a Cunts" ?
Submitted By: alchemist
(99,037 on 3-2006)

cuntylishus show you piss mops
cuntylishus show you piss mops
Submitted By: daveward1979
(98,723 on 3-2006)

tony is cute in a strange homo-erotic way
Submitted By: cemeterysurfers
(98,695 on 3-2006)

when I listen to punky, I understand why some animals would eat their young. -Jeff
Submitted By: uglyshoes
(98,681 on 3-2006)

Tw@ = twaffenshfanz?! You get it?! Course you get it coz you e fucking geniuses!! Punky! makes the world go round, and makes pissmops like me stay away from Fishtown! Keep it up guys! -Dean
Submitted By: dean.brookes
(98,158 on 3-2006)

Its fun, almost as fun as sticking onions up my cats arse.
Submitted By: ikilledaclown
(98,014 on 3-2006)

these pissmops are fucking funny fucks,i live in fishtown and i aint moving but i left town for a bit.fuck you you fucking shit fucks
Submitted By: regis667
(97,472 on 3-2006)

Uncle Foamy goes to Fishtown.
Absofuckinlutely sordid show. Love it.
Submitted By: popsquabble
(97,390 on 3-2006)

another vote
heres another vote to make uncle foamy stand up and tap-dance, please get around to playing our promo soon!
Submitted By: braincandy
(97,247 on 3-2006)

fucking awesome show guys!! but i have to get your podacasts from a friend coz I dont have an ipod!! GRR pissmops penilizing me!!! although now i have figured out its on your site...well go me...ah well you guys rock and just keep PISSING GOING AT IT!!!
Submitted By: rawleyj123
(96,739 on 3-2006)

Brackers n bollocks
Absolutely TITILLATING show! pissmop
Submitted By: janderson1970
(96,687 on 3-2006)

Woo Hoo
Finally managed to vote for you guys - even using a NTL accout! Keep up the good work you syphilis kings. Andy - Manichae
Submitted By: black_angel
(96,678 on 3-2006)

Mansfield 103
Is Mansfield 103 streamed on the internet? I'd love to hear your Punk and Disorderly show. Keep up the good work!
Submitted By: mierwald
(96,488 on 3-2006)

Best f**king radio ive hear in bloody ages! Excellent work! Gimme more!
Submitted By: lesleyhetherington
(96,462 on 3-2006)

Clam Jousters
Nicely done again, friends. Ill leave you with a string of hopefully unbocked pseudo swearwords. cheers-Mucho Gustaf Clam Jousting Tosser, Mange Ranger, Friend of Uncle Foamy, turd burglar, swollen axe-wound, scrunchy crumpler, Septic Slurping Crown&Anchor!
Submitted By: bootboymn
(96,325 on 3-2006)

you guys are the best, by far. you should be first in the music category, but the pissmop hawaiians have to fix the vote... when will this world ever be right?
Submitted By: coolkid10234
(96,109 on 3-2006)

Punky! fuckin rocks. keep it up boys! Oh and Tony Hern does like women. xoxo Daisy.
Submitted By: daisy_flower
(95,994 on 3-2006)

Hey, this is Scott from voting for Punky! Fuck yeah! Feel it! Ugh, yeah!!
Submitted By: Scizowdelarocha
(95,289 on 3-2006)

so much better than what all those septics come up with.
Submitted By: henningwehn
(95,084 on 3-2006)

keep up the fantastic pooh that is punky radio, and laying down the tracks with your bastard monkey hands.
Submitted By: abe10467
(95,056 on 3-2006)

Thanks for the Izzatwat. Which one of you guys is Eddie Izzard? ~Preston Buttons
Submitted By: jfsbastn
(94,814 on 3-2006)

Punk Me!
You silly human bitches (or is that redundant for Tony?) rock my world. Mental-Escher
Submitted By: admin
(94,525 on 3-2006)

Breasticles - Lorie
Please give Lorie full credit for Breasticles. I am old and decrepid. She posted it in RBPC forums and I must have stored it in my dusty brain and forgot. Now I'll be Izzatwat again. So much for me being a genius!
Submitted By: aerowolf
(94,425 on 3-2006)

Number 3?
I just moved myself up to the number three Punky fan because I have socks in my shirt resembling breasticles. NEW word? Pauly, you rock, Tony, Mmmmmmmm!
Submitted By: aerowolf
(94,394 on 3-2006)

yum yum
better than a cow biscuit and snail trail sandwich. Pilch
Submitted By: petedean
(94,092 on 3-2006)

From Kinky Sex Radio
you rock!
Submitted By: kinky
(93,709 on 3-2006)

I just wanted to let you know that Ive been promoted. It is now: General Salamander. Thank you
Submitted By: nobodies37
(93,678 on 3-2006)

Simply the best!
there's other music podcast out there, but none better then PUNKY! pauly, you are a fucking master at what you do, you are a fucking jedi! keep pumpin the butch in the bum, and we'll keep twatsicles. ~PEZ,
Submitted By: PEZ
(93,628 on 3-2006)

Starting a riot! -Lynne
Submitted By: light
(93,522 on 3-2006)

Keep on Punkin on!
Why is the comment box so big if they cut off your comment????? You know what I think of yous.
Submitted By: alita_anime
(93,495 on 3-2006)

fuckin A
great fucking show, keep it up.
Submitted By: brian
(93,442 on 3-2006)

Fuckin Hilarious
This podcast is absolutely fucking hilarious. These two presenters are by far the funniest twats I have ever heard. It should be number 1 on the iTunes chart.
Submitted By: theo.gunn
(93,340 on 3-2006)

More Bleach Boys!
Submitted By: vunox-alien
(93,293 on 3-2006)

Mahalo Crotch Boy!
Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto Mata ahoo Hima de Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto. Gitchi Gitchi Ya Ya, Mocca chocolata Ya Ya. Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir? Voulez-vous coucher avec moi? Adios, ~Wonky~
Submitted By: i8play_doh
(93,242 on 3-2006)

Its Time For A New Top 10...
You, me and a pool of astroglide... time to mix it up!!! Ready to be on top (yes, im drunk again.... whatever). ~whore
Submitted By: shorts
(93,175 on 3-2006)

Fucking Rocks!
You guys fucking rock my socks every single week!! Its quite funny how my english vocabulary has changed! Assmuncher is one of my personal favs! Keep it up you Pissmobs! Little Miss XxX
Submitted By: sdeclippeleir
(93,012 on 3-2006)

Fuck yeah!
Submitted By: oakers
(92,900 on 3-2006)

Number 5 fan
Ive been working things out, and i reckon that I am the 5th biggest fan of punky, not that aerotosser, and if anyone disputes this then i say we arrange a WWF spandex style wrestling match to settle it once and for all!!!
Submitted By: cuntarseshitface
(92,892 on 3-2006)

Punky rules. Loving The New Town more!!!! Good work Pauly B. Sean x
Submitted By: sean
(92,891 on 3-2006)

right to fishtown
fuckin hell boys. another month.
Submitted By: eric
(92,828 on 3-2006)

Fucking awesome
You guys could fuck the shit outta anything out there. Keep up the good work ya debauched philanthropists.
Submitted By: marv
(92,790 on 3-2006)

Piss-dribbling lips shitiot quips all that knob licking gives me the shits!
Submitted By: g-rex
(92,667 on 2-2006)

Top show
Top show
Submitted By: m.stafford23
(92,638 on 2-2006)

Submitted By: lady_jain2000
(92,372 on 2-2006)

So good i masturbated over a butternut squash!!!
Submitted By: petedean
(91,824 on 2-2006)

Holy shit! February is almost over and I forgot to vote. That would have sent me straight to fish town. #2 in the music category. Not bad. How the fuck is getting 800+ votes. Bunch of stinking cheating piss mops. There can’t be 800 fans of Hawaiian music.
Submitted By: mierwald
(91,697 on 2-2006)

it can affect your mind
I had given up cussing many years ago, but since hearing this show (on a regular basis now.. (its quite addicting) I must say that they have even affected my once clean speech. It is now difficult not to cuss at the moment.. and I was once an ordained youth minister. as a closing thought, Pauly B. and Tony are a couple of piss-mops. In fact they are a couple of queefs. (queef = vaginal fart) yours, Jeff Uglyshoes
Submitted By: uglyshoes
(91,482 on 2-2006)

& I love being a pain in your ass ; ) Promise Ill learn to say wat properly... ~The Word Whore Air Out My Shorts
Submitted By: shorts
(91,384 on 2-2006)

batti boys
Butch Tony stop ringing me and begging for anal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you ferrit fiddling, elephant scrote licking, grasshopper ball scratching, maggies thatch wanking, international arse terrorist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah BTW great show!
Submitted By: punkpocko
(91,378 on 2-2006)

Cheers you pissmops
Looked for your website after listening to podcast, ended up at and bought pink hair dye. Someone had shat in my bosses dildo drawer and I got suspended from work. Fucking crazy. Im off to Brazil for 2 weeks.
Submitted By: chew
(91,358 on 2-2006)

Submitted By: robbinsben
(91,310 on 2-2006)

cunt fucks
Submitted By: rob
(90,929 on 2-2006)

New word for you boys
While walking through the zoo, Pauly spotted a bunch of Monkeys throwing poo at each other. While enjoying this wonderful past time, Tony walked up and said, "what a bunch of Shitiots!" Pauly looked at him and said, "you must have been talking to that bubbly puppy who keeps stalking us." "Not only that, he's our third favorite fan... well maybe fourth or fifth, but who's counting?" Enjoy and if the word has been brought up before, at least you had a nice time at the zoo together.
Submitted By: aerowolf
(90,879 on 2-2006)

good clean fun!
These are the kind of good, upstanding boys that podcast needs. -Jeff Uglyshoes
Submitted By: cemeterysurfers
(90,138 on 2-2006)

who shat in your dildo drawer?
how the fuck do you guys think of this shit?....fucking brilliant!
Submitted By: bl00dtearsofpain
(90,110 on 2-2006)

tit fuck cunt bollox
Submitted By: stanleyspider
(89,926 on 2-2006)

slut cunts
Submitted By: punkpocko
(89,784 on 2-2006)

Whats up nipple drips
I try not to get angry when I catch my girlfriend masturbating while looking at gay men magazines and listening to your podcast. I often wonder, if you are gay, who would be on top? Tony, I have deep respect for you, but then again I respect all people who overcome their obstacles (such as leaching from a talented Pope of Punk), persevere, and go on with their lives to do something great, powerful, and awe inspiring such as a half-gay podcast. Your closet is deep, dark, and filled with many skeletons, but it’s OK in this day and age to declare to the world what and who you really are. Elton John did it and look what it did for his career. It's not often that I find a good podcast to listen to while taking a shit. Now I think of you every time I wipe my ass. Alright guys, seriously, it’s good to discover that I’m not the only asshole and it’s OK because it’s all in good fun. I look forward to your podcasts, you fucking NIPPLE DRIPS (word of the week), because it reminds me of how much of a dick I am and drives me to produce my own podcast. Cheers, JVL@ UNSOUND By the way, Tony, thanks for the promo and for letting me play your band, ALCOHOL, on my podcast. Please vote for me on Podcast Alley, I voted for you, so if you don’t you’re a fucking twat, you baby baking, pillow fucking, chicken molesting, lamp shade wearing, wad fucking, too cheap to get a good haircut, non-tipping, illegitimate, cheap beer drinking, backseat driving, rubber sheet sleeping, ass smelling, thong wearing, man fucking, “Dick Cheney” wet dreaming tagalong, bar tab ditching, under 21 dating, gay porn watching, Tony Blair supporting, Teletubby obsessing, toilet tissue using, bathroom masturbator from hell.
Submitted By: jvl2x4
(89,775 on 2-2006)

Hi there guys! This is a biiig Hello from belgium! I know loads of english ppl but have never ever laughed so hard as i did with yours!! Keep it up... And Oooooeee no swearing in this comment LMAO you dont get that much eh! Cheers, Miss_Rockstar
Submitted By: sdeclippeleir
(89,632 on 2-2006)

Punky rules
Submitted By: mike
(89,620 on 2-2006)

Punky Radio
I haven got a clue what this is but the Punky radio show is sheer brilliance.......but what a pair of piss-mops! Dean
Submitted By: punk_riot77
(89,540 on 2-2006)

punky! ROCKS!!!
itll blow yer mind!!
Submitted By: frizzyart
(88,878 on 2-2006)

Have a Valentines Day vote, you wierdos Black Cat XX
Submitted By: superstunt2004
(88,804 on 2-2006)

Jason from Ventura, California. You guys ARE Smacktards! Fo shizzle my nizzle means "for sure my nigga" Word of the week? Felch. Tony would be familiar with this term. To felch someone is when you suck the cum out of some guys ass after you have buttfucked him. Tony B, keep it up. You ability at being a total prick far surpasses my wildest aspirations. Thanks for turning me on to AKC Total Talk Nonsense!
Submitted By: jason
(88,373 on 2-2006)

keep up the fucking work
great podcast, only one i find worth listening to. tony is a faggy cuntflogger and needs to be analy raped by a large african man to put him back in his fucking place, the shithead. i hope you explode, Doug
Submitted By: Doug99208
(86,951 on 2-2006)

Its Fahckin Punkay Rayydeow! Love and kisses fellas, from
Submitted By: Horsedrowningsradio
(86,931 on 2-2006)

i didnt let me finish my comment! how very dare you!?!
Submitted By: pink_converse_trainers
(86,779 on 2-2006)

Super super super
Submitted By: sebastian.hunt
(86,776 on 2-2006)

grim. like manchester arndale.
word of advice- dont meet up with people off the internet... especially if uve previously told them ure name, number and college. not that im speaking from experience (dum-de-dum) but iv "heard" theres a monobrowed loser out there wishing to give grand tours of his bedroom to young girls. (one more drink and there could have been a news story) ...but thats ok: swift kick + balls = crying man + me pleased.
Submitted By: pink_converse_trainers
(86,758 on 2-2006)

Fucking brilliant
Fucking great podcast you smacktards, got an idea for word of the week-wankmingerie or cuntfucking sperm shack or pissmop. Also Chris Berkin is a twat please if possible. Keep up the good work clam-jousting thundercunts.
Submitted By: cykolinks
(86,713 on 2-2006)

Another fine broadcast of punkiness. Go Butch!
Submitted By: carol.baker4
(86,283 on 2-2006)

Fuck Yeah for Punky!
Whats up Paul and Tony. You guys are fucking awesome. Heres a vote for you bastards. Love the show. Keep it up. Justin
Submitted By: bastardcast
(86,083 on 2-2006)

Thats more like it rude obnoxious pink and proper British swearing and bollocks! Keeping this relocated southern bastard sane in Minnesota. Trying to spread a little antiseptic around. By the by they have a snickers marathon energy bar here now! They e taking the fucking piss now. Piss off you jiz heads and make more podcasts Sam the crown and anchor
Submitted By: samvalsler
(85,842 on 2-2006)

you guys must know some of the CRASS personell. where are they now & whats going on with them. If I call you wankers cunts will that help in getting a response. Love the podcast. keep it going Sarasota, Florida, USA
Submitted By: letus71
(85,642 on 2-2006)

Hello, once again, my friends. Here is a sentence for you: I coloUred my garage red with tomatoes, indeed. oh and by the way i like british accents better than american accents...actually i generally like british people better than americans.....all americans(accept for me, of course) are faggot chips, yes faggot chips.grrr, you didn't play any songs by the casualties, so i have been in fishtown all week, smacktards.i have a question for tony: are you a child molester?you remind me of one, fellow.garage garage garage garage garage garage.tomato tomato tomato tomato tomato.colour colour colour colour colour colour colour. ~Linoleum Anarchist (yes, that is HER name)
Submitted By: punksnotdead1039
(84,730 on 2-2006)

Cherry headed what?
No filter on here Pauly, you snizzledick smacktard! Lovin the show. Kick your boss in the keester and get that live feed back on the air from Mansfield. Maybe give him an Aero bar. I think that will do it. Tony, can wait for the new CD release. Great job.
Submitted By: aerowolf
(84,601 on 2-2006)

fo shizzle
yo fo shizzle my nizzle, whats crack-a-lackin?
Submitted By: pma7779
(83,870 on 2-2006)

Here your vote...
Take care and have fun!!! Erica, TTN (Chicago, IL)
Submitted By: rica7271
(83,822 on 2-2006)

Pauly and Tony are two Wonky guys! We love ya! the Nobodies
Submitted By: fntmstranger
(83,720 on 2-2006)

The Bell End
Pauly B & Tony ~ You two ARE the Bell End. This show should be listed under educational, I have learned so much since Ive started listening. The midwest better watch out Ive been punkyitized. Fuck You -You Fucking AssNugs! I say that with the utmost respect. :o) Peace Out ~Kelli~
Submitted By: nobodies37
(83,518 on 2-2006)

Tony can defend him self but I just wanted to say that Frankie is a shit bag, dick sucking toe jam eating ass-hole raping, cunt cheesy, slimy, burrito fucking, worm eating, wanking, cum sucking, 2 dollar whore who cant get laid. When He was born the doctor and the nurse committed suicide because he was so ugly! You are a hick and slimy bastard who fuck’s little children like jack-O-wacko. Frankie is a gonorrhea loving, baby-fucking, shit sucking, mother fucking, smacktard who sends EVERY ONE to fish town. Infact when he walks down the street people scream and stab their eyes out with dull knives because he is sooooo fucking UGLY and STUPID! Frankie is below the ground and dirt. He loves eating worms too. Frankie is a lumbricoied! His favorite food is boiled testes. And Frankie, cant you come up with your own insults? I mean getting insults from a Monty python movie! You cunt. Well that’s all. I ve got to get back to having a life which FRANKIE does not have. Love, Daisy
Submitted By: daisy_flower
(83,478 on 2-2006)

Smoochie boochies, boyz! Lorie
Submitted By: alita_anime
(83,059 on 2-2006)

holy shit
fishtown sure has caught on. that makes me proud.
Submitted By: eric
(83,052 on 2-2006)

So much better
So much better than what those septics come up with.
Submitted By: henningwehn
(82,929 on 2-2006)

hey great cast, i am an adult but my head is a really childish, so Ill send my body to Paul and my head to Tony in a zip lock bag for fresh corpsey goodness. keep up the shit and all things punky, i must get back to my fatherly duties in the back garden shed and finish my monsters ha ha ha. p.s. tony looks like a desended of ronald mcdonald with that red hair and if he were theyd probably lock him in the cupboard, thats why he looks so miserable.
Submitted By: abe10467
(82,914 on 2-2006)

Love the Punkypodcast
Pauly B at his best again..... You gotta love that crazy punk-poet. Peace
Submitted By: sean
(82,911 on 2-2006)

Punky! Great stuff your doing for the alternative music crowd! -Lynne
Submitted By: light
(82,902 on 2-2006)

great show
Submitted By: joss
(82,894 on 2-2006)

A vote for Punky is a vote for M&Ms!
hey Punkster! heres a vote for you....take it easy, my pod brother!
Submitted By: PEZ
(82,777 on 2-2006)

Submitted By: ml_richards_az
(82,258 on 1-2006)

u guys
u guys r fuckin hilarious, i jus lisened 2 ur show 4 the 1st time n i love that shit, its reely fucking awesome,
Submitted By: nyckid583
(82,226 on 1-2006)

pozdravlenia za tova koeto varshite bratleta
Submitted By: me_eto
(82,156 on 1-2006)

ey up, look wot the cat dragged in!
keep 4gettin to add a comment! wots wrong with me? anywho u guys rock (even u pauly- u kno ure my fave reely) peace out : ) xx
Submitted By: pink_converse_trainers
(82,113 on 1-2006)

gsoft Tony (hes a hard man)
Submitted By: crustofcrust
(82,042 on 1-2006)

The F*cking best
Nothing like this on normal radio. Tip Top Pip Pip
Submitted By: slapper
(81,953 on 1-2006)

You need to say the word 'indeed' more, cuz its a fucking awesome word, Oi!yeah, you should also play some songs by the casualties , cuz they are the best band ever, fellows. If you dont i will be sent straight to fishtown.annnd can you put george w. bush for the 'is a twat' thing? I'm going to pop your heads off, don't won't hurt at all.british people say 'garage' funny. you should definately read this wonderful tortoise crumpetful and clownheaded comment. if you dont i'll decapitate your'll be sorrrrrry..Oi! ~Linoleum Anarchist, and yes that is my name.
Submitted By: punksnotdead1039
(81,875 on 1-2006)

Fuck, Cunt, Wank, Slags, been away for a while and you boys are still (wankers!) rocking! Now Ive got a full hour of this fucking disgrace of a radio show to fucking listen to, not sure my fucking headphones are gonna stand up to the torrent of verbal insanity thats gonna be unleashed through them! What the fuck has butch(?!) Tony had stuck up him to give him that face on your web poll pictures???!! And Paul you look like your so fucking depessed, is it coz your hands have been glued to your head and you aint been able to tug one off for ages??! Anyway lads, keep up the good work ya bunch of cunts!! Laters Paulthepunk (aka Paul Hebditch, Suffolk, Uk)
Submitted By: paulthepunk
(81,811 on 1-2006)

Go on Tony, give him a good kicking! Black Cat xx
Submitted By: superstunt2004
(81,734 on 1-2006)

Fucking Love it, keep it up you cunts!
Submitted By: joshtylee
(81,583 on 1-2006)

U got my vote u smacktards!!!!!!!!
Submitted By: skunkedradio
(81,560 on 1-2006)

U Fuckers get my VoTE!
whiskey dick darryls.... on my space! You will like these guys. Right up your alley as they say! Not like that Tony. You want podSafe perimission you pussies? Well, write em. Or let me know, I can get it for you. Drop me an email if your interested. BlindDog. ROOOtS and Fuck oFF!
Submitted By: dberutich
(81,331 on 1-2006)

punky rAdiO Is THe oNLy sTAtioN i CaN LiStEN To WiThOuT FaLLiNg aSLeeP U LittLE TWiTTs aRe sTuPiD pISS mY PaNtS fUNNy
Submitted By: CARISSACN
(80,989 on 1-2006)

Shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cock-sucker, Mother-fucker, tits, fart, turd, and twat. Shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cock-sucker, Mother-fucker, tits, fart, turd, and twat. Shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cock-sucker, Mother-fucker, tits, fart, turd, and twat. Shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cock-sucker, Mother-fucker, tits, fart, turd, and twat. I fucked your mom. I wunna suck my dad, and my mommy too. The hottest songs from Blink-182
Submitted By: spoonakarob
(80,977 on 1-2006)

my mohawk dried crooked
You fucking carpet muchers make my day, everyday. I whore out your show to anybody i see with an ipod. should beTwat of the week: Beth Patton Of Rochester, New York, The tubby bitch has the balls to cancel mutiple Senoir events, outlawed every senoir tradition and even reports students to the cops for "verbal abuse" Kiss my fucking ass you dead dog raping maggot sucking fuck. Love you guys ~nyed
Submitted By: lalalanddancer
(80,264 on 1-2006)

you fuckers need to expand the show even if you are bored at the end you two Kill!!...... Milkbone..... From Mansfields Sister City ( No We Are Not Gay!)....... Manfield Ohio USA
Submitted By: clow
(80,206 on 1-2006)

Punky is the best!
Pauly B. and Butch Tony! You guys are the best damn music podcast out there. I love the tunes and you guys are funny as hell. (Hell is funny, isn't it?) Anyway, You are ALWAYS in my list, even if I forget to post it in other forums. Forgive me Tony and grant me my email wish. I deserve it! Have a great one from your third or fourth favorite septic.
Submitted By: aerowolf
(79,840 on 1-2006)

Auzzie Song
Paulyb where can i get that auzzie song? i need to have that song somehow someway! and i'm from canada so how could i get a hold of this? thanks you guy are fucking amazing keep treating eachother like shit! trent (Canada)
Submitted By: tmf_19
(79,839 on 1-2006)

still my favourite
still my favourite podcast in 2006 Not that its very long into the new year...
Submitted By: dreadpirateolson
(79,788 on 1-2006)

Archbishop Desmond Tutu
the sight of tony with that hair/period-juice-on-his-head offends my eyes. paul, you have my deepest sympathies, and can i advise showing butch antonia a mirror?
Submitted By: pop_rocks_and_coke
(79,642 on 1-2006)

hey, im from ft. wayne, Lorie, my boss, forced me to write this comment to you, and forces me to listen to your show which is the shizznit meaning its the shit, its an excellent show , and its your fault she keeps calling me smacktard, arrgh!
Submitted By: nickystyxx
(79,448 on 1-2006)

iPod you - part 2
I think we got to vote. I don know if it registered. Im adding you to my pod because Ive had so many recommendations. Plus your hair kicks ass! Peace Out ~Kelli~
Submitted By: i8play_doh
(79,297 on 1-2006)

iPod you
Submitted By: nobodies37
(79,295 on 1-2006)

do you guys just say whatever shizzles in your head? yeha, you heard me SHIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZLE!!!
Submitted By: punksnotdead1039
(79,200 on 1-2006)

Me being last weeks partial twat...
This is made me and pat from ann arbor the twats last week....fucking wankers...but you guys have the most kick ass show in all the fucking world...and yes it did give me and pat pride to have are names read aloud last punky punky...FUCK YEAH steven
Submitted By: hockeyfreak119
(78,848 on 1-2006)

Hey guys! Keep the mayhem up and even though i like paul b better than toni SMACK THE OVERCONFIDENT BUGGER!!!! STAND UP $ URSELF!!!! joe, englan,chesham
Submitted By: joe_is_high
(78,494 on 1-2006)

Punks playing punk rock
Superb prunk rock music with U.K charm. Hands downs the best podcast around!
Submitted By: jvl2x4
(78,270 on 1-2006)

fuckin Brilliant, keep it up
Submitted By: samcreenaune
(78,231 on 1-2006)

Great show as always you smacktards, Im forever indebted to you guys for spreading my word across the world. Its like a smacktard empire - lets just hope that no septics get above their station and try to declare independance! Kaje
Submitted By: karl.j.collier
(77,863 on 1-2006)

this show is the funking shiznitz youd have to be a smacktard not to listen to this!!1
Submitted By: gilead12
(77,522 on 1-2006)

Yep, these guys are fuckin awesome, just picked up this podcast today, and listened to every episode, i especially like the shit you guys put on the seppos, fuckin wankers, ne way fellas keep up the good work, ur fan in Australia Jordo
Submitted By: jkc_nofx
(77,430 on 1-2006)

I love punky radio. Eric B is a filthy twat.
Submitted By: cheapboatads
(77,258 on 1-2006)

punky fucking rules
By far and away greatest podcast done by a bunch of smacktards.
Submitted By: djpbe
(76,864 on 1-2006)

ok me and my buddy steven hate our math teacher so we would like to nominate Mrs. Sherman form Ann Arbor, Michigan , USA for izzatwat we would like Butch tony to say it because hes a fuking wanker. Keep it up, Pat and Steven from Ann Aorbor, Michigan
Submitted By: AndPatToo
(76,682 on 1-2006)

Nice one guys, great show! But you fucked up the link on It's 2006 not 2005 you smacktards! And why are you scratching your head, got nits? Andy from Manichae.
Submitted By: black_angel
(76,671 on 1-2006)

Fucking great ! cock smacks,kisses from Belgium ( and "YES!" Belgium IS a country AND is in Europe)
Submitted By: sebastianmcm
(76,527 on 1-2006)

Fucking brilliant, I couldn think of a better way to spend my days than listening to punky and spewing shit out my anus...with love, jon
Submitted By: mmmpeaches4you
(76,301 on 1-2006)

Oy, slags!
What a horrid bunch of cunts you are. But still my favorite lime-sucking twats on the internets. love, taylor ramfucker.
Submitted By: taylor
(76,190 on 1-2006)

purile, immature, excellent!
Submitted By: paul
(76,162 on 1-2006)

More fun than wiping your cock on your mother in laws curtains then dressing in a giant pigeon outfit and shitting on her car!......and Tony is a red haired raving pervosexual!
Submitted By: paulatkins82
(76,146 on 1-2006)

PUNKY! Rocks
I have been listening to PUNKY! for awhile now at work (a law firm) and I would go as far as saying that it gets me through my day. If I didn get my vulgar prophanity fix I think I would snap and do something unspeakable. Listen to PUNKY!
Submitted By: jaguwar
(76,136 on 1-2006)

still fuckin brilliant
Submitted By: plbata
(76,077 on 1-2006)

%$^&in great!
Im doing my part to spread the Punky! love. I got my friends saying Smacktard and Gummy Twat. Keep it up! Lorie from Fort Wayne, IN
Submitted By: alita_anime
(76,076 on 1-2006)

Rock On
This Show Rox. Keep up the good work. Wish the shows where longer. but I think the 15-20 shows keeps you coming back for more. Im just Fin, Nutty about it all.
Submitted By: 8vmonster
(75,952 on 1-2006)

you guys are awesome, theres nothing funnier than british people. tony is such a tool. keep up the good work
Submitted By: nick.graziano
(75,867 on 1-2006)

Punky is a sex machine.
Submitted By: chiliboxers01
(75,378 on 1-2006)

Submitted By: kinky
(75,277 on 1-2006)

Sehr gut
Great as always. So much better than all the others.
Submitted By: henningwehn
(75,251 on 1-2006)

Hey there....
To the best podcast in the music rock! Hope all is well as always. Erica (TTN)
Submitted By: rica7271
(74,683 on 1-2006)

I love these guys!
Submitted By: perttypixxy
(74,305 on 1-2006)

Bloody Great!
Submitted By: Vunox-alien
(74,094 on 1-2006)

Bone Idle the lot of ya..
The next show will be available on the 10th January!! No NO No!!.. You Bone Idle Gits.. Get off ya booties and lets hear some more punky. NOW!!! I just can't cope anymore... I'm going in sain.AAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Help Me, I'm sinking into the mists of an unpunky world of work and no play.
Submitted By: maria2xuk
(73,893 on 1-2006)

Oh my giddy aunt
My right elbow has just fallen off.
Submitted By: mathew.jones
(73,813 on 1-2006)

pauly is king!
yo pauly, heres a sweet ass vote for you!
Submitted By: PEZ
(73,733 on 1-2006)

Great Show. I had to catch up a little but but this is definately my favorite podcast/radio show/ entetainment of all time!!!
Submitted By: ichigo12_bleach
(73,613 on 1-2006)

England..... Where even a downs syndrome Australian, and a monkey in a gimp suit, can have a podcast YAY PUNKY!
Submitted By: lordSnuffykins
(73,558 on 1-2006)

Happy new fucking year!
Submitted By: oakers
(73,204 on 1-2006)

Pauly B and his bitch Rock!
Submitted By: admin
(73,190 on 1-2006)

Gday Punky! Hope you had a bloody good new years! Cheers -Lynne
Submitted By: light
(73,091 on 1-2006)

Submitted By: 4sum
(73,039 on 1-2006)

hope you guys had a great new year
can wait for the new episode.
Submitted By: eric
(73,005 on 1-2006)

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!
Wishing you all the very best for the new year.. Any new years resolutions?... Mines stopping smoking and listning to punky... Shit hot stuff, keep up the fight for live mad music Maria
Submitted By: maria2xuk
(72,841 on 1-2006)

Almost as good as Tiki Bar TV! - Just with Butch Tony instead of Lara!
Submitted By: r_c_holloway
(72,741 on 1-2006)

Pauly B and Butch Tony! Happy New Year Chaps! Love your show and hope you have the best of luck in 2006. This is one quality show and I love to listen all the time. Keep up the good work.
Submitted By: aerowolf
(72,638 on 1-2006)

First vote of the new year for my favorite smacktards
Submitted By: scott
(72,491 on 1-2006)

u guys r the best of the best!!! stay awsome yah lotz~KrISSer
Submitted By: rockin_gbands
(72,321 on 12-2005)

You guys rock! happy christmas and all that...
Submitted By: axman1971
(72,063 on 12-2005)

in the words of gg allin "theres nothing like a girl sitting on your nose" thats how fucking awsome your podcast is.
Submitted By: comeoutswnging07
(71,934 on 12-2005)

Punky just Rules
Fucking too right boy-o.
Submitted By: mike
(71,889 on 12-2005)

Dear Ass-Pirates, I do suspect Paul is the chocolate-tie master, and Tony is his practicing pad. In fact, Tony, I think you are Pauls pincushion for dicks. You damn Brits are so fucking funny, keep it up. -Eric B
Submitted By: chiliboxers01
(71,796 on 12-2005)

This is the shit
Submitted By: keithalso
(71,778 on 12-2005)

Submitted By: mrfranko98
(71,698 on 12-2005)

for punky
Submitted By: chumps
(71,696 on 12-2005)

Submitted By: GelJims
(71,694 on 12-2005)

Damn! Im the 3rd!
Submitted By: opiekmk
(71,587 on 12-2005)

from the RBPC
Submitted By: blastthis
(71,584 on 12-2005)

Submitted By: xtreamteam
(71,582 on 12-2005)

Get in!
Submitted By: tylers_stuff
(70,860 on 12-2005)

butch tony.... you fucking smack tard. Pauly you are fucking boss. Put Butch in his place....that fucking cunt cheers!, Thom
Submitted By: thomascf
(70,505 on 12-2005)

Fer fuck sake! Finally some fuckin real punk jams, not that rock-crap posing as punk. You guys kick ass! Thank God!
Submitted By: nicolerhoads2002
(70,477 on 12-2005)

Top stuff
Submitted By: tom.pegg
(70,440 on 12-2005)

La hossstia!! Cojonudo, divertidisimo!!!
Submitted By: italmarza
(70,432 on 12-2005)

Rather nice
Dear Jane and Susan, Thank you for the handy hints, my geranium has never looked so healthy since I followed the advice on your podcast show and moved it into the kitchen where there is more constant warmth. I must also agree with you most heartily that James Blunt is a complete jizzrag, a twunt of the highest order whose presence on the earth makes me want to string out my intestines and replace them with white-hot dairylea. Keep up the swearing, ya munty-gibbons. Love Kim of Midnight Sex Talk.
Submitted By: midnightsextalk
(70,302 on 12-2005)

Two little Boys had Two little Toys, mmmmmm.. La la la la la, mmmm, lalalalalalarrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrr!
Fantastic podcast this week... As I said to Tony last week... WE WANT MORE!! WE WANT MORE!!! 34 minutes of of f*ck C*nts n B*llocks is not nearly enough.... Plus Tony stop being a girl and sort Rolf out.. Maria
Submitted By: maria2xuk
(70,111 on 12-2005)

Captains log
i find the best way to enjoy Punky is whilst squeezing a big fat captain's log of a shit out on the lav. and now its been pointed out Pauly B does look like a gay Rolf Harris
Submitted By: punkpocko
(69,762 on 12-2005)

Langley massive volume 2
We ain in fuckin America or London were from Norfolk and we haven’t got webbed feet. we heard are call out and were fuckin lovin it! we are:: Kyran the midget, Joe the lanky fuck, Del the sheepshagger, Jack the jew, Mario the nazi (Hitler) and Kislo (Kirill) the communist (vodka). We would like to nominate Elliot J. for is a twat because he never showers and he is a smelly fuck (greasy fuck biscuit) love from langley massive!! (Langley is a boarding school)
Submitted By: 28021990kirill
(69,725 on 12-2005)

Skull fuck your moma!
Finaly a show that not only goes from arse to twatburger, but tells you how to use em to!
Submitted By: Exarzun
(69,613 on 12-2005)

wooooo go PUNKY!podcast
Submitted By: bu_bu_kittie_fuk
(68,877 on 12-2005)

Righto! This is BALLZ!
Love the show. Fun and lots of great music. Oh, and I love the fuc*ing language.
Submitted By: kinky
(68,566 on 12-2005)

the show the world has been waiting for
Submitted By: phil
(68,471 on 12-2005)

butch tony is a shit stabber
should use the following as phrase of week - Ferrit fiddling, baboon ball sniffing cunt bag!!!!!!!!!! great show BTW, two camp guys on radio, who would of thought it would be so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P
Submitted By: punkpocko
(68,141 on 12-2005)

I have a banana
it is soft and squidgy
Submitted By: danwillis
(67,916 on 12-2005)

Oi oi bitches. Nice show...all the way down from Johannesburg, South AFrica. You should play some Fuzigish on your show. The song Agatha Buttworthy is about Bi-Sexual girls. I think it would fit in- you SMACKTARTS, though it doesnt have any swearing...sorry about that. Hugs, kisses and cock smacks - Jay Bones xxx CHeck out the website -
Submitted By: jeanpierred
(67,818 on 12-2005)

Heres your vote
Sorry Pauly, I didn know I could vote for 2 shows. Now can my sister be a twat? :)
Submitted By: pnut
(67,675 on 12-2005)

Totally amazing podcast (as always) and my word made it on air!! SMACKTARD!! Two mentions in as many podcasts, I can stop grinning! Keep up the good work smacktards, and Butch Tony - you still owe me Alcohol!!!! :D Kaje
Submitted By: karl.j.collier
(67,624 on 12-2005)

Submitted By: heikki.savolainen
(67,558 on 12-2005)

The beechwood green residents assoc would like to nominate PaulYb to be stuck at the top of the village christmas tree for a couple of weeks with somthing prickly stuck up his arse !.
Submitted By: phil.northam
(67,471 on 12-2005)

Punky Radio !! Is the Hamster knackers !! Keep up the Goodwork Lads, The banter is Quality, Keep playing the Heat aswell, Rock On,
Submitted By: THEHEAT2020
(67,437 on 12-2005)

This show is freaking faaantastic! Yay! Go Punky!
Submitted By: chelsomatic
(67,337 on 12-2005)

frickin hilarious!
Submitted By: alita_anime
(67,231 on 12-2005)

Sorry about that. I am, quite clearly, a twat!
Submitted By: superstunt2004
(66,957 on 12-2005)

Submitted By: superstunt2004
(66,956 on 12-2005)

who are the langley massive?
send me an email - - nominate a twat as well!
Submitted By: lastminutecomedy
(66,852 on 12-2005)

langley massive
we are sitting in are room listening to this shit hot podcast and we are spreading the word of you fuckers and all of langley year fucking love you two (mostly paul) your just fucking hilarious and are favorite comment so far is fuck a duck and greacy fuck biscuit!!!!
Submitted By: kislo1
(66,691 on 12-2005)

Butch you sexy sexy beast. Tell that assmong Tony to shut up or Ill pee in his butt. hell be like "ow daddy pull it out It feels like I gotta poop." To which Id respond "Shut up, and shit around it!"
Submitted By: LordSnuffykins
(66,235 on 12-2005)

Love it guys, keep it up!! Mark T Chicago USA
Submitted By: mtoma
(65,816 on 12-2005)

serios f twats!
do more shows!!! good job guys
Submitted By: brian
(65,618 on 12-2005)

You both are great and down right hilarious. Take care...Erica (TTN)
Submitted By: rica7271
(65,610 on 12-2005)

I am not a twat!
Submitted By: paulatkins82
(65,340 on 12-2005)

Shit hot to listen to, whilst at work.. Keeps me insain and ready for the weekend...
Submitted By: maria2xuk
(65,104 on 12-2005)

Top show
Submitted By: james.richardson
(65,097 on 12-2005)

A vote for you, from the cardies!
Submitted By: contact
(65,095 on 12-2005)

Awesome show
Pauly B and Tony Hearn rule!
Submitted By: aerowolf
(64,760 on 12-2005)

Great show, but be nice to Butch Tony!!
Submitted By: carol.baker4
(64,526 on 12-2005)

Vote Punky
Top show
Submitted By: mark
(64,426 on 12-2005)

i wish i knew
it must be our charm. wait, no, i seriously doubt that. it can be taylors scarf either. so really i have no fuckin clue. great work on the show, keep the laughs coming. eric tomorrow
Submitted By: eric
(64,416 on 12-2005)

Thank god for punky!!!
Submitted By: vunox-alien
(64,368 on 12-2005)

Every time seems to get better and better, as well as more risque. ;-)
Submitted By: marv
(64,163 on 12-2005)

Who else.
Who else is as good as these guys? come on. lets see some more votes here. Paul & Butch are working really hard on this one plus the fact that their supporting local bands! Top Guys! Craig Hurst
Submitted By: thetherst
(64,070 on 12-2005)

Utterley the ut butter burst of podcasts, there is no equal to the quality of music, mayhem and 1 big gay bear taking the un-holey piss out of another big gay bear. keep spanking that podcast monkey fellas...!!!
Submitted By: cyber_devil6662003
(64,042 on 12-2005)

Jawohl Herr Paul, das ist sehr gut. Du Schwein!
Submitted By: henningwehn
(63,981 on 12-2005)

Almost as Good as the The TRConnection ToddCast
This show rocks! If they only played Todd Rundgren - the dirty twat munchers.
Submitted By: scott
(63,979 on 12-2005)

Super Smashing Great
Just when you think it can get any better they play a punk song about Bullseye. Butch Tony is a Pervo-sexual
Submitted By: petedean
(63,963 on 12-2005)

Gday punky weird as toast signing in ;)- I think our next episode will stir ya paul ;)-
Submitted By: light
(63,902 on 12-2005)

F*cking Awesome!
If you don download this podcast, you e a smacked-up goat-shagger with a tiny penis (or giant labia depending on your sex). Its bloody awesome - not only is it the most entertaining podcast around, its quite possibly the funniest and most original unscripted broadcast of anything, anywhere. Kaje
Submitted By: karl.j.collier
(63,493 on 11-2005)

Fucking brilliant
Just amazing, i wan more.
Submitted By: Jakaikkebov
(63,385 on 11-2005)

Fuck Me This Is Good Shit!!
Loved this podcast, good to here some real UK punks for once! Keep talking the bolocks boys!!!!! From Paul Hebditch in Suffolk (before you Septics ask, yes thats jolly old England!!!)
Submitted By: paulhebditch
(62,783 on 11-2005)

This podcast is so funny!!!! I learned about it from a friend, and Tony is NOT GAY!!!
Submitted By: gnomesgalore
(62,681 on 11-2005)

this is the best fucking podcast on the internet plus they play fucking rocking music
Submitted By: chi_chi_00
(62,606 on 11-2005)

clam jouster
so this happened to be the first podcast i ever downloaded and the best by the way! ok then
Submitted By: ninjaspit
(62,442 on 11-2005)

Paul B Pod Cast
Fantastic, I can listen to all of the madness, whilst sat at work Fantastic Stuff
Submitted By: maria2xuk
(62,403 on 11-2005)

Paul B Pod Ccast
Fantastic, I can listen to all of the madness, whilst sat at work Fantastic Stuff My PB....
Submitted By: maria2xuk
(62,402 on 11-2005)

vote punky!!
Submitted By: metallichristof
(62,374 on 11-2005)

Phrase for next week - "Turd Burglar". In honor of Tony's recent hooker experience
Submitted By: superstunt2004
(62,135 on 11-2005)

cunting brilliant.
Submitted By: nobby
(61,792 on 11-2005)

christ, hav u heard total-talk-nonsenses imitation of u guys? its fucking DIRE! since when hav u been australian???
Submitted By: pink_converse_trainers
(61,546 on 11-2005)

Chicken Fried Radio?
Dude! What the hell are you talking about? I have to agree with Clambake, what the eff!?! I listened to their show and I gotta tell ya, I would rather pluck hairs out of me arse then listen to that shit again! Damn you! Your show rocks by the way! Thanks TTN!
Submitted By: dickfitz
(61,388 on 11-2005)

Tony is having sex with a hooker in Prague at the weekend, Im tellin ya, her name is Vera and she takes it brown.. like tony, a HP lover. ;-)
Submitted By: rob
(61,155 on 11-2005)

Great podcast, but Chicken Fried Radio? What the eff are you smokin? That show blows. Credibility: The quality of being credible; credibleness; the credibility of witnesses. Do not eff with your credibility or all you will have at the end of the day is Butch Tony.
Submitted By: clambake
(61,105 on 11-2005)

i love youre podcast. im glad TTN mentioned youre podcast. keep up the kick ass podcasts!
Submitted By: zac
(60,984 on 11-2005)

the kulest podcast eva!
Submitted By: CrimsonBlade5
(60,920 on 11-2005)

Losing It
but in an interesting way... I wonder if PB & BT will have found it before the next one.
Submitted By: the.glyph
(60,872 on 11-2005)

brilliant show
Submitted By: horea.musca
(60,429 on 11-2005)

At last
A "comedy" podcast thats naturally funny - not some forced pretencious shit
Submitted By: nigel
(60,343 on 11-2005)

Get on my land you frisky little bastard
Submitted By: bentlaugh
(59,877 on 11-2005)

why don you guys do more then one show a week !?$#%#
Submitted By: fbenson
(59,759 on 11-2005)

Makes me wanna speedball
Great to hear loud and rude punk- twat burger baby! Fucking stellar.
Submitted By: defwheezer
(59,612 on 11-2005)

I love this podcast almost as much as I love its presenter........................Tony
Submitted By: superstunt2004
(58,773 on 11-2005)

Bunch of Cants
Submitted By: grantlw
(58,497 on 11-2005)

great show
just found it, got myself caught up during work today. great show - eric tomorrow
Submitted By: eric
(58,455 on 11-2005)

Awsome p-cast
Submitted By: rsnider4
(58,285 on 11-2005)

Turned On
Jon and Scott turned me on to Punky! Where is your next show?
Submitted By: jzhumbert
(57,871 on 11-2005)

Bloody gr8 Mate
Gr8 Show ,will tell all me mates ,keep it up.
Submitted By: lyndylew
(57,394 on 11-2005)

You Guys are Dirty!!!
Where do you find your songs? Have you ever heard of the Meatmen. Scott from TTN told me about that Band - They have great songs like "Tooling for Anus" and "Dumping Ground". You probably already covered these tunes, but just in case.
Submitted By: ssmuk1
(56,763 on 11-2005)

Submitted By: cogs
(56,698 on 11-2005)

New to your Podcast
Just downloaded the last episode from the recomendation of Jon & Scott from TTN. Keep up the great work!! Mark T Chicago
Submitted By: mtoma
(56,534 on 11-2005)

Like what i hear
I like what i hear, funny as hell. Plus, gotta love the music. Also, a shout out to TTN. John and Scott mentioned you guys. If it wasn for them, i would have never known. Keep up the good work fellas!
Submitted By: mdktau187
(56,431 on 11-2005)

You dirty fooking PUNKY ringhole ranging FUDGE packing poopshoot raiding and licking scum minging GAY lord shifty fookwit cunt arse clamjousting spangle mag reading bastards...
Submitted By: rob.nicholls
(56,292 on 11-2005)

TTN - the best thing to come out of the UK since the Beatles - who ra
Submitted By: tna
(56,264 on 11-2005)

F#@king Brilliant
we are fanatics - ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa - ttn
Submitted By: weezey
(56,263 on 11-2005)

Submitted By: tkrhodes
(56,261 on 11-2005)

Fuckin Brilliant
Submitted By: plbata
(56,255 on 11-2005)

I love this show
Submitted By: joss
(56,195 on 11-2005)

The Best!
All right the bestistest then?
Submitted By: info
(56,163 on 11-2005)

i haven heard some of thos songs since i was a tadpole. you are terrific
Submitted By: mazpica
(56,027 on 11-2005)

Submitted By: theman12
(55,736 on 11-2005)

baby, eff off
i you do not want to eff me, well then baby, eff off. f%^$ing brilliant - ttn
Submitted By: scanner12
(55,727 on 11-2005)

keeping it real...
...real punky that is. paul b and fp tony are what podcasting is all about (ttn).
Submitted By: cleaver
(55,703 on 11-2005)

Butch Tony
Is Butch Tony really a hissy-pisser?
Submitted By: garyfrombehind
(55,701 on 11-2005)

new fan
i can dig it - ttn
Submitted By: otool
(55,699 on 11-2005)

effing brilliant
Submitted By: flemlivet
(55,681 on 11-2005)

Always love this so much. My vote as always to Punky!
Submitted By: marv
(55,522 on 11-2005)

Totally awesome show...
Heard about yer alls show from TTN. PUNKY! Totally rocks....
Submitted By: ttnnumberonefan
(55,375 on 11-2005)

punk rock and hairspray rule±
Submitted By: othat_girl
(55,011 on 11-2005)

Hoorah for the screaming willies!
Submitted By: carol.baker4
(54,987 on 11-2005)

easily the best podcast available anywhere, including Cumbria, but possibly not Haslebrook
Submitted By: danwillis
(54,953 on 11-2005)

Well done
I don know a great deal but I can imagine anyone producing a better podcast. Very good indeed.
Submitted By: henningwehn
(54,875 on 11-2005)

Your podcast rocks...
Heard about your show from Total Talk Nonsense and love it! Keep it up!
Submitted By: rica7271
(54,717 on 11-2005)

The must download podcast of all-time
Submitted By: ttn
(54,670 on 11-2005)

Butch Tony is foxy
.................and he gives me bum tingles.
Submitted By: mathew.jones
(54,611 on 11-2005)

Put Punky! on a pedestal
Very funny. Well worth a listen....
Submitted By: sderfel
(54,603 on 11-2005)

PaulyB has knockers
...and by that I mean detractors, of course...
Submitted By: sebastian.hunt
(54,592 on 11-2005)

Submitted By: ben
(54,588 on 11-2005)

Boo yeah
I like beer. i am not a tit
Submitted By: a_driff
(54,585 on 11-2005)

Submitted By: petedean
(54,528 on 11-2005)

Bizarre and Brilliant
Frequently NWS (not work safe) this show is a rare treat. After a diet of piped music and cab radio chat shows this provides a truely origional alternative. The hosts are clearly having a great time and their enjoyment is infectious.
Submitted By: the.glyph
(54,391 on 10-2005)

Podcasts very good, some weeks better than others, but definately worth a download as more of than not they are wellf (well funny)
Submitted By: chickaboo2001
(54,323 on 10-2005)

This guy is the bomb, let him be jesus!
This guy is the bomb, let him be jesus!
Submitted By: thetherst
(53,614 on 10-2005)

F I L T H ! ! !
This podcrap is absolutely appalling... what I mean by appalling is the clear use of professional equipment, good timing, comical genius and wit, rocking intros & tunes and the continual abuse of life, the mainstream and fatbouy Moyles... and all this is by PaulB. Tony adds his own comical surprise by making the occasional squeak, normally involving an expletive... often a sign of something being shoved up a tight ringhole too often! Ranging, Ranging, Ranging... Ring-HOLE RAaaanger!
Submitted By: rob
(53,525 on 10-2005)

funny hosts, good punk
A bit of filth (not in a bad way either) mixed with some good punk music.
Submitted By: colindoug
(53,519 on 10-2005)

best podast (and comment) ever
i not only voted, but i have left the most eloquent comment in the history of podcastalley: in a world of new age pussified ubersexuals, you two dudes are men among boys....with a hint of giddyness i cannot quite put my finger in. this is THE alternative must-listen-to podcast of all-time. paulb and the fudge pirate tony are the premier voices of podcasting and as entertaining as pullin your pud
Submitted By: ttn
(53,488 on 10-2005)

very funny not enough fish references
Submitted By: petedean
(53,362 on 10-2005)

I am not a twat!!!
Submitted By: writetohugh
(53,354 on 10-2005)

Punky is great...
What a hilarious show, I listen every week!
Submitted By: mwells
(53,346 on 10-2005)

Absolute load of cod-shiite.. superb. loving it, more bitching and squeaky rubber noises please.
Submitted By: robsta_1
(53,345 on 10-2005)

Hugh is a twat!
Hugh is a twat!
Submitted By: nuno321
(53,297 on 10-2005)

Absolutely disgusting...
... and bloody excellent. Top quality boll**ks and phrases of the week to amaze (and gross out) your family and friends. Sting turning into Sweary Mary in the middle of a Police song was particularly memorable.
Submitted By: parttimesock
(52,897 on 10-2005)

Beechwood Green
I have a Bofors 40mm anti aircrasft gun under the bed that I must get rid, do you think the residents assoc might be interested?.
Submitted By: p.northam
(52,891 on 10-2005)

Submitted By: happy.harryh
(52,459 on 10-2005)

Music is excellent Paulyb is hilarious Tony is a fudge pirate
Submitted By: petedean
(52,392 on 10-2005)

Hoorah for all this sorta stuff!
Submitted By: sebastian.hunt
(52,235 on 10-2005)

Great to hear some decent music
Submitted By: jo
(52,210 on 10-2005)

Very bizarre but also very funny, always makes me burst into laughter wherever I listen to it (which normally gets me odd looks, but hey, im used to them)
Submitted By: paulatkins82
(52,208 on 10-2005)

superb show
its about time we had some cool songs played, well done dudes
Submitted By: kev
(52,191 on 10-2005)

superb show
its about time we had some cool songs played, well done dudes
Submitted By: kev
(52,190 on 10-2005)

Oooh me pods!
A podcast with a such a quality theme tune was on to a winner from the start, but who knew that Punky! would grow to be the phenomenon it is today. It is clearly the very best item of the globe's entire media output. OPlus it's got guitars and rude words in, which is always a bonus.
Submitted By: sebastian.hunt
(52,163 on 10-2005)

Genius, utter genius!
Submitted By: charlie.oakley
(52,154 on 10-2005)

The dogs danglies of music, mayhem and 2 guys talking utter shite...........................FANTASTIC
Submitted By: cyber_devil6662003
(51,981 on 10-2005)

Best Podcast Ever!
15 minutes of pure filth every week - hell yeah!
Submitted By: tony
(51,949 on 10-2005)

Vote Punky!
Submitted By: oakers
(51,932 on 10-2005)

Nice to here something to take away the blues of a standard working day! You might want a set of headphones to avoid your P45 though! :o) Bring us more Punky PodCasts
Submitted By: oakers
(51,705 on 10-2005)

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